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Chapter Twelve


The last two chapters from Keon’s POV.

Keon’s POV.

Coming home to my girl, waiting for me, has to be the best part of my day. I hug her as soon as I see her, breathing in her delicious smell. I tell her that I could get used to this, and I mean it. Already, I am picturing us living together.

Is that crazy?

Probably, but I don’t care.

She asks me how work was, and happiness fills me. She has no idea how much it means to me, her asking such a simple question. Sadie and I wouldn’t talk when I got home. She would never ask how my day was, or even remember when I told her something about work. Enna is like a dream.

I pull off my tie, undo the first three buttons of my shirt and roll the sleeves. When I look up, Enna is watching me with heated eyes. She loves it when I do this. I get to work, making dinner for us. Enna tries to help, but she doesn’t understand that I love taking care of her.

She sits and watches me prepare our dinner. She asks for more information my job, resting her chin on her hand and leaning forward with genuine interest. We eat outside, on the patio. Enna appraises my garden with scrutinising eyes. She nods thoughtfully.

“I think I could definitely do something with this space, if you wanted, anyway,” she says with a wink.

With her talent, I’m sure she could. I flirt with her a little, seeing how well she’ll bounce off of me. She frowns playfully and teases me back. We flirt back and forth, and I find myself wondering just how a middle-aged guy like me, has snagged such an amazing woman.

We have a great evening; we eat, we talk, we fuck.

“Was this yours and your ex-wife’s home?” Enna asks and I tense up at the mention of her.

“No, baby. I got this place about a year ago, when living with her finally got too much,” I reply.

The flat that I used to use for ‘dates’, is long gone.

“Have you dated anyone since your divorce?” She asks.

I hate talking about this stuff, but I understand that Enna has a right to know who she’s dating. Embarrassed, I confess to her what a disaster my marriage was.

I pull her closer and kiss her. I don’t want her to think of me any differently after hearing my admission.

“You’re the first serious relationship I’ve had since her. I haven’t felt like this for a woman since, I don’t even know when. I’m not even sure I’ve ever felt this way before, Enna.”

“You’re cute,” she says quietly, making me chuckle.

She’s the cute one.

“I mean it, though. I know we’re moving insanely fast; we’ve only known each other like a week. But when you know, you know, right?” I tell her.

She grins and kisses me again. “Right.”


I arrive at the office just after eight. There’s a spring in my step and it’s from starting the day with Enna in my bed. I prep all of my things for Monday morning. I glance at my watch and curse; I’m going to be late. I rush downstairs and order my driver to take me to the fundraiser.

I check my phone in the car, but there’s no message from Enna. I’ve been intense with her recently; I decide against texting her first. I need to give her a bit of breathing room. I tap my foot in the lift as the elevator slowly whirs up to the fiftieth floor.

Damn it.

I’m over an hour later. I got caught up in my presentation prep for next week. Entering through the double doors, the smell of perfume and buffet food hits me. It’s an odd combination. The floor is filled with London’s elite, chatting over champagne and vol-au-vents. I head straight for the buffet line, a man’s gotta eat.

As I stand in the line with my hands in my pockets, I scan the crowd. A curvy woman is stood not too far away, the angle making her face hidden by her long hair. I smile at the sight of her. She reminds me of Enna, with those long, brown waves.

A flash of red catches my eye and my stomach turns. Sadie is here. She glances my way and sends a glare.

Bitch.Why the fuck did I ever marry her?

I turn around, wanting to break eye contact. In this position, I’m facing the open double doors. This gives me a view of the lift. The lift where, currently, my girlfriend is stood in the carriage. Her eyes widen as she sees me looking at her. My heart picks up with excitement.

What’s my girl doing here?

I start to go over to her, but the elevator doors close.

Wait. Is she leaving, not arriving?

I pull my phone from my pocket and press speed-dial for her number. I frown as it goes to voicemail, she lets it ring out.

Why is she ignoring my call?

I try again, but she still doesn’t pick up.

Hey baby, didn’t know you’d be coming to the fundraiser. Why didn’t you say hi?

I send the text and wait a moment, hoping the dot bubbles will appear. They don’t. She’s ignoring me. Why?

Is everything okay? Are we still on for tonight?

I text her again, feeling like an idiot. Maybe her phone is out of charge? But then it would go straight to voicemail. It definitely rang four times. I can’t help it, I’m desperate, I text again.

Why aren’t you returning my calls? Are you okay?

You’re a thirty-two year old man. Get some dignity, Keon.

I force myself to put my phone back into my pocket. I look up and my eyes land on Sadie. Fucking Sadie. She sends me a smug look and my heart sinks. She did something, I know it. I send yet another text to Enna.

I’ve just realised Sadie is here. Did she talk to you? Answer your phone, please.

I stride over to Sadie. She faces me and crosses her arms over her large chest.

“Did you speak to my girlfriend?” I demand as soon as I reach her.

“Why? You worried about what I said?” She sneers. “I would be too, if I hadn’t told her I was still married.”

I glare at her and my fists clench. “If you would hurry up and sign the fucking papers, we wouldn’t be.”

She laughs at me. The noise is similar to a witch’s cackle, it grates on my ears.

“You’re going to need a court order, Keon. I’m not signing them,” she says bitterly. She looks me up and down and then adds. “Did you really move on so easily?”

I gape at her in disbelief.

“What do you mean ‘so easily’? Our marriage has been over for nearly two years. You know this, don’t try and deny it.”

Sadie closes her mouth and frowns. She knows I’m right. I sigh and run my hand through my hair.

Fuck, I need to fix this.

“I’ve never felt like this about anyone. You have no idea how important she is to me,” I tell her. Sadie looks oddly guilty and remains silent.

“I’m not going to let you ruin my happiness, sign the papers and stay the fuck away from my girlfriend,” I threaten her and turn on my heel.

As I step into the lift, I text Enna for the fifth time.

I’ve spoken to Sadie, I’m so sorry about her. I didn’t come with her; I had no idea she’d be there. Please let me explain.

I call her for the third time, but there’s no answer. I call my car to come and collect me. I give the driver Enna’s address. The doorman knows me, he lets me in without question. I go up to her flat and knock on the door.

I knock four times and wait for ages, but there’s no answer. On the way home, I send a final text.

I won’t keep bothering you, but please let me explain baby, I’m trying to divorce her. Call me when you want to talk. I hope you’re okay.

Fuck. What the hell must she think of me?

I guess, technically, I lied. It was only because, in my mind, Sadie and I have been separated for ages. I consider us divorced, even though we’re still going through the legal proceedings.

I didn’t want to drag Enna into my mess. It was better to not involve her at all.

Why the fuck did Sadie have to speak to her? That woman is pure evil.

I try and get some work done at home to pass the time. It’s useless. Guilt and worry consume me. What if this makes her break up with me? What if she doesn’t want to be with me anymore? Will she no longer trust me?

I don’t blame her for questioning me. I did lie, I guess. I wish I hadn’t, but I barely thought about it at the time. She’s my ex-wife in my mind.

I manage seven hours. Seven long, torturous hours. Then, I cave. I get a car over to her flat. I know she wasn’t there earlier, and it appears she isn’t there now. Wherever she is, she’ll have to come home eventually.

I sit down on the carpeted hallway and call her again. It goes straight to voicemail. I let her know I’m waiting for her. The lift doors open many times. At first, my heart lifts each time, hoping it’s her. Resident after resident step from the lift, but none of them are my girl.

The elevator pings again, but I don’t look up. Movement in my peripherals catches my attention. I look up and my heart lifts.

She’s here!

I jump to my feet. Fuck dignity. I beg her.

“Enna, I’m so glad you came, please let me explain myself.”

She looks me up and down, her full lips pressed into a thin line. “Fine, you can explain yourself, come in.”

We go into her flat and sit on the sofa. I brace myself, ready to explain my stupid actions. Even angry at me, she looks stunning. Her eyes are bright with anger and her cheeks are flushed. She’s incredible.

I explain everything to her. Every stupid thought behind my idiocy. Every bit of information I’ve been trying to protect her from. Everything.

After a while, I can’t take it anymore. I need to touch her. I move to sit next to her and hesitantly, I take her hand. She lets me and wraps her fingers around mine. It gives me a slither of hope.

“I thought I’d lost you and, that feeling, God, I never want to feel that ever again,” I confess emotionally.

My voice is thick, and my eyes are burning. I swear to God, if I cry in front of her, I’m going to lose any reputation I have left. I realise, telling Enna about my conversation with Sadie, that I haven’t even asked her to be my girlfriend.

“Your girlfriend, huh?” She teases.

I’m glad she’s teasing. That means she’s not as mad. I pull her in for a hug and hold her close.

“Yeah, baby. You’re my girl.” It feels good to call her that.

“Please don’t keep things from me, I’m happy to be your mistress a few days longer, until she signs the papers,” she implores me.

I smirk at her mistress comment. “I’m sorry, I promise; no more secrets.”

I kiss her, tasting those plump lips that have me weak. Her small hands rest on my shoulders and she pushes me back until I’m leaning on the back of the sofa.

She climbs onto my lap and pushes her tongue into my mouth. Her warm crotch sits directly on my dick and suddenly, I’m extremely horny. She grinds against me, and I can’t help but groan.


She’s so fucking sexy when she takes over.

“Baby, what are you trying to do? Make me fuck you on this sofa? You’re driving me crazy,” I confess to her. My voice is husky with arousal.

“Maybe I am. Why? Wanna fuck me on the sofa?” She flirts with me, and I can’t hold back.

She has no fucking idea.

“Yes,” I tell her.

God. I want to fuck her so badly.

“So do it,” she murmurs.

She pulls off her top and my eyes go straight to her tits. They’re pushed up in her bra and practically calling to me. I want to touch them. Now.

It takes a few tries, but I get the bra off. Her breasts are freed, and I instantly grab them, feeling their soft weight. She’s so perfect. I tell her that.

I squeeze them until she moans. Her nipples are hard and begging for attention. I pinch them hard, knowing how much she likes that.

She arches her back, pushing her breasts into my hands. It makes me chuckle. I suck one of her nipples into my mouth and gently run my teeth over it. She shudders under my touch, and I feel heady with arousal and power. I love having this effect on her body.

I play with her nipples. It’s foreplay for her and I don’t want to hurt her when I finally enter her. Her fingers undo my shirt buttons. I lay my girl down on the sofa and pull of her jeans, admiring her naked body.

She is like a wet dream.

I kneel down and dive between her legs. My favourite place to be between her legs. I eat her out with enthusiasm, she’s my favourite meal. Even with my hands on her thighs, she writhes underneath me. I know it isn’t the time to drag this out, so I stop and move onto the sofa.

I pull my cock free of my trousers and she straddles me. I don’t take my eyes off our joining bodies. It’s the best fucking sight, watching my cock disappear inside her tight pussy.

She takes me fully and it’s like fucking heaven. Enna runs her fingers through my hair and looks at me warmly. I’d love to know what she’s thinking right now.

I love her. It’s crazy and it’s too soon, but I can’t help myself. She’s the one for me, I know it. I have a feeling she knows it, too. From the way our eyes lock and the knowing glint in hers, she knows how I feel.

It’s too much to think about right now. Right now, I need to fuck her. I put my hands on her hips and help her ride me. We fuck each other to completion.

“Enna don’t leave me again,” I beg her.

“Never,” she replies.

I fucking hope not.

If she leaves, it will kill me. I grab her and crush my lips to hers.

She’s mine.


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