The Alphas of South Forest

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Chapter Twenty-five


Leilani’s POV.

I wake to a tickling sensation. I sleepily rub my eyes and then open them, blinking a few times to focus. My twins are lying on either side of me, simultaneously running their fingertips down the sides of my face.

“Morning, wife.” Jarren grins as he brushes his knuckles over my cheek.

“Our first morning as a married thruple,” Dane says as his finger softly traces over my bottom lip.

I stretch and smile at them both. “Morning, husbands,” I reply happily.

After going through our morning routine, the three of us make breakfast together in the kitchen.

“So, what are we going to do for three whole days, stuck in this house?” I ask my mates.

They’re sitting at the breakfast bar, whilst I lean back against the counter opposite them. My husbands share a mischievous glance and then settle their gazes on me.

“We’re going to do what every newly wedded thruple would do,” Dane says with a smirk. Jarren grins at me.

I roll my eyes at them both. “Okay, but we can’t do that all day, every day, for three days! I won’t be able to walk!” I reply jokingly. Both of their faces light up at the notion. I shake my head. “No way. Not happening.”

Their shoulders sag in defeat. Jarren replies, “Fine, I brought a Wifi console for us to use on our laptops. We’ll find ways to entertain ourselves, don’t worry, mouse.”

We spend our morning curled up on the sofa together, watching movies on the laptop. We eat lunch on the balcony and our parents stop by to join us.

After our family leave, my husbands and I go up to our bedroom. We’ve had to push two double beds together to accommodate the three of us.

Jarren places his large hands on my waist. I remain still as he kisses down my neck and along my shoulder. Dane comes round to my front and lifts my chin with his finger. I look up to meet his eyes and he smiles softly at me. He lowers his lips to mine.

My body heats up under their touches. Their hands roam my body, driving me crazy with desire. As Dane’s tongue enters my mouth and Jarren sucks gently on his mark, I don’t know where they end, and I begin.

Dane lips break free from mine. He kisses a burning trail across my jaw and to my neck. He latches onto his mark and gently bites it, not enough to break the skin. Jarren turns my head, so that he can kiss me. Our tongues collide and their bodies press against mine. I can feel them both hard and ready against my stomach and back.

In a frenzy, the three of us strip out of our clothes. Messily helping one another, tugging down shorts and yanking off tops. Once we’re naked, Jarren lies down in the middle of one of the beds. He holds his huge, hard dick, upright for me. He reveals a bottle of lube and rubs some onto his dick.

“No foreplay, mouse, you can have that tonight,” Dane whispers darkly in my ear.

I know that I’m wet enough. I go to climb onto Jarren’s lap, but Dane stops me. He turns me around, and then helps me sit on Jarren. I line his dick up with my asshole and slowly sink down on it. He stretches me out, making us both moan.

Jarren’s hands grip my ass-cheeks, they’re in his face in this position, reverse cowgirl. I look up and meet Dane’s gaze. He approaches me, his cock jutting out at a ninety-degree angle. You could hang a whole load of coats on that thing.

“Lean back,” he orders, and I do as he asks.

I uncurl my legs and tuck my knees up. I lean back on my hands and Jarren supports my weight. Dane rubs the head of his cock up and down my pussy, getting it wet.

He presses himself against my entrance and gently nudges himself inside of me. A strangled gasp leaves my lips. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to being this full. Dane pushes himself in until his pelvis bumps against my clit. Now, they are both fully inside me. My arms shake as I try to hold myself up, but they give out when they start moving in and out. Jarren supports my weight, encouraging me to lean back, against his chest.

I clench both of my holes and they moan in unison. They work together to hold me in place as they both thrust in and out of me. I feel myself coming apart in seconds, the stimulation is too much to hold off.

I scream out my orgasm and they ride me through it, pounding into me relentlessly. Jarren lifts his hips, repeatedly filling my ass with his huge cock. Dane pistons his hips back and forth, spearing me on his enormous dick. It’s a deadly combination.

I can barely take it. They put me through another two toe-curling orgasms. My body is covered with a thin layer of sweat, my limbs are shaking from the exertion. At this point, Jarren is holding up my full weight.

But neither of them show any signs of slowing down. They carry on, with gritted teeth and the occasional grunt of pleasure. Another orgasm hits me, this time it takes my vision momentarily. I have to blink a few times to disperse the darkness.

When I come to my senses, they’re getting close to their finish. I find the strength to clench around them both. Simultaneously, they thrust messily and rapidly a few times, emptying themselves inside of me. Somewhere in our sticky pile, I manage to tell them how much I love them.


The three days pass quickly. After consummating the bedroom, we move onto the bathroom, the kitchen, the living room...the stairs. Let’s just say we were very busy.

But somewhere during our breaks from fucking like bunnies, we manage to plan our honeymoon. When we finally are allowed to leave our house, we go with our family and friends to the airport. Everyone else gets on a plane home, and we take a different flight, to Thailand.

We do touristy things. We tan, we eat amazing food, we swim and sunbathe. Brown and happy, we move on to Hong Kong. After four days, we move on to Dubai. Another two days, and we go to our final destination: Italy. The Amalfi coast.

I once told the boys that I’ve always dreamed of going to Amalfi. I’ve seen pictures and it’s just so beautiful. The boys surprised me in Dubai, I thought we were at our last destination, but we got a different flight at the airport...

We settle into our picturesque, white villa. I step out onto the balcony and lean against the railing. The waves crash a couple storeys below us. The warm, Mediterranean breeze wraps around me. I’m in heaven.

Dane and Jarren appear at my sides, enjoying the view with me.

“We have dinner reservations in an hour, wife,” Dane says and places a kiss on my shoulder.

“There are lots of things we could do in an hour,” I say aloud, leaving my sentence open to interpretation.

“Yes, there are little mouse, does anything come to mind?” Jarren asks teasingly and I smirk.

I walk off the balcony and step back into the room. The overhead fan whirs noisily above my head. “I was thinking of a spit-roast,” I muse and the two of them share a twin glance.

“For dinner?” Dane replies, feigning misunderstanding.

I chuckle and slide the straps of my dress off my shoulder. It glides down my tanned body and pools at my feet on the floor. “Not exactly, no.”

Their heated gazes land on my body, looking me up and down. I climb onto the bed and get onto all fours. My ass faces them, and I look over my shoulder at my husbands.

I don’t need to say anything, the lust in my eyes says it all. They eagerly remove their clothes at record speed. Jarren is suddenly probing at my pussy and Dane’s cock fills my view. I open my mouth to take him. Dane pushes his dick past my lips at the exact same time Jarren spears me with his cock.

I moan around Dane’s cock, my eyes close in happiness. Jarren’s fingers dig into my waist, finding a good grip before he starts pounding into me. Each thrust of his hips pushes me onto Dane’s cock. I relax my throat and take him as deeply as possible.

Dane’s hands tangle in my hair, holding me steady when he takes control. He pushes himself into my mouth and I take it all, my eyes sting with unshed tears of exertion. A couple fall and Dane’s calloused thumbs swipe them away.

Jarren slides one hand from my hip, underneath me and over my stomach. He reaches down to my clit and starts rubbing it, drawing an orgasm from me. As always, it doesn’t take long for my body to respond to them.

My orgasm ploughs through me. I clench around Jarren’s cock, and my gag reflex disappears as pleasure overrides everything else. Dane takes the opportunity to push himself as far as possible down my throat. I swallow around him, my throat constricted on his sensitive head.

He grunts loudly and shoots his semen into my mouth and down my throat. I swallow it greedily, loving the tangy taste of him. Jarren groans behind me and seconds later, he’s emptying himself inside me, his thrusts finally slowing to a stop.

The three of us lay on the bed, panting heavily, our hearts beating erratically. A little, horny triangle.


We sit, watching the sun set, at the restaurant. Delicious, Italian cuisine is spread before us. I hold both of my mates’ hands on the table. The sky is painted in pinks and oranges, taking my breath away. This is so perfect.

“Jarren and I wanted to ask you something, mouse,” Dane says, pulling my gaze away from the sky.


They look oddly nervous; it makes me nervous. They share a glance and Jarren nods.

“How would you feel about coming off your pill when we get home?” Dane asks and I blink a couple of times, processing his question.

My mouth suddenly feels dry, and I reach for my wine. I take a large gulp and shakily return the glass to the table. I swallow hard and find my voice. “You want to try for a baby?” I ask them quietly.

They share another glance. Jarren clears his throat. “Only if you want to, mouse. It’s just a suggestion,” he says quickly.

I consider it. I’ve always wanted children, but later on in life. I’m only nineteen!

“Of course I want children with you,” I start. “But I’m only nineteen. I feel too young to have kids. Could we revisit this conversation after my birthday?”

I don’t want to shoot them down; I just need some more time. My birthday is in six months, we can talk about this again then.

Both of their eyes soften, and they squeeze my hands. “Of course we can, mouse. Only when you’re ready,” Dane says and Jarren nods in agreement.

“How would children even work anyway? Is it a race of your sperm to see who’s the successful twin?” I ask and they both chuckle.

“No, mouse. It would be like it is with other twin mates. You would have dizygotic twins, two babies, one from each of us. It will be like that every time you get pregnant, our sperm are equally as successful,” Jarren explains, and my eyes widen.

“I’m destined to have twins every time I get pregnant?” I splutter. “I have to push two babies out every time?” They both chuckle at this.

I don’t find it funny.

“You get two for the price of one, one less pregnancy!” Jarren tries to reassure me. I glare at Dane, who is still laughing.

“This isn’t funny,” I whine.

“You’re gonna love it,” Dane says between chuckles and I shoot him a look.

“He’s right, mouse,′ Jarren adds. “Twins are great.”

They both grin at me. My two beautiful boys, my husbands, my twins, my mates.


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