Sinnful Temptations

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Chapter Five


Lilah’s POV.

Four PM comes round faster than I realise. I change into a sports bra, vest and leggings. I’m tying up my laces when Sinn comes through the front door.

‘Hey. Just give me one minute to get changed and then we can go,’ he says and I nod.

I fill up my water bottle and wait for him by the door.

He jogs down the stairs, wearing gym shorts and t-shirt. The shorts show off his inked legs.

Fucking hell, even his legs are hot.

‘Let’s go.’

I follow him outside to his black BMW. I’m pleasantly surprised when he opens the door for me.

I slide onto the leather seats and inhale the delicious smell of him filling the car.

‘Did your head hurt this morning?’ I ask him, unable to wipe the smug look off my face.

‘Yeah, a bit.’ He chuckles and pulls out of the drive.

‘Thank you for getting me to bed, it’s been a while since I’ve had a girl put me in bed and not get in it with me,’ he jokes and I pull a face.

‘Gross. You were so loud, I was worried you were gonna wake Micah up.’

‘I’ll apologise to him later, I didn’t realise he had an early start,’ he replies with a grimace.

‘It’s okay, Micah won’t mind.’

We continue chatting on the way to the gym. Once inside, we both hit the treadmills. I start on a fast walk and Sinn jogs next to me.

The man has the stamina of a horse. I’m seriously impressed by how long he maintains his pace next to me.

I change the programme to intervals, doing two minutes running with one minute recoveries.

Sinn finishes his warm up and goes over to the weights section behind me. I spend twenty minutes on the treadmill and then move onto the stepper.

I change my music to something with a good beat and begin climbing the steps. My eyes wander over to the weights section, searching for Sinn.

My mouth dries when I see him.

He’s deadlifting a bar with huge weights on either end. His eyes on focussed on his reflection in the mirror, his forehead glistens with sweat and his arm muscles are bulging.

I chug some water to get some moisture back in the top part of my body.

After fifteen minutes on the stepper, sweat is trickling down my face and neck. I feel disgusting.

I make my way to the spin bikes so I can sit down. I change the resistance to medium and cycle for fifteen minutes.

Then, I move over to the cross trainer to continue pushing my legs, but this time I can work my arms too.

I’ve been on it about twelve minutes, when I feel a tap on my shoulder. I look over to see Sinn stood by the machine. I pull out my headphones and get off.

‘Wanna head home or do you want to stay a bit longer?’ He offers and I give him my best dead-pan look.

‘Are you kidding? Take me home so I can shower, please,’ I tell him and he laughs.

As we’re leaving, we both overhear the conversation between two girls on the spin bikes.

‘See, why can’t my boyfriend come to the gym with me? They look so cute,’ she comments to her friend and they both look at us.

Sinn glances over and purses his lips to stop himself laughing.

‘You hear that?’ He asks once we’re out of their earshot.

‘They think we make a cute couple,’ he nudges me.

‘There is nothing cute about me right now, I resemble a sweaty tomato,’ I groan and get into his car.

He looks at me for a moment, considering my statement.

‘Hmm, I’d say more like a glowing strawberry.’

‘Shut up and take me home so I can have a cold shower.’

‘What? Did the thought of us as a couple get you all riled up?’ He teases and I snort.

‘Give it a rest.’


I take a long shower when we get back, cleaning the sweat off of my body. I wrap a towel around my hair and tuck another under my arms. I flop down on my bed, feeling too lazy to get dressed yet.

A knock on my door makes me jump. I make sure my towel is covering the important stuff and then shout for whoever it is to come in.

Sinn pops his beautiful face around the door. He grins when he sees me sprawled on the bed in nothing but towels.

‘Well, hello there.’ He winks at me and I roll my eyes.

‘What do you want, pervert?’ I ask him and he pretends to be hurt.

‘Is that any way to speak to your boyfriend?’ He retorts and my heart falters in its beat.

For a second, I’m caught up in his words, then I realise he is referring to the girl in the gym who thought we were a couple.

‘Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that the guys and I are going out for some drinks tonight, that new bar is doing half price drinks, if you wanna join us,’ he offers and I thank him.

I text Kira and see if she’s free. Only a few minutes later she responds with a hell yes.

I decide to get ready at Kira’s.

Before I leave, I stop by Sinn’s room and get his number so he can text me when they’re there. I try not to focus on his chest when he answers the door with nothing but a pair of jeans on, but it’s very hard when it’s right in front of me.

The image stays with me the whole way on the journey to Kira’s. I pay the taxi and meet her inside to get ready.

A few hours later, I’m ready. Dressed in a see-through top, black bra and jeans, with bright red heels, I feel good. I run my fingers through my pin-straight hair and check my eyelashes are stuck on nicely.

‘Text Deliciously Sinnful,’ Kira calls from her bathroom.

I smile at her nickname for him. ‘Find out if he’s there yet!’

I do as she asks and a few minutes later, my phone buzzes with a reply.

Here now, it’s packed, get your cute ass over here.

My stomach flutters at his reply and I mentally scold myself. I need to stop acting like a child with a crush and start thinking of how much my brother will kill me and him if anything happens.

We get a taxi to the bar, I feel overcome with nerves and excitement when we step inside. It’s loud and busy, people are chatting over the music and the queue for the bar is at least four people deep all the way round.

‘Wow, it’s rammed,’ Kira shouts over the music and takes my hand.

I allow her to lead me through the crowds, I soon spot who she has seen. Jett is stood at a bar table near the back, Kira weaves through the people and soon Micah and their friend Chad comes into view.

My heart starts beating faster at the prospect of seeing Sinn.

‘Hey guys,’ Kira greets the boys and they all turn to face us.

We all greet each other and exchange pleasantries, but my mind is on Sinn.

‘Where’s Sinn?’ Kira asks and I want to hug her.

She’s such a good friend, asking the question she knows I want to ask, but won’t.

‘He’s talking to that hottie over there,’ Chad says and my stomach drops.

My eyes follow his gaze and land on Sinn. He looks completely edible in a white t-shirt that shows off every contour and all his ink. His piercings are glinting in his ears and he’s wearing a long necklace around his neck. He looks so fucking sexy.

But then I see the girl next to him.

She’s tall and wearing chunky wedge heels. She looks incredible in a tiny body-con skirt and barely-there bralet.

She’s mixed race, with beautiful coffee-coloured skin and permed brown hair. Tattoos cover her midriff and left thigh, and she has a sleeve. She laughs at something he says and I catch a glimpse of her face, with almond shaped eyes and huge lips.

She’s stunning.

I try to tear my eyes away from them, but I can’t. She puts her hand on his bicep as they talk animatedly. It sucks to watch.

It’s not like I have any claim over him, or that I’d be kissing him if he were here with us. I know I get jealous easily. I just want him over here so I can talk to him.

I force myself to look away and I see Kira looking at me sympathetically.

‘Let’s get a drink.’ I grab her hand and pull her over to the bar.

‘They’re just talking,’ Kira tries to reassure me as we wait in line.

‘I know, and he doesn’t even know I like him. This is stupid,’ I groan and try to convince myself that my feelings are ridiculous.

‘Maybe you should tell him,’ she suggests and I look at her like she’s grown a second head.

‘Are you kidding? Micah will never talk to me again if he found out I’d gone after one of his friends, and besides, Sinn would never be interested in a girl like me,’ I scoff at the idea.

We buy our drinks and head back to the table. I purposely position myself so my back is to them so I can’t be tempted to look over.

I distract myself by talking to Jett and my brother, whilst Kira gets her flirt on with Chad.

Almost half an hour later, I’ve finished my drink and Sinn is still talking to the woman.

I glance over at Kira and see her staring with wide eyes in Sinn’s direction. Unable to resist, I look over my shoulder to see what she’s looking at and another spike of jealousy runs through me.

The woman has lifted her top and is showing something, probably a tattoo, on her ribs to Sinn. He’s leaned down to see better and is running his fingers over her skin.

I grimace and turn back to Kira. She slips away from Chad and shuffles around the table to stand next to me.

‘Want to get another drink?’ She asks and I shake my head.

‘Don’t hate me, but I don’t really want to be here anymore,’ I say and she smiles.

‘No problem, gal. Plenty more bars in the city.’ She winks and slides her hand into mine.

‘We’re off to another bar guys, might see you later!’ She tells the guys and starts to pull me to the exit.

How did I get so lucky to to have such a good friend?

She leads me through the crowd again. I look over my shoulder at Sinn one last time.

My heart skips a beat when I see he is looking directly at me. He’s finally noticed that I’m here. He frowns, seeing me heading towards the exit with Kira.

‘You leaving?’ He mouths at me and I nod.

I quickly turn away before I change my mind.

Once we’re outside, Kira and I walk ten minutes to our favourite cocktail bar.

‘You’re the most amazing friend, thank you.’ I buy her a cocktail and we toast.

‘I’ve got you, gal. I know he wasn’t doing anything, but that really sucked to see,’ she says and I feel a little less crazy for feeling jealous.

We have another two drinks and get our dance on.

I check the time on my phone and see that Sinn has text me an hour ago, twice. I didn’t realise.

Why did you leave? You should have come and said hi.

Where are you now? We’re in Pure, come meet me.

I tuck my clutch under my arm and text him back.

Sorry, didn’t check my phone till now. We’re on the other side of town, have a good night.

It’s a little blunt, but it’ll do. I put my phone back in my clutch and turn back to Kira.

We stay out a few hours longer, until just after midnight, then Kira insists on getting food. I get some chips and mayo, and she orders a huge kebab. I gag as I watch her eat it.

‘I don’t know how you stomach that, it’s disgusting,’ I comment and she scoffs at me.

‘It’s beautiful,’ she replies and shoves more into her mouth.

We get a taxi, it stops at hers first and we say goodbye. Then, it drops me at mine. The boys aren’t home yet, I unlock the door and let myself in.

I get ready for bed, taking off my make-up, cleaning my teeth and getting undressed. I slide under the covers, my ears still ringing from the loud music.

It doesn’t take me long to fall asleep.


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