Sinnful Temptations

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Chapter Eleven


Lilah’s POV.

‘Jesus, how much did you drink?’ Sinn asks as I stumble into his car.

‘Watch the leather!’ He warns and I giggle.

Kira went home half an hour ago and Micah came and picked Courtney up to take her back to her place, leaving Sinn to collect me.

What an angel.

‘Only three cocktails,’ I reply and loudly hiccup.

‘But it was on an empty stomach,’ I admit and he rolls his eyes.

‘Which is always a good idea,’ he mutters under his breath.

He has us home in about ten minutes. He comes around to my side of the car to help me out of it.

I practically fall into his arms and he supports my stumbling ass into the house.

‘Go upstairs and put something comfortable on, I’ll serve up dinner,’ he orders and I pout but do as I’m told.

I trip and stumble around my room but I manage to swap my heels, jeans and crop top for a jumper and leggings. The outfit looks a bit silly with my full make-up and false eyelashes, I take out my hoops to try and dress it down a bit.

I come downstairs and my mouth starts watering at the smell of curry and pilau rice.

‘Here.’ Sinn offers out a steaming bowl and I take it gratefully.

‘Thank you!’ I grin and we sit down on the sofa.

He puts on the TV and we eat our food, mostly in silence because I’m too focussed on how hungry I am.

‘Thank you so much,’ I say as I hand him my empty bowl.

He comes back and sits down next to me, I pull my feet under me and cuddle up to his chest. He sighs heavily but puts his arm around my shoulders. I listen to the steady thud of his heart.

We decide to watch our favourite TV series, but annoyingly we’re on the sad episode. As it draws to an end, I wipe the tears from my eyes. I freeze when I hear a sniffle, I look up to see Sinn blinking away tears.

‘Oh my God, it got to you!’ I tease and he sticks his tongue out at me, flashing that barbell piercing.

I reach out and run my finger over the ball, feeling desire flood through me.

Sinn snaps his tongue back into his mouth and I realise how close to him I am. I’m practically on his lap.

He clears his throat and pushes me off.

‘You should probably go up to bed and sleep off the alcohol,’ he says awkwardly and I roll my eyes at him.

‘Shut up, I’m completely sober now,’ I tell him.

He knows I’m telling the truth, he just feels awkward. He shifts uncomfortably under my gaze, making me sigh.

‘Fine, night,’ I mutter and head upstairs.

I take my make-up off and get ready for bed. I change into an over-sized t-shirt and peek my head out the door when I hear Sinn come up. I go over to his door and knock on it.

‘Hey.’ I push it open and step inside. He’s changed into a t-shirt and joggers.

‘Thank you for picking me up tonight,’ I say and he smiles.

‘No problem.’

‘I’m sorry I was a bit of a drunk mess,’ I apologise and step further into the room, not wanting our conversation to be over yet.

‘You were alright, I’ve seen worse,’ he jokes and I smirk.

‘Oh, yeah?’ I reply mockingly and he laughs.

‘Yeah, I think you could do better than that, Myers,’ he teases and I nudge him playfully.

He catches my wrist before I can pull my hand away and draws me to him. I bump into his chest, putting my free hand on his hard pec to steady myself.

I look up at him, my breathing rapid and shallow.

What is happening?

He looks down at me with intensity, his chestnut eyes have darkened considerably and his lips part as he breathes heavily.

‘I’ve been trying to stop myself from feeling this,’ he whispers, so quietly I almost don’t hear it, but I do.

‘Feeling what?’ I ask, both excited and terrified of what he is going to say.

He pauses and looks pained for a moment.

‘I like you...a lot,’ he admits, his voice husky with lust and emotion.

‘I like you, too.’ I smile smugly and he rolls his eyes.

‘More than like that, idiot,’ he snaps and I feel myself tense up.

‘Like like-like?’ I ask and he frowns.

‘Why have you just said like three times?’

‘Because you can like someone or like-like someone,’ I explain and he looks at me with exasperation.

’What are you? Eleven? I like you, you’re funny and smart and beautiful and you get me, you’re like the hotter, female version of myself,′ he confesses and my heart kicks into overdrive.

‘Really?’ I ask breathlessly, my heart thumps loudly in my ears.

Is this really happening right now?

Pinch me, I’m dreaming.

He doesn’t answer, instead, he does the one thing I’ve been fantasising about since I first saw him in that tattoo parlour.

He leans down and closes the distance between our lips. Our eyes close and fireworks explode in my head as our lips touch.

I always wondered if you build something up too much, would it be disappointing when it actually happened?

What if it’s not what you expected?

But nope, in this situation, it is everything I hoped and more.

His lips are stupidly soft, but firm and insistent. He kisses like he’s done it all his life, and I love it.

His large, inked hands land on my waist and hold me close to him. I slide my hands up his chest and tangle them in his hair.

His lips become more fervent, moving against mine with such passion and intensity it takes my breath away. Our tongues hesitantly touch before we sink into each other.

I feel the first graze of his tongue bar and crazily, it sends a bolt of pleasure straight to my clit. I don’t know what it is about that damn tongue piercing but it drives me wild.

Embarrassingly, a small moan escapes my mouth but it only seems to urge him on.

My phone begins ringing loudly from my bedroom, making us both jump and pull away.

We breathe heavily, just gazing at one another.

It goes to voicemail and it becomes silent again.

‘I-,’ Sinn starts but my phone starts ringing again.

‘I’m sorry, I should get that,’ I tell him.

‘Of course.’ He smiles and my heart flutters.

Did I really just make out with that sex God?

‘I liked that though,’ I admit and my cheeks warm up with a blush.

He chuckles at my words.

‘Me too, we can talk about this tomorrow, okay?’ He offers and I nod.

‘Okay,’ I agree and rush into my room, picking up my phone as someone calls for the third time.


’Darling, thank goodness. Why weren’t you answering? It’s almost 10pm on a Friday, what are you doing?′

The well-spoken voice I know inside out, the one that somehow conveys affection and disapproval at the same time, fills my ear.

‘Hello, Mother. I’m good thank you, how are you?’ I reply sarcastically and she scowls.

‘I’m glad to hear it, and your father and I are quite well, thank you,’ she snaps and I roll my eyes.

‘I left my phone upstairs that’s why I didn’t answer straight away, what is it? Why did you call?’ I ask, knowing that, with my mother, there’s always a reason.

‘I wanted to ask if you are bringing a plus-one to the Annual Hunt Ball in two weeks,’ she asks and I groan as I remember.

Momentarily, I consider Sinn, but I’d never put him through the unpleasant experience of my parent’s disapproval.

‘Um, no, Mum. I won’t be bringing anyone,’ I say and she tuts quietly.

‘Not a problem, I’m sure I can find someone-’ She begins but I cut her off.

‘No Mum, I don’t want you to find a date. I’m fine going solo.’

‘Well, if you insist, but there will be plenty of young gentlemen there. Mr and Mrs Barten’s son has just passed the Bar, he’s twenty-four and looking to settle down-’

‘Mum, I’m gonna stop you right there. Not interested,’ I respond and desperately try and think of something to distract her. ‘How does my dress look? Has it arrived?’

It does the trick.

‘Oh, yes, it’s gorgeous darling! Royal blue with silver trim. It’s stunning, you’ll look fantastic,’ she gushes. ‘I’ll send the car to pick you up Saturday at 1pm and then you can come here to have your hair and make-up done.’

‘Sure, Mum. Sounds good.’

We hang up and I collapse on the bed.

All I want to do is go next door and finish that kiss, but Sinn said we can talk tomorrow, which is promising.

He didn’t look like he regretted kissing me or what he’d said.

He likes me.

I can’t believe it, Sinn Taricone likes me. (Italian so Tarry-co-nay).

I never would have guessed that he likes me back.

How did I manage to get such good karma?


I wake on Saturday morning with a smile on my face.

I kissed Sinn last night!

I feel like a giddy school girl but I love it.

I have a shower and do my make-up, choosing tight jeans and a light top for my outfit. I hop downstairs and start making pancake mix, waiting impatiently for Sinn to get up.

I just want to see his sexy face again.

I poke my head around the archway when the front door opens and then closes, Micah and Courtney come in.

‘Hey, guys,’ I greet them and they step into the kitchen.

‘Hey,’ Courtney greets me and then grins. ‘I was wondering, wanna come shopping with me today? We can buy outfits for tonight and I really need some girl time after being with this hunk all night.’

I grimace at the mention of my brother being a ‘hunk’, but happily agree.

‘Hey, wanna get Sinn up? I’m making pancakes,’ I ask Micah and he shakes his head.

‘Nah, he’s gone to the gym early. I’m about to meet him to train. I’ll see you tonight, baby.’

Micah kisses Courtney goodbye and she takes a seat at the island.

Feeling a bit deflated, I turn to Courtney. ‘Want some pancakes?’

‘Oo yes, go on! Is Kira coming tonight?’

‘No, she’s got a hot date. Same guy as last time I think, so he must be doing something right.’

‘So, it’ll just be you and me flying the female flag.’ She smiles and I serve up our food.


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