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Chapter Eight


Enna’s POV.

I take Keon’s suit, whilst he grabs his bags. I hang it up in my wardrobe and begin taking off my jewellery. He unpacks his things and I smirk as I watch him set them out on my bathroom counter. It’s cute, watching him make himself comfortable in my home.

I take off my make-up and clean my teeth. Keon gets ready for bed too, although both of us know that we’re not sleeping any time soon. I slide off my outfit and hang it up. I’m left in my white lace thong and bra. When I go to put on a silk nighty, Keon’s hands stop me.

I didn’t realise he was back in the room, or so close to me. I can feel the heat, radiating off his bare chest onto my back as he stands behind me. He takes the nighty from my hands and puts it back in the drawer.

I remain still and he runs his fingers along my shoulders and down my arms. Goosebumps raise in their wake, and I resist a shiver. He unhooks my bra and slides it off. He cups my breasts from behind, immediately pinching and squeezing my nipples. I bite down hard on my bottom lip and struggle to remain silent.

Keon leans down and brushes his lips against the shell of my ear. He tugs on my nipples, until I release a small whimper. “Do you like that, baby?” He asks gruffly, his tone heavy with desire.

“Yes,” I whisper, I moan when he does it again.

He releases my breasts and slides his hands down, over my stomach. He slips my thong down and I step out of it. One hand moves between my legs and parts my pussy lips. He spreads my juices up, using them to make my clit slippery enough to rub in circles.

I feel him moving behind me and then his other hand is at my pussy, pushing two fingers inside of me. I gasp and lean my head back, against his shoulder. He pulls his fingers out of me and I feel empty without them. A second later, he rubs the blunt tip of his dick where his fingers were. I let out a shaky breath as he inches his cock inside of me. I stretch around him, accepting all of his dick, until his hips bump against my ass.

He groans and drops his head to my shoulder. “You feel so good, baby,” he grunts.

He slides out and thrusts back in again, making me lift up to my tiptoes. He rubs my clit and holds me in place as he starts fucking me from behind. I’ve never had sex standing up before, but I like it.

Sweat starts to form on our bodies as our pace increases. I clench around him, my body shaking with every thrust Keon makes. His grunts fill my ears, turning me on even more.

I can’t hold my orgasm off; it crashes through me. I grip the chest of drawers for support as pleasure consumes me. I cry out Keon’s name, my body tenses, and my pussy spasms around his cock.

When I come down from my high, he pulls out of me and guides me over to my bed. He positions me on the edge, on all fours. He lines my pussy up with his dick, still standing, and enters me.

I moan loudly, loving how deep he is inside me. His fingers dig into my hips. He slows his thrusts to a maddening pace. I look over my shoulder to see him staring down at our joining bodies. He’s watching his cock disappear into my pussy each time, the wet, squelching noises fill the room.

“This is so fucking hot,” he growls out, his eyes trained on my pussy.

“Harder, Keon,” I moan, pushing back against him. I want more.

He snaps out of his lustful trance and suddenly picks up the pace. He pounds into me, my ass shaking with the impact. I push back against him, trying to meet his thrusts.

It doesn’t take long for another orgasm to roll through me. My spasming pussy sends him over the edge. With a loud groan, he cums with me, filling me up with his cum.

We collapse onto the bed together, his cock still inside me. We stay like that for a while, but eventually we move and clean ourselves up. We cuddle in bed, and I realise how nice it is to have him next to me again. I fall asleep easily with his body touching mine.


Keon’s alarm at 6AM is a killer. I groan and put my pillow over my head. I hear him chuckle and he pulls it off me.

“Morning, baby.” He kisses my cheek.

I whine loudly and blindly reach for my pillow. He chuckles again, so I peek my eyes open at him. He’s holding my pillow out of reach and grinning down at me.

“You’re way too perky for this time in the morning,” I grumble and snatch my pillow back.

“Maybe it’s because I’ve woken up with the most incredible woman next to me.”

Okay, that was a good response, I’ll give him that.

“Shut up,” I mutter, but I squeeze his hand before I roll over.

I hear him leave the bed and take a shower. I must fall back to sleep again because I jolt awake when he kisses my forehead. I open my eyes and blink a couple of times, trying to get them to focus. Keon is stood next to my bed, wearing his suit and a wonderful cologne.

“I’m off to work, babygirl, I’ll see you tomorrow for our date. Have a good day,” he whispers.

The room is still dark, my curtains are closed. But light streams in from my open bedroom door.

“Have a good day at work,” I mumble, smiling when he kisses my forehead again.

“Bye, baby,” he calls and shuts my door, sealing me in darkness.


The day goes slowly without Keon. I check up on my father’s garden and meet with the gardeners to plan out the week. I stop by the supermarket to buy some ingredients for cooking Keon dinner tomorrow night. I meet my friend Stacy, to get our hair done.

I only get a trim, but it’s a nice excuse for us to catch up. I tell her a bit about Keon, but I don’t tell her his name. I don’t know if he wants us to be public knowledge yet. If there even is an ‘us’. It’s too early to be labelling things.

Tuesday is fairly relaxed. I meet a prospective client at their house, to canvass their garden. They give me a week to start putting together a portfolio of suggestions. If they like any of them, they might take me on.

I start working on the portfolio as soon as I arrive home. Later in the afternoon, I begin to get ready for dinner. I take a long soak in my bath, using my essential oils. I straighten my hair and apply some make-up.

It takes me a while to choose an outfit. I always want to look good for Keon. I want him to look at me and think, damn. Keon is right on time; he arrives just as I’ve finished getting ready. I open the door and my heart skips a beat. He looks incredible. His suit jacket is hooked over his arm, and he’s rolled his sleeves up. He’s holding a bouquet of white roses and gypsophila.

“Hi,” I breathe, feeling breathless with excitement.

“Hey, baby,” he greets me.

I step aside to let him in. He kisses my cheeks and kicks off his shoes. “These are for you,” he says and hands me the flowers.

“Thank you, they’re beautiful.”

Whilst I put the flowers in a vase, he goes upstairs to get ready for our date. I set the flowers on the table and wait. He comes downstairs a few minutes later.

“You ready?” He asks.

He leads me outside and helps me into his car.

“So, how was your day”′ I ask as he pulls out of the drive.

He grimaces. “Stressful,” he replies.

“Anything you want to talk about?” I ask and he gives me a sad smile.

“Definitely not, sorry. I’m just glad it’s over and I’m with you, now. Tell me about your day.”


Keon’s POV.

“Where are we going?” Enna asks sweetly.

I glance over at her. She looks beautiful. She’s wearing a cream dress that shows off her long, tanned legs.

“Eleven,” I reply casually.

“Eleven? As in the very expensive restaurant on North street?” She blurts out, making me smile.

“Yes, that one.”

She’s looking at me with wide eyes. “Um, I’ve never been there before,” she tells me nervously.

I reach over softly run my thumb over her knuckles. “I think you’ll like it.”

I hope she likes it.

There’s nothing I won’t do to impress this woman. I want to give her everything, she deserves it.


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