Sinnful Temptations

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Lilah’s POV.

Sinn is quiet throughout the car ride.

Any attempts at conversation fail miserably. He gives me one-word answers and makes no effort to contribute further.

His hands grip the steering wheel and his jaw is tense.

I don’t say anymore. I know he’s upset that we’re going to visit his father. I’m the one that made him accept the invitation.

When his dad, David, learned of our engagement, he messaged Sinn and asked if we wanted to come and visit. I made Sinn agree to it. I told him that I didn’t want the first time I met his family, to be on our wedding day.

From what he has told me, I know he has a difficult relationship with his father.

He doesn’t like his step-mum, I’m not sure he even went to his father’s wedding. The last time he saw his dad, was over a year ago.

They invited us to stay over, but Sinn told them we would come for dinner, that’s all. He was very clear with me that we are not staying any longer than we have to.

After about an hour’s drive, Sinn parks outside a terraced house. We get out and I quickly round the car.

I slide my hand into his and squeeze it.

‘Thank you for doing this,’ I tell him quietly as we walk up the drive.

Sinn is tense as hell next to me.

He nods and gives me a weak smile. ‘It’s fine.’

I know it’s not fine.

We ring the doorbell and a few moments later, the front door opens.

David Taricone is an attractive man. I note that Sinn has inherited a lot of his father’s genetics, they look very alike.

He has greying hair styled fashionably, a trim figure and a big smile. There are tattoos covering his hands, forearms and neck.

‘Hello! Great to see you guys, come on in,’ he greets us joyfully.

I smile at him and step inside, Sinn follows reluctantly.

His father pulls him into a hug before he can protest. Sinn pats his back awkwardly.

When he pulls back, he grins at me.

‘And you must be the wonderful Lilah. It’s lovely to meet you. Thank you for making an honest man out of my boy,’ he says and pulls me into a hug.

‘It’s nice to meet you, David,’ I tell him.

‘Charmaine is just in the kitchen prepping dinner, I think it’s about half an hour away. What do you want to drink?’

He takes our orders and then we settle down in the living room.

It’s a small house, with simple furnishings and worn furniture. It’s obvious they either don’t have a lot of money, or don’t splurge on materialistic things. It’s cosy, though.

Sinn sits rigidly next to me, I keep our fingers interlocked.

David comes back into the room, with a glass of wine for me and a beer for Sinn. We are going to be eating and staying for over an hour, so one glass is fine for me driving later.

I think it’s important that Sinn has alcohol to get him through this...I’ll stick to one drink.

David sits down on the sofa opposite us and leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees.

‘So, what’s new with you guys? Congratulations on the engagement, I am very happy for you,’ he says contently.

Sinn nods and forces a smile. I decide to take the lead.

‘Thank you, we’re very happy. We’ve just moved into our own flat in the city. We’re looking to buy somewhere next year and we won’t get married for another two years. That’s what we’re thinking anyway, isn’t it baby?’ I reply.

Sinn nods and then coughs. ‘Uh, yeah. That’s the plan.’

I resist rolling my eyes.

What a contribution.

‘Anything new with you, Mr Taricone?’ I ask politely, not bearing the awkward silence.

‘Oh, please, call me David. Well, Charmaine and I have started taking ballroom-dancing lessons down at the rec centre. Sinn used to enjoy his, we thought it might be nice to give it a go.’

‘Aw, that’s nice.’

The conversation is pretty mediocre. Sinn warms up slightly and joins the conversation more. There’s not a huge amount for the three of us to talk about.

I’m relieved when Charmaine calls that dinner is ready, from the kitchen.

We move through to the dining room and I finally get to meet Charmaine.

Her appearance takes me by surprise. I don’t know what I expected her to look like, but this isn’t it. She’s a few years younger than David, has lip fillers that really put the ‘pout’ in ‘trout pout’, and her breasts are almost spilling from her low-cut top.

Once I’ve recovered from the surprise, I scold myself for being so judgemental and I warmly greet her when Sinn introduces her.

She gives me a smile back and says hi, but then she turns her attention onto Sinn.

As the meal progresses, I suddenly realise why Sinn doesn’t like his Dad’s new wife.

She flirts shamelessly with Sinn.

David seems completely oblivious to it, Sinn is incredibly uncomfortable and I’m just downright stunned.

The meal is tense and uncomfortable. In my head, I’m mentally agreeing with Sinn about not making this a regular thing.

He never told me that he didn’t like the new wife because she flirts with him. I wonder if it’s because he was embarrassed by it, or if he was hoping she wouldn’t do it anymore, or if he didn’t want me to meet her already not liking her.

I bite my tongue and don’t say anything. I politely accept a slice of torte for dessert and try to keep the conversation on David and Charmaine.

After the meal, we have one coffee and then Sinn makes our excuses. The two of us say goodbye and practically run to the car.

Sinn turns on the engine and faces me.

‘You get why, now?’ He asks with a wry smile.

‘That was insane! How does your dad not notice?’ I blurt out and he shakes his head.

‘Unbelievable, isn’t she. I have no idea. I think it’s selective hearing. It probably hurts too much to listen to, so he just tunes her out and pretends it isn’t happening.’

‘Mental. I’m glad we did it, but let’s not do it again for a while.’

Sinn grins and puts the car into gear.

‘Fine by me, Lils.’


Sinn’s POV.

My fiancée wakes before me, like she often does.

I take a shower and put on a pair of sweats and a t-shirt. I walk barefoot out of the bedroom and spot her instantly.

Sat on the balcony in her underwear, she’s reading the paper and enjoying her coffee.

I stop in my tracks, appreciating the beauty in front of me.

Damn, I’m a lucky man.

How an idiot like me got a girl like this, I don’t know.

I step out onto the balcony and she smiles up at me.

‘Morning, deliciously Sinnful,’ she says happily.

‘Morning, baby,’ I reply and kiss her forehead.

We have breakfast together, laughing over the disaster that was a family dinner last night. I’m glad she got to see them firsthand, and now, I never want to put her through that again.

I reach over and snatch a rasher of bacon from her plate.

‘Hey! Get your own,’ she snaps irritably.

It’s not my fault she looks so damn cute when she frowns.

‘I’ve eaten all of mine. Yours is so tempting,’ I tell her and snag another one.

’Sinn! Fuck off, that’s my breakfast,′ she whines.

I chuckle and lean over to kiss her. That stops her complaining pretty quickly.

After eating, we clear away the plates. My phone rings in the other room and I rush to pick it up.

I take the call in the living room. It’s a new client wanting to get a chest piece next week.

I’m discussing potential designs, when I feel soft, small hands slide around my waist. I smile at my girl’s touch.

My eyes widen as she goes for the waistband of my joggers. I grab her wrist but she bats my hand away.

The client is asking a million and one questions as my girl reaches into my joggers and grabs my dick, which is becoming increasingly hard in her hand.

‘Yeah, of course. I think we should be able to do that,’ I reply casually, making sure my voice isn’t as strained as it feels.

Lilah begins to pump her hand up and down my cock. I bite down hard on my bottom lip to keep myself from making a single noise.

This is a professional phone call and she’s pulling shit like this.

As she picks up her pace, it becomes harder to focus. I grab the wall nearby to steady myself and try to focus on the client’s voice.

Eventually, I can feel myself nearing my climax and my breathing is becoming shallower.

‘Look mate, something’s just come up. I’ll give you a call back in about an hour, is that okay?’ I ask him.

The man seems pretty sound, and agrees to talk later.

The second I hang up, I look down at my angel.

She’s on her knees in front of me and she’s grinning up at me.

Lilah grabs my joggers and yanks them down to my ankles. She wraps her hands around the base of my cock and slides the rest of it into her mouth.

‘Fuck,’ I moan at the feel of her hot, wet mouth.

I can’t believe I’m going to marry this woman.


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