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Chapter Fourteen


Enna’s POV.

Keon can barely keep his hands off me in the lift to my floor. It gets worse when I’m trying to unlock my door. His hands are squeezing my breasts and pinching my nipples through the fabric of my dress. It’s very distracting and suddenly, getting my small key into a fiddly lock seems an impossible task.

With a sigh of relief, I unlock the door and it swings open. I take off my heels and drop my bag on the floor. Keon removes his shoes whilst I turn on some lights. I turn around and squeal with surprise as he throws me over his shoulder like a Neanderthal.

“Keon? What are you doing?” I ask, my voice exasperated as I dangle down his back.

“Taking you to the bedroom, love,” he replies casually.

He deposits me on the bed and stands at the end of it. I watch him whilst he undoes his shirt buttons, revealing his delicious chest inch by inch. Next to go are his trousers, but my eyes remain on his chest. I watch the way his muscles flex with each movement. The tattoos stretch and wink at me.

He keeps his boxers on and approaches me with lustful eyes. I help him remove my dress. His hands hurriedly dispose of my underwear, leaving me naked and aroused on the bed.

He kneels on the carpet, grabs the back of my knees, and drags me down. He throws my legs over each of his shoulders and buries his face in my pussy. I bite down hard on my bottom lip, to stop myself from crying out. He pushes his tongue inside me, before dragging it up to my clit. My stomach tenses and I clench my pussy when he flicks his tongue back and forth over it.

Shivers of pleasure dart through me. Keon pushes two fingers into me and pumps them in and out whilst swirling his tongue around my clit. The pleasure is too great, I can’t hold my orgasm off.

My fingers grip the sheets, and my heels dig into his back, my body arches off the mattress. Words fail me and some sort of garbled moan escapes my lips. Keon halts his actions for a moment, giving me time to recover. He waits only a few seconds though, before diving right back in. He coaxes another orgasm from me. One that has my toes curling and my vision spotting.

I’m panting heavily and my limbs feel like jelly when he starts up again. He shows no signs of slowing down, pumping his thick fingers into me. The third orgasm takes longer to build. I feel it starting in my lower stomach and I shift my hips, positioning Keon’s tongue over just the right spot.

“Come on, baby, cum for me,” he encourages me from between my legs.

I look down and lock eyes with his navy ones. He winks at me and then closes his eyes, returning to my clit. He flicks his tongue over it with renewed vigour and moments later, I fall over the metaphorical edge. I clench down around his fingers, stopping them from moving in and out, so he curls them instead.

My hips, of their own accord, hump his face. He keeps swirling his tongue over my clit as I moan his name, drawing my orgasm out for me. When I come down from my high, I feel like I’ve been winded. My eyes fall closed and I struggle to open them.

“That was...holy crap, that was amazing,” I mumble.

My face is turned to one side and pressed into the duvet. Keon starts moving his fingers inside me and my eyes fly open. I look down at him in horror. I thought we were finished?

“Again,” he orders sternly, and his mouth closes over my clit.


Keon and I are majorly hungover on Saturday. He told his colleagues that he was taking the day off, and I didn’t book any clients in. I recover faster than him. I bring him some painkillers and water. I slide on his white shirt from last night and tie my hair up in a messy bun.

I get all of the ingredients out of my fridge and start to make us brunch. It’s gone eleven, a little too late for breakfast and brunch sounds classy. I fry eggs, bacon, mushrooms, and tomatoes in the pan. I set out the coffee and juice. I toast some bread and lay out a selection of spreads.

I’m just finishing serving up when Keon comes up behind me. “This looks incredible, babygirl.” His voice is thick with sleep, sounding husky and sexy as hell.

“Thank you, feel free to dig in,” I reply.

“I will, in a second,” he answers. He pulls my hair tie from my hair, letting it fall in waves down my back. “Mm, better,” he comments and grabs a plate.

I chuckle and follow suit, collecting my own plate. We eat breakfast in my kitchen, clearing all of the food with our hungover appetites.

“Yesterday afternoon, I made dinner reservations for seven o’clock tonight at Antoine’s, I can cancel them if you’d prefer to stay in.”

I shake my head. “I’m happy to go out, if you still want to, that is.”

We watch movies together, having a lazy afternoon. I cuddle up to his chest, with a blanket wrapped around us both.

At six o’clock, we both get ready for the evening. I decide to wear the new dress I bought when Keon and I went shopping in the week. Yes, he willingly went shopping with me, he’s a keeper.

“Damn, we made the right choice,” Keon comments when I emerge from my bedroom.

I giggle and do a twirl in my dress. “You like?”

“I love it, baby, you look gorgeous.”

The car gets us to the restaurant just as Big Ben chimes seven o’clock. We enter the restaurant and are shown to our table.

We’re halfway through our meal, chatting and laughing away, when my stomach drops. I catch sight of Sadie entering the restaurant, with two people in their forties/fifties behind her. I assume they’re her parents.

Her eyes land on us and they narrow. I subtly grab Keon’s thigh under the table and give it a squeeze. I gesture in their direction with my eyes. Luckily, he picks up on the silent signal and glances over. His jaw clenches and he grips my hand under the table.

“I’m sorry,” he whispers quietly when Sadie’s parents approach us.

They look nice and normal, only the sour looks on their faces ruin their appearance.

“Keon,” the mother says his name with disgust. “Is this the child you’re leaving our daughter for?”

Sadie slowly walks over, obviously reluctant. I remain silent, not wanting to embarrass Keon.

“This is my girlfriend, Andrea. Enna is not a child; I assure you she’s legal.” Keon replies calmly.

Andrea’s beady eyes land on me. Her husband huffs next to her.

“An outrage, honestly. You’ve brought shame to your family, what would your parents think?” Andrea continues.

I squeeze Keon’s hand, letting him know I’ve got him.

“My parents would want me to be happy. I hope you enjoy your evening Mr and Mrs Louth; please let my girlfriend and I enjoy ours.” Keon’s voice is smooth and steady, I’m proud of him.

“Come on, mother, we’ll eat in the other room,” Sadie says to her parent, her tone is pleading.

Her parents give us a final, withering look and storm off. Sadie stays behind.

“I’m so sorry, Keon, Enna, please enjoy your evening,” she apologises, she gives us a brief smile and then follows her parents.

“I can’t apologise enough for them, they’re arseholes,” Keon says when they disappear into the other room.

I shrug and pick up my cutlery to continue eating. “Don’t worry about it. I’m very proud of how you handled things, you were much more mature than them.”

“Well, I have to admit, I’m on my best behaviour when you’re beside me,” he jokes.

He takes my hand from his lap and kisses the back of it. We finish our food and stop by a sweet, little bakery on the way home. We take our pastries up to my flat and eat them on the sofa whilst watching trashy TV.

Keon lays down, taking up the full length of the three-seater sofa. He pulls me down in front of him. As we’re watching the TV, his hand comes round to wrap around my waist. I snuggle back against his chest, stealing his warmth.

His hand slides over my hip and down to my thigh. I remain silent when it slips under my dress and moves up to my thong. He pushes my thong to one side and runs his finger along my slit. I keep my eyes fixed on the TV. I have to bite down on my lip when he pushes the finger inside me.

He shifts his hips and I feel his huge erection pressed up to my back. Neither of us say a word as Keon fingers me. He gets his fingers wet with my juices and then rubs them over my clit. I push back against his cock, silently telling him how much I like this.

He rubs my clit in fast circles, bringing me to a quick and hard orgasm that has my legs shaking. He gives me a moment and then rubs me again, coaxing a second orgasm. I’m breathing heavily and I can hear his laboured breaths in my ear.

He fumbles around next to my butt, and I realise he’s releasing himself from his trousers. He pulls my thong off. Excitement bubbles in me when I feel the blunt head of his cock push its way inside my pussy.

He holds my hip for support and pushes fully into me, making me gasp. He forks me from behind on the sofa. Gentle jerks of his hips push his cock in and out of me.

It feels both amazing and maddening. It feels pleasurable, but he is not moving fast enough to make me orgasm. His slow, hard thrusts build my desire with each push.

Keon seems to be experiencing the same frustration, because he suddenly sits up, taking me with him. His big cock remains inside me. He hikes my dress up to my waist, giving him full access. I sit on his dick, my back to his front, our legs hanging off the sofa.

Keon’s large hands grab my waist, and he helps me to bounce up and down on his cock. He’s deep at this angle and it takes my breath away. He takes control of the pace, pushing his hips up to meet mine. One of his hands moves to my front to rub my clit. It barely takes a minute for me to cum around his cock. I cry out his name and my pussy spasms around him.

Keon buries his face in my neck from behind. His thrusts become more frantic. He lifts me up and down on his cock aggressively, grunting in my neck.

“Enna,” he moans my name and stills.

His cock pulses inside me, his semen filling me. He holds me tightly; we get our breath back. I turn my face to look at him over my shoulder. He softly kisses my lips and then looks deep into my eyes.

“Enna, I-” Keon starts and then trails off, struggling to find the words or get them out. “You know how I feel about you, right?” He asks, his eyes intense and his voice thick with emotion.

“I know, Keon,” I reply quietly. He smiles and kisses my nose.

“Good, now, let’s get my babygirl a bath.”


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