The Alphas of South Forest

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Charlie & Damon - Bonus Chapter


Damon’s POV.

I can’t believe how loved up my best friend is, with two guys no less. Leilani Kokoa sure looks happy between her two mates who tower over her. I bet they destroy her in bed. The thought makes me chuckle.

“What are you laughing at?” She asks me.

I know better than to tell the truth. “Nothing,” I reply innocently.

It’s lunchtime and we’re eating with the Gammas. One in particular is catching my eye. His name is Charlie and I knew from the first time I saw him across the field, that he is my mate.

I’ve never spoken to Lei about sexuality before. She knows I’ve hooked up with girls at parties when we were younger, but nothing recently. In the last two years, I’ve realised that I’m gay but I haven’t come out about it because it’s not really anyone’s business.

It doesn’t change who I am or my friendships. I always figured that it would be a nice surprise on whether my mate was a guy or girl or anything in between, but in the last few months, I’ve been hoping for a guy.

And here he is. In the form of sexy-ass Gamma, as well. It’s hot that he’s got a title. I like that. I don’t get to talk to my mate or properly introduce myself. He is unintentionally sat in the seat furthest away from me, at the opposite end of the cafeteria table.

When we finish eating, I stand up and follow him out across the green. He looks back at me over his shoulder, smiles nervously and hastens his walk. He goes to a building labelled the Armoury and leaves the door open for me.

I enter a few moments behind him and close the door behind us. The metallic thump echoes around the room. Charlie comes out from behind a shelving unit. His blond hair is short and shaggy. I want to run my fingers through it. Instead, I hold out my hand to him.

“We weren’t properly introduced. I’m Damon, Lei’s friend.”


He shyly lifts his hand and slips it into mine. The shock of how perfectly our hands fit together hits me first, followed by the rush of warm fuzzies from touching my mate. There is no doubt in my mind that this sexy little blonde is mine.

Charlie’s eyes flicker from our hands to my face. He looks surprised and, thankfully, happy. I don’t give him much time to react. I place my hands on both of his cheeks and kiss him.

I’ve never been patient. I was never the kid who could wait until after dinner for ice cream. I was always that kid caught in the freezer with an open tub and a spoon. My parents spent hours hiding my presents before birthdays and Christmases because they knew I would find them and peek.

Charlie is startled at first, but he starts to kiss me back when his brain catches up. I walk him back until he is pressed against the wall. His hands gingerly land on my waist. I grab his wrists and pin his hands above his head, letting him know who is in control here.

I vaguely process the door opening but I ignore whoever it is. Kissing my mate is far more important right now. I push my tongue into his mouth and he hesitantly kisses me back. He gets into it the more I probe him with my tongue. I can tell he wants this, but he’s nervous.

I think I might be his first guy kiss. I pull back and I’m satisfied with how swollen his lips look. He blinks up at me, the desire I feel for him is reflected in his own eyes.

Sliding my hands down his chest, I reach for the bottom of his t-shirt. “Can I?” I ask, tugging on the fabric.

His eyes widen and his body tenses as he seems to panic. I drop the material on instinct.

“Um, I’” he stutters, clearly nervous. He closes his eyes and composes himself before finally finishing his sentence. “I’m trans. I’ve had both top and bottom surgeries.”

Well, shit. Didn’t see that coming. Alright. I suddenly hesitate and pull my hands away. I know that some surgeries have quite a long recovery time, I don’t want to rush him or hurt him. The hurt of rejection flashes in his eyes and I feel like the worst mate in the world.

“No! I haven’t pulled away cause of that,” I explain quickly. “When were your surgeries?”

He looks slightly relieved. “Top surgery about three years ago, bottom surgery almost two years ago.”

“You’re fully healed, then. I won’t hurt you?”

His eyes soften and he shakes his head. “No, not at all.”

He looks as though he wants to say something else and then hesitates. I watch him bite his bottom lip and my cock twitches in my jeans. I want to bite that lip.

“Do you mind know? I’ve got quite a lot of scars...down there.”

I shake my head quickly. “Of course not.”

If anything, I just want to get my hands on him. I kiss him again to try and help quiet his fears. My hands explore his upper body. I slip them under his t-shirt and feel his smooth muscles.

I break the kiss to remove his t-shirt. He has some pale scars, like I give a shit. I kiss them briefly and then kiss him again. My hands go for his zipper and he stops me.

“That’s where my scars are the worst,” he whispers against my lips.

I struggle to find the words to tell him how I don’t care. Not that I don’t care what he has been through, what he has had to go through without me, because I do care, so fucking much. But I don’t care about some scars, we’ve all got them.

“I don’t care,” I reply and kiss him again. “You’re my mate. You’re perfect.”

I undo his jeans and slip my hands into his boxers. In all honesty, I have no idea what to expect. I have never been with someone who has transitioned and had surgery before, but I don’t much care what I find. Whatever he’s got, I’ll work with it.

My hand wraps around his cock and I squeeze it gently. He grunts against my lips and I decide I want to see more of his gorgeous body. I lean back and pull his trousers down. True to his word, there are scars over his crotch and genital area.

Doctors can really perform miracles these days. My mate is equipped with a cock and balls almost identical to my own. I admire them and can’t resist licking my lips.

“It’s called phalloplasty,” he says and I get the feeling he babbles when he’s nervous. “They took skin from my thigh and it feels good when- oh, shit, yeah! There!”

His eyes close and his head falls back against the wall as I massage his cock. I watch his reactions to find what he likes. There is a sweet spot on his shaft that makes him shudder each time I stroke it. It’s different to working with a foreskin, but I’m all for it. Watching him be in so much pleasure is enough to make me hard as stone.

I can feel his thigh tensing beneath my other hand. He chews on his bottom lip and his hands fist at his sides. He’s close to cumming, I know it. I massage the same spot faster, eager to watch him fall apart.

“Fuck, Damon,” he moans my name and it’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard. “Don’t stop, right there, shit.”

His body shakes and his moans grow louder. I carry him through his climax. Obviously, nothing comes from his cock but I don’t mind, I have more plans for him, anyway.

I stand up as he is recovering and put my hands on his shoulders to get his attention.

“Where is your house?” He looks confused for a moment. “Is it far away?”

“Um, like five minutes. Why?”

“I need lube. I want to fuck you.”

My blunt response makes him turn bright red and I grin at him. “Um, there’s actually some in that drawer.”

I look where he is pointing and raise an inquisitive eyebrow at him. My mate keeps lube in his desk drawer? Kinky. I pull open the drawer and, sure enough, there are two bottles of lube and a butt plug. I hold it up and look at him. He turns even redder.

“I uh, it helps with the pleasure sometimes because I’m not as um...sensitive since my surgery,” he stutters.

It bodes well for me that he likes having things up his arse. He certainly seemed sensitive when I was touching him, but perhaps he needed the right person to touch him, eh?

“Bend over the desk,” I order him calmly.

Charlie looks nervous for a moment before doing as I ask. He lays his body over the desk, giving me the perfect view of his round butt. I put the bottle of lube down on the desk and focus on massaging his buttocks first in an attempt to get him to relax.

Slowly, the tension leaves his muscles and he relaxes into the desk. I start plying his buttocks apart, kneading them and getting closer to the valley between them each time. He jumps when I run my finger over his tight asshole. My cock twitches in my jeans again. I can’t wait to be in there in a moment.

I undo my trousers and pull my cock free. Charlie can’t resist looking over his shoulder to sneak a glimpse. His eyes widen but he rubs his lips together, clearly liking what he sees. I stroke my cock a few times, putting on a little show for him.

I squeeze out a generous helping of lube and rub it up and down on my cock. He is distracted by me fisting my cock which is now glistening with lube. I put another generous glob onto my fingers and carefully rub it across his asshole.

He tenses up instinctively, no doubt from the cool sensation as well as the fear of it. I take one of his hands and get him to stroke my cock as I massage his asshole, in an attempt to distract him. His hand slides up and down my cock and I grit my teeth, it feels so fucking good.

Maybe we should just do this...

I slide one finger past the tight ring of muscle. My mate gasps and tries to wriggle away. I hold grip his hip, holding him steady as I add another finger and start fucking him with them. I momentarily let go of his hip to add another squirt of lube. I push it inside him, lubing him up nicely for me.

Eventually, he starts pushing back against my fingers, evidently enjoying being finger-fucked in his arse. I slide my fingers out and he shudders at the feeling. He lets go of my cock without asking and places his hand on the desk to hold on. He knows what’s coming next.

I rub the lubricated head of my cock up and down his rosy asshole. I knead his buttocks with my hands and spread them apart, opening him up for me. I push in slowly, easing past the reluctant ring of muscle. I pull back and ease forward again, entering him only a few more centimetres each time.

I go really slow and listen to his breathing. This is his first time taking it from behind and I don’t want to hurt him. With each thrust, I enter him a little more. We are both panting by the time I am fully seated inside of him.

“Fuck, you feel good,” I grunt. “Are you ready for me to move?”

His knuckles are white as he grips the desk. “Please,” he moans. “Please fuck me.”

Shit. That’s fucking hot.

With my hands on his hips for grip, I pull out and thrust fully back in, we both moan in unison. I fuck him in long, smooth strokes, really taking my time with it. This is the first time I’m fucking my mate, I want to savour it.

“Faster, please,” he whimpers.

I feel movement and realise that he is touching himself. Knowing that my mate is going to cum again is too much. With his encouragement, I fuck him harder and faster. I piston my hips and pin him to the desk with each rut.

Charlie moans my name as his orgasm hits. His sphincter clenches around my cock and I curse under my breath. My balls tuck up against my body and my spine tingles. I reach my climax and groan his name as I fuck him messily, filling his ass up with my cum.

Just when he thinks it’s over, that we’ve finished, I grab his neck and pull him so that he is standing with cock still lodged firmly inside his ass. I bite down on his neck from behind, leaving my mark and making him mine.

I meet up with Lei and her family and request to move packs. I’m not wasting any time, I’ve been without my mate for long enough. Lei keeps giving me knowing smirks but I ignore her, she’s the one getting nailed by two guys at once.

Later on in the evening, my best friend calls me out on my behaviour.

“Damon Wright, did you mate with my boss in the armoury?” Leilani asks accusingly.



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