The Alphas of South Forest

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Chapter Five


Leilani’s POV.

“Alpha Dane is next door if you’d like to see him,” a nurse informs me.

I knock on the door of the room and wait for the approval to come in. I find a doctor sitting on the bed next to Alpha Dane, stitching the wound on his knee closed. He’s removed his clothing and he’s wearing nothing but a pair of boxers. The more superficial cuts on his chest have been closed with butterfly stitches.

“Lei,” Dane groans my name as the doctor threads the needle through his skin again.

I go over to him and slide my hand in his, feeling the same rush of warmth as I did with Jarren.

“Sure you can’t give me any more meds, Doc?” Dane grunts and squeezes my hand tightly.

“I’ve given you enough to knock out a large horse, Alpha, I’m surprised you’re still lucid,” she mutters, irritated that he is interrupting her work.

“Is Jarren okay?” Dane asks and I update him on the surgery needed.

He nods and winces again as the doctor tightens the stitches and knots the string.

“There, you should rest now, the drugs will take effect soon,” the doctor stands and I hear her mutter, ‘hopefully,’ before she leaves us alone.

I take the stool she was using and sit on it, so we are face to face.

“I hope your bedside manner is better than hers,” Dane says bitterly, glaring at the door after the nurse.

“Did you succeed?” I ask and Dane smirks.

“Completely. They’re gone, the lot of them,” he answers. “Two of them got to their weapons before we could kill them, began firing off rounds quicker than we could blink, Jarren took most of the hits but one of them got me in the knee.” He grunts and shifts in the bed. “Never knew a knee was so important for walking, folded like a lawn chair. It was fucking embarrassing,” he snaps, and I can’t help but laugh.

He glares at me for laughing at his misfortune. “Still managed to take four of them down whilst on the ground though,” he brags, and I roll my eyes.

“Well done,’ I whisper, and I realise we are still holding hands.

“I think these meds are gonna knock me out soon, mouse.” His eyes close briefly before he opens them again, staring at me with those intense orange orbs. “Stay with me, I want you here when I wake up,” he orders.

I want to roll my eyes at him. He’s drugged up to his eyeballs and still giving me orders.

He shakes his head and I reply, “Yes, Alpha.”

“Dane, call me Dane,” he urges, and I smile.

“Fine, Dane,” I retort, and his eyes darken.

His hand tightens around mine and I panic that something is happening.

Is he in pain?

“Say that again,” he growls, and I frown in confusion.

“What?” I ask and then realisation hits me, my cheeks flush but I do as he asks. “Dane.”

At the sound of his name from my lips, he groans loudly, this time from something that is definitely not pain. I glance down and my eyes widen in horror when I see an extremely large tent forming in his boxers.

Holy mother of Moon Goddess, that’s like a whole cucumber.

“Jesus, Dane, you can’t be feeling too bad,” I mumble, my cheeks flaming pink.

He chuckles and grins at me. “It’s your fault, little mate, you do this to me.”

“Maybe I should go, you need to rest and...calm down,” I comment and look pointedly at his erection.

I start to rise off of the stool, but Dane’s hand clamps down on my own. Somehow he’s strong enough to push me back down on the stool.

“No. Stay. I told you to stay,” he growls, but his eyes soften when he sees me frown. “Stay with me,” he says more gently, and I nod.

His eyes close and his tense body relaxes, the drugs taking their effect. “I can’t wait till I’m healed, little mouse,” he mumbles, his eyes still closed. “I’m going to fuck you so hard; you’ll never try and leave me again.”

I barely hear the words as he mumbles them, but desire and anger flood through me as I process his threat. Most people, when drugged up to their eyeballs, become delirious and say funny things. But not my mate, no, he becomes a horny sex pest.

I slide my hand out of his now limp one and cross my arms over my chest. I glare at him. A pointless feat really, considering he’s knocked out cold and has no idea, but it makes me feel better.

Such crude words!

Don’t get me wrong, I like them, and having a man as attractive as this fuck me is definitely something I’d be up for.


I don’t have my phone or a book with me, so I look around the room, trying to find something to entertain me. Goddess knows how long he’ll be out for. I poke my head out in the corridor and find a nurse, requesting that he bring me something to clean my mate with.

He returns a few minutes later with a bowl of warm water, a clean cloth, and some antiseptic wipes. I set everything down and begin working on my mate. I get to appreciate his taut, tanned skin as I begin washing the dried blood, both his and the hunters, off his arms. I run my fingers over the tattoos that swirl on his arms and over his shoulders. They must continue onto his back, but that’s for another day.

There’s a black leather band around his left upper arm, it strains against the width of his huge bicep. Growing up, we are taught about the different regions and the packs found in each one. My parents’ pack is near the coast, which my dad insisted on because he is Hawaiian, hence mine and my brother’s names. Our territory is near the mid lands, our climate is temperate.

My mates come from the South Forest pack. Packs in the South distinguish from one another by scent, but also by leather bands that they wrap around their upper arms. Each pack has a different colour, that is why he is wearing a black band.

In the South, the weather is much warmer. Most packs only wear shorts and small tops for the women. Many of the men forego tops and wear only the leather band on top. My mates have been fully clothed here because of the cooler climate but also out of respect for our different traditions. The packs in the North are extremely conservative, they cover most of their bodies.

I move on to my mate’s chest. I meticulously wash the blood from his skin and then go over each scrape and cut with an antiseptic wipe. With a shifter’s immune system, it is unlikely he would get ill, but it can’t hurt.

I move further down and clean his thighs, carefully avoiding the huge gash stitched closed on his knee.

I gasp in shock as I see his erection is back, straining against the confines of his grey boxers. They show everything. I mean everything.

I momentarily have the funny thought that his grey boxers leave so little to the imagination, I could probably draw exactly what it looks like in my sketchbook.

How on Earth is he hard right now?

I glance back up at his face and he’s still completely out of it, dark lashes resting on his cheeks as he sleeps peacefully. I look back down at his cock, feeling unbearably perverse but unable to look away. I have the strangest urge to touch it, maybe stroke it through the fabric, but I quickly remind myself that without his consent it would be assault.

How would I feel if I woke up to him touching me while I was passed out?

Yeah, think about that Lani.

I scold myself and keep my hand firmly gripped on the cloth. I allow one last look at his cock, and I squeak with surprise when it twitches under the fabric, as if it knows I’m looking at it. Like it’s waving at me. My gaze snaps back to Dane’s face, but he’s still completely asleep.

Get a hold of yourself.

I quickly finish cleaning his body and then sit back down. The nurse comes in to collect the bowl and cloth, and I’m relieved that Dane’s erection has gone down. I don’t want anyone else seeing that.

“Is my brother here?” I ask him and he informs me that Akamai is back at the pack house, cleaning up. I ask the nurse to let my brother know to come find me when he can.

I’m running my hands through the silver tips of Dane’s hair when Akamai enters. He has had a shower and changed his clothes; he looks much more presentable. I ask him to bring some fresh clothes for my mates and confirm to him that the Alphas are my mates. He explains to me that him and my parents already knew, the Alphas had told them before they went on the recon trip.

Akamai brings me the clean clothes and my phone; I call Damon and update him on everything. My parents come and visit me at some point, I cover Dane’s body with a blanket, so they don’t see my mate half-naked.

They ask me how I feel about meeting my mates, and the fact there’s two of them. They ask if I’m okay to go back with them to their pack, I’m happy to hear that my mates asked my parents’ permission to take me back.

“They’re good men, Lani, they saved my warriors by taking that gunfire,” my dad says gruffly. “They’ll take good care of you, and you know exactly where to come if they don’t.”

He’s feeling emotional at the prospect of his baby girl leaving his pack soon.

“I know, Dad.” I laugh, but I know that won’t be a problem with Dane and Jarren.

They’re going to be bossy, and I can already feel we have some fights ahead of us, but I know they won’t lay a hand on me in anger.


I stay by Dane’s side, like he requested, and wait for news of Jarren. After four hours of surgery, a doctor informs me they successfully removed all of the bullets and closed his wounds.

“He’s still sedated, he will probably wake up in a few hours,” the doctor tells me.

I have to beg a little and move everything around, but I manage to convince the nurses to move Jarren’s bed into the room with Dane and me. My position, along with me insisting they will heal faster if the three of us are together, wins the nurses over.

I sit between my mates, glancing back and forth at them, beautiful and sleeping soundly. It’s an unexpected surprise that’s for sure, but looking at them, I’m so thankful to have been blessed with two mates.

Left alone with my mates and my thoughts, they start to become more...improper.

Two of them...two dicks...two holes?

My cheeks turn fire-engine red at the thought of what mating them will be like.

Will they both have me at the same time?

I’ve had sex once, a long time ago when I wanted to get rid of the v-card that was plaguing all of us at school at the time. It was impulsive and not my proudest moment, but I lost it to a sweet boy who I was dating at the time.

We took our time with each other and learned a lot and, although I’m not exactly prepared for what two mates might mean, I feel more ready than if I were a virgin.

I wait for them to wake up, playing on my phone and reading some books that Damon brings me. I only leave a couple of times to use the bathroom. I have my dinner on a tray, secretly hoping the smell of food might bring them round, but it doesn’t.

Night falls and I clean my teeth, I take off my make-up and look longingly at their beds. The stool isn’t so comfy after hours of sitting on it. Jarren is still healing from surgery, but a peek a Dane’s knee shows that the skin is already healing under the stitches.

Feeling a bit guilty, but not enough to stop me, I climb onto the bed next to him and snuggle up to his side. Within moments, I’ve fallen asleep to the sound of their steady breathing.


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