Sinnful Temptations

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Chapter Twenty


Lilah’s POV.

I’m home before Sinn.

I finish at university and walk home. I prep the steaks for tonight, marinating them in a barbecue sauce.

Whilst I’m working, I call Courtney.

‘Hey, girl. What’s up?’ She asks.

I have my phone on speaker, on the kitchen counter. I continue washing up.

‘I need to ask a favour. Can Micah stay at yours tonight?’

‘Uh, I think he already is. Why?’

‘Sinn and I are having date night and obviously, Micah might not want to witness that.’

‘Oh! Of course, he’ll stay at mine.’

‘Great, thank you. And one other thing, I’m kinda hoping this date will um, lead to some other stuff, you know? Please, could you make sure Micah doesn’t come back? Or text me, warning me, if he changes his mind and comes home.’

Courtney’s laughter fills the kitchen.

‘You want me to distract your brother whilst you get hot and heavy with your boyfriend?’ She confirms, making me blush.

‘Well, when you put it like that...yeah.’

’No problem, girl. I got you. I’ll make sure he is very busy tonight.′

‘Ew. That’s my brother. Don’t be gross.’

‘Whatever, I’ll keep him busy for you. I’ve got to go, speak to you soon!’

I hang up and go upstairs to get ready.

The steaks are already grilling when Sinn returns home. He changes and then comes back down to set the table.

We eat together, talking about menial things, like how our days went.

Instead of watching TV afterwards, I get out a pack of cards and we play a couple of games. He kicks my ass at Go Fish and Old Maid, but I manage to redeem myself during a few rounds of Rummy.

Like the night before, we get ready for bed in our respective bathrooms. But then I go into Sinn’s room, wearing only a silk nighty.

His eyes widen as he sees me.

‘Whoa, you look-’ he doesn’t get to finish his compliment, because I grab the back of his neck and pull his lips down to meet mine.

He kisses me back with equal enthusiasm, dragging his hands up and down my body, feeling the soft silk.

I break the kiss and run my hands up his chest, deciding that the feel of his abs under his t-shirt isn’t enough. I tug he bottom of his t-shirt and getting the message, he lifts his arms and helps me take the shirt off.

His bare chest is a collage of tattoos, every inch of him is inked. I graze my index finger over one of his pierced nipples and he shivers under my touch.

I drag my finger up and along his collarbone, down his sternum, gently over his snail trail and along the sensitive flesh just above his joggers. His abs tense under my touch and I smile when I see the substantial bulge in his joggers.

He grabs the back of my neck and I let out a squeak of surprise as he pulls me down so our lips are centimetres apart.

‘Stop teasing me, Lils,’ he warns me, his voice husky with desire.

I smile against his lips and gently kiss them. Too gently for his liking apparently, because he kisses me harder and pushes his tongue into my mouth.

He mirrors my previous actions and tugs at the bottom of my nighty. Taking the hint, I pull back and slide it off, over my head.

His eyes land on my breasts. My chests moves up and down with my breaths and he eagerly latches his lips over one nipple and pinches the other. All thoughts of self-consciousness, go out the window.

He gently tugs on both of my nipples and I feel myself become wetter.

If I get my way, there’s no chance in hell that we’re not having sex tonight.

I tangle my fingers in his hair and pull his head back. He looks up at me with hooded, lust-filled eyes.

‘Take your joggers off,’ I whisper, feeling both shy and confident at the same time.

I move over to his bed and sit down. Sinn smirks and stands next to me.

He slides off his joggers and boxers, leaving him naked. Still seated and at half his height, I reach out and grab his cock, pumping it a few times to feel the soft flesh slide over the hard shaft.

His reaction is addictive, he inhales sharply and briefly closes his eyes with pleasure. Pleasure I’m giving him. The power is heady and intoxicating.

He doesn’t allow me to take control for long, though. He pushes my hands away and presses on my shoulders, so that I fall onto my back on the bed.

I barely have time to react, he grabs my ankles, drags me towards him and then opens my legs. I open my mouth to say something, I’m not sure what. He drops to his knees and leans down so his head is between my legs. I feel his breath on my pussy and I clench internally.

‘What are you-’ I stutter but I cut off abruptly as he runs a finger along my dripping slit.

The pressure is tiny, it’s nothing really, but it has my head falling back.

‘So perfect,’ he whispers and presses an oddly affectionate kiss to my clit. It makes me jolt with surprise.

‘It’s been a long time since I’ve gone down on a woman, I’m going to enjoy this, angel,’ he comments and then drags his tongue from my clit down to my opening.

I gasp and my eyes fall closed.

Although I don’t appreciate him mentioning he’s done this to other women, the jealous side of me likes that it has been a long time. Good.

He begins feasting on me like I’m his last meal, he has my head thrashing and my body squirming under him in seconds. He drives me wild by pushing his tongue inside of me before pulling out and circling my clit, repeating the action that stimulates, but doesn’t maintain the pleasure.

‘Please, Sinn,’ I moan loudly.

A broken moan escapes from my lips when he pushes a thick finger inside me. My cervix has tightened from his teasing and being suddenly stretched, brings an insane amount of pleasure.

‘Oh fuck,’ I whisper when he moves his tongue up to circle my clit.

He adds a second finger. The combination of his thick fingers pumping in and out of me and his tongue circling my clit is indescribable. Stars blur my vision, my hands clench and unclench beside me, my body tenses as my orgasm builds.

‘Sinn, I’m going to- ah shit,’ I throw my head back and regardless of the cringiness, let out a loud scream as my orgasm hits me.

It rushes through me and has my entire body shaking as wave after wave of intense pleasure rolls through me. I don’t care about the noise I’m making, I don’t care that I am wantonly rubbing my pussy in this man’s face. I just want to keep feeling the intense euphoria.

It takes a long minute, but I eventually come down from my high and manage to open my eyes.

My embarrassment catches up to me and I can feel my cheeks turn bright red. I glance down to see Sinn between my legs, lips glistening with my juices and smiling up at me.

‘That, was the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever witnessed,’ he comments and my blush deepens.

‘Fuck, that was embarrassing.’

I squeeze my eyes shut and lay my head back, reaching up to cover my face with my hands.

I hear Sinn move and suddenly I feel his warmth and weight across me as he positions himself over me.

‘Hey.’ He coaxes my hands back from my face. ‘Don’t be embarrassed baby, I mean it. That was fucking sexy,’ he reassures me.

I kiss him, wanting to taste myself on him. Fuck, that’s an aphrodisiac. He leans in closer to kiss me deeper and unintentionally bumps his cock against my pussy. The accidental touch does things to me, I become a woman possessed.

I open my eyes and break off the kiss.

‘Fuck me, or let me suck you,’ I tell him and his eyes widen at my words before darkening with lust.

I reach my hand down to his cock but he grabs my wrist and pulls it up, he pins it against the bed above my head.

‘Are you sure?’ He asks and I feel an emotion very close to love wash through me.

YES to the men who ask for consent.

‘Yes, please. Please, fuck me,’ I beg, not caring how desperate I sound. Desire is clouding my dignity right now.

He hesitates for a moment.

‘Please, Sinn, I want you,’ I assure him and he looks like he’s about to cave.

To give him an extra nudge, I grab his dick and line it up with my opening. I slightly lift my pelvis enough that he presses against the hole. He inhales sharply and briefly closes his eyes.

‘Shit, Lils,’ he groans.

A horrible thought comes over me.

‘Unless you don’t want this?’ I suggest and he looks at me with horror.

‘Of course I want this, I’ve wanted this since you shook my fucking hand in my ink parlour,’ he admits and I laugh at him.

I wrap my legs around his hips, bringing my crotch closer to his so he almost starts to enter me.

‘So, what’s stopping you, Taricone?’ I tease and he clenches his jaw.

‘Nothing,’ he snaps and the breath is knocked out of me as he enters me with one swift thrust.

He grunts loudly and I gasp in surprise. I feel so full, stretched to the point of discomfort.

‘Give me a sec,’ I whisper and try to relax my muscles to accommodate him.

Hate to sound cliché, but he’s the biggest I’ve had and my poor pussy isn’t used to the onslaught.

‘Do you want me to get out? I don’t want to hurt you.’

The worry and pain in his voice just makes my heart throb more.

How on Earth can someone so attractive, the epitome of male beauty, also be a good guy?

‘Okay, I’m good now,’ I tell him and he looks nervous. ‘Seriously, I’m fine.’

He slowly pulls back and then pushes forward again, he visibly shudders above me.

Fuck Lils, you feel fucking incredible,′ he groans and I can see the veins protruding on his arms and neck as he tries to hold himself back.

‘Don’t hold back, it doesn’t hurt anymore,’ I urge him on and softly kiss his lips.

He doesn’t need further encouragement, he pulls back and slams back into me. When a moan escapes my lips, he takes it as reassurance and starts pounding into me. I wrap my hands around his neck and tighten my thighs on his waist. My breasts bounce obscenely with every thrust and his eyes drop to them, enraptured by their movement.

I moan loudly and clench around him, feeling a second orgasm build. He increases his pace, spurred on by my moans.

‘Come for me, baby,’ he whispers gruffly in my ear and it’s my undoing.

Black spots invade my vision and I close my hands, moaning loudly as my orgasm floods through me.

I half-expect him to come with me, but instead he pulls out. I instantly feel empty and cold without him.

He moves to the top of his bed and sits down. He grabs his dick with his hand and points it upwards.

‘Ride me?’ He asks, his eyes both asking and commanding.

Eagerly, I throw my leg over him to straddle his lap. Together, we line his cock up with my pussy and I slowly sink down onto him. The feeling of him stretching me this time is not painful, it’s fucking addictive.

‘Fuck Lilah,’ he moans as I take him to the hilt.

I can feel him almost in my stomach. It’s a crazy, delicious feeling.

I place my hands on his shoulders to support myself and using my thighs, I raise up off his cock and slide back down again.

His eyes close and he digs his hands into his waist.

‘Shit, maybe this wasn’t a good idea, I’m not gonna last long like this,’ he bites out the words.

I smile smugly, loving knowing that I have caused him to feel this way. I’m making him happy.

With renewed vigour, I bounce up and down on his cock. My breathing becomes shallow and my heart races, but I keep going, wanting him to come in me (thank God for the pill).

‘Fuck, fuck, Lils, I’m gonna come soon.’ His eyes flash open and he stares deeply into mine.

He reaches down and begins circling my clit with his thumb, my reaction is instantaneous.

‘Same,’ I moan.

My orgasm starts to hit, I clench down around him and he cries out in response. His lips part and his head falls back against the headboard, his large hands tighten on my waist and I can’t hold back any longer.

Intense pleasure rolls through me, pure euphoria that has a loud scream escaping my lips. I shout his name as I feel him fill me with come. My orgasm leaves me breathless and twitching around his cock.

‘Fuck,’ I breathe and we rest our sweaty foreheads against each other. Our breathes mix and our sticky bodies press against one another.

‘That was incredible,’ he whispers and gently kisses my lips. ‘You’re perfect.’

I pull back and look into his eyes, my heart clenches and my stomach churns at the realisation that I’ve fallen in love with this man.


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