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Chapter Sixteen


Enna’s POV.

Six weeks pass and Keon files for a decree absolute. We decided a few weeks ago that we would tell my father and Ashley when the divorce has been finalised.

I turn twenty-two. Keon spoils me, showering me with surprises and gifts. He takes me away to Spain for a long weekend. I moved into Keon’s house a week ago. I still have my flat, so as not to make my father suspicious.

I’m not sure if I want to sell it yet anyway, it’s handy to have somewhere in the opposite end of London to Keon’s house. That way, if we ever don’t want to travel all the way back to his, we have a second place to stay.

Keon calls me when the certificate comes through. It’s official, he’s divorced, and we are free to have our relationship without judgement.

I feel nervous as hell thought, because now we have to tell my father. I call him and ask to come round this evening, I warn him that I’m bringing a date. He agrees, sounding vaguely disinterested.

Keon seems anxious as we’re getting ready at my flat. It’s closer to my father’s mansion, reinforcing my decision to keep the flat for location benefits.

“How do I look?” Keon asks apprehensively.

He emerges from the bathroom, fussing with his tie. I smile and walk over to him. I push his hands away and sort his tie out, so that it is perfectly aligned.

“You look wickedly handsome,” I reply truthfully. “Makes me wish that I’d told my father a later time, so that I could strip this suit off you and show you all the things you do to my body when you look like that.”

Keon smirks at my compliments. “Don’t lie, baby, we know the things my body does to yours even when I don’t look like this,” he says cockily, adding a wink at the end.

I roll my eyes but we both know it’s true. He could be wearing a hideous outfit and I will still fancy him. He swallows hard and straightens his shoulders.

“Besides, I’m not sure I’d be able to...perform right now, I’m nervous about being introduced as your boyfriend.”

“Don’t be nervous, he’s not as scary as he looks. Besides, we’ve been dating for two months now, surely word has gotten back to him.”

Keon nods, but I can tell he’s not convinced. I grab his tie and pull him towards me. I lift up on my tiptoes and brush my lips over his earlobe. I smile when he shudders at my touch.

“Besides, just think about all the things we can do to each other tonight, after we’ve got through this,” I whisper. “Because I know I’ll be thinking about them, Daddy.”

He shivers again and groans quietly. “You’re such a tease. Apparently I am able to perform, despite my nerves,” he confesses, taking my hand and pressing it over the large bulge in his trousers.

I laugh and give his erection an affectionate squeeze. “Come on, you horny man, we’ll be late.”

The car picks us up from the street and drives us to my father’s place. I hold Keon’s hand in the back, feeling more and more anxious the closer we get to arriving.

“Were you nervous meeting your ex-wife’s parents?” I ask him, curious to know.

“No, simply because our families knew each other well, through their businesses. This is the first time I’ve cared about what a father thinks of me,” he admits and swallows visibly. “I want a future with you, and I want him to support our relationship.”

I softly peck his lips and smile at him. “It’ll be okay, Keon. We can get through anything.”

Ashley answers the door when we arrive. Her eyes widen in surprise, and she shoots me a ‘what-on-earth’ look. I offer her the bouquet of lilies that we brought, and she lets us inside.

“Enna, does your father know who you’ve bought?” Ashley whispers as she takes Keon’s jacket.

Keon looks nervously at me. “No, Ash, he doesn’t. Surely he’s heard some rumours of who I’m dating?” I respond.

Ashley looks Keon up and down and offers a weak smile. “He has, but he thought they were too ridiculous to be true,” she mutters, looking sympathetically at us. “Come on, he’s in the parlour.”

I enter the room first, alone. Ashley and Keon sort out drinks in the kitchen.

“Hey,” I greet my father. He’s stood by the window, nursing a bourbon.

“Ah, Enna. You look lovely,” he compliments me, and we embrace.

“Father, I’ve brought my boyfriend. We’ve been dating for two months now, and we’re living together,” I state.

His brows furrow. “Living together? Why didn’t you tell me this sooner?”

“We were waiting for his divorce to finalise before we announced our relationship to family,” I reply.

Mention of the divorce must confirm the rumours of me dating Keon. My father’s face contorts with anger.

“Keon King? You’re dating Keon King?” He demands to know.

“Yes, father, for two months now.”

He puts down his glass and runs his hand through his hair. “You’ve got to be joking, the man’s a decade older than you!”

I burst out laughing. “Ashley is nearly two decades younger than you, who are you to judge?” I retort and he glares at me.

“It’s different. I don’t want this for you, you need someone your own age,” he snaps.

“No, father. I love him and he loves me, he’s so good to me, he makes me happy.”

He glares at me some more but remains silent. He paces back and forth before turning back to me.

“You’re twenty-two, what do you know about love and relationships?” He rants and I roll my eyes.

“Don’t be ageist, father.”

He sighs and runs his hand through his hair again.

“Fine, I guess there’s not much I can do but wait for you to come to your senses,” he complains.

“Whatever, Dad, we are going to be together whether you like it or not, so you will have to accept it. If you are rude to him, we won’t visit again,” I warn him.

He scowls but manages to drop it when Ashley and Keon finally enter the room. Something tells me they purposely took a long time, to give me adequate time to prepare my father for the shock. His eyes land on Keon, who smiles nervously.

“Hello again, Mr Falcone, nice to see you,” he says and offers out his hand.

My father eyes it for a moment and I panic, wondering whether I’ll have to make him shake it. Just as I’m about to say something, he reaches out and shakes Keon’s hand.

“Likewise, Keon. I hear your divorce has come through and Sadie has left London.”

Keon smiles tightly and steps over to me. He always likes physical contact when the divorce is mentioned, I think he likes to subtly reassure me.

“Yes, Sir. Finalised today, actually.”

Dad nods stiffly. “Right. Good. Drink?” He offers bluntly.

Keon seems to remember the gift and grabs the bottle from the drinks tray that Ashley brought in.

“I brought you a bottle of bourbon, this is from my late father’s collection, I thought a man of your taste would appreciate it,” Keon says.

My father’s eyes light up at the sight of the label on the bottle. Suddenly, all is forgiven, and he is pleasant to Keon for the rest of the evening.

“Thank you for the heads up on the bourbon, worked like a charm,” Keon whispers to me after dinner.

I know that my father is not particularly pleased about our relationship, but when we leave, he is certainly a lot more accepting of it than when we arrived. My happiness at a successful evening seems to manifest into horniness. I feel unbelievably turned on when we get into the car to go home.

Keon recognises the look in my eyes immediately, it’s one he’s seen many a time. He holds one of my hands, whilst the other rubs maddening circles on my bare thigh.

I’m pretty much ready to jump him in the backseat when we finally pull up to my flat. We kiss in some kind of aroused frenzy in the lift, with me rubbing against him like a dog in heat.

I’m too busy undoing the buttons on his shirt, so Keon has to unlock my door for us. He pushes me inside and slams it behind us. We kick off our shoes. He maintains heated eye contact with me as he yanks off his tie. I slide the straps of my dress off my shoulders and let it pool to my feet. He groans and starts taking off his shirt.

I lunge for the button and zipper of his trousers, hurriedly undoing both. He removes his shirt, just as I push his trousers, boxers included, down to his ankles. He steps out of them whilst I unhook my bra.

He’s naked and I’m left only in my lace g-string. With the look of a man possessed, Keon grabs the panties and rips them from my body. I squeak in surprise and stare at the shredded scraps on the floor.

He makes me face the wall. He grabs my hands and places them on the wall for me. He pushes between my shoulder blades, forcing me to bend over.

“Hold on, baby, this might be a bit rough,” he warns with a gruff voice, one thick with desire.

I eagerly push my hips back, ready for whatever he’ll give me. He rubs the blunt head of his cock up and down my pussy from behind. Once he’s lined up, he pushes forward, sinking inside of me.

“Fuck,” he hisses.

His hands grasp my waist, holding me in place whilst he begins fucking me from behind. My hands hold onto the wall for dear life. I feel like I can barely catch my breath, it’s knocked out of me with each hard thrust of his hips.

He hits the top of my cervix every time. The pain adds to the pleasure, and I can feel myself building. My eyes squeeze shut, and I clench my pussy around his cock as it drills in and out of me.

I can’t hold it back any longer. I let out a cry and cum hard. Pleasure bursts throughout my body, sending my thoughts haywire. My legs shake with the force of my orgasm.

Keon fucks me throughout my release. He moves one hand to my hair, tangling his fingers in it to get a good grip. My legs feel like jelly, but I will myself to remain standing, so that I can keep taking his cock.

“Fuck, baby, clench your tight, little pussy for me, fuck!” He shouts and rams harder in to me.

I have to keep my hands on the wall to stop him from pushing me into it with his thrusts. Amazingly, another orgasm starts to build. I clench around him, knowing that I’m seconds away from cumming.

“Fuck, that’s it, cum for me, baby, show me that you’re mine,” he groans. His dirty words tip me over the edge.

My pussy spasms around his cock and he moans, his voice sounds tortured in the best way. His thrusts become sloppy as he releases his cum inside me. All of this, and we’re still in the foyer. We haven’t even properly entered the apartment.


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