Sinnful Temptations

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Chapter Ten


Lilah’s POV.

I wake up slowly and groan at the throbbing in my head.

I’ve just remembered why I don’t drink heavily.

I roll over and my eyes widen as I come face to face with Sinn’s pierced nipple.

Well, face-to-nipple really.

Lick it.

No, don’t lick it!

The events of last night come flooding back to me and I squeeze my eyes shut, trying to block out the embarrassment.

Damn it, Lilah.

I sit up and slide off of the bed without disturbing him. I look down at my half-naked body and silently curse.

What was I thinking?

I grab my towel from the side and tiptoe down the hallway to the bathroom, not wanting to wake Sinn by using my bathroom. I take a hot shower, it clears my headache and removes the smell of alcohol and bars.

I wrap my hair up in a towel and put another one around my body.

I tiptoe back to my room and anxiously glance over at Sinn. He’s asleep on his back, his arm is thrown across the pillow above his head, his hair is tousled and his full lips are parted slightly. His ink-covered chest rises and falls slowly as he breathes.

Fuck me.


He’s even sinful during sleep.

I tear my eyes away from him and gently pull open my underwear drawer. I grab a bra and thong and creep over to my wardrobe. I start to sift through my hangers but I have my underwear in one hand and I’m holding my towel up with the other.

I shove my thong and a bra strap in my mouth, freeing up my hand to pick an outfit.

I pull down a top just as Sinn speaks.

‘Good morning,’ he greets me calmly.

My reaction is nowhere near calm.

I screech with shock through the underwear and jump in the air.

I spin around to face him. He’s sat up in bed with a stupid smirk on his stupid beautiful face.

He has his hands behind his head and looks far too comfortable.

My towel loosens out of my grip and falls to floor. Luckily, I’m holding my top on the hanger in front of myself and everything important is covered.

Sinn looks down at the towel and then back up at me, his smug look deepens.

‘Dick.’ I try to insult him, but I realise my mouth is still full of bra and thong.

’You know, most people wear their underwear. Apparently, you eat yours,′ he muses.

I can see he’s trying to hold back laughter.

I grab the underwear from my mouth and glare at him.

‘You scared me,’ I hiss and grab my leggings from the chair next to me.

I edge towards the door with my front facing him.

‘Aw, are you not going to change in here?’ He pouts and I glare at him.

‘Sod off, pervert,’ I snap and nudge the door open with my foot.

‘Me? A pervert? You’re the one that invited me to stay in your bed,’ he says cheekily with a grin.

I scoff and step into the corridor. I hurry down it to the bathroom and curse when I turn the handle and find the door locked.

Damn, Micah must be in there.

‘Problem?’ Sinn’s voice makes me jump again and I turn around.

My cheeks turn red as I realise he’s just seen my entire naked backside.

‘Nice cheeks there, Myers,’ Sinn teases and I narrow my eyes at him.

I wonder if he’s talking about my butt-cheeks or my bright red, face-cheeks.

‘Get back to your room,’ I retort and he smirks at me as he walks past me to his room.

‘That’s not what you were saying last night.’

Sinn grins and shuts his bedroom door on my shocked face.

Jesus, what is my life?

I go to rub my eyes and remember I’m still holding a top and my underwear. At least I can get changed in my own room now.

‘Ah! What the fuck?’ I flinch as I hear Micah behind me.

My brother has just opened the bathroom door to see his sister butt-naked in front of it.

‘What the fuck? Put some clothes on, you freak.’ Micah shoves past me and covers his eyes.

‘Shit sorry, I just wanted to change!’ I call after him as he goes to his room.

‘Then change in your room, you weirdo! You live with two guys now, so keep your fucking clothes on!’ He shouts back and I scowl.

What a morning.


I remain in my room until lunch time. My rumbling stomach drags me from my bed to the kitchen.

I wander downstairs to the kitchen and I’m surprised to find a girl pouring herself a drink.

‘Um...hi?’ I say awkwardly, she jumps and spins around to face me.

She has waist-length black hair and dark brown eyes. Her skin is a beautiful shade of brown, I’m guessing she has Indian genes.

A/N when I say Indian I mean real Indians from INDIA.
Not Native Americans, who I would never call Indian.

‘Hi.’ She grins. ‘I’m Courtney,’ she introduces herself and I immediately relax.

‘Oh, hey. I’m Lilah. It’s nice to meet you,’ I reply and open the fridge.

‘Micah hasn’t stopped talking about you,’ I tell her and her cheeks turn pink.

‘He’s pretty great. I can’t believe I’m finally meeting his sister! I feel like I already know you with all the things Micah has told me,’ she gushes and I groan.

‘Oh God, just ignore him, he’s an idiot,’ I mumble and start prepping the ingredients for a sandwich.

‘Don’t worry, it was always good stuff.’ She smiles and then hesitates.

‘He wasn’t so pleasant about your parents though,’ she admits uncomfortably.

‘Yeah, he doesn’t have a great relationship with them, they’re rather hard to please,’ I confess and she nods.

‘He told me about them, I really hope they like me.’

‘Well, you talk correctly and are very pretty, so I’d say you’re already in there,’ I reply and she smiles.

‘Aw, thank you! Micah didn’t mention how pretty you are, but thinking about it that might be a bit weird for a brother to say,’ she says and giggles.

‘Hey, ladies,’ Sinn greets us and my heartbeat quickens.

I keep my attention on grating the cheese in front of me.

‘What you making me?’ He asks and throws his arm around my shoulders.

I inhale his delicious scent.

How does he always smell so good?

It’s the kind of scent that’s hard to describe, but it goes straight to your core. The kind of scent you would stop walking if you smelled it in the street. Mouth-watering. Addictive.

’Uh, making me you mean? A sandwich, and no, you cannot have it,′ I reply and he whines.

‘Aw, please could you make me one?’ He asks and gives me puppy dog eyes, pouting his full bottom lip at me.

Damn, how am I supposed to resist that face?

‘Fine,’ I groan and Sinn whoops.

‘You guys are funny, it’s so good that you two are friends, makes the living situation a lot easier,’ Courtney comments.

‘Friends?’ Sinn asks, looking shocked.

I feel slightly hurt, is he going to mug me off?

Instead, he takes me by complete surprise.

‘Best friends more like,’ he corrects her.

Sinn puts his arm around my waist and kisses my temple as I butter the bread.

I can barely move, my whole body is tingling. I just have to focus on spreading the butter.

‘Cute,’ Courtney says and I feel my cheeks warming up.

Sinn practically inhales the sandwich I make for him and then goes outside with Micah. It’s a sunny day so Courtney and I join them.

I lay down on one of the outside patio sofas and watch whilst the three of them kick a football about. I’m clumsy and have two left feet so I decide to just watch rather than join in, plus I’m lazy.

I’m relieved that I chose to sit this one out, because as the game goes on, the boys remove their tops and the sight of Sinn shirtless could cause an accident.

His nipple piercings glint in the sun, his tattoos move every time the numerous muscles in his back, chest and arms tense.

It’s like some kind of sweet torture.

Just when I think it can’t get worse, they go inside to grab some drinks and when they come out, Sinn is wearing a baseball cap. It’s turned backwards and a couple of dark locks are revealed in the adjustment gap.

I fan myself, worrying that I might spontaneously combust.

When it all becomes too much, I head back inside.


The week passes uneventfully. I don’t see Sinn all that much because he stays late to rake in more cash at the tattoo parlour.

Micah actually manages to pry himself off Courtney for a couple of days so we are able to spend some time together, mostly playing GTA and bitching about our parents.

Come Friday night, Kira and I invite Courtney our for some cocktails.

The three of us meet just after five, for happy hour.

‘Only a couple, okay? We’re all going out tomorrow night and I haven’t eaten all day,’ Courtney warns.

‘Going out?’ I ask, feeling slightly hurt that neither Sinn nor Micah had mentioned this to me.

’Yeah, tomorrow, us and all the lads? Why don’t you know this? That new bar is doing half-price drinks, on a Saturday of all days, we can’t turn that down,′ she replies and I nod.

Bit weird that Sinn didn’t mention it when we had breakfast together this morning, and dinner last night.

‘Cheers ladies!’ Kira places two martinis in front of each of us.

Three cocktails later, I’m a hot mess.


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