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Bonus Chapter Three

Bonus Chapter Three


Keon’s POV.

“Daddy!” I glance over at my gorgeous little girl, running towards me.

She calls me the same name her mother does, but it’s so very different when I hear it from her.

I pick up in my arms when she reaches me. She looks adorable in her primary school uniform (Primary school = 3-10 years old).

“Did you have a good day, baby?” I ask her as I clip her into her car seat.

Kasia chatters away, telling me about all the things she did today.

(pronounced Kah-sha, rhymes with Tasha, or Cass-ee-ah, your choice)

I drive us over to the house where Enna is currently re-designing the garden. My stunning wife is waiting for us on the pavement, outside the house. She waves as I pull up next to her.

“Hey, baby!” She greets our daughter as she gets into the passenger seat. “Hey, handsome.”

She leans over and kisses me.

“Ew, stop that!” Kasia protests from the back.

Once my wife is buckled in, I pull away and drive us over to her father’s house. As I park the car in the drive, the front door opens and Ashley steps out. Our daughter gets all excited when she sees her.

I release her from the car seat and set her down on the ground. She instantly runs over to Ashley.

“Auntie Ashley!” She yells.

Ashley crouches down and hugs her. “Hey, gorgeous. How was your day?”

Although our daughter calls Enna’s father, Grandad, she still calls his wife, Ashley, Auntie. She can’t understand why they look so different in age; she doesn’t think that Ashley looks like a Grandma. Ashley is very pleased about that.

After collecting Kasia’s overnight bag, I take my wife’s hand and we follow the two of them inside. We stay for a little while, making sure our daughter is settled. When afternoon becomes evening, Ashley ushers us out.

“Go, enjoy your evening. I’ll drop her at school tomorrow, and you can pick her up afterwards,” she says as she practically shoves us out the door.

As much as my wife and I want to spend quality time together, it’s hard to leave our little girl. We return home and enjoy our dinner together, alone.

I didn’t change out of my suit for dinner, I was too preoccupied with making dinner for us when we came in. I start undoing my buttons the moment I step into our bedroom, eager to change into something more comfortable, preferably, nothing. My wife always enjoys it when I sleep naked anyway.

Thinking of my gorgeous wife, she slides her hand up my back and comes around to my front. She takes over my job, unbuttoning my shirt. She slides it off my arms and I let her. Goosebumps raise on my skin as she runs her soft hands over my muscles, gently kneading them with her fingers.

Her hands drop to my belt and just like that, I’m hard. It’s an instant reaction whenever she is near. She slides my belt from my trousers and looks at it in her hands for a moment. I can practically see the dirty thoughts forming in her mind. Enna looks up at me with a mischievous glint in her eye.

“Wanna tie me up?” She asks seductively.

I swallow hard. “Fuck yes,” I reply, and she grins.

I unzip her dress and pull it over her head. I quickly discard her bra and panties, leaving her completely bare.

“On your knees,” I order quietly.

She bites her full bottom lip and does as I command. She drops to her knees and looks up at me with those big fucking eyes of hers.

“Hold out your wrists.”

She follows the order and I slide my belt around her wrists. I tighten it as much as possible and use the buckle to secure it. Once I’m sure that she cannot release her hands, I remove my trousers.

Her eyes drop to the tent in my boxers, and she licks her lips. She wants to suck me and I’m sure as hell not going to stop her. I kick off my boxers and grasp the base of my cock, pointing it in her face. Enna shuffles forwards and eagerly takes me into her mouth. The feel of her hot, wet tongue on the sensitive head of my cock has me groaning loudly.

I tangle my fingers in her hair and watch her with hooded eyes. She struggles to take my full size with her hands tied, but my girl is determined. Her eyes water as she relaxes her throat and takes me deeper.

The sight of my cock disappearing between her plump lips is maddening. It’s probably one of my favourite sights. Enna looks up at me, her mouth full of my cock. She closes her eyes and takes me all the way. I let out a grunt at the feeling of her tight throat around my cock.

I don’t want to cum yet, and if she carries on like this, I will. I place my hands on her shoulders and push her back, removing myself from her mouth.

“Up, baby,” I tell her.

Enna gets to her feet. I place my hands on her arms, holding her steady. I guide her over to the bed, encouraging her to get on her hands and knees.

With her bent over, I kneel behind her. I love eating her out from behind, getting her wet for me. I rub between her pussy lips with my fingers.

She is already glistening with arousal as I lower my mouth to her. I push my tongue inside her, tasting her saccharine juices.

She moans as I circle her clit and wiggle my tongue inside her. My nose bumps her asshole as I bury my tongue deeper. Once my wife is sufficiently wet and wanting, I pull back and stroke my cock. I rub the head of my cock up and down her pussy, covering myself in her juices.

“Daddy, please,” Enna begs breathily.

Unable to deny my wife, I line myself up with her entrance. I tease her a little, pushing in only slightly and pulling back.

Enna groans in frustration. “Please!”

I smile and decide to indulge her. I thrust my hips forwards, sliding inside her tight pussy. I groan as she grips me like a tight fist. Placing my hands on her hips for grip, I thrust in and out of her, fucking her in long strokes. Enna’s body shudders with pleasure. I increase my pace until I’m pounding into her, shaking the bed with our love-making.

I love watching her ass bounce with every thrust. I slap it fondly and Enna moans. After a few more strokes, I pull out of her. I flip Enna over and she falls onto her back. Her wrists are still tied together, and she rests them on her stomach.

I spread her legs and nestle myself between them. I line myself up with her again and push inside her. I can feel myself stretching her out and from the expression on my wife’s face, she enjoys that feeling.

I don’t work up to a fast pace, I start ploughing into her straight away. Her breasts move up and down with my thrusts. I watch them bounce and I can’t resist grabbing them and squeezing them. She is so fucking perfect.

Enna clenches down around me and I can see she is close. I growl under my breath and fuck her harder. She cries out and squeezes her pussy around my cock. Shivers of pleasure go through her body.

“Keon,” she moans my name and that’s it for me, I can’t hold back anymore.

Tingles form at the base of my spine, my balls tuck up against my body and my climax grips me. Pleasure shoots through me and a moan escapes my lips.

I slow my thrusts and finally stop. I pull out and stand up, giving myself a moment to steady myself as my head rushes. I stumble to the bathroom and grab some toilet paper. When I return, Enna opens her legs and allows me to clean her up, removing my semen that is leaking from her pussy. I undo the belt from around wrists and rub them when I see they are a little pink. I raise her wrists to my lips, and I kiss them.

“Are you okay?”

Enna smiles contently. “Yes, I am.”

We both get under the covers, and I pull her into my arms.

“I love you,” I tell her warmly.

Enna kisses my cheek. “I love you, too.”

My phone buzzes on the bedside table. I briefly check the screen, unlocking it when I see that it is from my brother. I roll over and read the message, still holding Enna close to me.

“Braxton just text me. He wants to come around next week, and he says he’s bringing someone,” I tell my wife.

Enna grins. “A woman?”

I nod. “Yes, a woman.”

“Finally!” Enna says emphatically. “We’ve been wanting him to settle down. I wonder what she’s like.”

I smile at her. “I don’t know, but apparently her name is Melia.”


The sequel, Baby, can be found under my works, L x

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