The Alphas of South Forest

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Chapter Twenty- Four


Leilani’s POV.

“Damon Wright, did you mate with my boss in the armoury?” I ask with mock horror in my voice.

Charlie’s cheeks become redder and his blush spreads to his neck. Damon grins smugly.

“Damn right I did, he’s mine,” he says proudly and puts his arm around Charlie’s shoulders.

“Are you going to mark him back?” I ask Charlie and he bites his bottom lip.

“He wouldn’t let me, he said he wanted it to be when we were in an actual bed,” Charlie replies, sounding disappointed.

“Which will be soon,” Damon adds and nudges his mate.
Charlie blushes harder if that’s even possible.

“Do you want to stay for dinner?” Jarren calls out from the kitchen. I look at the happy mates for their answer.

“No, thank you!” Damon shouts back. “I’m going to take this one to bed and do it properly this time.”

Damon smirks and slips his hand around Charlie’s. I fake gag and Damon sticks his tongue out at me.

“Shut it, Lani, you should know everything about taking it up the arse,” Damon jibes and my mouth falls open in shock.

He did not just-

Charlie laughs, but quickly stops when I glare at him. He tries not to smile and waves goodbye to me.

“I’ll see you tomorrow morning, Lei,” he says and follows Damon out of the front door.

I watch as they walk away, hand in hand. Damon is looking at Charlie like he wants to eat him, and Charlie is looking back with such adoration it makes my heart warm. I’m so happy for them.

“Hey, little mouse.” Dane’s arms snake around my waist from behind and he rests his chin on my shoulder. “Are you ready for dinner?”

I turn around in his arms and lean up to peck his lips. “Definitely.”

We shut the front door and go through to the kitchen, where Jarren is serving up. We talk animatedly throughout our meal; I can’t believe I’ve got eternity with these two.

“We’re taking you on a date tomorrow,′ Jarren announces, surprising me. “We spoke to Charlie, and you’ve got a half day at the armoury, we’ll leave at 12, before lunch.”

“Ooh, I’m excited! What should I wear?”

Dane smirks. “Hiking boots for sure, we’re going up the mountain, but other than that, nothing else.”

I give him a deadpan look. “I’m not hiking in my birthday suit.”

Dane shrugs. “Shame, was worth a try.”


“You know, when you said romantic date, this is not quite what I had in mind,” I whine and stop to wipe the sweat from my forehead.

We’ve been hiking for two hours. The first hour was alright, but now we’re going up the mountainside and the gradient is killing me. I’m glad I wore shorts and a vest, I’m boiling. My gorgeous twins are wearing nothing but shorts and their backpacks, they look fit as fuck.

“Baby, we’re almost there, come on,” Jarren tries to encourage me, but I roll my eyes at him.

I watch, horrified, as we reach a rock face. Jarren expertly scales up it and I just shake my head and cross my arms over my chest.

“You guys seem to be under the illusion that I’m the athletic type,” I grumble. “Have you ever seen me go to the gym? Hell, even mention it?”

Dane chuckles and pulls me up to the rocks. He grabs my waist and easily lifts me up to the first rock. He climbs up himself and then lifts me up to the next level. At this point, Jarren leans down and pulls me up. Having done literally no work to get to the top, I put my hands on my hips and look down at the height, impressed.

“It’s just through these trees,” Dane says and I follow the two of them.

After a few minutes’ walk, the trees clear, revealing the most beautiful view. The mountain drops off, into a large ravine. From this elevation, you can see for miles. The view takes my breath away. My mouth falls open as I slowly walk closer to the edge (whilst still maintaining a comfortable, I’m-afraid-of-heights distance).

Spanning miles and miles of land is the extensive forest with a small mountain range on the right, which this mountain is a part of. My heart warms with an extraordinary sense of pride at seeing my mates’ and I guess, my territory, looking so beautiful.

“This is incredible,” I whisper, as if scared to break the beauty of it with noise.

“Worth the hike?” Jarren asks teasingly and I nudge him.

“Yeah, definitely,” I reply, my eyes still glued to the view.

I see my mates share a look in my peripherals, but they do it so often, that I ignore it. I stand looking at the view some more, wondering if I should even try to take a picture with my phone, because I know it won’t do it justice.

I turn to ask the boys if I can use their phones, because they have the upgrade from mine, therefore the better camera. My eyes widen in shock as I see them on their knees, next to one another, holding out small boxes. I zero in on the diamond rings in the boxes, and then their nervous faces.

“Mouse,” Jarren starts and quickly clears his throat. “We want you to know that you are the greatest thing that has ever happened to us, you are our soulmate, the love of our lives.”

“We want to spend an eternity with you, loving you, showing you how much you mean to us,” Dane continues.

“We love you. Please, Lei.” Jarren looks over at Dane, nods and then looks back to me.

“Will you marry us?” They ask in unison as my eyes well up with tears.

“Yes! Yes!” I shout excitedly, tears now running freely down my face.

I hold out my hands for them and their each slip their rings onto my ring fingers on each hand. Dane’s is a circular diamond and Jarren’s is square. They’re both stunning. They hug me both at the same time, and I squeeze my eyes shut as I try to savour this moment. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so happy.

“We asked your parents for their blessing yesterday,” Dane explains.

“We want to go to Tibet to get married, they practice polyandry there and we’ve arranged for a priest to marry us, all three of us,” Jarren tells me, and I feel so relieved that I’m going to be able to marry them both.

We start the hike back to our house. It’s easier this time, as it’s downhill and I’m so elated that I don’t care about the gradient. I’m surprised to see the pack is waiting for us when we arrive home, they usher us to the pack hall, where a huge buffet-feast is laid waiting.

I celebrate with my mates all night, or rather, my fiancés. They ask me when I would like to get married, obviously I reply as soon as possible!


Incredibly, my mates manage to arrange for us and our family to travel out to Tibet the next week. The journey is a long one, we fly to Delhi and stop over for a few hours, before taking another plane to Tibet. I sleep for majority of the time on the flights, my mates in the seats either side of me.

It takes hours to drive in a coach from the airport up the mountains, but it’s worth it. The small village my mates have chosen is perfect. It is a quintessential Tibetan village, with coloured stone houses and prayer flags hanging everywhere.

As per the rules of Tibetan marriage, my mates and I are required to stay in different houses. Jarren has read up on the traditions they carry out here and provides me with a timetable and list of everything we need to do. If they’re going to allow me to marry both of my mates, I’m more than happy to follow their traditions.

I stay in a beautiful home with my parents and Akamai. My mates stay in a separate house, at the other end of the village, with Damon, Charlie, Faith, Rosie, Taysha and Easton.

Following the Tibetan traditions, I’m not allowed to see my mates the day before we get married. In the morning, I get out my wedding dress. I picked it out with my parents last week. It’s beautiful and pristine white. It has a sweetheart neckline and a tight bodice embroidered with pearls.

My mates also inform me that during the day, nearby monks will be praying for our marriage to dispel bad luck. I spend the day with my parents and my brother, it’s really lovely spending time with them again.


Despite being mated and marked by my mates already, I feel oddly nervous on the morning of my wedding day. My mother does my hair for me. She brushes it out so that it goes wavy, then she pins some of it back for me. Together, we do my make-up and before I know it, I’m slipping into my dress.

One of the villagers lends her jewellery to me for the day, donating her bright jade earrings and hair clip to me. My parents and I go to a temple together, for a farewell meal. The priest conducts a ritual for the village and gods.

After we’ve finished, I’m handed a special cloth to wear that covers my face. A jade band is placed on my head that shows I am now part of my grooms’ family. One of the Tibetan traditions is for the grooms to bring a pregnant mare for me to ride on, something I disagreed with. No pregnant horse is being made to carry my fat ass around.

Instead, my family and I walk to the house where my mates are staying. The gate has been decorated and there is a cushion of barleys outside the house. I have to accept a Khatag (ceremonial scarf) from my mates and then I’m allowed to take my cloth off when I enter the house. My mates’ father, Graham, presents to me chang and chema (a box of barleys and butter sculptures). Our friends each put a Hada (white scarf) around my neck.

Spiritual leaders called lamas recite sutras to us. The priest arrives to give us a mix of traditional English vows and Tibetan blessings. I look up at my mates lovingly as they each recite their vows, promising to love and cherish me, as they slide their wedding bands onto my fingers.

Everyone is asked to pray for us, then we are announced as husbands and wife, and we have to move on to another feast, with food and dancing. My parents are required to make a toast, as is my mates’ father. The villagers are invited. It might seem odd having strangers at your wedding, but they’re really lovely.

At the end of the night, Jarren and Dane stand up to make a toast. Thanking our family and friends for coming out for us.

When we finally say goodnight to everyone, the three of us return to their lodge house. In Tibet, a new couple is not allowed to leave their home for three days. We will return to our pack after we spend three days in here together. It supposed to be a test of the strength of our marriage, if we make it three days, we’ll make it forever.

My mates help me out of my dress and jewellery and the three of us get ready for bed. Despite the jokes and popular opinions of sex on wedding nights, we all collapse into bed, eager for sleep. We have the next three days locked up in this house together, we can have plenty of just-married sex then. My mates fall asleep first, on either side of me. I admire the four rings on my hands.

I’m marked, mated, and married.


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