Sinnful Temptations

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Chapter Eighteen


Lilah’s POV.

I give it another ten minutes, waiting until I hear Micah come out of the shower upstairs.

When I know he’s had long enough to get dressed, I make my way up to his room.

I knock on his door.

‘Micah? It’s me. Can I come in?’ I call out.

I hear a quiet grunt in response and taking that as confirmation, I cautiously open the door. Micah’s back is to me and he’s packing a bag on his bed.

‘What are you doing?’

He doesn’t turn around at my question and continues putting his hair products in the bag.

‘I’m going to stay at Courtney’s for a few days,’ he answers.

I go over to him and sit down on the bed so he has to face me.

‘Can we talk?’

When he doesn’t answer, I pull the bag to one side, out of his reach. He sighs in annoyance, but sits down next to me.

‘I’m sorry,’ I apologise and nervously lick my lips. ’I swear to you, I’ve been trying to avoid these feelings for a month. I knew it would piss you off and I really, really didn’t want to hurt you.′

Micah breathes deeply and runs his hands through his wet hair.

‘Then why do it, Lilah?’ His voice sounds tired.

’Because I really like him Micah.′

I turn to face him and he looks across at me.

‘Do you honestly think I would risk hurting you for a guy I fancied? I-’ I hesitate and glance briefly at the closed door. ‘I can see myself falling for him, if I haven’t already. Please Micah, please know I wouldn’t do this unless I saw a future.’

He grinds his teeth and nods. It’s silent for a moment and I worry that he won’t say anything.

‘I know, Lils,’ he replies quietly. ‘I know you wouldn’t unless he was important to you.’

‘I’ve never gone after your friends before, I’ve always tried to be respectful. Why can’t you accept that we want to be together?’ I ask.

I look at him thoughtfully, wondering why, at twenty-two years old, I’m apologising to my brother for liking my own boyfriend.

‘It’s hard to explain, Lils, it’s for a lot of reasons.’

He sighs and lies back on the bed, staring up at the ceiling.

‘Part of me is worried about losing him as a friend. Like, what if you break up and can’t stand to be around each other? It’ll get messy.’

I nod, understanding why he might feel that way. I don’t even want to consider Sinn and I ending, not when we’ve just began.

‘Also, you’re my sister. No guy is ever going to be good enough. Yeah, Sinn’s my mate, but he’s a lad, he’s not a puritan. I’ve seen him with girls in town and I don’t want any of my friends to treat you like that.’

I wince at his words, I really don’t want to see what Sinn is like in town. I’ve had my fair share of glimpses at it and that’s enough for me, thanks.

‘I get that. Don’t worry, Micah. I’ll be alright.’

He nods and sits up.

‘I know you will, Lils. Just give me a couple of days and I’ll come round.’

‘Okay.’ I stand up and turn to leave his room. ‘Love you.’

‘Love you too, sis.’


Micah leaves shortly after our chat, leaving Sinn and I alone on a Sunday evening.

His reaction, although expected, puts a bit of a dampener on our evening. We watch TV and cuddle on the sofa, but as much as I want to, I know I’m not sleeping with him tonight.

The sexual tension between us doesn’t go anywhere, but out of respect for Micah we both push it from our minds.

When it gets late, we go up to bed. I get ready in my room, taking my make-up off and putting on an over-sized t-shirt. Then I walk down the corridor to Sinn’s room.

He’s already in bed when I open the door, he puts his phone down and smiles at me. He lifts the duvet as an invitation and I don’t need to be asked twice.

I put my phone on charge next to the bed and crawl in next to him.

It’s nice to know that, unless he’s been really sneaky, he’s not had a girl round in this bed. That would make me feel weird.

Sinn pulls me into his arms for a cuddle and I rest my head on his shoulder, breathing in his smell. It’s the perfect mix of sexy masculinity and comfort.

It’s amazing to finally feel his bare skin and see his tattoos up close, but he soon turns off the lamp, plunging us into darkness.

His lips find mine, he rolls me onto my back and kisses me softly.

Too softly.

I tangle my fingers in his hair and kiss him back harder, letting him know that I want more.

I lift up my leg and wrap it around his waist, one of his hands reaches down to squeeze my thigh. His tongue grazes along mine and I shiver at the wonderful feeling of his erection pressing hot and hard against my thigh.

It physically hurts how much I want him.

I delve my fingers tighter into his hair and tug gently until he groans into my mouth. He rolls us so that he is on top of me. He rests his weight on his elbows on either side of my head and continues teasing me with his tongue.

In this position, his hard cock, albeit restrained by his boxers, is directly over my pussy. The pressure has me squirming under him.

I move my hands down to rest on his hips. I pull him closer to me whilst moving my hips up, creating more pressure.

He breaks off from my lips and kisses down my jaw to my neck.

‘As much as I’d love to, I don’t think we should do this tonight,’ he whispers. ‘Your brother just found out, I don’t feel right sleeping with you the second we’ve told him.’

I sigh, agreeing with him. It’s sweet that he feels the same way.

‘Okay, no sex,’ I reply quietly and lean up to gently suck on his bottom lip.

‘Can I still find your eleventh piercing though?’

I grin into the dark, knowing he can’t see me but he knows from the sound of my teasing voice that I’m smiling.

He chuckles and replies, ‘Of course.’

He lies down beside me and slides off his boxers. The sound of the material hitting the carpet makes my heart beat increase.

A fission of excitement shoots through me and I sit up. I run my hand down his chest, over the strong, smooth plains of his washboard stomach.

His snail trail tickles my fingers and I clench my pussy as my fingers reach the velvety soft skin wrapped around his hard cock. I wrap my hand around him fully, my fingertips barely touch from his thick girth.

He hisses out through his teeth when I drag my hand up and down his length just once.

I realise I’ve become distracted by his penis and I’ve forgotten about his piercing. I lift my hand higher and feel the metal just below the head of his cock.

A bar is under his skin, with two balls outside of the skin. I run my thumb over the piercing and inhale sharply. As much as that must have hurt, it’s hot.

So fucking hot.

I quickly lean over and flick on the lamp, illuminating the room in a low glow. My eyes widen as I finally see his cock, it’s beautiful.

Thick veins run up the length, the tip shines with pre-cum and a silver bar winks at me just below the head.

‘Whoa,’ I breathe and he chuckles again.

‘Do you like it?’ He asks, his voice is husky with desire.

‘Um, yeah,’ I whisper and he laughs.

I lean down and wrap my lips around his dick. He gasps and thrusts his dick further into my mouth. I lick my lips, making them more slippery and take him deeper into my mouth. He bumps the back of my throat and I relax, letting him move further down.

I put one hand on his stomach and one on his thigh, bracing myself as I begin bobbing up and down. I suck in my cheeks and repeatedly take him from tip to root. I run my tongue around the tip, over the soft flesh. I can taste him on my tongue, slightly tangy but sweet.

It’s delicious.

Sinn moans and I freeze, the sound does things to my body. I shift on the bed, uncomfortable because my thong is now soaking wet.

I place my hand around the base of his cock and begin pumping up and down in sync with my mouth.

His hands bunch the sheets as he grips them, he pistons his hips, meeting my mouth each time.

Fuck, Lilah,′ he groans.

I glance up at his face. I’m so glad I put the lamp on.

I get to see him, his head is thrown back against the pillow, his eyes closed, his lips slightly parted. His throat is exposed and all I want to do is kiss it, bite it.

‘Stop, I’m gonna-’ his words don’t stop me.

Instead, I suck harder and I smile internally when I hear his breath quicken.

‘Fuck!’ He shouts and thrusts his hips a few more times.

With each thrust, a hot spurt of come hits the back of my throat. I swallow the lot greedily, revelling in his orgasm. I pull away and lick an escapee drop oozing from the tip of his cock.

‘Shit, that was incredible,’ he groans with his eyes still closed.

I smile and lie down next to him.

He pulls me into his arms and kisses my forehead.

‘You’re amazing, babe,’ he mutters and squeezes me in his arms.

‘Glad you enjoyed it,’ I reply smugly and he chuckles.

‘More than enjoyed.’

I lift the duvet back over us and snuggle into it.

‘Let me take care of you,’ he offers and slides his hand down my side.

‘It’s okay, I’m tired.’

I also haven’t shaved. I don’t want his first experience of my pussy to be a non-shaved one. It’s bad enough that he saw it yesterday.

It’s not forest, but it’s not bald, either.

‘No, I feel bad. I want to make you feel good,’ he complains and gently bites my earlobe.

‘Seriously, it’s fine. Let’s go to sleep,’ I tell him and kiss his nose.

If he touches me now, I won’t be able to stop myself.

I’ll want sex. Even more than I already do, now.

‘I feel bad, I don’t want you to think I used you,’ he protests and I laugh.

‘Oh, baby, you know I wouldn’t think that. Besides, I initiated it, so don’t worry.’

After a couple more assurances, Sinn finally agrees and we fall asleep.


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