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Chapter Six


Enna’s POV.

I wake to the sound of soft murmurs. I rub my eyes and look across to the other side of the bed. The duvet is pulled back and Keon isn’t in bed. I sit up and look around. I can hear Keon and someone else, talking by the doorway. A moment later, Keon pushes a trolley into the bedroom. His eyes land on me and then move lower.

I follow his gaze and realise I’m still naked. With the covers around my waist, my breasts are on show. I quickly pull the cover up to my chin, making Keon chuckle.

“I ordered breakfast; I hope that’s okay. You don’t have to leave early, do you?′ He asks.

He’s wearing nothing but a pair of joggers. He looks incredible this early in the morning. His hair is sexily tousled, he has a slight stubble growing from a lack of shaving yet and his muscular torso is completely bare to me.

“No,” I reply groggily and clear my throat. “I don’t have plans this morning.”

‘Great, breakfast it is.’ He grins and hands me one of his t-shirts from his weekender bag. I slip it on, covering my nude body.

He pulls the trolley up to my side of the bed. My eyes widen as I take in everything he ordered. There’s toast, bacon, pancakes, fruit.

“Oh, my gosh, how much food?” I grab a plate and eagerly start loading it with a bit of everything.

Keon chuckles and affectionately smooths my hair down with his hand. “Dig in, baby, have as much as you want,” he says warmly.

Once we’ve filled our plates, we take a seat at the small table and chairs, set by the window. I watch the traffic below as we eat.

When I glance up, Keon is watching me with a soft smile. He leans over and rubs his thumb over my cheekbone. I lean into his touch reflexively.

“Where did you come from?” He murmurs, I think it’s directed at himself.

I only smile and hold up a piece of fruit to his mouth. He puts his lips around the chunk, intentionally running them over my fingers. His tongue darts out and sweeps across my fingers, removing any juice. I shiver at the arousing action.

I finish eating and sip my coffee. Keon reaches for me and places me onto his lap. I squeak in surprise but end up leaning into him. It’s weird how natural it feels for us to be intimate like this. I feel like we’ve been dating for years, not twelve hours.

His warm hand rests on my bare thigh, he leans in and buries his face in the crook of my neck. “Mm, I love seeing you wearing my shirt,” he whispers against my skin.

I resist the urge to shiver with desire. I want him, again. I’m still sore from the fucking he gave me last night. How can I want him again, so soon after?

His hand creeps higher, until his fingers disappear under his t-shirt. We both groan when his phone rings. He curses under his breath and gently lifts me up. He stands up out of the chair and places me back down on it.

He answers the call, and his stance visibly changes.

I watch over the rim of my mug; his back tenses and his voice becomes colder. He sounds nothing like he does when he talks to me. I don’t listen in on the conversation, he crosses the suite, towards the bathroom. I check my phone for notifications instead.

When he finishes the call, he comes back into the room. His eyes are hard, and his jaw is set. I put my mug down, stand up and open my arms to him. He pulls me into a hug.

“You okay, baby?” I ask softly. He nods and kisses my forehead.

“All good,” he replies tersely, but I get the feeling that it’s anything but good.

I collect my bra and get my thong out of his bag. Keon grabs it out of my hand and places it back into the bag.

“That’s mine now, remember?” He says teasingly and I give him a you-can’t-be-serious look. “Just like you’re mine now, remember?” He adds, wiggling his eyebrows at me.

I roll my eyes, but I let him hug me again, he buries his face into my neck. He inhales deeply and kisses my throat. “I love your smell, babygirl, it drives me insane.”

A knock on the door interrupts us. Keon answers it and I realise that he is still only wearing a pair of sweatpants. He comes back into the room, holding a black shopping bag.

“This is for you,” he says and hands it to me with a smile.

I take with a confused frown. I set it down on the bed and open it up. I gasp as I take out a black bodycon skirt and a sheer black blouse.

“What’s this?” I ask incredulously as he grins at me.

“I figured that you probably wouldn’t want to go home in your dress from last night, so I ordered some clothes to be bought for you this morning.”

In the time that he had been awake whilst I was still asleep, this man ordered me breakfast and clothes. The words ‘Marry me’ come to mind.

“Keon, you’re incredible,” I gush and throw my arms around his neck. He chuckles and catches me easily.

“It’s no big deal, baby, I take care of what’s mine.”

My cheeks flush at his sweet words. What’s his.

“I suppose you didn’t think to buy any underwear?” I ask teasingly and he grins devilishly.

“Nope, I thought you wouldn’t need it with me around,” he replies.

He leans in close and places his hand on my buttock. He slides lower and between my butt-cheeks. I gasp as his fingers brush over my pussy lips from behind.

“See?” He breathes. “Easy access.”

“Whatever, Mr.” I push at his chest, so that he takes a step back. “I’m getting dressed.”

I take the tags off the clothes and slip them on. My strapless, black bra from last night is only slightly visible through the sheer blouse. It still looks classy. The skirt fits me perfectly, hugging my naked butt. I slip on the heels from last night, completing the look.

I don’t have my make-up with me, only my lip balm in my clutch. I brush my fingers through my hair and try to make myself look as presentable as possible.

When I emerge from the bathroom, Keon lets out a low whistle. “Damn babygirl, you look hot,” he compliments me.

I walk over and kiss him. I love that I can just do that, walk up to him, and kiss him. He’s packed his things and we are ready to checkout. He takes my hand, and we go down to the lobby. I wait to one side as he checks out with concierge.

He comes over and puts his big arm around my shoulders. I see a couple of people looking at us. Keon looks young, younger than his age, I don’t think anyone would know there is ten years between us.

A black SUV is waiting for us on the street. We put our things in the boot. Keon is the perfect gentleman and opens the door for me. We climb into the back together and at Keon’s request, I give the driver my flat address.

He takes my hand and holds it on his lap. “There’s a couple of things I need to do today, but I want to take you to dinner tonight.”

“I’m free,” I reply happily.

“I’ll pick you up at six and we can go for drinks, sound good?”

It takes twenty minutes to get to my flat and we talk the whole time. We put our numbers in each other’s phones. I just can’t get enough of this man. The driver pulls up in front of my building. Keon gets out and retrieves my shopping bag, with my dress in it, from the boot.

“Thank you for the best night of my life, baby,” he says and pulls me in for a kiss. “I’ll see you at six.”

“Bye, Daddy,” I reply, quietly enough that people walking past on the street don’t hear. His eyes darken and he grabs my hand, pulling me back for a second kiss.


I’m a bubbly, smiling idiot for the rest of the day. I take a shower and put some make-up on. After lunch, I visit my father’s house to check on the garden. The landscaping team will be coming in tomorrow to start work on the rose garden.

Then, I spend two hours getting ready for my date. I smooth down my hair, fix my skirt and fill my purse with everything I’ll need. At six o’clock, my intercom buzzes. I hurriedly rush to the lift and meet my handsome date in the foyer.

Keon is leaning against the wall; he looks like the sexiest daddy I’ve ever seen. He’s wearing a white shirt that shows off his dark, tanned skin. His hair is styled back, off his face. His hands are in his pockets. He looks sexy and relaxed.

He grins when he sees me. His eyes leave a burning trail in their wake when they run up and down my body.

“Damn, look at you,” he says and softly kisses me. “Eight hours was too long,” he whispers against my lips.

I giggle and kiss him again. “Hey, handsome,” I reply breathily.

“Were you good for Daddy?” He asks, running his rough thumb over my cheek.

I feel myself blush at his words. “Of course.”

“Good girl. Let’s get you a drink.”

He takes my hand and leads me out to his SUV again. The driver takes us to a trendy part of London. The pavement is bustling with people when we step out of the car. Keon places his hand on my back and guides me towards a cocktail bar.

This is what I love about London. I’ve lived here my whole life, yet I’ve never been to this bar before, never even heard of it. There are always new places to discover, it’s great.

The bar is warm and bustling when we enter. It’s trendy, but not the sort of place you come to pre-drink. This is a minimum-£15-a-cocktail kind of place, it’s a savour the one/two drinks you’ll have here kind of place. You don’t come here to drink a lot, unless you’ve got the money to spend almost £100 on prinking (pre-drinking).

Keon ushers me over to the bar. Most of the clientele are business women and men, still in their smart work clothes from an office job in the city.

No one bats an eyelid at us. When you’re in an expensive place, age doesn’t seem to come on to people’s radars. I have a baby face, I know I look my age, maybe younger when I’m not made-up. Keon is handsome as hell, but his face holds maturity, he looks older than me (in a good way). But in places like this, no one minds our age difference.

It could be the other way round, and I could be obviously older than him, and still no one would take much notice. I just wish it wasn’t people’s first assumption that he’s my sugar daddy and I’m with him for money. I have my own money; I don’t want his.

With that thought on my mind, Keon and I order our drinks. The bartender took one look at Keon’s expensive attire and chose to serve us over the younger, more casual-looking couple next to us. It’s bad, but he’s probably been encouraged to by his employer. Keep the important, rich clients happy. Tourists and students can wait.

When the bartender hands over the card machine, I whip out my card at lightning speed and tap it to the machine. The contactless transaction goes through. Keon’s eyebrows raise in surprise and then draw together in anger.

“What the hell was that, Enna?” He asks, his voice filled with irritation.


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