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Bonus Chapter

Bonus Chapter


Enna’s POV.

I tap my fingers impatiently on the counter. This is the longest two minutes to ever exist. I pace back and forth in the bathroom, not letting my eyes go to the pregnancy test sitting by the sink.

I run my hands through my hair and sit on the closed lid of the toilet seat.

Distract yourself. Make time pass faster. What we going to have for dinner tonight?

Pasta? Steak? Fuck it, I don’t care. What does the damn test say?

I jump to my feet and stand over the test. My heart sinks.


I pick up the test with numb fingers and re-read the result. Once. Twice. Three times. I slide to the floor, still clutching the plastic stick. Tears pool pathetically in my eyes. I really thought I’d get pregnant on our honeymoon.

We tried so hard, so many times. It’s been two weeks since we got back. We’ve been having unprotected sex the whole time. We’re a young, healthy couple, I honestly thought it would happen immediately. I’m being naïve, I know.

I’ve been on the pill for years; it could take between six months to a year for us to get pregnant. I just wanted it so badly.

“Baby? You in there?” Keon’s voice sounds on the other side of the door.

He knocks once and opens it, finding me sitting on the floor.

His eyes light up as he sees the stick in my hands. I can see he is about to ask if it’s positive, so I shake my head despondently. A couple of traitorous tears rolls down my cheeks.

“Oh, baby,” he murmurs softly.

He drops to his knees and pulls me into his arms. I press my face into his jumper and breathe in his comforting aftershave. I love the way he smells. I love being in his arms.

“It’s not going to happen right away, love, we’ll keep trying,” he says gently, stroking my hair. “I will happily soldier on, fucking you until we get pregnant, okay? I know it’s a lot to task of me, but I’ll take one for the team.”

His joking makes me laugh and I wipe the silly tears from my face.

“So generous of you,” I mumble sarcastically.

He chuckles and cups my face, making me meet his warm eyes. “I know, I’m willing to rise to the challenge.”

I roll my eyes and he helps me to my feet. He places his hand on the back of my neck and pulls me in for a long kiss. By the time he’s done kissing me, my mood has lifted dramatically.

“Let’s watch a film, okay?” He suggests, taking my hand. “I’m in the mood for some cuddles with my wife.”

We settle down on our huge sofa, choosing a film to put on. As I cuddle up to him, I look up my husband’s beautiful face. He’s so amazing. He cheers me up when I’m down, supports me when I’m weak, celebrates me when I achieve.

He’s perfect.

I reach up and stroke my fingers over the stubble he hasn’t yet shaved. He looks down at me and catches my hand before I can move it back. He kisses the end of each of my fingertips.

I can’t resist. I sit up properly and press my lips to his. He puts his hand on the back of my neck again, holding me whilst he dominates the kiss.

I move to straddle his lap and our tongues touch, growing the desire inside me. All we’ve done is fuck since we’ve been back, and I think my body has built up an addiction.

We move in perfect sync. Our bodies know each other so well now.

His erection presses between my legs, right on the place I need it. The friction is delicious, and I grind against him.

Keon groans and grabs my hips, halting my lustful movements. He breaks the kiss and looks at me with gentle eyes.

“Really, babygirl? Are you sure?” He asks.

I know he’s trying to make sure that I’m okay. He knows I was upset earlier. I love that he’s so considerate of my feelings. But right now, I want a fuck.

I kiss him quick and hard. “Yes, really,” I reply bluntly.

Keon chuckles and kisses down my jaw, to my neck. He knows it drives me crazy when he does this. He licks and bites at my neck, whilst slipping his hand into my leggings.

He runs his fingers over my pussy, teasing me before he pushes one finger inside. It feels good, but it’s not enough, I need more. I can feel him smiling against my neck. He loves teasing me.

“Keon, please,” I whimper.

A shiver of desire runs through, and I grip his shoulders more tightly. Keon pulls my leggings down and I kick them off. The second I’m naked from the waist down, I climb back onto his lap. Keon frees his enormous cock from his sweats and, not bothering to take them off, he pulls me down on it.

Impaled on his dick, I gasp with happiness. Nothing feels better than when we’re connected. With my hands resting on his shoulders, I use my thighs to lift myself up and down on his dick. Taking control of the pace like this has Keon groaning. Although he’s likes being my dominant daddy, he likes it when I occasionally take control, too.

I bring myself to orgasm easily, his dick rubs me in all the right places and the pleasure quickly ploughs through me. Once satisfied that I’ve come, Keon grabs my hips and takes over. He thrusts upwards, filling me completely with his huge cock. He pounds into me, chasing his own pleasure.

As he nears, his thrusts become faster and harder. “Cum with me, baby,” he says.

He grabs the back of my neck and pulls my lips to his. He kisses me hard, not once slowing his thrusts. I come apart around him, clenching down as white hot pleasure consumes me. My tight grip on his cock is Keon’s undoing. He grunts against my lips and releases himself inside me.

I rest my head on Keon’s chest, listening to his heart slowly return to a steady pace. Silently, I wish for it to work this time. I want to complete our little family.

Keon kisses my forehead and I take that as my cue to move. I slide off him and sit upside down on the sofa, with my legs thrown over the back of it.

Keon raises an eyebrow in question.

“Don’t want the sperm dripping out, gotta keep those swimmers in,” I tell him, and he chuckles.

Carefully, I pull my leggings back on, staying in my position. Keon sits next to me and strokes my hair. He starts the movie from the beginning again, seeing as we got distracted and missed it.


I wait two days and take a test: negative. I try again on five days: negative. I know it’s too early, but it’s like I’m a woman possessed, I can’t help myself.

By the time eight days pass and I want to take another test, I have a hard talk with myself. I know I’m being irrational, and I need to relax and let things happen when they’re meant to.

I don’t buy any more tests and force myself not to think about it. When it’s meant to happen, it’ll happen.

Keon and I have sex a few times a week for the following two weeks. It’s hot and fun, mainly because I’m not stressing about lying with pelvis in the air for hours afterward.

I made myself move on from obsessing about it and it made our sex better. Keon knew I wasn’t using him as a baby maker, and we actually got to savour it. That’s why, when my period doesn’t start on the day it’s meant to, or that day after, I go to the shop and buy two tests.

I take both and my heart stops at the positive result. I rub my eyes and stare at the blue lines until my head hurts. After wanting it so badly, it seems so surreal that it actually happens.

Tears are running down my face before I know it. My hand shakes as I slowly place it over my stomach. I’m having a baby. Keon’s baby. Baby King.

It’s a killer, waiting two hours for Keon to come home. This is not something I want to tell him over the phone. I put on a choker that he got me as a joke-wedding present. It’s pink leather and says ‘Daddy’ in diamonds on the front.

When he steps through the front door, he spots the bling instantly. He grins and kisses me softly in greeting. He runs his finger over the letters.

“Is my babygirl feeling horny?” He asks. I shiver with delight as he kisses my neck. “Are you trying to turn me on with that? Cause it’s working,” he says.

He takes my hand and presses it against his trousers, letting me feel the erection straining inside them.

“Actually,” I reply and pull my hand away. “I wanted to tell you that, soon, I won’t be the only one calling you Daddy.”

Keon frowns in confusion and a second later, his eyebrows shoot up in surprise. He drops his briefcase and surprise comes over his face.

“Really?′ He asks excitedly. “You’re pregnant?”

I can only nod, because the waterworks of happiness have started again and are streaming down my cheeks.

“Oh my God! That’s amazing!” He cries.

He picks me up and spins me around. When he finally sets me down, he wipes my tears away and kisses me senseless.

“I love you, Mrs King.”

I grin up at him and wrap my arms around his neck. “And I love you, Daddy Keon.”


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