The Alphas of South Forest

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Chapter Twenty-Three


Leilani’s POV.

Dane grabs me first, obviously he’s angrier at me because of the whole hanging up thing. He sits down on his chair and pulls me over his lap. He pulls the skirt up, revealing my bare arse. I barely have time to react as his hand comes down on me. A loud smack resonates around the room, and I hear Jarren chuckle.

Dane smacks me another five times, all of them equally as hard. Everything stings and my ass feels like it’s on fire. I realise I’ve drawn blood from my bottom lip from biting down on it so hard, I didn’t want to yell out. Someone might hear, and I didn’t want to give the twins the satisfaction.

“Beautiful,” I hear Dane mumble as he runs his palm over my red buttocks.

“My turn, brother,” Jarren says, and I’m handed over like I weigh nothing.

I’m draped over Jarren’s lap, and my ass is suddenly assaulted with more slaps. Jarren focusses on my thighs too, whilst Dane begins unbuckling his jeans and taking them off. I hear the buckle being undone and I watch his jeans and boxers fall to his ankles in front of me.

“Sit up,” Jarren orders and I shakily do as he asks.

He grabs my hips and places me on his desk. I whimper as the cold mahogany makes contact with my tender, hot butt cheeks. He grips the bottom of my top and pulls it over my head. When I glance over at Dane, he is naked and fisting his cock. Jarren removes his clothing as Dane steps in front of me. He grabs my face and kisses me, his tongue pushing dominantly into my mouth.

I kiss him back, loving the angle of him towering over me as I sit on the desk. He pulls away and helps me remove my skirt. He pushes me back and buries his face in my pussy, eating me out with enthusiasm. Jarren stands over me and begins playing with my nipples.

I lay there, helplessly taking everything they give me. Dane draws an orgasm from me with his tongue and fingers. Before I can cry out, Jarren claps his hand over my mouth, drowning out my screams of pleasure.

I pant heavily as I catch my breath back. Dane stands up and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand. Jarren swaps positions with him.

“Come on, baby, I know you’ve got another one in you before we take you,” Jarren says huskily and lowers his mouth to my pussy.

He drags his tongue up and down my slit. Dane pinches my nipples and kisses his mark on my neck. Jarren pushes two fingers inside of me and bends them slightly, hitting just the right spot. Without any warning, a second orgasm hurtles through me, and Dane kisses me to muffle my moans.

“Fuck, baby, you’re dripping,” Jarren comments as he pulls back and runs two fingers up and down my slit.

“This should be enough,” he says, and I frown with confusion.

Enough for what?

My question is answered as he covers his fingers in my juices, pumping them in and out of me until they run down his fingers. He moves them down lower and spreads them over my asshole. My eyes widen as I realise they intend to take me right now, in their office.

Jarren picks me and wraps my legs around his waist. I wrap my arms around his neck to support myself. He reaches between us and guides his cock to my pussy. With one, hard shove, he enters me completely. I gasp as he stretches me out, filling me to the hilt.

He moves his hands to my butt-cheeks, holding me still. He spreads them as Dane comes up behind me. My heartbeat quickens as Dane runs the head of his cock over my asshole, spreading my juices.

“Hey, you’re okay, we’ll go slow again,” Jarren whispers soothingly and kisses my cheek.

I nod, I try to focus on breathing and relaxing my muscles. Dane slowly starts to press against my asshole. I will myself to relax and open for him. He slips in about three inches and groans loudly.

Fuck, you feel good,” he grunts.

My ass burns with being stretched, but the pain gradually decreases.

“Ready for more, baby?” Dane asks and I quickly nod my head.

He pulls out an inch and then pushes in fully, all seven inches of him fill me up.

“Oh,” I groan and throw my head back. Dane uses the opportunity to kiss my neck.

They’re both inside of me, holding me up between them. Dane’s arms grip my hips tightly, holding me in place. With their twin bond, they start moving at the same time. Entering and retreating in opposites to each other. My legs, wrapped around Jarren’s waist, shake with pleasure. Dane moves his hands up to cup my breasts.

I feel like I’m being split in half. I feel so stretched and full with both of them inside me. But I love it.

Dane’s hand moves lower to rub my clit. I clench down around them as pleasure runs through me, they both groan in response. My orgasm builds quickly and soon I’m squeezing my eyes shut as pleasure overcomes me. My mates continue pumping into me as pleasure zings through my legs to my toes.

“I love you,” Dane grunts and starts to orgasm.

Jarren speeds up his thrusts and buries his face in my neck. “I love you, mouse,” he grates out the words and spills himself inside my pussy.

I hold on tightly to them as they release themselves inside of me. The three of us stay like that for a few minutes, breathing heavily.

“I love you guys,” I whisper, and they both kiss their marks on my neck.

They slide out of me and instantly, their semen starts dripping out of my holes and down my legs. It’s pretty disgusting to be honest. Jarren grabs some tissues from his desk and begins cleaning me up.

“By the way, you might want to take a shower, your family will be here in a hour,” Dane says casually and I look at them in shock.



After dropping the bombshell that they had secretly invited my family over, I had to rush to get ready. It took a miracle, but I managed to wash, change, and get presentable by the time my parents’ car pulled up our drive.

“Darling!” My mum bursts out of the car first and runs towards me.

She scoops me up in her arms and hugs me tightly. Next comes Dad, then Akamai and then Damon.

“I didn’t expect you to come,” I tell Damon with a grin.

“Of course I was coming, got to check out the talent here,” he jokes.

We show them around the house and then go over to the pack kitchen for lunch. It’s so lovely to have my family here, I didn’t realise how much I’d missed them until I saw their faces again. The Gammas come in from training and have lunch with us. I catch Damon and Charlie looking at each other a couple of times.

I wonder what’s going on there?

I make a mental note to ask Damon about it later. My mates sit on either side of me, eating with one hand again as their other hands are on my thighs. It’s an oddly possessive but comforting gesture, I like it.

We finish lunch and my mates decide to show my parents around the pack some more, Akamai goes with them. Damon disappears suspiciously, I don’t get to hear his excuse.

I go to the armoury, wondering if I should ask Charlie about my best friend. A weird feeling creeps up on me as I approach the door, it’s as if I know what is going to be happening behind it.

I slowly nudge the door open and poke my head around. Sure enough, Charlie and Damon are kissing passionately. Damon has Charlie pressed up against the wall, holding his hands above his head as he practically eats his face off.

A grin breaks out on my face, and I slowly shut the door. I do a little happy dance in the corridor and return to my mates’ office. The smile is still on my face when I enter the office. My mates see it, and both raise their eyebrows in question.

My parents and brother are sitting on the sofas, whilst Dane and Jarren are leant casually against their desks. I walk over to my mates and sit down between them. Dane instantly slips his arm around my shoulders, whilst Jarren puts his arm around my waist.

“Do you know where Damon is, darling?” Mum asks and I try to resist smiling.

“Um, I’m not sure, I was just trying to find him,” I reply with a shrug.

“Oh, okay, because we were thinking of heading off soon. We want to be back in time for dinner,” Mum explains.

It’s a shame they can’t stay longer, but it’s been lovely seeing them, even if just for a couple of hours. We chat for a while longer in the office. Damon appears almost an hour later, his cheeks flushed. I smirk at him as he enters, and he narrows his eyes at me. He can tell from my face that I know.

“Um, Alphas, can I talk to you for a moment, please?” He asks nervously, addressing my parents.

“Of course, is everything okay?” Dad replies and Damon nods.

He sends a pleading glance at me, and I grin. I slide off the desk and take both of my mates’ hands. “We’ll wait outside, come on.”

“What was that about?” Jarren asks as the three of us step into the hall.

“I think Charlie is his mate,” I tell them, and they both look surprised.

“Wow...what do you think he’s going to do? Do you think Charlie will go back with him?” Dane asks and I know he’s worried about his friend leaving our pack.

“I’m not sure, that’s probably what they’re discussing now.”

We wait impatiently in the corridor. Dane paces up and down whilst I lean against Jarren and run my fingers through his hair. He closes his eyes and nudges his head into my touch every time I pause. Finally, the door opens, and we go back inside.

“In case you were not aware,” Dad states seriously, his hands behind his back. “Damon found his mate today. His name is Charlie, he is your armoury supervisor.”

My mates nod in acknowledgement. Dad continues, “Damon has requested permission to leave our pack and would like to ask permission to join yours, I have accepted his request, we need to know if you will do the same.”

Jarren and Dane share a look and then glance at me, I nod and grin at them.

“Of course he can join our pack,” Dane replies and Damon looks unbearably relieved.

“You can either move into Charlie’s flat, or we can find accommodation for you,” Jarren offers.

Damon’s cheeks flush. “Um, I’ll have to talk to Charlie about that.”

We say goodbye to my parents and my brother, Damon decides to stay for the evening. He will travel back tomorrow to collect his things. As my mates prepare dinner, I’m left alone with my best friend. We never talked about his sexuality; he’s only ever dated girls. I’m surprised, but not shocked. Lots of people don’t like to label their attraction, they are attracted to the person, not the gender.

“It was a surprise to me, too.” Damon breaks the silence. A besotted smile comes across his face. “A good surprise, though.”

“I’m so happy for you,” I tell him and pull him in for a hug.

I hear the front door open and close. Over his shoulder, I see Charlie enter the living room. Damon and I both stand up from the sofa. Charlie’s face is flushed, his lips are still swollen, and his blonde hair is in disarray. I inhale his scent and realise it has changed. My eyes zero in on the fresh mark on his neck.

“Damon Wright, did you mate with my boss in the armoury?” I ask with mock horror in my voice.


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