The Alphas of South Forest

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Chapter Nine


Leilani’s POV.

I grin and step into the huge, wet-room style shower. It’s spacious, with only a sheet of glass to separate it from the rest of the room. I turn on the shower head and step out of the way of the spray while the water warms up. I peek a glance at the boys, who have shed their boxers and are striding towards me with purpose.

The sight is something you’d see in a porno, or maybe someone’s fantasy. The two of them approach me. Their tanned, muscular forms show they are a force to be reckoned with. Their muscles tense and ripple and their hard cocks bounce up to their stomachs with each step. I feel like they’re walking in slow motion, but within less than a second, they’re right behind me.

The water warms to a suitable temperature, and I step under the rainfall shower head. I wet my hair, repeatedly squeezing the water out of it, and letting it soak through again, until it is drenched through.

Shadows fall on my figure, and I feel their presence behind me when I blink away the water in my eyes. I grab the bottle of shampoo and step out of the spray, letting one of them get under it. I keep my focus on the bottle, squeezing a dollop into my hand.

“Allow me.”

Dane reaches out and scrapes the shampoo off of my palm. I look up at him, his silver hair still dry and his orange eyes sparkling with happiness. I lower my hand and take a step forwards so my hard nipples brush against his chest. Jarren begins washing himself whilst Dane lathers my hair with shampoo.

He digs his fingers into my scalp, not in a painful way. The feeling is so relaxing that I find myself leaning into his touch. He scrubs my whole scalp with the shampoo, being careful not to let it drip into my eyes.

I haven’t had someone wash my hair since I was a child. I probably would have considered it oddly patronising, before I knew it could feel this good.

“Step under the water,” Dane orders and pulls his hands away.

Jarren steps back and I step under. I lean my head back so that the water drains off of my face. I rinse the shampoo out until all of the suds are gone.

Dane takes my shoulders and turns me around. With my back facing him, he begins adding conditioner to the rest of my hair. In this position, Dane is under the spray. His silver hair falls over his forehead. Whilst Dane massages the conditioner into the ends of my hair, Jarren moves next to him and puts some shampoo in his hair.

There is nothing sexual about the act. Jarren washes Dane’s hair, much like Dane did to me. Jarren’s face is expressionless, but his act is affectionate. He takes care of Dane’s needs, knowing that he is distracted with mine.

When he has finished, he washes the shampoo from his hands. Dane reaches for my hairbrush and starts gentling brushing my hair, removing any knots and tangles. Jarren squirts shower gel into his hands and comes up to my front. He rubs his hands together to form a lather and then reaches for my breasts. My breath catches in my throat as he begins kneading and massaging the soap into my breasts. His hands are firm but careful, applying the right amount of pressure.

He grips my nipples between his thumbs and index fingers and gently tugs. I rise onto my tiptoes to try and relieve the pressure. His hands travel lower, washing over my stomach. Dane puts down the hairbrush and I feel his hands on my lower back, moving slickly with soap.

My mates carry out their ministrations, washing both my front and back. Dane’s hands slide down to my ass. He begins squeezing the round globes, digging his fingers in until I gasp and tense under his touch.

Jarren’s hands swoop even lower, massaging my thighs. He drops to his knees, and I watch him lift my left foot and place it on his thigh. He washes my calf and then my foot.

“I don’t think I’m that dirty, guys,” I mumble, and Dane smacks my butt in admonishment.

The slap echoes loudly around the shower, the water on my cheek only amplifies the volume.

“We’re taking care of you, little mouse,” Dane growls into my ear from behind.

I can barely think straight. Jarren massages my foot, his fingers both pleasurable and slightly ticklish. I can feel Dane’s wet chest pressed against my back. His long, hard cock is digging into my lower spine.

His right hand moves around in front of me to settle on my stomach, just above my crotch.

Jarren chooses this moment to swap my feet. He puts my left down and grabs my right, momentarily knocking me off balance. Dane’s left hand grips my waist, holding me steady. I right myself and gasp when Dane’s hand moves from my stomach down to my pussy.

I’m grateful that I shaved my bikini line before I came here. Although my pussy isn’t bald, what little hair is there is nicely managed. His fingers deftly part my lower lips and run along the soaking slit. I’m mortified when he pulls his hand back in surprise and his fingers are glistening with my juices. I nervously peek out of the corner of my eye to see Dane’s reaction. His eyes are no longer orange, more like a burnt orange. An oddly sexy rumble comes from his chest, and he puts his fingers in his mouth. I gasp loudly and my cheeks heat up.

“What the-” I mutter, looking down at the shower floor in horror and embarrassment.

“Mm, you taste incredible, little mouse,” Dane groans.

I don’t have a chance to be embarrassed for longer, because he plunges two fingers inside of me. I inhale sharply at the intrusion. His fingers stretch me, and I push back against him, my head falling back against his shoulder as he fingers me.

He slides his thick digits in and out, whilst Jarren mimics his movement by running his thumb up and down the bottom of my foot. The feeling is incredible, and I don’t want them to stop.

Dane suddenly pulls his fingers out of me, and I whimper at the loss. Yes, an actual whimper leaves my lips. I’ve never whimpered in my life.

Dane parts my pussy lips with his fingers, holding them open with his index and middle finger. My head shoots up and I look down as I realise why he is opening me. He is presenting my pussy to Jarren, who is at eye-level and is staring at it with a heated gaze. He releases my foot and I settle my feet. Dane kicks them further apart, making it easier for Jarren to shuffle forwards.

“But I’m not shaved,” I protest.

I cover my pussy with my hands. Dane angrily grabs them both and yanks them harshly behind my back.

“Do you honestly think we care?” He grunts harshly in my ear. “You’re fucking perfect, Lei, don’t be embarrassed,′ he adds more softly.

“Wait!” I exclaim and both mates growl with irritation. “Turn off the shower please, we’re wasting water.”

Both of them look at me dumbfounded, baffled that I’m thinking of water-wastage right now. I don’t like wasting water, we’ve wasted enough already. Despite probably thinking I’m the weirdest girl ever, Jarren reaches up and turns off the water. The bathroom goes silent.

With my hands no longer obstructing the way, Jarren’s mouth closes around my clit. Unable to tear my eyes away, I watch him eat me out. His eyes are closed with concentration, his full lips wrapped around my sensitive bundle of nerves. The sight is unbelievably erotic. A 6+ foot, muscular Sex God is on his knees giving me pleasure.

Dane releases my hands and I bury them in Jarren’s hair, gently urging him on. His lips suck softly on my clit and then release it. He begins circling it with his tongue instead. The sensation is incredible and my whole body shivers with pleasure.

My eyes widen as Jarren takes his hard cock into his hand and starts pumping it up and down. His tongue doesn’t falter once as he masturbates. I reach blindly behind me and find Dane’s cock, feeling bad that his only input right now is to part my lower lips for Jarren. I grasp his cock, loving the feel of his soft skin encasing the hard shaft.

He hisses in my ear at the contact when I squeeze him tightly. I begin moving my hand up and down, pumping him like Jarren is doing to himself. The angle is awkward, but I make it work.

An orgasm starts to build, a small knot that promises an intense release. I tighten my grip on Jarren’s hair and he takes the hint. He increases the speed of his tongue against my clit and my eyes fall closed. I can hear Dane’s laboured breathing in my ear as I toss him off behind me.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum,” I whisper and they both grunt in response.

Jarren suddenly sucks on my clit, pushing me over the edge. I let out a scream that a porn star would be proud of. My hips involuntarily jut back and forth, riding Jarren’s mouth to prolong my orgasm.

Jarren’s orgasm hits him, and he moans around my clit, the vibrations have me panting with pleasure. I open my eyes to see him spill himself all over his hand. Dane cums then, his grunts turn me on as I feel his hot cum spurt repeatedly onto my ass.

The three of us come down from our highs, breathing heavily. Jarren rises to his feet and grabs the back of my neck. He yanks me towards him, and I stumble into his chest. His lips slam down on mine and he plunges his tongue into my mouth. He tastes like me, and I like it. I kiss him back, our tongues moving against one another.

I hear Dane turn the shower on and I pull back. Jarren looks down at me with his beautiful, corn-yellow eyes.

“Best fucking shower ever,” he grunts and washes his hand free of cum under the spray.

I giggle and step under the spray myself. I rinse the conditioner from my hair and the semen from my back. If my family knew what had just happened, they would die. My cheeks warm up with embarrassment again, but I enjoyed it too much to regret it.

My legs are still shaky from my orgasm as I finish rinsing my hair. Once I’m clean, I step out of the shower on wobbly legs and Dane wraps me in a cream, fluffy towel. He pecks my lips softly, then my cheeks, then my forehead. I dry myself off as my mates get dressed for the day.

“We need to do some more work today, but you can join us for most of it, if you would like,” Dane tells me.

I slide my bra on and reach behind myself to hook it, but Dane beats me to it.

“We want to take you to dinner tonight,” Jarren informs me as I’m sliding on my g-string.

“Like a date?” I ask, turning around to face them.

This appears to be a mistake on my part, as the two of them turn into drooling teenagers. Their eyes rake up and down my underwear-clad body as I stand in front of them. Dane suddenly clears his throat and nudges Jarren to snap out of it.

“Yes, like a date.”

A smile spreads across my face. “I’d love that!”

“Good, because this morning was just a preview of what tonight will be like, mouse,” Jarren says darkly and smirks at me.

My eyes widen in surprise, but he merely kisses my forehead and walks past me. I hear him go downstairs, hopefully to make us some breakfast.

“Don’t worry, mouse, we got you.” Dane winks and kisses my cheek.

He follows his twin downstairs, leaving me both terrified and excited in the bedroom. I can’t believe I have to sleep with two guys.

I’ve never had a threesome in my life, I’ve never even fantasised about it. I’ve never done anal or had anyone go anywhere near my back entrance.

Are they expecting to take me at the same time, tonight?

Deeply concerned for the welfare of my asshole, I continue getting dressed for the day.


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