Sinnful Temptations

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Chapter Twenty-two


Lilah’s POV.

‘What a pleasure to meet the man who has stole my daughter’s heart,’ Mother greets dramatically and I widen my eyes at her, giving her a silent warning to rein it in.

‘It might be the other way around actually, Mrs Myers. It’s lovely to meet you.’

Sinn extends his hand to my mother.

She eyes the ink adorning his knuckles and although her lips press into a disapproving line, she shakes it politely.

‘Please, call me Sara, and your name is?’ She enquires.

I realise I haven’t even told her his name, because that’s probably something else she’ll freak out about, it’s not exactly like Michael or John.

‘Sinn,’ he replies and smiles at her.

I wince at her reaction. Her smile falters and I can see that she is debating whether to ask him to repeat it, wondering if she heard wrong.

‘That’s...unusual,’ she comments and I shoot her another warning look.

My father finishes his conversation with a friend and steps towards us.

‘Gerald, nice to meet you,’ he greets Sinn and they shake hands.

’His name is Sinn,′ my mother says pointedly to my father, who frowns at the unusual word.

‘Sinn? Wow, that’s...,’ he trails off and my mother generously finishes his sentence.

‘Unusual, isn’t it, Gerald?’

I thank God under my breath as everyone begins taking their seats and the awkward conversation is cut short.

We sit down, the wine is poured, shortly after, the starter is brought out.

My father is the lesser of two evils out of my parents, having been raised in a lower social circle that my aristocratic mother.

He makes an effort to talk to Sinn, he’s not as welcoming as he has been with my previous boyfriends, but at least he feigns interest in his tattoo business.

Sinn, sensing my father’s distaste, tries to play it down and focus mainly on the entrepreneur side of things. He reads people well, and I’m impressed by his ability to deduce what interests my father and direct the conversation in that direction.

As the main meal comes out, conversation moves on. I talk with my father about my course at university and Sinn gets to have a break and talks to Micah and Courtney.

All too soon, we’re on to dessert. My father turns to talk with my mother and their friends and I can switch my attention back to my own friends.

‘I don’t think it’s going too badly,’ Sinn murmurs in my ear.

His lips gently brushing against the shell of my ear. The contact sends a shiver down my spine.

He reaches under the tablecloth and takes my hand in his warm one. His thumb rubs soothing circles over the back of my hand.

‘It’s not horrendous, I’m still sorry for how she acted though,’ I reply and lightly kiss his lips.

‘Don’t worry about it, nothing I’m not used to.’ He winks. ‘I’ve learned to expect some animosity from you Myers women,’ he teases and I roll my eyes.

The plates are cleared and servers begin doing the rounds with tea and coffee. Lots of people leave their tables, choosing to dance off their meal.

Courtney and Micah slip away to the dance floor. My father excuses himself from our table to greet one of his business associates. My mother, bereft of my father or her friends, turns her attention to Sinn and I. I’m relieved there is an empty seat between us, giving us some distance from her hard stare.

‘How long have you two been together?’ She asks.

Her voice is feigning nonchalance, but I can see the way she grips the stem of her wine glass.

‘We haven’t been official for long, Mrs Myers. But, I’ve had my eye on your daughter for quite a while,’ Sinn answers, an amused smile playing on his lips.

‘Oh really?’ She raises a perfectly plucked eyebrow. ‘And do you see a future with her?’

I swallow hard, wondering where my mother is trying to go with this, and what Sinn’s answer will be.

‘Of course, she is all I want,’ he replies smoothly and my mother presses her lips together.

‘Do you honestly think this will last, Lilah?’ My mother directs the question to me, continuing before I can respond. ‘Because I don’t. Take a good look at him, I don’t believe he is the right man for you.’

I glare at her and clutch Sinn’s hand tighter.

‘Mother, I don’t remember asking for your opinion, but in answer to your question,’ I pause and look up at Sinn’s beautiful face. ‘I think it will last, he’s amazing.’

I hear her scoff but I ignore it, Sinn smiles down at me.

‘He’s completely wrong for you, he isn’t serious about you, he’s not the settling down sort, his tattoos and facial jewellery are a testament to that,’ she sneers and I flinch at her harsh words.

Before I can retort something, Sinn beats me to it.

‘Actually, Mrs Myers, my appearance isn’t a testament to anything. I want to settle down with your daughter.’

He takes a deep breath and looks at me. ‘I love her.’

My heart falters in its beat and my mouth opens slightly in surprise.

He loves me?

I turn back to my mother and I can see her assessing me, she realises that we have not said that to each other yet.

‘It seems my daughter feels the same way,’ my mother muses, ‘She told me that she loved you earlier today,’ she reveals and I’m surprised to see she looks vaguely amused.

‘I’m very glad to hear it,’ Sinn replies and kisses my temple.

‘If you love him and you’re happy, fine, I just hope it lasts,’ my mother comments.

She stands gracefully from the table.

‘It was nice to meet you, Sinn. Enjoy your evening, you two.’

With that, she leaves us alone at the table. Sinn lets out a sigh of relief and grins at me.

‘Well, we’re going to have to prove it to her, aren’t we?’ He says playfully. ‘I’m not letting you go, Myers.’

My heart beats faster at his sweet words and I lean up to kiss him. Our lips move against each other and we pull away too soon, but it’s not appropriate to be making out in front of all these people.

‘You’re honestly incredible. I’m so sorry for that, you should never have had to put up with it,’ I apologise.

‘Don’t worry about it.’ He shrugs as if it’s nothing. ’You wait till you meet my father, now he’s a piece of work.′

‘God, we’re so lucky to have such great in-laws,’ I mutter sarcastically and he laughs.

I watch as he looks around the room and a mischievous look glints in his eye.

He leans forward conspiratorially.

‘Hey, wanna find somewhere more...private?’ He asks roguishly.

I blush at his words and glance around the room, I suppose no one would notice if we were missing. I take my phone out of my clutch and text Courtney.

Had a run in with mum, going to get some fresh air with Sinn, be back soon x

That’ll cover us.

Sinn takes my hand and leads me out of the ballroom, he looks both ways down the corridor and turns left. No one is walking down this way, and there’s a red rope attached to two gold posts, signifying that this area is off limits.

I feel a rush of adrenaline as Sinn unhooks the rope and gestures for me to go through. This feels naughty, and it’s only just started.

He replaces the rope, takes my hand and turns right, leading us down another corridor.

The country club is large, I don’t remember it much as we’re usually only in the ballroom. But I know it has guest rooms on the third floor, no doubt all booked up for tonight.

We find a set of stairs and go up them to the first floor, I have no idea what’s up here, but there’s a lot of doors.

Sinn tries one and it’s locked, but the second one is open.

He flicks on the lights and it reveals a luxurious bathroom, equipped with two stalls, some small stools and a large counter with two sinks.

Sinn ushers me inside and then shuts the door, locking it.

‘Well, I know it’s not very classy, but.’

He shrugs and I watch with wary eyes as he unbuttons his blazer, takes it off and lays it on one of the stools.

He approaches me with a predatory gaze that has me instantly wet.

‘But I believe I owe you an orgasm.’ He smirks. ‘Or two.’

I swallow hard and lick my suddenly dry lips.

‘Really? How come?’ I ask breathily, having to lean back to maintain eye contact when he closes the distance between us.

His heady cologne surrounds me, only adding to my desire.

‘Your little oral session in bed last weekend,’ he reminds me and my face flushes at his words.

‘Oh,’ I mumble, lowering my gaze to the floor with embarrassment.

He puts his finger under my chin and lifts it up, forcing me to meet his gaze.

’Not oh.′ He smirks. ′Sinn, that’s what you’re going to be screaming in a few minutes.′

He grins cockily and I want to hate him for his arrogance, but he’s irresistible.

And he’s not wrong, either.

I watch, confusedly, as he moves a large vase of flowers to the other side of the sinks. It creates a space on the counter.

I squeak with surprise as he grabs my waist and lifts me onto it.

I inhale sharply and he begins kissing down my neck, gently nibbling my skin. His hands work their way up my dress, to the sweetheart neckline. He pulls the dress down, expertly lifts my breasts out so they rest on the dress, lewdly lifted into his face.

He moves his attention from my neck to my nipples, biting and sucking on one whilst he teases the other with his fingers.

I can only squirm helplessly on the counter as he teases and primes my body. I tangle my fingers in his hair, keeping his head where I want it.

He pulls back and quickly kisses me, pushing his tongue into my mouth and kissing me like he’s fucking me.

‘This needs to be quick baby, or people might get suspicious,’ he states huskily whilst lifting my dress.

With my help, we hike it up to my waist and he undoes his trousers. It’s not tasteful, it’s completely obscene, but I’m too turned on to care. I do manage to put my boobs back in my dress though.

Seconds later, he rubs the tip of his cock up and down my slit. He grabs my hips and shifts me forwards, so I’m almost hanging over the edge of the counter. My eyes nearly roll back in my head as he pushes inside me.

I don’t think I’ll ever get used to this, the amazing feeling of him inside me.

I gasp as he sinks in to the hilt and he grunts into my neck. He doesn’t wait for encouragement, he just begins thrusting into me, eliciting moans from both of us.

It’s carnal and crude, but I love it.

Just as my orgasm starts to build, he pulls out and I pout at the loss. He softly lets me down from the counter and turns me around so I’m looking in the mirror, I meet his dark eyes and smile.

He presses his hand on my lower back, encouraging me to lean forwards over the counter. I brace myself with my hands and a shiver runs through me when I feel him lift my dress again and enter me from behind.

The feeling is completely different and it has my toes curling in my heels.

He begins pounding in and out of me, his hands gripping my hips tightly, keeping me exactly when he wants me.

My eyes start to fall closed at the blissful pleasure, but I force them back open so I can see the erotic expression on his face as he fucks me.

‘Fuck baby, I hope you’re close,’ he groans and I squeeze my inner muscles around him.

At his words, my orgasm suddenly hits, no warning.

I moan loudly and slightly panic as I feel a scream threatening to escape. As if sensing my thoughts, Sinn slams his hand over my mouth, muffling my screams of pleasure as my orgasm ploughs through my body.

The clench of my pussy around him sends Sinn over the edge.

I push back against as he orgasms inside me, thrusting a few, final times. He bends down and presses his forehead to my back as we both get our breath back.

‘I love you,’ he says quietly and I just want to hold him.

He pulls out of me and hands me some tissues. We clean ourselves up and I straighten my dress and fix my hair whilst he does up his trousers.

We check our reflections, we both look presentable, no evidence of what has just transpired.

I turn towards him and put my hands on either side of his face, I lift onto my tiptoes and softly kiss his full lips.

‘I love you so much,’ I tell him and he smiles down at me.

He takes my hand and after checking the coast is clear, we sneak back down into the party. We find Courtney and Micah and decide to call it a night.

Micah doesn’t want to say goodbye to my parents, but I scout them out with my eyes. I find them talking to some friends, my mother catches my eye.

She nods at me. We don’t have to say anything, there is an unspoken agreement between us and I know, if Sinn is who I choose, she will accept him. She won’t like it, but I can see on her face she likes him for defending our relationship to her.

‘You have mother’s approval, which means you have dad’s approval,’ I tell him as we walk out of the country club hand in hand.

‘Thank fuck for that, makes them all the more likely to say yes when I ask for their blessing,’ he says the words so calmly, his gaze fixed ahead of us, I almost think I’ve misheard him.

‘W-what?’ I stutter.

He turns to smirk down at me.

‘You heard me, Myers.’

He grins. ‘I love you.’


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