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Chapter Two


Enna’s POV.

We rise from the table and cross the room. I slip my hand into Keon’s and his other hand rests on my bare back. The action sends goosebumps up my arms, my response doesn’t go unnoticed by him. He smirks at me.

He leads me around the room with surprising grace and confidence.

Our footsteps are perfectly in tune with each other, our bodies flush against one another. It’s oddly sensual and I feel myself becoming wet. I like being in his arms, being this close to him.

“What about you, Keon? Are you seeing anyone?” I ask, wanting to know for peace of mind.

His jaw tenses. “No, I’m divorced. We were married five years and it was hell for each one.”

My heart clenches. “Oh, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, I’m just glad I don’t have to live with her anymore.”

The song changes and whilst some couples leave the dance area, others join. We remain in each other’s arms, and I feel stupidly happy about that.

I feel his eyes on me and I turn my head. I lock eyes with him and swallow hard. It’s like he can see right into my soul, I feel bare and vulnerable under his intense gaze.

His eyes drop to my lips, and I involuntarily swipe my tongue over my lower lip. His hands tighten their grip on my body. I want him to kiss me.

‘I’ll be honest with you, Enna, I’m enjoying this more than I should be,’ he admits huskily.

My cheeks flush at his words and I smile knowingly. “I think your friend was a big giveaway, Keon,” I reply and subtly push my hips forward, brushing my stomach against his huge erection.

I briefly felt it a few minutes ago, but it was so fleeting that I wasn’t sure. His cheeks tinge pink slightly, it’s too cute. He awkwardly clears his throat and pulls away from me a little. “My apologies, I was hoping you wouldn’t feel him.”

I giggle, loving that he’s assigned a gender to his dick. I press back against him, so his erection is once again nestled on my stomach.

“It’s rather hard not to, but don’t apologise, I like being in your arms.”

He lets out a shaky exhale and grins at me. “Good, because I was worried this was a one-sided attraction,” he confesses, and I can’t keep the smile off of my face.

I lean up and brush my lips against his earlobe. “It definitely isn’t one-sided, Mr King,” I whisper.

“Fuck,” he hisses and holds me even closer. “You’re killing me, Enna.”

I pull back, knowing that my face is triumphant and smug as hell. I don’t know where this desperation, this need to have him, has come from. I’m never usually this forward or sexually confident. But there’s something about this man, I want him more than I’ve ever wanted anyone.

“I’m staying at a hotel down the street,” he starts, and my eyes widen. He picks up on my reaction and hurriedly continues. “No, not like that! I only meant to say that the bar is really good there, would you like to get out of here and go for a drink?” He rushes the words out, obviously nervous that I got the wrong idea.

To be honest, this man could put his hand down my dress, right here, right now, and I’d probably let him. My attraction to him is driving me insane. Feeling his erection press against me, his muscular body lead mine, it’s addictive.

“I’d like that, let’s get out of here,” I reply, and he smiles with relief, pleased that I took it the right way.

I check the time, it’s almost ten o’clock. My father said I could leave after nine, so this is good. I tell Keon to wait in the lobby, whilst I say goodbye to my father. He is pleased that I’ve come tonight and made an effort. I’m glad he doesn’t see who I’m leaving with, I imagine he’d make a fuss.

I collect my clutch and leave the ballroom. As promised, Keon is waiting in the lobby. He looks fucking incredible, waiting by the door with his hands in his pockets, blazer pushed back.

He smiles as I approach him, looking even more handsome. He offers out his elbow to me and I slip my hand into the crook of it. We walk the five blocks down the street, he offers to have someone drive us there, but it’s silly.

He’s staying in the Hilton he explains, because his flat is across the city and he didn’t want to deal with the traffic of this event. I understand. Even now, leaving early, there are tons of cars parked outside the venue.

When you’ve got the money to afford it, why not I guess?

We enter the hotel and Keon guides me over to the bar. I order a cocktail and he orders a whiskey. We collect our drinks and choose a secluded table, in the corner, by the window.

It’s a booth-table and he slides in next to me. I shuffle closer, so that our thighs are touching. We banter and laugh some more. I love how smart and yet, how playful he is. He’s not boring and uptight like most of the people I meet at those events.

He doesn’t act his age either, I would have thought anyone over thirty would be more...boring. It’s a naive thought, I know, and I’m embarrassed that I had it. Previous experience of my father’s associates led me to believe business men are tedious bores.

The cocktail and champagne starts to catch up to me. I get the tipsy buzz. I’m still completely in control of my actions, but my filter is a little more relaxed. Hence why I blurt out the next sentence.

I’m leant on my hand again, admiring his beautiful face. “You’re such a daddy, you know that?”

My comment takes him by surprise, he chokes on the sip of his drink. I laugh and pat my hand on his back as he recovers.

“Excuse me?” He asks, his face one of shock.

“You’re a daddy,” I explain casually. “A hot, sexy older man. I think you have to be like twenty-five plus to be classed as one. That’s what you are.”

He eyes me warily and takes another sip. “So, that’s a good thing?”

I widen my eyes and nod. “Um, hell yes. You’re fucking hot.”

His eyes darken at my words, and he leans closer to me. “Let me tell you something, kitten,” he rasps quietly. “I’ll admit I like the kink; you can call me Daddy all you want.”

I feel like the breath has been knocked out of me. I remain frozen when he reaches up and runs his thumb over my bottom lip.

“But, if you’re going to be my baby, you can’t be swearing like a sailor. I don’t like those harsh words coming out of that pretty mouth.”

I’m sure I look shell-shocked as I stare at him. Somehow, my flirting has been turned around on me and I’m the one spluttering to recover. I manage to regain control of myself.

The alcohol has given me confidence to reply like my old self. “Okay, Daddy,” I breathe, and he curses under his breath.

My reply drives him crazy. I barely have time to gloat because he grabs the back of my neck and slams his lips to mine. All of our sexual tension has been leading up to this moment. I curl my fingers around the lapels of his blazer, holding him tightly against me.

One hand remains on my neck, his fingers buried in my hair. He holds my face in place as he pushes his tongue into my mouth. I eagerly open my mouth to him, my tongue tentatively touching his.

His other hand lands on my thigh. I can feel the warmth of it through my satin dress. He doesn’t move it, but the weight and pressure is oddly arousing. It’s a constant reminder that he has his hand on me, that right now, I’m his.

His kiss has me breathless. His lips are firm and move quickly over mine. His tongue repeatedly enters my mouth, imitating fucking. It has me writhing with desire against him.

When he finally pulls away, my eyes are glazed with lust, my lips swollen and parted slightly.

Holy fuck, I want this man.

I’m not usually one for a one night stand, actually, I’ve only ever had one before. But I want him any way I can get him. I struggle to remember that we are still in a public place. I uncurl my fingers from his jacket, smoothing over the slight indents I made from my tight grip.

His hand slips from my neck, but his other one remains on my thigh.

“What are you doing to me, baby?” He asks huskily. I get the feeling the question is aimed at himself.

“I want you,” I whisper.

His jaw clenches and his hand squeezes my thigh.

He hesitates and I feel a sudden stab of panic and embarrassment. What if I read this wrong? What if he doesn’t want me for more than a chat and a kiss?

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea, baby,” he replies, and I frown.

“What’s not a good idea? I didn’t suggest anything,” I protest, and he smiles.

“Your eyes are begging me to take you up to my room,” he notes, but his tone is not arrogant. It’s sad, maybe disappointed.

“Do you not want to fuck me?” The words are out of my mouth before I can stop them.

Embarrassment catches up to me and I feel my cheeks warm with a blush. Fucking hell, Enna! Could you sound any more desperate?

He takes my face in his hands, holding my cheeks as though I’m the most precious thing in the world.

“Baby...there are many things I want to do to you, including fuck you...but I don’t think it’s a good idea.” He sighs and pulls his hands away. I miss the touch instantly. “I’m ten years older than you, this isn’t smart.”

My heart sinks at his words. He does want me, but my age is a problem.

“Smart? No, what isn’t smart is my father marrying a woman nineteen years younger than him,” I snap bitterly. I take his hand and place it in mine on my lap. “Ten years is nothing. I want you; do you want me?”

His navy eyes see right through to my soul, I’m sure of it. “Of course I want you Enna, you’re incredible.” He lets out a shaky breath and presses his forehead to mine. “I want you more than I’ve ever wanted anyone in my life, and I’ll admit, that scares me a little. It’s a lot to feel, so soon.”

My heart warms at this more vulnerable side of him, making me want him even more.

“What are you afraid of?” I ask quietly.

He lifts his gaze from our joined hands to my eyes. Our gaze locks and I feel breathless, unable to look away.

“That one night with you, will never be enough.”


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