Sinnful Temptations

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Chapter Sixteen


Lilah’s POV.

I rush upstairs to change for our date. I look at my flushed cheeks in my reflection, who is this happy girl?

I feel like an idiot, grinning at myself in the mirror. I can’t believe that Sinn has just asked me to be his girlfriend.

Technically, we’ve done loads of relationship-like things already, so not much has changed, other than I actually get to act on my feelings.

I change into a prettier top but keep the jeans. I touch up my make-up, spray some perfume and grab my handbag.

When I come downstairs, Sinn is waiting for me at the bottom.

He looks incredible in a tight-fitted maroon shirt and black jeans.

‘Holy shit, you look hot,’ I compliment him, stupidly happy that I can actually say these thoughts out loud now.

‘Thank you.’ He smirks and leans down to kiss me.

‘You look beautiful.’ He kisses me again. ‘I’m so glad I can do this all the time now.’

Our kiss becomes more heated, he pushes me back against the front door, his hands gripping my waist as I tangle mine in his hair. Our tongues tease each other and I feel myself getting turned on when he slides his hands down to squeeze my ass through my jeans.

He pulls away and leans his forehead against mine.

‘You have been teasing me with this ass for a month now, always wearing shorts or leggings, you’ve been killing me,’ he groans and squeezes my butt again.

‘Well, it’s all yours now, Taricone,’ I tease.

‘Damn right,’ he growls and gives it another possessive squeeze.

‘Oh, and if it wasn’t clear from my reaction, being your girlfriend means we’re exclusive right? No more kissing girls in bars,’ I state and his eyes darken.

‘Definitely exclusive. I’m a jealous man Myers, no more kissing guys in bars for you either,’ he adds, his voice husky.


We drive to the restaurant and laugh over sushi. I’m grateful that he’s not a picky eater.

‘So, you said that you haven’t been a boyfriend for a while. When was your last relationship?’ I ask.

I quickly shove a piece of nigiri in my mouth when his eyes harden.

‘Uh, not for about two years now,’ he says.

’I wasn’t interested in relationships when I was younger. By the time I was twenty, I was obsessed with boxing. I didn’t have time to date and because I couldn’t drink, I’d only ever meet girls at my fights and I’d be too focussed on the fight to be interested in them.

‘My first and only relationship was when I was twenty-four and I met May, I think you know her because her brother is Micah’s friend,’ he explains and I nod.

‘Yeah, Joey,’ I reply, naming her brother.

Sinn nods then continues.

‘Anyway, we were together for two years. We lived in this shitty apartment but I thought we were happy.’ His face turns bitter. ‘Came home one day to find her fucking our neighbour. Safe to say I had a few trust issues after that.’

‘Oh, Sinn. I’m sorry, that’s so shit.’

I feel bad for asking the question and opening old wounds.

‘It’s fine, I found out that she wasn’t the right girl for me.’ He then surprises me by smiling and winking. ‘Turns out I just had to wait two more years and I’d find her.’

I roll my eyes at his comment but I feel my cheeks heat up, too. He can pull off such cheesy lines because he’s so intimidating with his dark eyes, piercings and endless ink.

‘Are you sure you want to be in a relationship then?’ I ask.

I really don’t want him to rush into this without thinking it through.

‘Of course,’ he replies instantly and I frown.

‘But, how do you know? I’m sorry, I’m not fishing for compliments here, I just need to know this is the right thing for you before we mess up my brother’s life,’ I explain myself and he nods.

‘I get it, but seriously Lils, I’ve meant everything I’ve said.’

He reaches over to take one of my hands and he rubs his thumb gently over the back of my knuckles.

‘You’re fucking perfect, I’ve never gotten on so well with someone before and the thought of not being with you is fucking painful.’

His words make me smile, even if the waitress walking past frowns at his foul language.

‘Then okay, let’s do this.’

I think about how we’re going to tell Micah.

‘What time will Micah be back from Courtney’s? Wanna text him?’ I ask Sinn.

Micah replies to Sinn, saying that he has returned from Courtney’s and is getting ready to go out. He’s going out with Chad tonight.

That ruins our plans to tell him tonight.

We move on to mini-golf.


‘You’re awfully humble for a girl who just kicked my ass at mini-golf,’ Sinn comments when we arrive to our empty home.

‘Yeah, I did smash you, to be fair,’ I reply and grin at him.

‘Yeah you did, but I let you cause you know, honeymoon period and all,’ he jokes and gets out of the car before I can hit him.

I get out too and shut the car door.

Sure, you let me win. You keep telling yourself that,′ I retort and he smirks.

‘I will,’ he replies smugly and we go inside.

We kick off our shoes and go into the living room.

Sinn eyes me with amusement.

‘You know,’ he says casually and leans back, putting his hands behind his head. ‘I think that’s the first date I’ve ever had where I didn’t even get a kiss out of it.’

He smirks at me but I ignore his smugness. He’s right though, although we were obviously a couple with how touchy-feely we were, we didn’t kiss. I guess both of us have Micah at the back our minds.

‘I’m sorry, I promise to make it up to you tonight?’ I offer and a grin forms on his beautiful face.

‘I like the sound of that,’ he replies huskily.

I roll my eyes, his voice drops a whole octave lower when he’s turned on.

‘What are we going to do with the house to ourselves all night?’ I ask him and settle myself beside him on the sofa.

‘Hmm.’ He taps his finger on his chin, pretending to think.

‘I wonder what we could do,’ he ponders and turns to me with dark eyes.

I squeak with surprise as he grabs my waist and drags me onto his lap. I straddle him and put my hands on his shoulders to steady myself.

‘I can think of lots of things,’ he states whilst running his hands up my jean-clad thighs.

‘Oh, really?’ My lips twitch as I try not to smile, but his gaze drops to them and makes my breath catch in my throat.

‘Yeah, want me to show you?’ He asks breathily and leans in close, so that I can feel his minty breath on my face.

I can only nod, words fail me.

His lips smash against mine and it’s like he sets something off in me. I tangle my fingers in his hair and pull hard until he groans. His hands squeeze my waist so tight, I feel like he’s never going to let go, and I don’t want him to.

He runs the tip of his tongue over my bottom lip and I eagerly open my mouth for him. Our tongues touch, they swirl over each other before retreating and coming back at a different angle.

It drives me crazy and the scrape of his piercing against my tongue has me wantonly grinding my hips against the erection in his jeans.

He pulls back and presses his forehead against mine.

‘Fuck Lils, stop grinding or you’re gonna make me come in my jeans.’ He laughs and I chuckle with him.

I run my finger over his bottom lip. His eyes are hazy with lust.

There’s been so much pent up sexual tension over the last month, it’s all coming out now that we can finally be together.

‘Your tongue piercing.’ I inhale sharply. ‘It kills me. I just want to feel it on me all the time, it drives me mad...the thought of what it would feel like...on my clit,’ I whisper the last word, my cheeks flushing with embarrassment.

Sinn’s pupils dilate and his hands become even tighter.

‘Fucking hell, don’t start talking dirty to me, Lilah, or I really will fuck you on this couch,’ he all but growls and I find myself becoming even more turned on, if that’s possible.

‘I love seeing you like this,’ I say quietly and grip his shoulders.

I gently gyrate my hips against his straining erection, I can feel his substantial size through our jeans. ‘You turn me on so easily.’

‘Fuck, stop,’ he groans, digging his hands in until I still my hips. ‘Seriously, I’ve thought about having you, fucking you, being with you, since I first saw you. I’ve had to wait a damn month, waiting another day is going to kill me.’

He groans and leans his head on the back of the sofa.

The action shows off the exposed expanse of his inked neck. The tattoos stop at his jaw, not touching his beautiful face. Unable to resist, I lean in and press my lips to the hot skin of his neck. I run my tongue from his collar to his jawline and then nibble gently on the skin there.

Fuck,′ he breathes and his hips jerk upwards, bumping against my crotch.

His hand reaches over and with his thumb, he rubs my jeans, exactly over my clit.

A moan escapes my lips and the sound drives him wild, he lunges forward and connects our lips again. His free hand grabs a fistful of my hair, keeping my head in place whilst he dominates my mouth.

His thumb doesn’t stop, pressing down hard in fast circles that have me writhing against him. My nipples pebble and press desperately against my bra, the friction turns me on even more.

His tongue piercing scrapes along my own tongue and my eyes almost roll back, the sensations are too much, I feel my orgasm building.

It feels impossibly good, I have never felt so good from so little before. I’ve always needed to have my clothes off, I’ve never orgasmed through clothing or just from simple touching and kissing.

But it happens.

There’s no warning, Sinn doesn’t realise.

He thinks he’s pleasing me and tempting me, he has no idea what is building inside me.

My hips begin gyrating in time with his thumb, the pressure is perfect, in just the right position. The press of my nipples against my bra, the feel of his erection hot and hard below me, the rub of his piercing, it all combines and it hits me like a truck.

I pull back from his lips and throw my head back. My breaking of the kiss takes him by surprise and he stares at me in shock as I close my eyes and come hard.

‘Fuck!’ I cry out and my hips thrust back and forth quickly on his hand. Being the angel that he is, he keeps the pressure up, allowing me to ride out my insane, surprise orgasm.

As I slowly come down from my high, I feel my cheeks warm. I cautiously peek one eye open to see Sinn staring at me, his mouth slightly parted and his eyebrows raised.

‘Did you just?’ He asks.

His voice filled with shock, I hide my face in his neck.

‘I’m sorry, it just felt so good,’ I mumble embarrassedly.

He grabs my face and pulls it back so he can see it.

‘That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I want to do that to you again and again,’ he mutters and presses a sweet kiss to my lips.

‘Sorry, I couldn’t help it,’ I apologise again and he shakes his head.

‘Don’t apologise, I just didn’t know you’d be so responsive,’ he admits and then groans, closing his eyes briefly.

‘God, it gets me so fucking excited for what you’ll be like when we don’t have clothes between us.’

He opens his eyes and pins me with his heated gaze.

‘I can’t wait to see how responsive you are then, I’m going to drive you fucking wild.’

His curse words only turn me on further, but I have to remind myself that Micah could come home at any time, and this is not how we want him to find out.


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