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Chapter Four


Enna’s POV.

He takes me by surprise and pushes me backwards, until my back is pressed against the cold wall. I shiver at the temperature difference. I watch with wide eyes as he drops to his knees on the carpet. I seem to have lost my ability to speak.

He runs his hands up my legs, from my calves to my thighs. His hands spread across my hips and smooth over my stomach. The action is strangely arousing. I find myself leaning back against the wall, savouring his touch as his rough hands rub my body.

I don’t even realise my eyes have closed until they fly open when I feel him pull down my thong. Embarrassment floods through me, flaming everything from the tips of my ears to my neck, pink. He has paused with my thong around my thighs, a clear string of arousal is stretched between my pussy and my thong. It’s impossible to miss, and Keon’s eyes are locked on it.

“Oh my God,” I whisper and cover my face with my hands.

Keon is silent for a moment. I jump when I feel his hands on me. I peek through my fingers to see he has rubbed the juices away with two fingers and now spreads them against my pussy lips. They slide over me easily, lubricated with my own arousal. He parts my lips and pushes his fingers against my sensitive flesh. I manage to remove my hands from my face.

“Don’t be embarrassed, baby,” he says huskily. “I love that I’ve made you this wet. It’s all for me, isn’t it?”

I can barely think straight. He has trapped my clit between his index and middle finger and is rolling it between them. My own fingers twitch at my sides, itching to touch him back.

“Yes, only for you,” I choke the words out, embarrassed that I’m on the verge of orgasm from such simple stimulation.

“So wet, such a good girl,” he hums and presses a kiss to pussy, right over my clit.

My hips twitch forward in response. I watch him as he pulls his hand away and finishes removing my thong. I regret wearing a black one. The enormous white patch is unmissable.

Keon groans quietly and grips my thong in his hand. “I’m keeping these baby, it’s so fucking hot how wet you are for me,” he grunts and throws my thong over so that it lands perfectly into his open weekender bag.

“You can’t be serious-” I’m cut off in my protest because Keon leans forward and plunges his tongue between my lower lips.

I cry out and throw my head back, leaning against the wall. His large hand wraps around my right thigh. He lifts it up and hooks it over his shoulder, giving himself better access to me. My hands claw and grab at the wall, desperately trying to find some kind of grip to latch on to.

Keon’s mouth is incredible. I can barely hold in my moans whilst his tongue drives me into a crazy state of arousal. My hands find their way to his hair, tugging and pulling on it whilst he slurps away between my legs.

The noises that my wet pussy and his tongue make only heighten my arousal. I can’t think straight, mind-numbing pleasure overwhelms me.

I’ve been eaten out before, but never like this. Keon eats me like I’m his favourite delicacy, like I’m the last meal he’ll ever eat. One hand grips my thigh, the other slides along my hip.

He pushes two fingers inside of me and I gasp loudly. He scissors his fingers, stretching me. His tongue makes figures of eight around my clit, rubbing it continuously until an orgasm builds. His fingers drag along my inner walls when he pumps them in and out of me. I know I won’t be able to hold off much longer.

“Oh, fuck,” I moan breathily.

I manage to open my eyes long enough to look down and see Keon looking up at me. He winks at me, and I look away, feeling extraordinarily embarrassed again.

“You can cum, baby,” he reassures me and then puts his tongue back to work.

The reassurance is all I need. He flicks his tongue faster and my hands tighten in his hair. My thigh trembles over his shoulder, but his grip remains firm, making sure I don’t fall. He hooks his fingers inside me, pressing against that spot that makes my toes curl.

I’m incapable of preparing myself for the orgasm that hits me. My toes curl until they cramp, my legs tense and my pussy clenches hard around his fingers, keeping them inside me. I shout his name, hoping to God these walls are soundproof. The pleasure is indescribable. My breathing comes in short, sharp pants. My heart feels like it’s going to fail with the speed that it hammers in my chest.

It goes on and on. Long after I expect the comedown, waves of continuous pleasure keep radiating out from my clit. I realise that Keon is prolonging my pleasure by pulsing his fingers and working his tongue over my clit. I want to drop to my knees and kiss and thank him for making such an effort to give me pleasure.

Finally, the comedown starts. Everything relaxes and Keon can remove his fingers from my pussy now that it no longer has them in a vice-like grip. My skin is damp with the exertion of riding that orgasm. My breathing slows and my heart gets a break.

Keon moves his mouth lower, to lap up the juices that I released. It’s erotic and embarrassing at the same time. I untangle my fingers from his hair and let my hands drop on either side of me.

Just when I think he’s going to pull away, he moves higher and latches his mouth onto my clit again. My eyes widen, I watch him flick and suck my clit.

How does he know about this?

A second, albeit much shorter, but still incredible, orgasm hurtles through me. My hips hump his face, pushing against his mouth, keeping it exactly where I want it.

“Fuck!” I shout and then collapse back, against the wall.

How did he know that’s a thing? No guys I’ve been with know that.

After each orgasm, I can have another one straight after. It won’t be as long, but it’ll be just as powerful. I’ve never heard of other girls having this, my friends said they hadn’t experienced it. Yet, my dream man is between my legs, knowing my body as well as I do.

I look down at him and feel mortified. My clear, sticky juices have coated his entire hand. They’re even dripping down his wrist, for fuck’s sake.

Keon removes my thigh from his shoulder and gets to his feet. He smiles at me. A sweet, genuine smile that has my knees feeling weak from both the orgasms and his attractiveness.

“Don’t be embarrassed, it’s fucking hot,” he tells me. He puts his two fingers in his mouth and sucks my juices off. He groans and closes his eyes briefly. “So sweet.”

I don’t think I could be any more embarrassed. Keon smirks at me. He dips his fingers into my pussy again, making me gasp. He brings his once-again-wet fingers back up to my mouth and presses them against my lips.

“Open up and taste yourself,” he orders me, his eyes filled with lust.

I don’t want to deny him, so I open my mouth. He pushes his fingers between my lips, and I suck my sweet juices from them. I don’t mind it too much, it is sweet. Even once my discharge is gone, I continue sucking his fingers. I maintain eye contact, knowing how much guys like that.

“You’re killing me, baby,” he groans and pulls his fingers from my mouth, I let my teeth scrape over them.

I’m killing you?” I reply sarcastically. “Says the guy who just gave me two mind-blowing orgasms.”

He grins at that description. I want to pay him back for the pleasure he’s given me. I grab the waistband of his boxers and yank them down. His cock springs free. It bounces up and down a couple of times, before arching upwards, towards his navel. I push his shoulders and he takes the hint, moving backwards until he sits down on the bed.

I kneel down before him and stare at his huge appendage. “Holy shit, you’re huge,” I mumble, unable to tear my gaze away from the anaconda between his thighs. He chuckles and scratches the back of his head. He seems almost nervous.

“I’m glad you like him,” he replies.

I love the faint tinge of pink on his cheeks, and the fact he refers to his cock as ‘him’. I wrap my hand around his cock, but my fingers don’t touch.


I thought the guys I’ve been with were pretty large, and I never thought I’d be one of those girls who cares about size. It’s about what the guy can do with it. But here I am, suddenly becoming a massive cock-slut for this huge one that has my mouth watering.

I lean forwards and run my tongue from the base to the tip. I run out of saliva on the way. This guy is going to break my jaw. I lick my lips and wet the tip of his cock with my tongue. He hisses when I wrap my lips around it and take him deep. I cover him in my saliva, when I pull back, I spread it up and down with my hand, making it nice and slippery.

His is so hard, but the skin encasing it is soft and bumpy with veins. It’s my dream dick, I’ll be honest. I never thought of them as beautiful before, but as I slide my hand up and a drop of pre-cum leaks from the purple head, I would describe his as beautiful.

Wasting no more time admiring him, I get to work. I relax my jaw and take him as deep as I can. He hits the back of my throat, but I’m still gripping two inches of him with my hand at the base. I swirl my tongue around the tip and rub it along the sensitive skin of the underside. I move my hand and mouth in unison, taking him repeatedly, so that he goes a little deeper each time.

“Fuck, baby, you’re so good at this,” he grunts, his hands finding my hair and gripping it.

I let him take over. His hips piston upwards, forcing his cock into my mouth. His hands hold my head in place, keeping me exactly where he wants me. I feel tears track down my face and I know that my mascara must be coming with it. My make-up will be a mess after this, but I don’t care.

With his relentless, jerking hips, he manages to get all of him down my throat. I struggle to breath and my nose runs, but I take it all without complaint. His grunts and moans are worth it. My throat burns and I know it will be tender tomorrow from the repeated bashing, but it’s okay.

I caress his balls with my free hand. I start by running my nails gently over them, but then I hold them in my hand. I squeeze and tug on them. I feel them tighten up against his cock as he nears his orgasm.

“I’m going to cum baby, do you want me to pull out?” He asks and I feel touched that he bothered to ask what I want. I shake my head around his cock. I want it all. “Fuck!” He roars.

His hands grip my hair, holding me in place as he hips lurch upwards, pushing his cock deep into my mouth. I breathe through my nose and swirl my tongue around him.

“Enna,” he grunts and then moans loudly.

It’s the sexiest noise I’ve ever heard in my life. I feel him release in my mouth. Hot spurts of cum hit the back of my throat. They are endless, there’s at least five. It’s fucking hot.

His breathing is heavy. He removes his hands from my hair and pulls his cock from my mouth. He looks down at me with hooded eyes. I look up at him with a full mouth.

He puts his thumb on my bottom lip and pulls my mouth open, revealing his white cum, filling my mouth up.

“Fuck me, that’s the hottest fucking sight,” he says gruffly. “Swallow it for Daddy.”

As requested, I swallow his cum, savouring the salty taste. I lick my lips, removing any stray drops. I look up at him with lust and adoration.


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