Sinnful Temptations

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Chapter Two


Lilah’s POV.

The next morning, I walk into uni for my first lecture.

I actually have a car, but I figure walking is much better for me and the environment. I meet Kira and we take our usual seats in the middle, on the left-hand side.

Half way through the lecture, my brother texts me asking me to meet him at The Junction. He wants me to see his new tattoo and meet our new roommate.

I look it up on my phone, it’s only a ten minute walk from uni.

‘I’ve got to go meet my brother at this tattoo parlour. I’ll meet you for lunch at one, okay?’ I agree with Kira and start walking over to The Junction.

It’s a flashy building with a huge sign above the door. I step inside and I’m immediately hit with the smell of disinfectant, the buzzing of needles and blaring music from the overhead speakers.

The décor is all chrome metallics and black leather, very modern-bachelor pad.

Very not me.

I go over to the counter. There is a tall girl has half of her head shaved and the other half bright pink, stood behind it.

She’s covered in ink and has piercings along her collarbones and in her cheeks. She looks me up and down, taking in my trainers and sun dress.

It’s hot for September, I thought I’d get my legs out whilst I still can.

‘Can I help you?’ She asks, looking vaguely amused by my presence.

From all the unmarked skin I’m showing, it’s obvious I’m not a regular at The Junction.

‘My brother asked me to meet him here, his name is Micah Myers,’ I tell her and she smiles, revealing a piercing in her gums above her front teeth.

‘Sure. He’s in room number four down the corridor,’ she answers.

I follow where she’s pointing and walk down a corridor, the walls lined with tattoo designs. The buzzing gets louder and the music gets quieter.

I hear male laughter and I see a door open ahead with the number four on it.

I step through the doorway and notice Micah sitting down in a leather chair. A man with his back to me is bent over his arm with a tattooing needle in his hand.

From behind, I can see the streams of tattoos wrapped around both of his arms. They run up his neck, under his t-shirt and into his hairline. Jett is sat on a stool next to Micah, he looks up as I step inside.

‘Hey, Lilah. Come see what Micah is getting.’ He laughs and points to Micah’s arm.

I walk to them and lean over the tattoo artist to see what Micah has chosen. I don’t miss how he immediately tenses up at my close proximity.

I scowl as I see a heart with ‘Mum’ written over it.

‘Oh, come on, it’s funny,’ Micah says and I shake my head at him, stepping back.

‘You’re an idiot, she’s going to kill you.’ I sigh in exasperation.

The tattoo artist leans back and turns off the needle.

‘Sorry, Lilah, this is Sinn. Sinn, this is my sister, Lilah,’ Micah introduces us, not even looking up as he checks out the new addition on his arm.

Sinn stands up and turns around to face me, I involuntarily take a small step back. He sees this and for a second, hurt flashes in his eyes. It’s not what he thinks, he might think I’m scared of him or disapproving of his appearance, when in fact, it’s the exact opposite.

He’s beautiful.

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘tunnel vision?’

I had never understood when people mentioned it before when seeing someone they found attractive, and suddenly it’s happening to me.

My mouth goes dry when our eyes lock.

He towers above me at well over six foot, he is huge in his muscle-fit, black t-shirt. It shows off every dip and curve of his muscles and reveals all of his inked, muscular arms.

Conscious not to offend him further, I take a step toward him and offer out my hand.

‘It’s lovely to meet you, Sinn.’ I smile at him.

The faintest smile appears on his full lips and he slowly shakes my hand with his large, warm one. I look down at my plain hand holding his inked one.

‘You too, Lilah.’

His husky voice has my eyes snapping up to meet his captivating brown ones. They are the colour of shiny chestnuts, fresh from their husks.

He releases my hand and runs his through his coal-black hair, flashing more inked flesh on his inner triceps.

There is a bar pierced through his eyebrow and several piercings in his ears.

Damn it, I’m screwed.

‘You want to join us for lunch, Lils?’ Jett asks, snapping me from my trance.

Sinn sits back down and I slide onto a spare stool.

‘Thank you, J, but I said I’d meet Kira for lunch.’

I stay a little longer. Sinn doesn’t say anything more, just quietly carries on with Micah’s tat.

When I meet Kira at our agreed restaurant, she grins the second I sit down.

‘You have that stunned look. He’s fit, isn’t he?’ She demands and I nod. ‘Oh my God, I knew it! I knew he would be, he’s a tattoo artist, for fuck’s sake.’

She smirks and rubs her hands together.

‘This is brilliant, you’re going to be living with him!’ She squeals.

‘Which is precisely why nothing will happen between us. Also, I imagine that I am not his type. He probably likes inked girls with fluorescent hair and piercings,’ I tell her and she shrugs.

‘You have piercings, we might need to work on the ink and hair though,’ she admits and we pause to order our food.

‘Seriously, I can’t fantasise over him. I have to live with him and you know Micah, the rule is no fucking his friends,’ I reply and she pouts at me.

I have to admit, I am a little surprised at just how much I find him attractive.

My phone buzzes with a text and I smile when I see it’s from Freddy, a guy I’ve been seeing.

The perfect distraction.

‘Ugh, is that Freddy? I can tell from that stupid smile on your face, you can do so much better than him, girl,’ Kira complains and I flip her off.

Freddy and I have been meeting up for the past couple of months. We do couple stuff together, but we have never talked about making anything official.

I don’t see a future with him, but he treats me well and I feel comfortable with him. We only see each other about once a week, but he’s handy if there’s a new movie I want to see, or a restaurant I want to go to, or other things...a girl’s got needs.

At dinner that evening, Micah tells me that Sinn be moving in tomorrow.

‘Wow, that’s fast,’ I tell him and he nods.

‘Yeah I know, but he just had a fight with his roommate so he wants to get out of there ASAP,’ he replies and I frown.

‘What did they fight about?’ I ask and Micah shrugs.

‘Don’t know. Something bad, I guess. Sinn broke the guy’s rib,’ he says it so casually that it takes a second for me to comprehend what he’s just said.

’He what?′ I nearly choke on my food.

‘It’s not a big deal, Lilah,’ Micah says patronisingly and I look at him like he’s gone mad.

’Um, yeah it is! He assaulted a guy, is that really who we want to live with? What if I argue with him and I end up getting my ribs broken?′ I splutter and Micah rolls his eyes.

‘You’re being dramatic, he would never hurt you.’

‘Oh, I feel so much safer now,’ I grumble.

We eat the rest of our meal in silence.

Who the hell has Micah invited to live with us?


I roll over and check my phone, 8:38am.

No university, no lectures, no need to get out of bed.

I stretch and lay my head back on my pillow to try and go back to sleep.

I open my eyes as a roaring sound rumbles outside, followed by the whining beep of a reversing lorry. I scowl and sit up in bed, to see out of my window.

Reversing onto the drive, is a lorry with a moving logo on the side. Next to it, is a loudly revving black car. The engine turns off and none other than Sinn, steps out.

He looks delicious in a pair of black jeans, army boots and a white t-shirt. He starts gesturing to the movers that step out of the lorry and open up the back to reveal his things.

There goes my lie-in.

Deciding to get a shower in quickly before Sinn comes, I jump out of bed and run across the hall to the bathroom. There are two bathrooms in this house, but the other one only has a bath, not a shower, and is downstairs.

When I finish and turn off the water, I hear the boys banging about upstairs, discussing where to put things.

I wrap my hair in a towel and fold another one around myself before cautiously opening the door. I check the landing is empty before tiptoeing out.

‘Nice outfit.’ A husky voice calls out and I jump.

I grip the front of my towel for security and turn around to face Sinn, who is leaning against the door jamb with his inked arms folded across his broad chest, smirking widely.

‘Morning,’ I mutter and retreat to the safety of my bedroom.

I look at my reflection and curse when I realise how flushed my face is from the shower.

Just fabulous.

With a huff, I get ready for the day.

By the time I emerge from my room, I’m dressed with my make-up done and I’m ready to face whoever might be in my hall.

I find the boys downstairs, taking a break from unpacking to have some breakfast.

I make myself some toast and a coffee whilst they chat at the dining room table.

‘Join us,’ Sinn offers, smiling to hold back a laugh.

I think he enjoys making me uncomfortable.

Somewhat anxiously, I sit down at the table with them and eat my toast whilst they talk.

‘I can help you move some stuff this morning but I’ve got to go into work after lunch and then I’m meeting that Courtney for a date.’ Micah wiggles his eyebrows at Sinn.

‘Courtney?’ I ask curiously and he grins at me.

‘Yeah, met her in town with Sinn the other night. We got talking and I asked her on a date, she’s soooo fucking hot man.’ Micah throws his head back and exhales loudly.

‘Lovely,’ I comment and finish my toast.

‘Do you like going out in town, Lilah?’ Sinn’s husky voice makes me jump.

I’m surprised that he’s actually starting a conversation with me.

‘Um, sometimes, yeah. I’m a bit of a light weight, but I enjoy going out,’ I tell him sheepishly and he smiles.

‘I can’t drink heavily either, I used to box a lot so I barely touched alcohol for a few years. When I drink now, I can’t handle anything like I used to be able to when I was a teenager,’ he says with a laugh.

‘Boxing? Were you any good?’ I reply and he smirks.

‘I was bare-knuckle champion for a while, but it’s not such a passion for me anymore. I prefer tattoos and piercings,’ he explains.

I guess you can’t have piercings when boxing, ouch.

I return to my room and go on my laptop for a bit, laughing occasionally when I hear Micah and Sinn banging around with the furniture, cursing and swearing at each other.

Reminds me of that scene in friends with Ross and the sofa, PIVOT!

Why does Sinn have to be so attractive? It’s going to make this so much harder than it needs to be.


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