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Keon Meeting Enna (2)

Keon Meeting Enna 2


Keon’s POV.

If there is any doubt in my mind about whether Enna fancies me or not, it disappears the second she calls me a daddy. I choke on my drink when she says it, it’s so unexpected. I can barely believe what I’ve heard.

She then explains what a daddy is and suddenly, I don’t mind being one.

“Um, hell yes. You’re fucking hot.”

Hearing her call me hot fills me with so much happiness, but it also thickens the sexual tension between us. Now that I know the attraction is mutual, fuck knows what I’m capable of.

I decide to take the opportunity to do something about her swearing. I don’t like her swearing, she’s too good for it. Leaning in this close to her, I can smell her sweet perfume. I can see her chest rapidly rising and falling with every breath, I love making her this breathless.

“Okay, Daddy.” Her voice is barely above a whisper, but it floors me.

Fuck, that’s hot.

I can’t take it anymore. I crush my lips to hers. They’re sweet and soft against my own. I can feel her gripping my jacket, holding me close. I tangle my fingers in her silky hair, making sure she is exactly where I want her.

I can’t resist deepening the kiss. Her tongue tentatively touches mine and I know I’m a goner. This woman has me hook, line, and sinker.

It takes everything in me, not to move my hand higher up her thigh. I force myself to remain still. We’re still in a public place. I’ve always enjoyed kissing. It’s a big turn-on for me. With Enna, it’s even more arousing. I’m hard again, like some kid that can’t get control on his hormones.

“What are you doing to me, baby?” I mumble the question aloud.

“I want you,′ she whispers.

Those three words go straight to my groin. I grip her leg tighter.

I need to get a grip. This isn’t the right thing to do. If I was smart, I would walk away and let her date someone her own age.

I try to tell her that this is not a good idea.

“Do you not want to fuck me?”

She looks as surprised as me that she’s asked that question. Fucking hell. She doesn’t even realise the power she has over me. I don’t want her to feel rejected. I cup her face, running my thumbs over her smooth cheeks.

“Baby...there are many things I want to do to you, including fuck you...but I don’t think it’s a good idea. I’m ten years older than you, this isn’t smart.”

I try to get my point across. Talk some sense into both of us. She asks me if I want her. I look at her, feeling pained. Of course I fucking want her.

Who the fuck wouldn’t?

She makes me vulnerable, but for her, I don’t mind. I press my forehead to hers. “I want you more than I’ve ever wanted anyone in my life, and I’ll admit, that scares me a little. It’s a lot to feel, so soon.”

“What are you afraid of?” She asks me softly.

I meet her gaze and tell her the truth. “That one night with you, will never be enough.”

“Then have more than one night. I’m yours if you want me.”
I can hear in her voice how passionate she is. She’s fighting for me. She really wants this. That thought alone is enough to make me weak.

“Don’t tell me that. I’d make you mine in a heartbeat, Enna. But you need someone your own age, someone younger who can give you more.”

I can see my response has annoyed her. The irritation is unfiltered on her beautiful face.

“What can’t you give me that a man my age can? Would you marry again? Have kids?”

I consider her question. I’ll be honest, the thought of marriage again, makes me queasy. What Sadie and I had was such a train-wreck, it puts me off the thought of it. But I can’t let one bitch ruin my love-life. I think I could marry, trust, love, again. I imagine, with someone so sweet and genuine like Enna Falcone, it would be easy.

“I do want kids, it’s one of the things my ex-wife and I fought about. After the disaster that was our marriage, I’d be hesitant to marry again. But for the right woman, yes. I would.”

“Then that’s all I need to hear. Do you want me or not, Keon? I don’t want to ask again, because this cocktail is going to wear off and my dignity will return. If one night is all you want, tell me and you’ll have it. But if you want more, know that your age is never going to be an issue for me.”

She says every word that I want to hear. She reassures me completely.

She makes it so. Fucking. Hard. For me to say no. I kiss her again. I can’t stop myself.

When the perfect person offers themselves to you, how can you refuse?

“I’d be crazy to let you go. But I know I’m going to want more, baby. I’ve barely even touched you and I know already that I want more. The thought of another man holding you, touching you, it drives me insane. I’d want you to be mine.”

She’s been honest with me, and it’s my turn to reciprocate. I’m not intending to scare her off, but I want to be upfront about how I feel, straight away. She smiles at me. That smile that both makes my heart warm and my cock hard.

“Then take me, I’m yours.”

Fucking hell.

I can’t stop myself. I stand up and grab her hand. I need to make this woman mine before she comes to her senses and wants a man her own age. I pull her close to me in the lift. The soft satin of her dress brushes against my front. The material falls perfectly over her bubble butt. Unintentionally, she moves her ass against my erection, making it even fucking harder, if possible.

Once we get to the room, I take off my blazer and shoes in preparation. There are no illusions between us on what is going to happen in this room. We’re going to fuck and I’m going to love it. I know already.

When I turn to her, she looks nervous. Then suddenly, it’s like something comes over her. She approaches me and unties my tie for me. Her hands start on my shirt, and I stand completely still, letting her take control.

I sense that perhaps, she needs this right now. Her eyes widen as she looks over my chest. Deep down, I feel relieved that she appears to like what she sees.

She undoes my cufflinks and pushes my shirt off. Her hands go to my trousers, and she pulls them down. I help her by stepping out of them. Now, I am only in my boxers.

She looks up at me from the floor, like some innocent seductress. She glides her fingers over me, and I can’t help but shiver. Her touch is so smooth, so fleeting and soft. It drives me crazy.

Her eyes lands on my cock and it takes everything in me, not to throw her on the bed. When she looks at me or looks at my dick like that, it sends me wild. She kisses my cock over my boxers, and it fucking weakens me.

Shit.How does she make the simplest of actions so fucking hot?

Enna goes to finish undressing me, but I stop her. She’s too dressed for my liking. I want to see more of her delicious body. I help her stand and I can’t help but smirk when I realise how much shorter she is now that she’s taken her heels off.

I turn her around and guide her dress down. The material goes taut over her butt and it’s a tight squeeze to get it down.

Fuck.I love a woman with a big butt.

I crouch down to help her out of the dress and then I hang it up, knowing she probably spent a lot of money on it. I can’t resist running my fingers down her back. She shudders underneath my touch. Her back curves inwards and then her butt flares out. She’s wearing a tiny thong that cuts through her arse cheeks, revealing everything.

My fingers twitch. I want to grab her ass as I pound into her. I remove her bra, next. I want to play with her breasts, see if they’re as responsive as the rest of her body. I turn her to face me, and the front of her body is exposed to me.

Fucking hell.She’s perfection.

Her nipples are hard and pointing at me, begging for my touch. I can’t deny them. I pinch and pull on them until she whimpers. She responds so openly and so quickly. It’s beautiful to watch.

I press her against the wall and lower to my knees. I run my hands up her smooth legs, enjoying the soft perfection of her skin. I want to touch her everywhere, she’s addictive. I remove her thong and her arousal is attached to it. The clear string goes from her thong to her pussy, and I can’t tear my eyes from it. It’s so fucking hot.

I can’t believe how wet she is. How wet I’ve made her. She’s embarrassed when all I feel is desire. I wipe the string from her thong and press my fingers against her pussy. Shaved and glistening with her arousal, it’s fucking heady.

She’s so wet and soft, it makes me excited to imagine what it’ll feel like when I’m inside her. I remove her thong and decide that I’m keeping it. The wet patch shows up against the black material and I fist it in my hand. I can see myself jerking off to that.

I throw the thong into my bag and Enna immediately protests. There’s nothing she can do about it; she isn’t getting it back. I shut her up by shoving my tongue into her pussy. I need to distract her.


She tastes incredible. Sweet and fresh and fucking addictive. I hook her leg over my shoulder, burying my face deeper between her legs. I never want to stop doing this. She pulls on my hair. Her tugs and moans tell me just how much she is enjoying this.

I want to give her more. I add my fingers, using my tongue and fingers together to drive her to the edge. I want to hear her orgasm. We make eye contact and my girl blushes ten shades darker. I love it. Having her fall apart under my touch is the single hottest thing I have ever experienced.

She calls out my name and I fucking moan against her pussy. I need to be inside her and soon. I lick up every drop she gives me, she’s delicious. I wait for her to come down from her first orgasm, and then I work on her second. She’s sensitive, I know it will happen quickly.

Her wetness has spread down my hand and face. I wipe my mouth as I stand up. I fucking love how wet she is for me.

“Don’t be embarrassed, it’s fucking hot,” I reassure her.

I put my fingers in my mouth and suck her juices off. She tastes so sweet. She needs to get over this embarrassment. I want her to be totally confident and open with me.

I put my fingers inside her again, getting them coated with herself. I press my fingers to her lips, waiting for her to open up.

“Open up and taste yourself,” I tell her.

Her eyes widen but she opens her mouth. I push my fingers inside, making her taste herself. I regret my action as soon as she starts sucking on them. It goes straight to my groin. She looks so hot, sucking on my fingers whilst looking at me. I want to see her suck something else, now.

She grabs my boxers and takes them off. She guides me to the bed, and I sit down on it. I know what she wants to do and I’m definitely not going to stop her. She kneels before me and stares at my dick.

“Holy shit, you’re huge,” she says.

I’ll admit, I will never get tired of hearing that. I’m happy she likes what she sees.

She wraps her tongue around my cock, and I lose it. It feels fucking incredible and she’s barely started. Enna takes me all the way, leaving me breathless and fucking turned on. She uses her hand, and I don’t mind, I know women struggle with my size.

She’s a devil with her tongue, flicking it this way and that, teasing me.

She’s amazing. It makes me jealous, wondering how she got so good at this. I’m just grateful that I get to experience it.

I put my hands in her hair and grip it tightly. I can’t help but take some control. It feels too good, I can’t stop my hips from jerking upwards, pushing my cock into her mouth.

I watch Enna carefully, but she shows no signs of discomfort or reluctance. In fact, she seems quite happy that I’ve taken control.

Tears run down her face and guilt streaks through me. She looks up and I can see in her eyes, that she’s silently trying to convey that she’s okay.

Her fingers run over my balls, and I lose it. That sends me over the edge.

She swallows everything I give her. I use my thumb to open her mouth and look at my cum, filling it. It’s the hottest fucking thing.

I need to fuck her.


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