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Chapter Thirteen


Enna’s POV.

I spend the week with Keon. I pack some bags and move into his house for four days. We cook meals together, share showers, watch bad reality TV, go food shopping and cuddle in bed in the evenings and mornings.

On the fourth day, when I’ve gone home, he turns up at my flat that evening with his own bags to stay over for a few days. I present my portfolio to the prospective clients, and they love a couple of the ideas I put forward. I’m at their house, reviewing designs, when Keon calls me.

The couple are taking a break to make us some coffee, so I excuse myself for the phone call.

“What’s up?” I ask him and he chuckles.

“I was hoping more for a ‘Hey Daddy, I missed you,’” he jokes, and I giggle.

“Hey Daddy, I miss you,” I say breathily, humouring him.

“Better. I’m calling because I have great news. Sadie signed the divorce papers and agreed to the terms,” he says, and I let out a sigh of relief.

“That’s great!”

“I know, finally. Now, it’s over to the judge, they’ll give us a decree nisi and six weeks after that, we can get a decree absolute, I’ll be fully divorced then.”

“So, we have to wait another almost two more months before I stop being a mistress?” I groan and Keon chuckles.

“Yes, babygirl, I’m so sorry. There’s no way I can speed it up, I’m sorry, I tried.”

“It’s okay, I’m just glad that’s the first step over with.”

“Anyways, I’m calling because I want to celebrate tonight. Do you want to meet my friends? We thought we’d go out for drinks.”

I feel a little nervous, we haven’t met anyone in each other’s lives yet. Aside from his wife that is. “Sure, just let me know the location and time.”

“I’m not making my baby arrive alone, we can get ready at yours.”


Still dressed in my towel from my shower, I stand in front of my wardrobe, trying to decide what to wear. This is how Keon finds me.

“Mm, you look and smell delicious, babygirl,” he says huskily. He comes up behind me and kisses my bare shoulder.

My body reacts instantly to his proximity. I shiver and clench my thighs together. He runs his index finger between my shoulder blades, up to the back of my neck.

“It’s such a shame that we don’t have time for me to worship you like you deserve,” he mutters. He leans down and places a hot, open-mouthed kiss to my bare throat. It does all sorts of sinful things to my body. “Screw it, we’ll be late,” he says.

I jump in surprise when he pulls the towel from my body. He makes a sound of approval in the back of his throat and grabs my buttocks, hard enough that it hurts. Good thing I like a bit of pain.

“Keon, we don’t have time to-” My words are cut off when he pushes me onto my bed. I’m winded and I try to look over my shoulder at him.

I’m bent over my bed, my feet still on the carpet. I’m naked and pressed against my comforter. Keon is looking at me with heated eyes. He fumbles with his trousers and pulls them down. He must be desperate, he doesn’t take them off completely, only pushes them down to his ankles with his boxers.

“Sorry, baby, I can’t not fuck you when you look like this,” he bites out the words, his jaw is set, and his voice is tight with unrestrained emotion.

I don’t say anything, I like him when he’s like this. I love it when he loses his control, when he wants me so much that he can’t think of anything else. He pushes inside me with one thrust, making me cry out in surprise. He groans loudly and grabs my hips. He holds me in place whilst he begins pounding into me from behind.

“Fuck, baby, watching your ass bounce with each thrust, it’s so fucking hot,” he growls out, his voice is gruff and gravelly and turns me on.

I push back against him, savouring every thrust. His cock hits the top of my cervix, and I have to bite down on my bottom lip to stop myself from screaming out. He feels so good.

My eyes catch sight of the clock on the bedside table. “Keon!” I call his name and he suddenly stops. “We’re meant to be leaving in five minutes!”

He starts thrusting again. “I know, baby, but we can be ten minutes late, it’s fine,” he replies in a strained voice.

“I don’t like being late, hurry up,” I answer and clench my pussy.

He groans loudly. “Fuck, keep doing that,” he grunts.

I clench around him and push back against him. “Fuck, yes, baby, that’s it,” he grunts between thrusts.

His fingers dig into the flesh on my hips, and I ignore the sting, I’m only focussed on his pleasure. I don’t need to cum, knowing he’s going to is enough for me right now, I just want him to get his orgasm. I want to make him feel good.

“Enna!” He calls out my name and his thrusts slow down. He pumps in and out of me at a slower pace, releasing his cum. “Fuck,” he breathes and rests his head on my back.

“Come on, get up, I need to get dressed,” I tell him and sit up.

He whines and steps back, sliding his cock from inside me. I turn around and smirk at him. His hair is an unruly mess, his cheeks are flushed, and his semi-erect cock is glistening with both of our juices. He looks like a hot mess.

“Mm, you look good Daddy,” I tell him and peck his lips.

He follows me into the bathroom, and we clean ourselves up. “I’m treating you when we get home, babygirl, I feel so bad that you didn’t cum.”

I shake my head at his silliness. “Don’t be ridiculous, I loved it anyway.”

We quickly get dressed. I’ve already done my make-up and hair. It only takes Keon a couple of minutes to sort his hair out. My eyes trail up and down his body when he steps out of my bedroom. He’s wearing a white shirt that shows off his tan, the top few buttons are undone. He’s wearing form-fitting trousers that show off his powerful thighs.

Good Lord, save me.

“You look fit,” I tell him, making him chuckle.

“I’m glad you like what you see, babygirl,” he replies and kisses my forehead. “You look beautiful, far too perfect to be with an old git like me.”

I roll my eyes at him. “Less of the old, Daddy.”

We take a car to the bar that Keon’s friends regularly frequent. The moment we step inside, we’re ushered upstairs by a member of staff. They take us into the VIP section. I cast a questioning look at Keon, but he only smirks in response.

The private area is up a flight of stairs. This room is much more intimate and quieter than the lively, crowded bar downstairs. There are booth with screens between them and a second bar in the corner.

The woman leads us over to a booth, where three gentleman and woman are already seated.

“Keon!” One of the men calls and they all raise their heads to look at us.

I hold on tightly to Keon’s hand, suddenly feeling nervous. They slide around in the booth, making space for Keon and me to sit down. Keon puts his arm around my shoulders, and I shuffle as close to him as possible.

“Guys, this is my girlfriend, Enna,” he introduces us.

He goes through each of his friends, introducing them. Michael is a contractor from Kent, he’s thirty-five. Christopher is a thirty year-old surveyor from Hackney. Paul is a chartered accountant and is married to Diana.

After everyone has said hi to each other, they order champagne, lots of it. At first, the evening starts quite tame. Snacks and nibbles come with the alcohol, meaning it doesn’t hit me straight away.

As the night goes on, however, the food runs out and the alcohol hits my empty stomach. I manage to drag Keon to the upper floor to dance with me. I grind against him, trying to turn him on. He holds me with a tight grip and whispers naughty things in my ear. I have my back to him, my ass pressed against the erection in his trousers. I rub my butt against it, and he groans in my ear.

“Stop that baby,” he whispers. “You’re gonna get fucked so hard later.”

I turn around in his arms and crash my lips to his. It drives me crazy when he talks to me like that. He’s the perfect gentleman in the streets, and my dominant Daddy in the sheets.

Diana leaves the table to go to the bathroom and asks me to join her. She’s the only one that has been a little reserved with me tonight. Keon’s other friends, including her husband, have been nothing but friendly.

We enter the bathroom and go to the toilet. We wash our hands and I turn to her, ready to hear what she wants to say.

She presses her lips into a firm line and sighs. “Look, I hate to be that cringey girl that’s all, ‘if you hurt him, I’ll kill you’, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to be.”

She crosses her arms over her chest and leans back against the sink. I wait for her to continue. She looks at me with scrutiny.

“You’re what, twenty-one?” She asks and I nod. “What are you doing with a guy ten years older than you? Don’t you want to be messing around with guys your age, being single, drinking every night?”

I narrow my eyes at her. I understand she’s just trying to be a good friend, but she doesn’t know me.

“I’ve done that since I was eighteen, I’ve had my fun. I don’t like being single, I like having someone to focus on, care about. Keon is...this is going to sound cliché, but he’s my soulmate. I’ve never felt like this about anyone before,” I tell her.

She looks thoughtful, considering what I’m saying. “You really like him, huh?”

“Yes. I really do. I can see myself falling for him. Age doesn’t matter, in fact, it’s refreshing to date someone with some maturity.”

“I’m not a bitch, I promise,” Diana says with a chuckle. “It’s just, Sadie screwed him over, and now she’s going to walk away with a lot of his money, I’m just looking out for my friend.”

I smile at her. “I get that, and I love that Keon has such great friends, who have his back. But I need you to know that I’m not going to hurt him or mess him around. I have no interest in his money, I have my own. I just want him; he makes me happy.”

She smiles back at me and nods. “Good, that’s all I needed to hear, Enna.” She grabs her bag off the sink. “Come on, let me buy you a drink to apologise.”

We stop by the bar to get our drinks before we return to the table. Keon holds out his arm for me to slip under it.

“You alright, baby?” He whispers in my ear when I sit down.

I nod and sip my drink. It tastes delicious, so I hold it up to Keon’s lips for him to try.

“Mm, that’s good,” he comments. “Better when it’s mixed with you, though.”

He abruptly kisses me and pushes his tongue into my mouth. I kiss him back, grateful that I’m sat down when I feel my knees go weak. This man has that effect on me.

“Oi, you two, stop,” Michael calls.

“Yeah, you’re making me feel single as fuck over here,” Christopher adds.

“That’s because you are single as fuck,” Diana says with a laugh, and he glares at her.

“One more round guys and Enna and I will call it a night, I kinda have some unfinished business with my girl,” Keon announces and gives me a wink.

I think, by unfinished business, he means my pussy.


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