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Chapter Eleven


Enna’s POV.

I stay for dinner at my father’s house. I don’t eat much, I’m still so confused. Keon calls me again, at eight, leaving a voicemail.

“Hey, I know I said I’d leave you alone, but I’ve been going crazy baby. I’m outside your flat, but it seems you’re not in. I’m gonna wait for a while and hopefully you’ll come home, I’m so sorry. Please, just hear me out.”

He sounds so heartbroken and sad; it makes my heart hurt. I throw my phone into my bag and put my head in my hands.

“Whoever he is, you should hear what he has to say,” Ashley speaks, startling me.

I look up to see her leaning against the doorjamb. She obviously heard the message, I had it on speaker.

“It’s complicated,” I reply. It’s not really, but I don’t want to have to explain.

“He sounds like he really likes you,” Ashley replies and smiles at me. “If he’s willing to wait outside your flat in the hopes you’ll come home, I think he’s a keeper.”

I sigh heavily and shrug. “At least hear him out, what harm can that do?” She suggests and leaves the room.

Fine. I’ll hear him out.


It doesn’t take long for me to get an Uber to my flat. When the elevator doors open, my eyes land on Keon. He’s sat on the floor, his back against my door. He’s on his phone, resting his chin in his hand. He looks so defeated; I start to feel guilty.

No, Enna, he’s the one who lied.

I approach him slowly. Keon looks up and recognition flashes in his eyes. His face lights up and he eagerly gets to his feet.

“Enna, I’m so glad you came, please let me explain myself,” he pleads.

I look at him hesitantly. “Fine, you can explain yourself, come in.”

I unlock the door and we enter my flat. I put my bag down and sit on the sofa. I gesture for him to join me.

“Well? Explain.” I cross my arms over my chest.

Nervously, Keon sits down on the armchair and faces me. He leans forwards and rests his elbows on his knees.

“Everything I told you about Sadie and I is true, there was only one part where I was a little economical with the truth. Sadie and I are in the midst of getting a divorce, it has not been finalised yet,” he explains.

I study his face, trying to tell if he is lying or not. I want to believe him.

“Why not just tell me that to begin with?”

“Because I thought she was signing them on the day we met! She told me she would, I only found out a couple of days later, that’s why I was so stressed. I had to get my lawyer to write up a letter, threatening her to sign the papers by the end of the week. She still hasn’t done it, so I’ve been forced to apply for deemed service, and they will take over from here.”

“Why won’t she sign the papers? I thought she wasn’t happy, either,” I ask curiously.

“She isn’t. But her parents are doing everything they can to stop her from signing them, they want us to remain married.”

“She’s a grown woman, if she wants to sign them, why doesn’t she?”

Keon’s shoulders sag. “They control everything, her money, her job, her life. If they cut her off, she will only have the settlement from our divorce, which will be substantial, but she’s scared to lose the only family she has.”

Annoyingly, I feel a bit sorry for her. “She must realise that they’re not family if they don’t support her.”

Keon shrugs. “They’re not good people, I realised that too late. By the end of next week, she will have signed the papers, whether she likes it or not.”

I stay silent for a moment, processing everything he’s said. He stands up and sits down on the sofa next to me. He reaches over and takes my hands in his.

“Baby, I’m so sorry that I lied to you. I really didn’t see it as a big deal, in my mind we were already divorced, I didn’t know she was going to fight me on it. I don’t know what she said to you today, but I know that I’ve never felt so scared in my life.”

He winces and looks down at our hands. “I thought I’d lost you and that feeling, God, I never want to feel that ever again.”

Damn it, he’s making me crack.

“What did you say to her? Did you tell her who I was?” I want to know whether he told her about us.

He looks up and at me and smiles softly. “I stormed over and asked what she said to you. She was angry with me, asked if I’d moved on so easily. I told her that our marriage had been over for two years and she knew it. I said that you are my girlfriend, that I’ve never felt this way about anyone before and I wasn’t going to let her ruin my happiness.”

My eyes water at his sweet words. How does he know all the right things to say?

“Your girlfriend, huh?” I reply teasingly, but my voice is thick with emotion.

Keon chuckles and pulls me into his arms for a hug. I rest my face against his jacket lapel. “Yeah, baby. You’re my girl.”

My heart flutters and I know that I’ve forgiven him. I pull back and study his beautiful face. “Please don’t keep things from me,” I tell him. “I’m happy to be your mistress a few days longer, until she signs the papers.”

Keon smirks. “I’m sorry, I promise; no more secrets.”

He leans in and kisses me. His hands cup my face as he captures my lips. I place my hands on his shoulders and push gently. He gets the hint and leans back, against the sofa. I straddle his lap and deepen the kiss. Our tongues collide, his hands land on my hips. I grind myself against him, making him groan into my mouth.

“Baby,” he grunts, and his eyes briefly shut, like he’s in pain. “What are you trying to do? Make me fuck you on this sofa? You’re driving me crazy,” he confesses.

I smile playfully. “Maybe I am. Why? Wanna fuck me on the sofa?” I ask teasingly, keeping my voice sultry.

“Yes,” he bites out the words, his jaw clenches as he holds himself back.

“So do it,” I whisper.

I lean back and grab the bottom of my top. I pull it up and over my head, discarding it on the floor. Keon’s eyes land on my breasts, pushed up and displayed nicely in my black, satin bra. They lift up and down with each laboured breath of mine and his eyes follow the movements heatedly.

He fumbles with my bra, being clumsy in his haste to free my breasts. I slide it off the second he gets it unhooked. He groans and grabs my breasts, cupping them in his hands.

“So perfect,” he mutters, his eyes trained on my breasts.

He kneads them with his large, rough hands. His thumbs run over my nipples, and they harden at the slight touch. He pinches both of them at the same time and tugs on them. I arch my back, pressing them further into his hands. He chuckles and swoops down to catch one into his mouth. His teeth graze over my nipple, sending a shiver through me.

He sucks and bites my left nipple as he pinches and rolls the other between his fingers. I feel myself becoming wet. He knows just what to do to me to have me writhing against him.

I hurriedly start undoing the buttons of his shirt. He pulls back to undo his trousers whilst I undo my jeans. He slides his shirt off and drapes it over the arm of the sofa. He grabs me and lays me down on the sofa cushions beside him.

He tugs my jeans down, bringing my thong with it. He pulls them off my ankles, leaving me naked on my sofa. Keon looks deep into my eyes, taking my breath away with the intensity of emotion swirling in his navy eyes. He lowers his head and kisses his way from my knee, up my thigh, to my pussy. He sucks gently on one of my pussy lips before swapping to the other.

He licks me from top to bottom and then plunges his tongue inside me. I throw my head back and squirm beneath him. He doesn’t play with me for that long, I think because I’m writhing around so much. He sits back and helps me up. I straddle his legs again. He has pulled down his trousers and boxers, leaving his cock and balls exposed to me.

I grab his dick and shuffle further up his lap. We both bend our heads and watch as he enters me. The sweet sting of him stretching me has me wiggling my hips, trying to adjust to his size. I sink fully on to him, taking him to the hilt until our pelvises meet. He groans and throws his head back, resting it on the back of the sofa.

“Enna,” he moans my name, sounding sexy as hell.

I look at him, like really look at him. I run my fingers through the soft strands of dark hair that fall over his forehead. His hair is tousled and unruly, as though he’s run his own hands through it repeatedly.

His tanned skin is soft under my fingers. I run my fingertip along his jawline, up to his plump lips. His eyes land on me and I feel like he sees right through to my soul. I can’t hide anything from him, he knows me better than I know myself when he looks at me like that.

Our eyes say the words that our mouths know are too soon to say. We shouldn’t be this committed, this obsessed, this addicted to each other so quickly. It’s too soon, too fast, but neither of us seems to want to stop or slow down. So, for now, our eyes say it all.

I keep my eyes on him as I lift myself off his dick and sink back down onto it. His calloused hands land on my hips. He helps me lift and lower myself. He thrusts upwards, meeting me each time I come down on him.

Together, we drive each other to the edge. His arms hold me close as I ride us to release. I clench around his cock when my orgasm hits me. His fingers dig into my skin, and he thrusts upwards, spurting his cum inside me. His grunts mix with my moans, our sweaty foreheads pressed together.

“Enna,” he breathes, his voice is raspy with sex and emotion. “Don’t leave me again.”

The vulnerability in his voice makes my heart flutter. I’ve caused a grown man, a thirty-two year old man, to be vulnerable. The thought makes me fuzzy inside.

“Never,” I promise. He grabs the back of my neck and pulls me in for a kiss.


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