The Alphas of South Forest

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Akamai - Chapter Four


Carlotta’s POV.

For two weeks, Akamai and I are practically inseparable. We spend every other night together. He works as some kind of business manager about thirty minutes out of town, so most times we see each other after he finishes work at five.

He stays over at my flat a bunch of times and we have a lot of sex.

I find myself quickly catching feelings for him, but oddly, I’m not worried about it. Akamai has made it perfectly clear that he’s interested in a relationship with me. He’s in it for the long run and I feel safe with him.

Saturday night comes and we both forget to make reservations, leaving us with nowhere to eat out. He texts me in the day, telling me that he’s come up with a surprise for me.

I’m even more curious when he picks me up and drives over to Brian’s garage. He pulls up outside it and I look at him, confused.

“What are we doing here?” I ask him as we get out of the car.

“Our date is inside, romantic right?” He says sarcastically and winks at me.

He takes my hand and unlocks the door for us. I gasp in surprise. Candles fill the garage, all of them are in votives and tea-light holders. They are perched on top of cars and machinery, placed on the shelves and railings.

A little table is set in the corner, with another, larger candle, and a single rose in a vase.

“You did all this?” I ask, my voice is breathless with surprise and happiness.

“Yeah.” He shrugs. “I wanted to do something special as an apology for forgetting to book a restaurant.”

I smile and kiss him softly. “You didn’t need to, besides, I forgot, too.”

He grins and kisses me again. “I like treating you.”

I watch as Akamai walks into the office. He takes two dishes from the fridge and puts them in the microwave. “I cooked the food this morning, hopefully it still tastes good reheated,” Akamai says.

When the food is heated, he flicks off the light in the office and joins me in the garage. We sit at the table, and he sets down the heated lasagne in front of us.

“I have to say, Mr Kokoa, I am very impressed that you can cook,” I compliment him. The lasagne is delicious.

“Thank you, Miss Jones,” he replies teasingly.

We devour the lasagne, and then Akamai heats some chocolate brownies in the microwave. We devour those too. I lean back in my chair with my arms over my stomach.

“That was incredible,” I tell him, and he chuckles.

“Glad you enjoyed it, baby,” he replies. He reaches over and wipes the corner of my mouth. “Chocolate,” he mumbles and puts his finger to his mouth to suck the chocolate off.

I lean forwards and kiss him. One of his hands grabs the back of my neck, holding me in place as he kisses me with that skilled mouth of his. I bury my fingers in his hair, never wanting him to stop.

He tenses suddenly and pulls away, leaving me breathing heavily. “What’s wrong?” I ask, but he doesn’t reply.

He stands up from the table and looks around, looking like he’s straining to hear something. “There’s someone here,” he says ominously. I stand up and look around the empty garage.

I strain my ears and hear a muffled crash.

“They’re breaking in,” Akamai says angrily and storms towards the corridor.

The garage and office is connected to another warehouse-style garage next door, where Brian keeps supplies apparently. I follow Akamai down the corridor. He kicks open the door and flicks the lights on. My eyes widen as I see four guys, dressed in all black and masks. They’re kneeled on the floor, filling bags with car parts.

“Hey! What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Akamai shouts.

They all leap to their feet. I scream when they lunge towards us. Akamai puts himself in front of me. The first guy throws a punch at him, Akamai easily dodges it and swings his own fist. It connects with the guy’s face and knocks him out cold.

The second man goes for Akamai’s waist, trying to tackle him. Akamai doesn’t move an inch. It’s like he’s superhuman. He fights two of the guys off with ease, dodging their every swing and hitting them with blows that knock them out.

The fourth guy grabs me and pulls my hair. He holds a knife to my throat, and I whimper in fear. I never saw him coming, I was too worried about watching Akamai.

“Don’t move, or I’ll cut her throat,” the man threatens Akamai.

He looks at me with wide eyes, looking genuinely scared for the first time. His eyes move to the man behind me and narrow.

“You really don’t want to do this. Put the knife down and you’ll get to live,” Akamai warns and then he growls at the man, sounding inhuman. I didn’t know humans could make that noise.

“Get those cable ties and this bitch is going to tie your hands together,” the robber snaps and Akamai growls again when he calls me a bitch.

He suddenly starts shaking, like he’s shivering from the cold, but I can see the perspiration on his forehead. His eyes turn pitch black, scaring me.

I squeal in shock when he drops to his knees and his clothes rip. The man’s grip on me loosens, but I barely noticed. My eyes are locked onto Akamai, who is currently sprouting fur and turning into a....a wolf?

My mouth falls open and I feel like I’ve been winded. Akamai is now a huge wolf in front of me, baring its teeth and growling threateningly.

The man behind me takes off, running down the corridor. Akamai lunges over my head, clearing me easily. He grabs the man in his jaws and throws him against the wall. He falls to the floor, unconscious.

He turns to face me, and my eyes widen. He whimpers and tucks his tail, his ears droop down. He slowly approaches me, as if trying not to frighten me.

He whimpers again and nudges my hand with his large head. Warmth floods through me at the contact and I realise it’s Akamai, I’m safe with him. I run my fingers through his fur, and he leans into my touch, pressing his huge body against mine.

“How is this possible?” I whisper, he licks my hand in response. “Ew!”

He steps back and shifts back into a human. A stark naked human. My eyes nearly bug out of their sockets. I’ve seen him naked before, many times, but still. I take off my cardigan and hand it to him. He takes it and ties the sleeves around his waist, covering his crotch.

“Are you okay?” He asks worriedly, he cups my face in his hands.

“I’m fine,” I reply quietly.

“Goddess, I’ve never been so scared in my life,” he confesses and pulls me in for a hug. “I thought he was going to kill you.”

I’m too shocked to do much, so I stay in his arms. I lean my head against his chest and listen to his heartbeat. The guy I’m dating in a shapeshifter. A werewolf.

“You probably have a lot of questions,” he says and pulls back so that he can look into my wide eyes.

“I probably will when my brain catches up. Right now, I just feel suddenly exhausted,” I reply, and his eyes soften.

“Let me grab some coveralls and report this, then I’ll take you home, okay?”

We call for the police to collect the four intruders. Once Akamai is somewhat decent, I help him blow out the candles and we clear away our things. He calls Brian to let him know what has happened and he arrives shortly after the police.

We stay to give our statements and the robbers are taken away. Brian thanks us for being here, he would never have found them otherwise.

I’m so tired that I almost fall asleep in Akamai’s car when he drives me home. He walks me to my door.

“I’m so sorry about all this, Lottie. I really didn’t want you to find out like this,” he tells me, and his voice breaks with emotion.

My heart can’t bear to see him upset, so I act impulsively. “Do you want to stay over?” I offer. The second I see his face light up, I know I’ve said the right thing.

“Really? After everything that happened tonight?” He asks incredulously.

“Especially after everything that happened tonight, I’d like you with me, you make me,” I admit quietly.

Akamai kisses my forehead. “I’m glad you still trust me Lottie, I will never let anyone hurt you.”


Sunday morning is much like my usual. I go to work, as does Akamai.

Over breakfast, he explained that he is the Beta of his parent’s pack. It involves management like he first told me. He admits that, although he’s had to lie a couple of times to me to hide his secret, he’s always tried to tell half-truths.

I work my shift and find myself excited to see him at two PM. He picks me up from the café, and I’m grinning when I get in the car. I’m not angry at him for keeping his secret from me. It’s such a crazy one that I probably wouldn’t have believed him without seeing it with my own eyes. It’s not his secret to tell either, his whole family are shifters, too.

He spends the afternoon answering all of my questions. He tells me that I’m his mate, his soulmate. It explains why we’ve fallen for each other so fast, why I trust him implicitly. He tells me about his family and his sister. She has two mates; it makes me laugh at how much Akamai hates that.

“Wouldn’t you want two of me?” I tease. “Imagine the threesomes we’d have.” Akamai’s eyes darken and he gets this far-away look. I laugh and smack him playfully. “Oi, stop enjoying the thought of that so much! You’re only getting one mate, live with it.”

He grabs me and throws me onto the bed. I giggle and squeal as he tickles me and rolls on top of me.

“I know I’ve only got you.” He kisses my lips. “But you’re all I need, all I want.”

My heart flutters at his confession. God, I love this boy.

“So, do you wanna meet my family?” He asks, wiggling his eyebrows.

“I’d love to.”


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