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Keon Meeting Enna (3)


Keon’s POV.

“Fuck me, Enna, you’re fucking perfect, I’m never letting you go.”

The confession falls from my lips. My voice is thick with desire. I can’t hide my feelings from her, she makes me vulnerable. I hold her in my lap, savouring the closeness. I don’t want to let go. Ever.

Guilt floods me as I take in her tear-streaked face. I’m the cause of that and I don’t like it. I suggest a shower. While it is getting to the right temperature, I hold her hand. I sense she likes the closeness, so I make a point of not letting go.

I take the opportunity to wash her hair. Women like attention, and I want to take care of her. This woman brings out some primal need in me to care for her. I scrape my short nails over her scalp, making her moan. That one moan makes me feel so triumphant.

After I’ve washed out the shampoo, I move onto conditioner, soaking the ends of her hair in it just like my ex-wife taught me to. Enna then washes my hair. I bend my knees and she massages my scalp. It’s nice, having someone take care of me after being alone for so long.

She runs her hands all over my body, washing it with body wash. She seems to fixate on my arms, which I’ll admit, inflates my ego a bit. She washes everywhere except where I want her. Her hands teasingly go near my cock, but never touch it. It’s frustrating as hell.

It becomes too much, and I grab her wrists to stop her. I tell her that it’s enough and I kiss her, reminding her how much she wants this, too.

Feeling her naked, wet body against mine is driving me wild. I need her so badly. She calls me Daddy again and it makes me weak. I fucking love that nickname.

I dry off her body, both wanting to take care of her, but also so I can appreciate her beautiful figure. She watches me as I then dry off, and I can’t take my eyes off of her, either. I can see she is using the towel as a shield, so I take it from her, leaving her bare. She squeals in surprise and tries to cover herself, but it’s useless.

“Don’t try and cover your beautiful body baby, you’re perfect.”

I hold her wrists and look into her warm eyes, letting her see the honesty in mine. I grab her around the waist and lift her over my shoulder. I throw her onto the bed and then grab her thighs before she can protest.

I want her.

I push my fingers inside her, feeling how hot and wet she is. She’s whimpering when I pull my fingers out, they’re soaked. I use her wetness to lube up my cock, making it slippery. I pump my fist a couple times and she watches me with a heated gaze. She likes watching me pleasure myself.

Unable to wait any longer, I kneel between her open legs. I rub the head of my cock up and down her pussy. I line myself up at her entrance and locks eyes with her.

“Ready?” I ask her.

I want her to want this. I need to know if she’s changed her mind.

She stares up at me with her big, doe eyes. She nods but doesn’t say anything. I need verbal confirmation.

She licks her full, kissable lips. “I’m ready, fuck me Daddy.”

I start to enter her, feeling her clamp around me. When I push further forwards, she whimpers quietly, and I immediately freeze.

“You good, baby?” I ask her, my voice is tight with tension.

“More,” she begs.

Who am I to deny her?

I begin thrusting into her, wincing when I see a tear escape from her eye. I hurt her. “Are you okay?” I ask and wipe away the tear.

“Yeah, just give me a second to adjust,” she replies quietly, her cheeks heating up.

I halt my movements and wait for her. “Of course, tell me when you want me to move.”

Wanting to distract her, I kiss her neck, grazing my teeth over the sensitive skin. I reach for her clit, knowing it will take her mind off my girth.

“Keon?′ She says. “You can move now.”

Music to my fucking ears.

I drag myself out slowly and lazily push back in all the way. Her eyes widen and I can tell she’s enjoying it. I start moving faster, resting my forehead on hers.

“Fuck, baby, you feel so good,” I tell her.

I take her wrists and pin them against the bed, she likes it when I take control. She stares up at me, her eyes glazed with desire. She looks unreal, like this perfect angel. A sexy angel that is taking everything I give her.

Her nipples are hard and calling to me, I can’t resist taking them into my mouth. She seems to like it when I use my teeth. I want her to cum, so I reach down for her clit again. She suddenly gets tighter, and I know she’s near the edge, I go faster to push her towards it.

“Come on baby, cum for Daddy,” I tell her huskily. A little dirty talk might make her orgasm.

Watching her orgasm underneath me is the best fucking thing in the world. Her eyes squeeze shut and her lips part. She looks so fucking sexy.

It’s hard to stop myself from coming too, but I’m not done with her yet. I wait for her to come down from her high, then I flip her over. I take her from behind, enjoying the view of her big butt.

I pull on her hair, knowing she’ll like it from the way she’s arching her back. She pushes back against me, making her ass shake. It’s more than I can take, it’s going to make me cum, and I don’t want to yet.

I pull out and lift her up. She’s so light, I carry her over to the desk and set her down on it. I pull her thighs up and she holds on to them, keeping them open. I tease her a little before I enter her again, drawing it out. She protests and I decide to indulge her.

Enna seems to enjoy this position; she moans and wraps her legs and arms around me. I kiss her, wanting to feel her tongue against mine. It’s a messy kiss, it’s hot. She clenches around me, and I feel the familiar tingle run through me. She’s gonna finish me off like this.

At the back of my mind, I can hear the desk creaking under us, but I don’t care. I’m distracted when I look down and watch my dick, glistening with her juices, move in and out of her pussy. It’s like personal porn.

My orgasm builds and I beg her to cum with me, needing her to cum again. She cries out first, and her orgasm is my undoing. Pleasure fills me and I groan her name. I thrust sloppily, releasing inside her.

She wraps me in her arms and happiness floods through me. I know I have to move, but I don’t want to. I pull out of her and suddenly think of something. I stop her from moving and look down at her pussy. My white semen is still inside her, oozing out her tight little pussy. It’s so fucking hot, I can’t cope.

I carry her to the bathroom, and we clean ourselves up. She tells me she is on the pill, but I already assumed, a girl like her is smart enough to use contraception and she didn’t ask me to wear a condom. I get her where I want her, in my arms. We cuddle in bed and finally, I don’t feel so alone anymore.

“That was fucking incredible. Seriously baby, I swear to you, best night I’ve ever had,” I tell her honestly and she giggles cutely.

It’s true. I’ve been with my fair share of women, but none of them have ever felt like this. Made me feel like this. I can see that she doesn’t really believe me, so I try and reassure her.

“I mean it. I’ve never had sex that good; you’ve got a magic pussy.”

My comment makes her laugh and that makes me happy. She should always be laughing.

I roll on top of her, and I start getting hard again, I can’t help it. Feeling her soft body under mine is fucking irresistible. I want her to know how serious I am. I graze my knuckles over her face.

“You’re so perfect, Enna. I told you one night wasn’t enough, I’m not letting you go.”

“Good. Don’t let me go,” she whispers softly.


I wake up well before Enna. I’m used to my alarm going off at half five, so that’s when I wake. I take a shower and answer some emails on my phone. The beautiful brunette in my bed makes it hard to concentrate on work.

As I pack up my things, I notice her dress in the wardrobe. She probably doesn’t want to go home in that. Although she might not feel shame for last night, she might not want to do the walk of shame.

I call my assistant and ask for her to buy Enna some clothes. Something nice and relatively chic. I look over at her nude body, half on show because of the ruffled duvet. I estimate her sizes. After all, I did get very well acquainted with her body last night.

Next, I order room service, picking a few choices from the menu. I don’t want her to go hungry, I want to take care of her. A gentle knock on the door makes me jump. I cautiously look over at Enna, but she’s still fast asleep. I tiptoe to the door and ask the staff member to keep their voice down.

I give them a tip and take the trolley off him. He’s not entering the room and seeing my girl naked. As I pull the trolley in, Enna is just waking up. She hurriedly pulls the duvet up, covering herself, it makes me laugh.

What’s the point? I saw it all last night.

“I ordered breakfast, I hope that’s okay, you don’t have to leave early, do you?”

Her eyes drop to my bare chest and desire flashes through them. I’m pleased that she doesn’t have plans, so we can eat breakfast together. I usually eat alone; it’ll be nice to eat with someone for a change.

I give her one of my t-shirts. I’m unprepared for the possessive reaction it causes in my body at the sight of her wearing my clothing.

We eat together. She feeds me a strawberry and I can’t help but tease her with my tongue on her fingers. I pull her into my lap, I want constant contact. Her legs are revealing to me in this position. I place my hand on her thigh possessively.

“Mm, I love seeing you wearing my shirt,” I murmur in her neck.

My hand creeps higher up her thigh, reaching underneath her t-shirt. I want her to cum again. My phone rings and I groan in frustration. I lift her up and get my phone.

It’s my lawyer, telling me that my fucking ex-wife won’t sign the divorce papers. This makes everything more complicated, why can’t she just sign them? She doesn’t want me, so why not get rid of me?

I don’t want Enna to hear, I take the call in the bathroom. After hanging up, I take a minute to calm myself down. I don’t want to be in a bad mood near Enna. She looks up when I come back in and opens her arms, I eagerly hug her.

“You okay, baby?” She says gently, I nod.

“All good,” I reply, but I know she doesn’t believe me.

She tries to get her thong back, but I take it from her. She’s embarrassed, but I’m keeping it. Enna rolls her eyes at me; I grab her and inhale her sweet smell.

“I love your smell, babygirl, it drives me insane.”

Someone knocks on the door and irritation flares through me. It disappears when I answer it. Shannon, my assistant, has sent some clothes. I give Enna the bag and her face lights up. I approve of the choices Shannon made.

“Keon, you’re incredible,” she squeals and throws herself at me. I wrap my arms around her, loving the affection.

“It’s no big deal, baby, I take care of what’s mine.” My words make her blush.

I admit that I didn’t think she’d need underwear with me around. I slide my hand to her butt and then lower, feeling her pussy from the back.

“See?” I tell her. “Easy access.”

“Whatever, Mr. I’m getting dressed,” she says, pushing at me.

I want to watch her dress. Of course, I prefer watching her undress.

She looks amazing when she comes out of the bathroom. She’s naturally stunning. She kisses me and I love her confidence.

We collect our things and go downstairs to check out. I put my arm around her when I’m done. My car is waiting for us, and I help Enna into it. We drive back to her flat.

“There’s a couple of things I need to do today, but I want to take you to dinner tonight,” I tell her.

There is no way in hell that I am not seeing this woman again. I feel disappointed when we reach her flat. I want more time with her.

“Thank you for the best night of my life, baby,” I tell her and pull her in for a kiss. “I’ll see you at six.”

“Bye, Daddy,” she says quietly.

That one word, fucking kills me. I can’t resist pulling her back for a second kiss.

What is this woman doing to me?


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