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Chapter Three


Enna’s POV.

I don’t know what possesses me to say the next words. This man has me under some kind of spell. I hate to admit that his charms worked.

“Then have more than one night. I’m yours if you want me,” I tell him. The desperation in my voice is audible to my own ears and I grimace.

He groans and closes his eyes. “Don’t tell me that. I’d make you mine in a heartbeat, Enna. But you need someone your own age, someone younger who can give you more.”

I frown at his words, irritated that he’s playing the age card again. Is he projecting? Maybe he doesn’t want someone so young?

“What can’t you give me that a man my age can?” I ask. When he has no answer, I carry on. “Would you marry again? Have kids?”

They are big questions to ask a man who I’ve only met a few hours ago, but honestly they’re the first things I want to know about a guy. If he doesn’t want the same things as me, why waste each other’s time?

He licks his lips and replies, “I do want kids, it’s one of the things my ex-wife and I fought about. After the disaster that was our marriage, I’d be hesitant to marry again.” He looks up and meets my eyes, sucking me in with that tunnel vision. “But for the right woman, yes. I would.”

“Then that’s all I need to hear. Do you want me or not, Keon? I don’t want to ask again, because this cocktail is going to wear off and my dignity will return. If one night is all you want, tell me and you’ll have it. But if you want more, know that your age is never going to be an issue for me.”

When did this happen? When did I become the kind of girl that convinces a guy to sleep with her? I never chase guys. I don’t like this reverse in power.

“Fuck,” he curses and presses his lips to mine again.
They move hungry and ardently against my own. He pours his passion into the kiss, and I feel myself become wet.

Not in the satin dress!

He kisses me softly one last time and pulls back. “I’d be crazy to let you go. But I know I’m going to want more, baby. I’ve barely even touched you and I know already that I want more. The thought of another man holding you, touching you, it drives me insane. I’d want you to be mine.”

His words make me warm inside. Words I dream of hearing Mr Right say to me. Words of commitment and loyalty. It’s not love at first sight. I know I don’t love him. I haven’t lost my head entirely. But it’s more than lust at first sight. I don’t just want him sexually. Like he said, I want more.

It’s loyal at first sight.

I saw him and I knew I only wanted him.

I smile softly at him. “Then take me, I’m yours.”

If it’s even possible, his eyes darken at my words. I can practically see the desire swirling in those lust-filled eyes. He grips my hand and stands up. I follow suit.

“Then, that’s exactly what I’ll do,” he says gruffly.

With excitement bubbling in my stomach, I let him lead me out of the bar. We cross the foyer and step through the open doors of lift just before they shut.

There’s another two couples in the lift carriage, Keon tucks us to the back. His chest is against my back, his hands placed possessively on my upper arms. I lean my weight back against him and rest my head on his shoulder. In return, he rests his cheek against my temple. It’s an intimate gesture, one indicative of a much longer relationship than our own.

The floor dings and the doors open on our floor. Keon pecks my cheek and ushers me out.

My heels sink into the plush, yet gaudy carpet of the hallway. At room twenty-one, my age, Keon slips out his key card and unlocks the door.

He enters before me, flicking on the lights. He holds the door and gestures for me to come in.

The room is elegant and comfortable. There is a weekender bag sat on a chair by the bed. His clothes, presumably from earlier today when he got ready for dinner, are draped over the back of the chair.

He shrugs out of his blazer and hangs it on the back of the desk chair. He sits down on the bed and unlaces his shoes and removes his socks.

He turns to me, and I rub my lips together in anticipation.
I suddenly feel extremely nervous. Kind of like I’ve entered the lion’s den. I’m not having second thoughts, but my bold persona seems to have remained in the elevator. I need to get some control back. Get him naked, whilst I’m still clothed, and I’ll feel more in control.

I place my clutch on the desk. I kick off my heels and nudge them up against the wall. I approach Keon and he watches me with interest as I begin untying his tie. I hang it over his blazer and then my hands begin unbuttoning his shirt.

Inch by inch, his dark chest is revealed to me. Smooth, except for a trimmed smattering of chest hair in between his pecs. His skin is taut and tanned, it has my mouth watering. I lift his wrists in turn and undo the cufflinks. He lets me undress him, his eyes never leaving me.

My eyes greedily take in the view whilst I push his shirt off his shoulders. He slides his arms out of the sleeves and puts it with his blazer. I unbutton his trousers and pull down the zipper. This is it, no backing out now.

Hooking my thumbs under the material, I push the trousers down, feeling the warmth of his skin. I drop to my knees and pull them down to his ankles. He dutifully steps out of them.

I look up at him from my position on the floor and swallow hard. He looks down at me with heated eyes. From this angle, I can see every ridge and plane of his muscles. He’s a tanned, inked, muscular God.

I run my fingers across the swirling tattoo on his left thigh. He shivers under my touch. I drag my finger up, to his inner thigh and finally allow myself to look at his crotch. He’s well endowed, that’s for sure.

His cock is lying hard and to the left, tenting his black boxers towards me. I lean forwards and press a kiss to the tip, over the fabric. I hear him sharply inhale and his hips jerk towards me, pushing his erection into my face.

My hands reach for the elastic waistband of his boxers, but he grabs them and pulls them away. With a tight grip around my wrists, he pulls me up so that I’m standing.

I’ve lost five inches in my height without my heels on. Whereas before, my eyes were level with his jaw, they’re now only level with his shoulders.
Keon smirks at me. I sense that he enjoys the height difference.

His hands gently grip my shoulders and turn me around, so that my back is to him. He hooks his fingers under the thin straps of my dress and slowly guides it down my arms. A shiver runs through me as the cool air hits my exposed skin.

He pauses when the fabric pools at my waist, he has to use his hands to stretch the material down, over my plump butt. It’s embarrassing that the dress gets caught on my butt, but it’s my own fault for doing so many squats.

I feel his breath on my thighs, and I realise that, like me, he dropped to his knees. He offers me his hand for support whilst I step out of the dress.

I remain with my back to him, but I hear him hang my dress up in the wardrobe. I feel his presence behind me again. His fingers brush against my back, raising the small hairs on my arms in their wake. My body reacts to his touch, as if it agrees with me about how much I like it.

“So beautiful,” he whispers ruggedly, bringing a small smile to my lips.

He deftly unhooks my bra and I let the strapless material drop to the floor. I nudge it out of the way with my foot. My nipples tighten and harden against the cool air.

With his hands on my shoulders, he turns me again. His breath catches in his throat when I face him. His eyes trail down my body and then back up again, settling on my exposed breasts. My face heats up, I only hope that my make-up covers it somewhat.

“So perfect,” he mutters under his breath.
I don’t realise that I’m holding my breath, until he pinches one of my nipples and I shakily exhale. I remain completely still as he squeezes and kneads my breasts. He plays with my nipples, tugging and pinching them until they’re hard and distended. He watches me carefully as he pulls on both of them, until I have to stand up on my tiptoes to relieve the pressure. He leans in close and his warm breath fans over my face.

“You’re so responsive,” he comments, his eyes filled with awe.

He releases his grip on my nipples and I gasp as blood rushes back into them. We’ve only just started, we’re not even fully naked yet or even near getting into bed. I swallow hard, wondering what the hell is to come.

Keon smirks, as if sensing my thoughts. He runs his calloused finger down my face. The rough skin against my smooth skin is a pleasant sensation. I lean into his touch, and he cups my face with his big hand.

“Baby...the things I’m going to do to you.”

His words, combined with the husky rasp of his voice, have my thighs clenching together in sweet anticipation.


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