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Chapter Ten


Enna’s POV.

Keon arrives home just after six. He toes off his shoes and drops his briefcase on the floor. His face lights up when I emerge from the kitchen. He opens up his arms to me and I step into his embrace.

“Mm,” he moans and buries his face into my neck. “You are the best thing to come home to. I could get used to this.”

I giggle at his admission and pull him in for a kiss. “How was work? Any better?” I ask and his eyes soften.

“It was. Thank you for asking. Come on, let’s get some food started, I’m starving.”

He doesn’t change, he simply removes his tie and undoes some of his shirt buttons. He looks like a sexy, modern house husband as he moves around the kitchen, preparing dinner for us. I try to offer my assistance, but he declines and requests that I simply watch and talk to him.

“Tell me more about your job please,” I ask. “Like, what do you do each day?”

“Most of it is analysing financial reports. But I also have to mentor my staff, develop operation managements and summary reports.”

“That sounds...intense,” I reply, and he laughs at me.

“Yeah, it is.” He continues adding ingredients to a delicious-smelling pan on the hob. “It’s a lot of work, but I love it.”

He serves up our food on his patio, giving me a chance to see his garden. It’s very simple, but it’s a large plot. It’s long and narrow and is gold dust in a city like London.

“I think I could definitely do something with this space,” I tell him, gesturing to his garden with my fork. “If you wanted, anyway.” I wink at him.

“I’m sure we could come to some agreement, Miss Falcone,” he replies amusedly, “Payment might be an issue, though.”

I pretend to frown. “Oh, really? Having financial troubles, Mr King?” I reply teasingly and he snorts.

“Never, luckily. But I mean I think you might be interested in a payment of something other than money,” he responds cheekily.

“Hmm, I’m not sure. I’d have to see a sample, to know if its value is equal that of a normal payment.”

He chuckles and shakes his head. “This is such terrible flirting baby, I apologise. I don’t know what you’re doing to me,” he admits, and I laugh with him. I’ll admit, it was pretty bad.

Later on in the evening, I’m lying on Keon’s bed, spread eagle, and being fucked relentlessly. He holds my legs in the air as he pistons his hips back and forth, pounding into me. The headboard of his bed bangs repeatedly against the wall, punctuating his thrusts.

Moans leave my mouth in an endless stream, pleasure repeatedly consuming me, until I lose count of how many orgasms I have. What seems like hours after we started, Keon finally groans and releases himself inside of me.

We clean ourselves up and cuddle in his ginormous bed. An unpleasant thought crosses my mind. “Was this yours and your ex-wife’s home?” I ask anxiously and Keon holds me tighter.

“No, baby. I got this place about a year ago, when living with her finally got too much.”

I feel relieved. I’d feel weird, sleeping in their old bed.

“Have you dated anyone since your divorce?” I question.

I know this questions might make him feel uncomfortable, but I’m curious. He can simply ask me to stop if he wants.

“Not like this. I dated some other women whilst we were together, she dated other guys, too. I told you, our marriage was a disaster.” He sighs heavily. “For the first two years, we were just trying to make our parents happy. But then my father died, and I didn’t need to work for his approval anymore.

“I knew Sadie and I weren’t right for each other, but her parents were obsessed with us being together. Our families have been in business for years and it made sense to them. In the fourth year, we barely talked or spent any time together. We cheated on each other, and we both admitted it. In the fifth, I was staying at a flat most nights and we were only together for appearances. I knew then that I had to get out of this.”

Keon pulls me up so that he can softly kiss my lips. “You’re the first serious relationship I’ve had since her. I haven’t felt like this for a woman since, I don’t even know when. I’m not even sure I’ve ever felt this way before, Enna.”

His words make me smile. “You’re cute,” I mumble, and he chuckles.

“I mean it, though. I know we’re moving insanely fast; we’ve only known each other like a week. But when you know, you know, right?”


Keon doesn’t have to get up until 7:30 on Saturdays, thank God. We have breakfast together in his kitchen. He insists on ordering a car to take me home when he leaves for work.

I kiss him goodbye outside his gate. I have to admit, I loved being there when he got home from work, and I loved sending him off this morning. I return to my flat and take a shower. After, I put the finishing touches on my portfolio for my prospective client.

My father calls at ten o’clock.

“I know it’s short notice, but Ashley wants to go to this fundraiser thing her friend is hosting in two hours, we want you to come.”

I instantly think of Keon, and the fundraiser he has this afternoon. It might be the same one, London is surprisingly small sometimes. At the prospect of seeing Keon, I agree.

“You don’t have to stay long darling; you can be in and out, I think Ashley wants us there to support her friend.”

We hang up and start getting ready. I don’t tell Keon that I’m coming, I want to surprise him. Besides, it might be a totally different luncheon.

As Ashley’s friend is planning the whole thing, we arrive half an hour early. The luncheon is held on the top floor of some company’s building. I don’t recognise the name, but it seems my father knows them, he knows everyone.

I help the catering team position the buffet by the window. We’re fifty floors up and the view is wonderful. People start arriving, filling the large room with chatter. I’m the dutiful daughter, I stand by my father and Ashley, making small talk.

I look out for Keon but give up when I don’t see him after an hour. I get cornered by an old friend of my mother’s. She’s sweet, but the woman can talk for England. I feel relieved when I see my father talking to someone nearby, I excuse myself from the chatty woman.

I go over to my father; he smiles when he sees me. “Ah, this is my daughter, Enna, who I was telling you about,” he says to the woman he’s standing with.

She’s beautiful. She looks to be in her late twenties, with black hair like mine. Our faces are completely different, and her figure is not like mine. She’s tall and willowy, like a model.

“Enna, this is Sadie Louth-King.” My father introduces us, and I feel like I’ve been kicked in the stomach.

It’s his ex-wife.

Plenty of wives keep their ex-husband’s last names, but it bothers me, nonetheless. I manage to force a smile.

“Lovely to meet you.” I bite out the words, trying to calm my erratic heartbeat.

She smiles in return; I can’t quite decipher her feelings towards me. “Likewise.”

“I think you met her husband at the ball last weekend,” Dad prattles on. “Oh, please excuse me, I’ve just seen-”

He walks off, leaving me alone with Sadie. Did he just say husband?

This is uncomfortable.

“So, you’ve met my husband?′ She asks. She brushes a strand of hair from her face, and I notice the gold wedding band on her finger.

“Um, yes. I’m sorry, he told me he was divorced,” I reply with a frown, unable to help myself.

Sadie frowns at me and she looks me up and down. “No. We’re still married,” she replies tersely. “Is that what he told you? That we’re divorced?”

I swallow hard. I feel like my throat is closing up. In my peripherals, I catch sight of Keon. The last person I want to see right now.

“I’m sorry, my mistake. Please excuse me,” I stutter.

I put my glass down on a table and reach under it for my handbag. I walk to the exit; my legs feel numb. I rush to the lift; my hands shake as I press the call button.

My foot taps impatiently as the numbers ascend. Finally, the doors open, and I hurry into the car. I press the ground floor button and look up. I lock eyes with Keon, who is frowning at me from inside the room. He starts to walk towards me, but thankfully, the elevator doors close.

My phone begins buzzing in my bag, no doubt him calling me. I ignore the call and order an Uber to take me home. Half-way through the journey, I change my mind and get the driver to take me to my father’s house. I don’t want to be at my flat, Keon might show up.

I let myself into their mansion and pour myself a glass of water.

He’s still married. He lied to me.

No wonder he didn’t want to see her parents the other night! I feel sick to my stomach, I’m dating a married man. I respect marriage, I think vows are something to be taken seriously.

I was disappointed when he admitted they’d both cheated on each other last night, people don’t seem to respect the value of marriage anymore. I never thought I’d be ‘the other woman’, but after seeing Sadie’s face, it was clear she had no idea that Keon was dating someone.

How much has he lied about?

I feel so disappointed. In him, in myself, everything. Keon calls me another three times. He texts me as well.

Hey baby, didn’t know you’d be coming to the fundraiser. Why didn’t you say hi?

Is everything okay? Are we still on for tonight?

Why aren’t you returning my calls? Are you okay?

I’ve just realised Sadie is here. Did she talk to you? Answer your phone, please.

I’ve spoken to Sadie, I’m so sorry about her. I didn’t come with her; I had no idea she’d be there. Please let me explain.

I won’t keep bothering you, but please let me explain baby, I’m trying to divorce her. Call me when you want to talk. I hope you’re okay.

My father and Ashley return home an hour or so later. I apologise for my rude exit, making up some lie about an emergency. My own father knew that my boyfriend was married, and I didn’t.


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