Sinnful Temptations

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Chapter Nineteen


Lilah’s POV.

I’ve never been much of a cuddler.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a cuddle. But I don’t like sleeping whilst my skin is touching someone else. I can’t sleep when in contact with someone. I can’t sleep whilst cuddling.

Yet here I am.

I woke up to find myself in Sinn’s arms, being spooned. I feel great, I slept well.

I slept well in someone’s arms.

The concept is new, but welcome.

I slide out of his grip and tiptoe down the corridor to my bathroom. I pee and clean my teeth, I see the time is 7:15am, he doesn’t have to get up until quarter to 8.

I carefully open his door to see he is still in bed, he opens his eyes and smiles at me when I return to the bed.

I slip under the covers and back into his arms, he kisses my forehead.

‘Morning angel,’ he greets gruffly.

‘Hey,’ I reply and kiss his neck.

We cuddle for a little while, but I know he’ll have to get up soon. I pull out of his arms and sit up.

‘I’m gonna take a shower,’ I announce and get out of bed.

‘Want me to join?’ He winks.

He’s teasing.

He thinks I’ll say no.

‘Sure,’ I respond and he looks at me in surprise.

‘Really?’ He checks, his eyebrows raised in shock.

‘Meet me in five.’ I grin and saunter out of the room.

I strip out of my clothing and turn on the shower. I step under the water, grab the shaving foam and razor and begin balding my pussy.

By the time I hear the door open, I’ve finished my work and feel confident to face him.

‘Are you sure, Lils?’ Sinn’s voice calls out and I smile.

Those tats are no indication of his personality, he’s not scary, he’s sweet.

I wonder why he’s so cautious this time, since we’ve bathed together before.

It was different, though. He only got a quick flash of my body when I got into the water, I was covered by bubbles for the rest of the time.

I summon all of my courage and pull back the curtain, exposing my naked, shaved body to him.

‘Get in here, Taricone,’ I tease and smile at him.

His eyes run up and down my body.

I ignore the self-conscious thoughts trying to fight their way into my brain. He swallows hard, pulls off his boxers and steps into the shower.

‘Jesus Christ, Lilah. You’re so fucking perfect,’ he curses and my smile widens at his compliment.

‘Thank you,’ I respond shyly.

I turn around and reach for the shampoo, not wanting him to see my flaming cheeks.

We begin washing ourselves, and then each other.

Amazingly, we manage to somewhat keep our hands to ourselves. Strictly PG-13 (boring).

It shouldn’t even be legal how perfect he is. The fact that I get to run my soapy hands over his muscular form makes me very, very happy.

After conditioning my hair and washing it out, we get out out of the shower and dry ourselves off.

It sucks that Sinn has to go to work, but we get to have breakfast together.


The next two days pass by slowly. The house is quiet without Micah and Sinn has to work. Uni offers a brief distraction on Tuesday and I get to catch Kira up on everything. She practically screams the lecture theatre down as I spill the tea.

She doesn’t let me out of her clutches until I’ve given her every last juicy detail, I’m exhausted and eager to see my sexy as Sinn (pun intended) boyfriend when I get home.

I’m watching TV when he comes home, my heart immediately beats faster at the sound of him kicking his shoes off by the front door. I wait impatiently for him to come into the room, but my hopes sink when I hear him go upstairs.

He didn’t even say hi?

I pout on the sofa, wondering why he wouldn’t say anything when he knows I’m in here.

Ten minutes later, I hear his footfall on the stairs and he pokes his head around the corner. He sees me lying on the couch and smiles.

I smile back and raise my eyebrows in surprise when he drops to his knees in front of me, so that our eyes are in line.

‘I’ve run a bath for you upstairs, why don’t you indulge yourself for half an hour, when you come down, I’ll have dinner ready,’ he suggests and my mouth drops open in shock.

‘Are you serious?’ I blurt and he smirks, nodding at me.

‘Oh my God, where did you come from?’ I ask dramatically and throw my arms around his neck, I fall off the sofa and wipe him out.

We lay on the floor, me crushing his body and him laughing at me.

‘Seriously, you’re perfect,’ I groan.

I kiss everywhere I can reach on his face; cheeks, nose, eyelids, lips.

‘I know, I am. Now, go upstairs and let this perfect boyfriend get to work,’ he teases and lifts me to my feet.

‘You’re the best,’ I compliment him one more time and rush upstairs.

I enter the bathroom with anticipation and gasp as I see the candles lit and dotted around the room. The tub is filled with bubbles and the sweet scent of rose oil. I eagerly take off my clothes and after dipping my toe in the water, I step in and sink under the bubbles.


The half hour passes quickly and I have to use all my willpower to drag myself from the tub. I put on some pyjama shorts and a vest, grateful that I didn’t get my hair wet, it’s in a messy bun. I smell like a giant rose bud.

Sinn is in the kitchen, doing something magical at the oven which is sending mouth-watering aromas around the house. He looks over his shoulder at me and grins.

‘Wine and cutlery is in the living room, please could you take through two plates?’ He asks and I retrieve two from the cupboard, happy to do something.

I enter the living room and find my mouth falling open in shock once again.

Using the pillow cushions and blankets, he has built a fort in front of the sofas.

He’s even collected fairy lights from my bedroom.

Well, I assume they’re from my room, if not we have the same taste in lighting.

I put the plates down on the coffee table that he has dragged into the fort and go back to the kitchen, Sinn is leaning against the counter, waiting to see my reaction.

‘I love it!’ I exclaim and he grins.


He serves the pasta into a huge bowl and grabs a serving spoon.

‘Come on, dinner’s ready.’

We both pile the pasta onto our plates and settle ourselves in the fort, Sinn puts on our favourite series.

We binge watch a couple of episodes, cuddling each other after we’ve finished eating. I glance over at his face, taking in his high cheekbones, full lips and long eyelashes. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, he’s gorgeous.

He catches me looking and turns to smirk at me.

‘Getting a good look there, Myers?’ He teases and leans towards me.

‘Yeah, it’s not bad, Taricone,’ I reply and he grins at me.

He closes the distance between our lips and kisses me like his life depends on it. The passion behind it takes my breath away and before I know it, I’m straddling his lap with his arm around my waist and his hand buried in my hair, holding me in place whilst his tongue caresses my own.

I break our kiss and try to catch my breath back.

I need to get my hormones under control, or I won’t be able to stop myself. I lose all rational thinking around this guy.

He makes me think that having sex in the living-room of the house I share with my brother, is perfectly acceptable.

I need to remember that it’s not.

Sliding apart from him, I put some valuable space between us, making Sinn chuckle.

‘I’m that hard to resist, huh? Need to put some space between us?’ He teases.

I roll my eyes, but place a cushion between us, just for good measure.

‘Shut up. I can’t mount you in the living room,’ I comment.

Sinn shrugs. ‘Shame.’

Although Micah is at Courtney’s, he could come home at any time.

I really don’t need him interrupting us.

We turn our focus back onto the film and the sexual tension dissipates.

When I think it is safe, I move the cushion from between us and snuggle up to Sinn’s side. He wraps his arm around my shoulders.

I look around at the adorable set-up he has provided for us.

‘I want to cook for you tomorrow, to make up for all of this tonight,’ I tell him, gesturing in the air with my head.

Sinn smiles and kisses the top of my head.

‘You don’t have to...but you know I like steak,’ he replies, making me chuckle.

‘Okay, steak it is.’

After the movie ends, we put the living room back to its original form. I carry my lights upstairs and take my make-up off.

Sinn knocks on my door, just as I finish changing into a t-shirt and shorts to sleep in. He steps into my bedroom, wearing only a pair of joggers.

No shirt.

Be still my beating heart.

‘I was wondering if you wanted a sleepover tonight? Micah won’t know with both our doors closed,’ he says.

I smile and nod towards the bed.

‘Get comfy, Sinnfully delicious,’ I tell him.

He chuckles and climbs into my bed.

I want to sleep in the same bed as my boyfriend. My brother can get over it.

I turn off the lights and slide in next to him.

‘Thank you for tonight, I loved it,’ I mumble sleepily.

Sinn softly kisses me.

‘You’re welcome. Night, Lils.’

‘Night, Sinn.’

Wrapped up in his warm embrace, I’m in my happy spot.

Sleep comes easily.


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