The Alphas of South Forest

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Chapter Seven


Leilani’s POV.

Jarren stalks towards me first and I tense up when he walks behind me. I jump as his hands brush my hair to one side, exposing the left side of my neck.

“Southern packs are different to midland packs,” Dane says slowly. His arms are crossed over his chest, and he begins pacing back and forth in front of us. “Not just in our attire, but traditions too. Although you are our mate and our equal, you cannot speak to us like that in front of our pack. It makes us look weak and threatens our authority.”

My anger spikes again but before I can protest, Jarren continues.

“You put yourself in danger and you get punished.” He leans down, and I feel his warm breath against my neck. “But not how other pack members are punished, you will be punished in a very different way.”

I swallow hard. His voice is heavy with implication. I know what he’s implying and I’m not sure how painful my punishment would actually be.

Why do I get the feeling they’re just looking for an excuse to ‘punish’ me? And that the punishment won’t be unpleasant?

“People often wonder how twins can share mates. Wouldn’t they get jealous? We don’t, we share everything. The difference is…” Dane pauses and grins darkly at me. “You have two mates, which means double the dominance, double the possession.”

“You belong to us, little mouse. We never thought we’d have to wait a week to mate and mark our soulmate.” Jarren growls with displeasure at the thought.

It really has been a week since they first met me.

“But there were extenuating circumstances,” I protest. “I was injured, I didn’t know you were my mates.”

“Hence why we have gone easy on you,” Dane counters. “But no more, little mouse. We need to show you exactly who you belong to.”

“What punishment do you think she deserves, brother?” Jarren asks and I quickly dart out my tongue to wet my dry lips.

“She is yet to be marked; how will anyone know she belongs to us?” Dane posits, his voice teasing.

Oh shit.

“Mm, very true. I think it’s time to mark our territory,” Jarren agrees, his voice husky with desire.

Startling them both, I quickly move to the other side of the room. They frown and turn towards me. I put my hand up when they start to approach me.

“Look, I know you might do things differently down here, but I don’t care. I’m all for a little possession, it’s hot. But there’s a fine line between being sexy and protective and then being a sexist asshole,” I snap.

They both look at me in surprise and they share a glance with each other.

“I understand that you two want respect and want me to do as you ask, but don’t you understand that I want respect too?” I plead with them. “I want to be your equal. I’d like to think if I asked you to do something, you’d do it too.”

Their eyes soften. Jarren takes a deep breath and then steps towards me. I watch him cautiously.

“We get it, little mouse. It’s about dominance that’s all, we lost our tempers earlier because it worried our wolves to have you wandering around alone, unmarked, no one knows you’re our mate and it angered us that you’d put yourself in that vulnerable position.”

I look over Dane to get his take on it.

“When we say we want to punish you, I promise they are the kind of punishments you’ll enjoy,” Dane adds and then smiles at me. “We respect you, you’re our equal.”

That’s all I need to know.

“So, we can stop with all this ‘I’m the Alpha, you must do as I say’ bullshit?” I ask bluntly.

They take another step towards me. Dane scratches the back of his neck awkwardly.

“This is an adjustment for all of us, Lei. We’re not used to having someone put us in our place.”

I cross my arms over my chest. “Well, get used to it. You can do anything you want to me in the bedroom, dominate me, whatever, as long as when we step out of it, you treat me as an equal and you respect me.”

I let my words sink in. Jarren leans forward and kisses my forehead.

“I’m sorry for what we said earlier, we were worried and angry. We were out of line,” Jarren says.

He’s actually apologising.

“I’m sorry, mouse. You are the only person who gets to tell us what to do. We will do what you ask of us,” Dane acquiesces.

I feel satisfied that I’ve stood my ground and explained my side. They’ve listened and apologised, that’s all I needed from them. Jarren’s lips meet my neck and my traitorous body melts with desire. He moved behind me and his arms wrap around my waist from behind. He begins kissing, sucking, licking, and nibbling along the column of my throat.

I want to be angry at them, but I know how maddening it is for male shifters to have an unmarked mate, I’m surprised they’ve lasted this long.

Maybe this will calm their possessive tendencies down a little? Besides, being marked is something any shifter wants.

Dane closes in on me from the front and moves my hair behind my shoulder, exposing the right side of my throat. Dane’s hands rest on my hips, just below Jarren’s. Their body heat and the heady mix of their delicious scents surrounds me.

Dane’s teeth run teasingly along my skin, and I bite my bottom lip to stop a moan escaping. With their strange twin connection, they both mark me at the same time. Their teeth sink in to both sides of my neck and powerful euphoria overwhelms me.

An orgasm rushes through my body, making my knees weaken until they have to hold me. I moan loudly as waves of pleasure ripple through my whole body, making black spots cloud my vision.

They remove their teeth and I slowly come down from my high. They gently sit me on the bed, and I fall back against the mattress, utterly sated.

“It appears she enjoyed that, brother,” Dane comments with amusement.

If I had the energy, I would hit him.

“Tonight, we will introduce you as our Luna, mouse,” Jarren squeezes my hand. “I can help you pick out something to wear, if you’d like.”

“I’ll go downstairs and prepare us all some lunch,” Dane says, and I hear him leave the room.

Strength slowly returns to me and manage to sit up. Jarren watches me with a smug smirk on his face. He reaches up and runs his finger over his mark, an annoying shiver of pleasure runs through me in response. The bastard’s smirk deepens.

“That looks good on you little mouse.” He grins. “Now everyone knows you belong to us.”

“Jarren,” I say his name, testing my voice.

I’m not expecting the flash of desire in his eyes at hearing his name from my mouth.

“Who do you belong to?” I ask and his eyes soften.

He reaches for my waist and pulls me onto his lap. I rest my head on his shoulder. “You, little mouse,” he replies and then looks hesitantly over his shoulder, at the door. “Don’t repeat this, but you have us wrapped around your little finger.”

I smile as he brushes a stray strand of hair out of my face. “You are our world, little mouse. We care about you so much and we respect you. You stood up to us today, no one has done that before. We wanted to push you and see what you were into.”

I smirk at him. “Equality, that’s what I’m into.”

Jarren grins at me and kisses my forehead. “That’s what you’ll get, Lei.”

Dane shouts up that lunch is ready, and I slide off of Jarren’s lap.

“You might want to change your underwear before coming down little mouse, I can smell how wet you are,” Jarren teases and my cheeks blush pink. “Don’t worry, we’ll take care of you again, soon.”

He winks and goes downstairs. I curse him under my breath as I stomp over to the chest of drawers and grab a fresh thong. Annoyingly, he’s completely right. My thong is uncomfortable with how soaked it is, evidence of my earlier orgasm.

I change my thong and swap my outfit for a dress, due to the warmer climate here. Jarren and Dane are seated at the table with an empty seat between them. I take it and smile when I see the sandwich sitting on the plate. Dane has made the effort for it to look almost professional, he’s cut it in half and positioned one half on top of the other, he’s even added a handful of crisps and a small salad garnish.

The three of us don’t say much as we eat, but both of my mates have a hand on my thigh under the table, content to eat with one hand.


After eating, the Alphas tell me that they need to return to their office to catch up on the work they missed. At my request, they allow me to come with them. Now that we are back on their territory, the weather is a lot warmer. My mates are wearing nothing but their bands and shorts. They look yummy as hell.

It feels strange, walking over to the pack house with a mate on either side of me. I feel extraordinarily protected with two huge males by my sides. People stare at the two marks on my neck and my cheeks flush with the unwanted attention.

I’m relieved when we enter the building, away from prying eyes. My mates lead me to their office. It’s spacious and simple with two large desks facing one another and two sofas on the other side of the room.

I immediately go over to the bookshelves, scanning the titles as the two of them take their seats at their desks and begin working on their computers. I find a book that sounds interesting, and I kick my shoes off to lie down on one of the sofas.

I read a few chapters before my mind wanders back to my mates. Most shifters mate after marking, or mark during mating. It’s strange to complete just one of the steps, and it’s left me frustrated and turned on.

My marks throb on my neck and my clit throbs below, eager for some attention.

Feeling wanton and sexually frustrated, I lower the book to look at my mates. Jarren is on the phone, talking animatedly to someone about the hunters. Dane is tapping a pen to his bottom lip as he reads something on his laptop.

I put down the book, slide my legs off the sofa and onto the ground. Dane looks up as I approach his desk and offers me a brief smile before returning his attention to the screen. I stand behind him and begin gently massaging his shoulders, he relaxes into my touch.

“What are you doing?” I ask him, leaning down so my breath fans across his neck. It has the desired effect, having just relaxed, he now tenses.

“Answering emails, little mouse,” he replies tightly.

Feeling playful, I start kissing down his neck. He remains completely rigid under my hands whilst he tries to type a reply to an email. I look up and make eye contact with Jarren, who smirks at me, knowing exactly what I’m doing.

I grin back at him and then suck on Dane’s neck until he growls under his breath. I pull back and almost burst out laughing at the large hickey on his neck. He spins around in his chair to glare at me.

“What? You got to mark me!” I say through my laughter.

He grabs my waist and pulls me onto his lap, my legs on either side of his.

“You are looking to get punished, mate,” he observes, his voice husky with irritation and desire.

I put my arms around his neck and pout at him. “Maybe I just want some attention from my mates.” A naughty thought enters my mind and it’s out of my mouth before I can consider the consequences. “If you won’t give me attention, perhaps I should find someone who will.”

Simultaneously, two threatening growls fill the room. Dane’s hands tighten on my waist, stopping me from getting off his lap.

“One moment, Carl,” Jarren snarls into the phone, he puts his hand over the microphone so Carl can’t hear and addresses Dane. “Punish her for that fucking statement,” he snaps and then returns to his conversation.

“Don’t you dare ever suggest, joke, imply or tease us about other men, little mouse,” Dane growls, his orange eyes dark with anger.

“Who says it was a man I was talking about?” I ask innocently and he growls at me again.

I smile and lean into to kiss him. In the position we’re in, my thong-covered crotch is pressing directly against the erection tenting his shorts. It creates delicious friction. Dane digs his fingers into my waist until it hurts a little, but I love it.

He pushes his tongue into my mouth. I eagerly open for him, my tongue caressing his. I tangle my fingers in his hair as we kiss, he grinds his erection against me. At the back of my mind, I can feel Jarren’s eyes on us, and it turns me on more.

Dane bites my bottom lip and pulls away. “It doesn’t matter if it’s a man or a woman, you’re ours, little mouse,” he says sternly, and I smile at him. His eyes soften and then he adds, “And we are yours.”

“When do I get to mark you?” I ask and Dane’s eyes darken with lust at the idea.

“When we mate, you can do it then,” he replies, and I nod.

I slip out of his hands and get off his lap. Jarren has finished on the phone, and I decide to bother him whilst Dane returns to his email. I stroll around to his side of the desk, Jarren watches me with curiosity as I approach him. He spins in his chair, giving me access to his lap. I smile and sit down his lap, putting my arms around his neck to support myself.

Jarren puts his arms around my waist, shifting me further onto his lap so we’re more comfortable.

I lay my head on his shoulder and he turns back towards his laptop. He gets back to work with me sitting on him. I curl up in his arms, inhaling his mouth-watering scent of cedar wood and forest. He uses one hand to type, an impressive skill, whilst he holds me on his lap with the other.

I know I should probably show some interest in their work and learn about the pack, but they’ve only just returned, and they need to catch up before they start training me. At some point, I fall asleep for a little bit.


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