A Love Like This

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Chapter Three


Anastazja’s POV.

Ace’s eyes lower to my body, now pressed firmly against his.

I can’t even take a deep breath to calm my racing heartbeat, because we’re jammed in so tightly.

Our bodies are pinned to one another, with Ace’s hands on either side of me, holding onto the damned mattress.

I make the mistake of looking up, into his eyes.

“Fuck,” Ace curses quietly. “I didn’t think this through.”

I giggle and try to slide the rest of the way into the room. Ace groans and I freeze in response.

Did I hurt him?

I look at him anxiously and his eyes are closed. His jaw is clenched, and he looks fucking gorgeous.

“Don’t move, Ana,” he says tightly.

“Why? Did I hurt you?” I ask worriedly and move back a few inches, into my original position.

This allows me to feel the enormous erection pressing against my crotch.

His eyes open and he looks heatedly at me.

“Don’t move little one, or this will become a whole lot more complicated,” he warns.

My cheeks heat up and I lower my gaze. Unfortunately, that means I’m looking directly at his giant tent in his jeans between us.

“Holy shit,” I whisper, and he tenses up.

“Sorry for making you uncomfortable, just give me a second and he’ll go down,” he mutters.

I can hear the embarrassment in his voice and suddenly I feel bad for him. I place my hand on his hard chest, feeling his pecs through his white t-shirt.

“It’s okay, it’s a compliment, I guess,” I say with a giggle.

Ace chuckles and shakes his head.

“I can think of better ways to compliment you, beautiful,” he says huskily, “and I’d rather press you against a mattress in a very different scenario.”

My face goes from pink to fire engine red.

“Sorry, I guarantee your boyfriend wouldn’t like you in this position,” he mutters.

I frown at his comment.


“I don’t have a boyfriend,” I tell him with furrowed brows.

Now, Ace looks confused.

“But you wore a taken band at the club?”

Realisation dawns on me and my mouth forms an “O”.

“Oh, no, I’m single, no boyfriend.”

Ace frowns. “You’re going to need to explain that later.”

I keep my gaze on his erection, it’s less embarrassing than seeing his face right now.

“Stop watching him, he likes the attention and it’s not helping me get him down.”

His voice is strained, but I can’t help but laugh at his words.

“Sorry,” I reply with a laugh and raise my eyes to his.

The air crackles around us again, the chemistry is palpable.

Ace’s eyes lower to my lips. His tongue darts out to wet his lower lip and my eyes hungrily follow the movement.

“Do you feel it?” He asks softly.

My sarcasm can’t help but ruin the moment.

“What? Your huge dick pressing against my stomach? Yeah, I can.”

Ace bursts out laughing, and I join him. Our chests rising and falling with laughter, has us rubbing against each other some more. I quite enjoy it.

“Thank you for noticing his size,” he says with a wink. He sobers up and pins me with a serious look. “But honestly, do you know what I mean?”

My breath catches in my throat at the intensity of his gaze.

“Yes, I can,” I admit quietly.

Ace closes his eyes briefly and inhales.

“God, little sub, you have no idea how much I want to kiss you right now,” he groans and leans his head back against the doorjamb.

I knew he could tell I was a sub last night, it’s my natural demeanour when I’m around Doms I like. Just like how I could sense he was a Dom.

Hearing him call me out as one changes the dynamic between us, the air fizzes again.

Daringly, I reach up and run my finger over his full bottom lip. His eyes flash open and he looks down at me.

“Maybe I do,” I utter quietly, “maybe I want to kiss you, too.”

“Ah, fuck it,” Ace mutters.

He releases the mattress and pulls us both into the bedroom. We stumble forwards, free from the confines of the doorjamb.

I watch with wide eyes as the mattress, no longer held up by Ace, slides along the steps. It thunders to the bottom of the staircase.

Ace grabs my chin and turns my head back to face him. I barely catch my breath before he presses his lips to mine hungrily.

If I thought the air cracked when we looked at each other, it practically explodes when we kiss.

Desire courses through me, wickedly hot and dangerously potent.

One of Ace’s hands tangles in my hair, the other grips my chin, holding me exactly where he wants me. He completely dominates the kiss, plunging his tongue into my mouth and kissing me with confidence and unrestrained need.

He’s tall, he leans down, and I reach up on my tiptoes for us to kiss easily. I’d say he’s at least half a foot taller than me.

My fingers hold on tightly to his t-shirt and my body leans against his for support. He seems to welcome the contact and presses back against me.

We both pull away when we hear Rowan.

“What the fuck is the mattress doing in the foyer? Are you two alright?” She shouts from the bottom of the stairs.

My breathing is ragged, and my lips are swollen from our heated kiss.

Ace smirks sexily and answers for us.

“All good, just lost our grip. We’ll come grab it in a second, sorry Ro!” He shouts back.

He looks down at me and kisses my forehead in an oddly intimate gesture.

“As much as I enjoyed that, little sub, we better go get that mattress,” he says teasingly.

I follow him down the stairs and together, we put the mattress on its side. I pull from the top and Ace takes the majority of its weight and pushes from the bottom.

I’m a bit giddy from the kiss and I stumble on a step. As I’m walking up backwards, I fall flat on my arse on the step above.

“Ana! Are you alright?” Ace asks with all the concern of a natural Dom.

I giggle at the expression on his face. He immediately softens and chuckles with me.

I try to stand up, but I’m still giggling, and my hands slip on the mattress. It slides down a couple of steps into Ace. I fall backwards again at the same time that Ace misplaces his footing and falls forwards.

The mattress slides past us, to the floor again, as the two of us burst into fits of laughter on the steps.

Rowan comes from the kitchen with her hands on her hips and a maternal look of disapproval on her face.

“What has gotten into you two? Have you found the alcohol box before me?”

Ace sobers up and looks at me. That one look takes my breath away. There’s such attraction and affection in his eyes.

“No, but you didn’t tell me how great your friend is,” he says sweetly.

Rowan aw’s and leaves us to it.

Ace offers his hand to help me up and nods his head at the mattress.

“So, third time lucky?”

With a few more laughs, we manage to get the mattress upstairs and onto the bed.

The kiss isn’t directly mentioned, but Ace finds ways to touch me or brush against me as we build the second bed frame in the guest room.

At one, Rowan calls us into the kitchen. Dale comes in and wipes his forehead with his shirt. Rowan practically drools all over him.

I roll my eyes and Ace grimaces.

The four of us eat together on the patio, enjoying the sandwiches Rowan put together for us.

After eating, Rowan decides we all need to be treated with some Pimm’s. Apparently, she found the alcohol box.

“I shouldn’t,” I tell her when she goes to pour my third one. “I’ve got to catch the bus home and I need to make sure I get on the right one.”

Ace laughs at my comment. “Go ahead, I’ll give you a lift home, Ana. Whereabouts do you live?”

Rowan winks at me from behind Ace and then pours me another glass.

“Oh, it’s alright, thank you, though. I live about ten minutes away, on Silver Birch Avenue.”

“Now I insist, I’m only five minutes from there, on Oakwood Estate.”

I raise my eyebrows at him. It’s not cheap to live there. It’s a luxurious, gated community.

“Well, thank you.”

After my third Pimm’s, we return to building.

This time, we make the wardrobe in the guest bedroom whilst Dale and Rowan tackle the dining room furniture.

We get it wrong a couple of times and burst into hysterics again.

I find myself becoming more and more smitten with Ace.

He’s a Dom, who is smart, fucking gorgeous, and funny.

How is this man single?

I decide to ask him. Blame the alcohol.

“Ace?” I get his attention whilst he tightens up one of the wardrobe doors.

“Yeah?” His voice is muffled as his head is in the wardrobe.

“How come you’re single?”

He surprises me by poking his head back out of the wardrobe. He furrows his brows, but smiles.

“Why you asking that?”

My cheeks flush.

“Well, I mean you’re not exactly hard to look at, and you’re funny, clever, successful....I’m guessing it’s a personal choice,” I tell him and then realise that I may be crossing a line. “I’m sorry, it’s also a personal question. Don’t answer if you don’t want.”

He shrugs.

“It’s alright,” he says and returns to the door hinges. “I was with my first girlfriend for four years. We ventured into the world of BDSM together, but after we graduated uni, she wanted to return to a vanilla relationship.”

He steps out of the wardrobe and his face hardens. He throws the screwdriver back into the toolbox, the harsh clang makes me jump.

“I realised that I couldn’t live without some form of BDSM in my life,” he admits. He scratches the back of his neck self-consciously. “I guess I need the control. It’s what I need to function, it’s who I am. Anyways, we broke up and it all went a bit mad at the club.”

He sits down on the bed, and I follow suit, realising that he’s decided to open up to me. I want to show him that I’m interested.

“I’d been going to the club for two years with Bella, and now that I was single, I was receiving a lot of interest from the other subs. The club wasn’t as big two years ago, there were fewer members and single Doms were thin on the ground. It was becoming messy; I didn’t want to keep scening with different subs and I didn’t have a connection with any of them out of the club. I’m a relationship guy, I don’t like to fuck around, so I took myself out of the mix.

“For the last year, I’ve scened occasionally, but mostly I work as a DM and just observe. I miss it, but I don’t want to go back unless I have the right sub to play with. I’m done messing around, I want the real deal.”

His eyes settle on me, and my breath catches in my throat.

“Tell me if you’re not interested, but I like you, Ana. I want to scene with you.”

Holy shit.


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