Sinnful Temptations

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Chapter Seventeen


Lilah’s POV.

We can’t keep our hands off each other. Being home alone is dangerous.

Sinn and I decide to go on a walk around the lake. It’s right behind our house and being in public will stop us from taking things further.

Hand in hand, we stroll around the water. The sky is grey overhead, but we don’t mind.

We chat about everything and I find myself falling for him even more. That’s what this is for me. I know I’m going to be head over heels for him soon. It’s inevitable.

We’re almost two-thirds of the way around the lake, when there’s a loud grumble above our heads.

‘That doesn’t sound good,’ Sinn says warily.

A flash of lightning bolts on our right, in the distance. A few seconds later, thunder crashes.

I look up at the sky and raindrops hit my face.

‘Oh, fuck,’ I swear and pull Sinn under a nearby tree, just as the heavens open.

The rain lashes down around us. It filters through the gaps in the leaves and a few drops still manage to get us, under the branches.

Sinn holds me close as the sound of rainfall fills my ears. He looks down at me, a grin on his beautiful face.

‘Wanna wait it out? Or we could run home?’ He suggests.

I consider it.

Oh well, fuck it.

‘Let’s run,’ I reply and his grin widens.

‘That’s my girl,’ he says.

He takes my hand and together, we run the rest of the way.

I have to squint my eyes to stop rain going in them. It’s absolutely lashing it down and we get soaked to the bone.

When we finally stumble through the front door, we’re dripping all over the welcome mat. I strip out of my coat whilst Sinn removes his jacket.

‘Hold on,’ he says and disappears down the corridor.

He returns with two towels from the downstairs bathroom. We dry ourselves off as best we can.

My eyelashes are heavy with raindrops and my hair is plastered to my neck and back. I feel disgusting.

‘I’ve got an idea. How about a bath?’ Sinn says and I nod happily.

He goes upstairs to run a bath, whilst I hang our clothes up to dry.

He calls me up ten minutes later. The bathtub is filled with bubbles and steaming. It looks tempting as hell.

‘Do you mind?’ Sinn asks, gesturing to himself. ‘Are you sure you want to bath together?’

I bite my bottom lip and nod my head.

Hesitantly, I reach for the bottom of my top. I pull it up, over my head. Sinn’s eyes land on my bra and then quickly look away.

He pulls his t-shirt off, revealing his delicious chest.

When he hands go to his jeans, I unbutton my own, mirroring his movements. I slide my jeans off and make the mistake of looking up.

Sinn is standing in nothing but his boxers.

Sweet Mother of all that is Holy.

He smiles, hooks his thumbs in his boxers, and pulls them down. His cock his huge and semi-hard, hanging slightly to the left.

My cheeks instantly warm up and I look away from it.

Sinn climbs into the bath and sinks into the water. He lays back and closes his eyes.

He’s obviously confident about his body, and now that I’ve finally seen him in his full, naked glory, I can see why.

He’s covered in tattoos and so muscular.

He’s perfection.

I unhook my bra and decide to get this over with quickly.

I hurriedly take off my thong and get into the bath. I slosh some of the water with how quickly I move, but Sinn doesn’t mind.

He grins at me. ‘Fucking hell angel, you’re a knockout.’

His compliment makes me blush even harder.

‘Thanks,’ I mumble shyly.

I raise my knees to my chest and we slot our legs together, finding comfortable positions in the bath together.

We talk about random shit and my embarrassment dissipates. I’m up to my neck in bubbles, everything is covered once more.

He would have had to see my body eventually, I’m kinda glad it’s out of the way now. It’s over with and I don’t have to stress about it.

We stay in the bath until the water turns cooler and our fingers wrinkle.

We dry ourselves and get dressed in warm clothes. Sinn comes with me to my bedroom and climbs onto the bed.

He pats the space next to him, silently asking me to join him.

I lie down next to him and he pulls me into his arms. We cuddle for a while. We don’t even talk much, we just appreciate holding each other. I trace patterns over t-shirt, on his chest with my finger.

Eventually, we have to move and make ourselves dinner.

I want us to share a bed, but we both decide it’s a bad idea. We don’t know when Micah will be back and I don’t want him catching me coming out of Sinn’s room.

I get an early night for my lectures the next day.


The lectures are long and boring.

They seem to drag on even slower than normal. I can barely concentrate. I tap my pen on my leg as I try to focus on the information being recited to me.

I can’t stop worrying about telling Micah about us.

Sinn texts me, trying to calm me down, but nothing can.

When the day is finally over, he collects me from outside uni.

He takes my hand across the console and brings it up to his lips to kiss it.

‘It’s going to be okay,’ he says confidently.

I don’t know how he can say that.

I’m sick with nerves when Sinn pulls up in front of the house.

Sinn reaches over and squeezes my hand when I make no move to get out of the car.

‘It’s going to be okay Lils, he’ll be more mad at me than you,’ he jokes.

I can only bring myself to give him a small smile.

We go inside the house. Micah is on the sofa, on his phone.

He looks tired, dressed in his greasy overalls with a brown smudge on his left cheek.

‘Hey man, can we talk to you for a minute?’ Sinn asks.

If it was any other situation, I would have laughed. Sinn actually sounds nervous.

Micah looks at us both for a long moment before nodding.

Sinn and I sit down on the opposite sofa.

It’s horribly silent for a moment.

I chew nervously on my bottom lip as Sinn runs his hand through his hair and begins.

‘Look man, you and I haven’t been friends long, but you’re like my brother. I’d do anything for you,’ Sinn states.

Micah’s face remains impassive as he nods. I think he knows what’s coming.

‘I’d never want to hurt you or piss you off but...’ he trails off.

Before he can continue, Micah steps in.

‘You two are fucking,’ he bluntly finishes the sentence and my mouth falls open in shock.

‘What? No,’ I snap and Micah raises a questioning eyebrow.

He crosses his arms over his chest and leans back against the sofa.

‘Oh, really? That isn’t what you’re trying to tell me?’ He asks, his voice filled with irritation.

’It’s more we’d like to be fucking.′ Sinn cuts in.

I stare at him in both shock and horror.

How is that any better?

Sinn grimaces and then looks sheepishly at me.

‘Okay, that came out wrong,’ he starts and winces as Micah glares at him. ‘I’m trying to tell you that we want to be together.’

He pauses to reach over and take my hand.

‘We tried to just be friends, but we like each other too much. I care about Lilah. A lot.’

Micah’s lips press into a grim line, but other than that, his face goes back to giving nothing away.

‘I’ve asked her to be my girlfriend, I want to be with her,’ Sinn announces.

Despite already hearing these words, my heart flutters at hearing them again.

‘And for the record, we haven’t slept together,’ I tell Micah and he scoffs.

‘Seriously! We didn’t want to move forward with anything without telling you first.’

Micah looks back and forth between us for a moment and then rubs a dirty hand down his face.

‘Look, you know what? I don’t even care, be together,’ he says bluntly and stands up.

Sinn and I automatically get up with him.

‘Really? Are you sure?’ Sinn asks and Micah laughs, but it doesn’t quite reach his eyes.

‘Yeah, I’m gonna go easy on you, cause next weekend at the ball, our parents will say everything for me,’ Micah snaps and Sinn frowns.

Sensing an opportunity, he continues.

‘Has she not told you about the ball? Guess she wouldn’t want you to embarrass her in front of the parentals, you’re not exactly their dream son-in-law,’ he exclaims bitterly.

‘Micah!’ I shout his name in warning.

He’s officially pissed me off.

‘Whatever, I don’t care,’ he mutters under his breath and storms out of the room.

We both listen to the sound of his heavy footsteps up the stairs.

Sinn turns to me and my heart clenches at the hurt look on his face.

‘Is that true? You’d be embarrassed?’ He asks, his voice betraying the vulnerability he’s feeling.

‘No, of course not.’

I reach out for his hand and pull him down next to me on the sofa.

’I’ve told you about them, they blew up when Micah got one tattoo. I dread to think what hurtful things they’d say to you, I didn’t want to put you through it.′

Sinn remains silent but nods.

‘I’m sorry about Micah, it’s just a surprise for him. He’ll get over it. I’ll speak to him in a bit when he’s calmed down,’ I tell him.

I squeeze Sinn’s hand and kiss his cheek.

‘Who’s your date for the ball then?’ Sinn questions and I frown.

‘I was going to go with Micah and Courtney, alone.’

‘Micah’s bringing Courtney?’ Sinn repeats and I realise he’s offended.

‘Yes. Look, I wanted to bring you, but my parents will ruin everything. You’ll spend one minute with them and decide that I’m not worth the aggro,’ I state and Sinn rolls his eyes.

He grabs my waist and drags me onto his lap. I curl into his chest and he hugs me close.

‘Nothing is going to make me change my mind about you, especially not some judgemental parents,’ he says quietly and kisses my forehead. ‘Do you not think I’m used to people judging me for the way I look? It’s nothing new, Lils.’

‘I guess, but I don’t want you to have to go through it. You don’t deserve any of the things they might say, and it’ll damage my relationship with them even more if they hate you. I will choose you over them.’

I press my face into his neck and breathe in his mouth-watering smell.

‘Thank you, but I’d rather you not have to choose. Do you think they’ll accept me with time?’ He asks and I wince at the hopefulness in his voice.

Despite what he might say, deep down, he does want my parents’ approval.

‘Maybe after they’ve had a while to get used to it. I mean, they’ve invited Micah to the ball and it’s been less than two months since he got that damn tattoo, but they don’t know he’s gotten another one.’

‘I’ll take my piercings out and try to look as respectable as possible,’ Sinn suggests.

I pull back to look him in the eyes. I put my hands on his cheeks and look at the wonderful piercings dotting his face and ears.

‘You will do no such thing,’ I tell him and leans forwards to press a soft kiss to his lips.

‘You are not going to pretend to be something you’re not. I’m so proud of how gorgeous you are and I’m not hiding that from my parents.’

His lips twitch upwards at my words and he pulls me in for a deeper, longer kiss. Whilst his lips move against mine, I realise what’s he’s said and pull back.

‘Wait a minute, does this mean you’ve invited yourself to the ball?’ I ask and he grins at me, momentarily stunning me with his hotness.

‘Yep, I’m your date.’ He winks and I roll my eyes.

‘Of course, you are,’ I reply and kiss him.


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