Sinnful Temptations

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Chapter Four


Lilah’s POV.

Piercings are a weakness of mine, but tongue piercings, damnnnn. They’re on a whole different level of hot.

‘What’s wrong?’ He asks, frowning at me.

I swallow hard, struggling to find my voice. All moisture has gone south.

‘Nothing, I uh didn’t realise you had your tongue pierced,’ I stupidly mumble and his frown deepens.

‘Yeah. Do you not like tongue piercings?’ He asks and I worry that I’ve offended him.

‘God no, it’s the opposite actually,’ I admit embarrassed.

A grin breaks out on his gorgeous face, revealing his straight white teeth.

‘Oh, really?’ His voice is teasing and husky.

He catches the barbell on his front teeth, showing it off to me.

Mother of all that is merciful...

I clench my thighs together in response. I can just picture playing with it with my tongue, or how it must feel if it’s rubbed against your clit...

‘How many piercings do you have?’ I question to distract myself from the naughty direction my thoughts have taken.

‘I’ve got eleven piercings,’ he replies and I do a quick count of the visible ones.

Hmmm, three unaccounted for...

Maybe two nipples... I doubt he has a belly button ring so that leaves.... holy shit.

I open my mouth to ask, but decide we’re not on that level yet. I’ve only known him a few days.

‘I’ve got ten.’ I smile at him and my cheeks heat up as I see him counting the ones in my ears.

It won’t take him long to count that there’s eight, leaving my nipple piercings.

‘I’m only counting eight, Myers,’ he teases me, using my last name.

‘What about this series? It’s my favourite, it’s really good.’ I point to the TV to distract him.

He smirks, but averts his gaze from my flaming face. His eyes widen in surprise when he sees the series I’ve selected.

‘That’s your favourite? It’s mine too, I’ve watched all three seasons,’ he replies and my mouth opens in shock.

‘Oh my God, as if! No one has ever heard of it!’ I squeal, excited to finally find someone who is interested in the same show as me.

We binge watch the episodes, chatting occasionally and discussing our favourite characters. I find myself becoming more and more relaxed.

Just after ten o’clock I start yawning and we agree on one more episode.

Sinn shuffles closer and puts his muscular arm around my shoulders, reflexively I lean in and rest my head on his shoulder.

I must have fallen asleep quite quickly, I jolt awake when Sinn moves. The titles are playing and I glance at the clock, quarter to eleven. I have a 9am lecture tomorrow. Great.

‘Sorry,’ I mumble, realising that I fell asleep on his chest.

‘No worries, think it might be your bedtime now though.’ He smirks and I nod in agreement.

‘You’re right, goodnight Sinn,’ I call and stumble out of the room.

I pause on the stairs and quickly poke my head back into the living room to see Sinn turn off the TV and pick up his phone.

‘And Sinn?’ I call and he looks up.

Fuck me he’s so handsome.

‘Thank you so much for tonight, I honestly loved it,’ I thank him and he grins.

‘Anytime, Myers.’

Lord protect my heart because this is going to be hard.


When I walk into the lecture the next morning, Kira is already waiting for me, with a seat saved next to her.

‘Morning, girl,’ I greet her and sit down.

‘Morning, how’s the new roomie?’ She grins and I shake my head as I get my books out of my bag.

‘Oh no, is he that bad?’ Her voice turns concerned.

’No, he’s that hot. I’m in serious trouble here, Kira. He’s gorgeous and I fancy him so much,′ I groan and lean back.

I glare at her when she laughs at me.

‘Sorry, but this is hilarious. You never fancy anyone. You’re like the pickiest girl I know and then the first guy you properly fancy in what, years? Is your brother’s friend,’ she continues teasing me and I huff, crossing my arms over my chest.

’He’s so off limits to you. Brilliant,′ she snorts.

‘I know he’s off limits, and I don’t think he fancies me anyway so that makes things easier,’ I reply, wishing deep down that he did fancy me.

‘Oh, shut up. No way does he not fancy you,’ she scoffs with disbelief.

We can’t continue our discussion further because Prof Faye starts the lecture.

The day passes quickly, Kira and I have lunch at the library and do some of our assignments, we have two due soon. I walk home just after five PM.

Micah is lying on the sofa when I come in.

‘How was it with Courtney?’ I ask him and a stupid smile comes across his face.

‘Good thanks,’ he answers. ‘Really good,’ he mumbles under his breath and I squeal.

I jump on top of him, bouncing up and down on the sofa whilst he groans under my weight.

‘You like her!’ I tease and he glares at me, trying to push me off.

‘What is going on here?’ Sinn’s voice catches our attention.

He leans against the door jamb with an amused look on his face.

‘Micah loves Courtney,’ I sing and begin tickling his sides.

‘Fuck off, Lilah. I do not,’ he growls but I can see that I’ve got to him.

‘Whatever bro.’ I shrug and get off him.

‘You whipped now,’ I call over my shoulder on my way to the kitchen and make a cracking whip noise.

Sinn follows me in.

‘Do siblings ever grow up?’ Sinn asks, trying to hold back a laugh.

I feel my cheeks heat up.

‘No, I don’t think so,’ I reply and check the fridge.

‘I’m going to make carbonara tonight, want some?’ I offer and Sinn shakes his head.

‘Thanks, but I’m going out tonight,’ he replies and gets out his phone.

I feel a tiny bit disappointed.

‘Who you going out with?’ I ask, trying to keep my voice casual.

‘Two of the lads who work at my ink parlour,’ he answers and I feel strangely relieved it’s not girls.

I’m surprised when Sinn takes a seat at the bar to talk to me, I thought he’d go upstairs and get ready. But then again, it usually takes Micah’s friends a lot less time to get ready that it does me.

‘Any plans this weekend?’ He questions me whilst I start grabbing all the ingredients.

‘Yeah, Kira and I are going to the cinema on Sunday,’ I explain, his eyes light up when I tell him the movie name.

‘I’ve been meaning to go see that, tell me if it’s any good.’

I consider inviting him for a moment, but he probably wouldn’t want to go with Kira and I.

‘And I’m going to go to the gym tomorrow,’ I add.

If I tell someone, I’m more likely to actually go.

‘What gym do you go to?’ He asks.

I tell him and he smiles at me.

‘I go there too, wonder how we haven’t seen each other,’ he comments and I blush.

‘I uh haven’t been going very often, I’m trying to get back into it,’ I grimace and start measuring out the pasta.

‘Well, I have to keep the parlour open till four tomorrow, but if you’re happy to wait till after, we can go together? I can provide moral support and motivation,’ he offers and my heart flutters.

How is he so damn perfect?

‘Um, yeah. I’d like that.’

By the time I’m serving up the carbonara for Micah and I, Sinn has gone to meet his friends. I caught a glimpse of him before he left, wearing a fitted black t-shirt that shows off all of his muscles and ink, some tight black jeans and timberlands, he’s a walking sex God.

‘How come you didn’t want to go tonight?’ I ask Micah whilst we eat.

‘I promised Jett I’d be in early tomorrow to help him with this rush job, need it done by 12 so I can’t have a late one,’ he replies.

After dinner, I sit with him in the living room. We watch TV and play on his playstation.

I’ll admit he’s not so bad to live with.


I roll over and frown as I try to pinpoint what I’m hearing. There’s lots of scuffing noises and cursing. I sit up and rub my eyes, what time is it?

I check my phone and groan when I see it’s 3:37am.

I slide out of bed and poke my head out of my bedroom, to check the landing. All of the lights are off and the door to Micah’s room is closed.

There’s another scratching noise and a louder curse.

It must be Sinn coming home.

I pad down the stairs and unlock the front door, I pull it open to reveal Sinn. He’s on his knees on the welcome mat, key in the air, in line with the lock.

‘Thanks!’ He grins and gets to his feet.

He stumbles forwards and catches himself against the wall.

‘Couldn’t fit it in the hole,’ he snickers.

He actually snickers and steps inside.

‘How much did you drink?’ I whisper, conscious of waking Micah.

‘Embarrassingly, not that much.’ He chuckles and toes off his shoes.

‘Get inside.’

I push him further into the hallway and lock the door behind him. He reaches for the banister, misses and stumbles backwards into me.

‘Oops!’ He says loudly and I hush him.

‘Ssh, Micah is asleep!’ I hiss and I put my hands on his shoulders, guiding him upstairs.

We eventually get to the top of the stairs and he creeps dramatically into his bedroom. I follow him, wanting to make sure he makes it to the bed.

He pulls his t-shirt backwards off of his head, revealing his lovely chest. I quickly turn away when he starts on his belt buckle, I wince when I hear his jeans drop to the floor.


Now, he’s naked.

I pour him a glass of water from the bathroom. When I come back in, he’s tucked up in bed. Luckily for me, everything is covered.

I put the water on the bedside table.

‘Here’s some water, wake me if you need anything or you feel sick, alright?’ I tell him, eyeing him worriedly.

He grabs my wrist and pulls me down to sit on the side of the bed.

‘Thanks Lils, you’re the best,’ he slurs and I roll my eyes.

I move to stand up but he yanks me back down.

‘Stay!’ He yells and instinctively, I slap my hand over his mouth.

‘Ssh!’ I hiss.

His eyes darken and get this playful look.

I inhale sharply as he licks my palm, which would be gross, if he weren’t dragging his tongue piercing along my skin. The barbell scrapes against the sensitive skin on my hand and the sensation goes straight to my pussy.

What would that feel like?

He knows exactly what I’m picturing. He pulls away from my hand and grins at me.

I look down, embarrassed, and catch sight of his nipple piercings glinting in the moonlight that seeps through the curtains.

‘So, where’s the eleventh one?’ I ask before I can stop myself, wondering if he’ll tell me now that he’s drunk.

‘Wouldn’t you like to know.’ He winks and I scoff.

‘Goodnight, Sinn,’ I say and stand up.

‘Hey.’ He grabs my hand again.

‘You can find out if you want, not tonight, but another time?’ He offers and gives me that knee-weakening grin.

‘Goodnight, Sinn,’ I repeat and leave the room before I change my mind.


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