Sinnful Temptations

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Chapter Eight


Lilah’s POV.

Saturday mornings. Always my favourite.

I wake up early and decide to make pancakes for breakfast. I’m pouring the batter in when Sinn enters the kitchen. Dressed for a day at the ink parlour, he’s wearing faded jeans and a tight t-shirt that leaves nothing to the imagination.

‘Morning handsome,’ I joke.

My cheeks blushing at the random compliment, what is wrong with me?

I turn away so he won’t see my cheeks and continue, ‘Would you like a pancake?’

‘Maybe one, I need to leave in fifteen,’ he answers and takes a seat at the breakfast bar.

I serve one up on a plate and he covers it in syrup.

‘Thank you, but I’m gonna have to go to the gym now.’ He sighs and digs in.

‘Yeah, same, but don’t worry, I made them with extra protein and little carbs,’ I tell him and begin making one for myself.

‘Wanna go together again?’ He offers and I look over my shoulder in surprise.

‘You sure?’ I reply and he frowns.

‘Why not?’

‘Well, I don’t want you to think that you have to invite me just because we go to the same gym,’ I tell him and his frown deepens.

‘I need a gym partner, the lads all go to that posh gym downtown. It takes way too long to get there with rush hour traffic, our gym is so much closer,’ he explains.

‘Don’t think I’m asking you just to be polite, Lils. I want you to come with me, makes me train harder.’ He winks and I blush.

I turn back to the pan before I burn my pancake.

‘Then sure, I’d love to come. I’ll be ready at four again?’ I suggest and he nods.

We sit and eat our pancakes together. I make two more and put them in the fridge for Micah when he comes home from work later.

Sinn heads off to work and I meet Kira at hers so we can finish our assignments.

Much like last Saturday, Sinn comes home and picks me up. Then, we go to the gym together.

We don’t train together, I stick to my cardio and he swaps between cardio and weight training. Feeling a little bolder after our session, I suggest that next week I might hit the weights section with him. I’m thinking 5kg barbells and some squats, but still, makes a change from the treadmill.

When we get home, Chad, Micah and some guy I don’t know, are in the kitchen.

Chad sees me in the corridor and calls me in.

‘Hey, do you know where Sinn was last night? He wasn’t answering our calls,’ Chad says and I swallow hard, feeling guilty.

‘I was ditched on a date and he came and picked me up,’ I tell him and he smirks at me.

‘Oh, I see. He bailed on the boys for you, what happened to bros before hoes?’ Chad shakes his head with amusement.

I glare at him and Micah jumps to my defense.

‘You calling my sister a hoe, wanker?’ Micah asks and Chad immediately puts his hands up in surrender.

‘It’s just a saying! You know you’re not a hoe, Lilah. I’m sorry,’ Chad apologises genuinely, I roll my eyes.

Sinn really bailed on his friends to stay with me?

I go upstairs for a shower and come down with wet hair, no make-up, wearing a jumper and leggings. Sinn is now sat with the boys, they’re all leaning against the counters and drinking beers.

At 6PM? Wow.

‘Boys,’ I greet them and flick the kettle on.

‘Are you coming out with us tonight?’ Chad asks.

I glance at Micah for his opinion and he just shrugs.

I have to admit, Micah is a good brother.

Not many boys would allow their younger sister to hang out with them and their friends so often. He doesn’t have a problem with me hanging out with them, but I guarantee that has something to do with the fact I don’t get with any of his friends, so he doesn’t mind me being here.

‘Um, hadn’t thought about it,’ I reply honestly and make myself a cup of tea.

‘Why don’t you invite Kira?’ Micah suggests and I shake my head.

‘She’s on a date tonight,’ I reply.

‘Have you not gonna any other girl friends?’ Chad asks and wiggles his eyebrows. ‘Preferably hot, single friends.’

I roll my eyes.

‘Kira’s my only girl friend I’m afraid, my life is a bit of a sausage fest,’ I joke.

It’s true, I’ve always had more guy friends than girls.

‘Then, just come out with us lads,’ the guy I don’t know suggests with a shrug.

‘Oh, sorry, this is Tamas by the way,’ Micah introduces us.

‘Fine, but I’ll need some time to get ready,’ I say and they all groan, including Sinn.

‘That’s fine. We’ll have pre’s down here, come down when you’re ready. We’ll probs get the taxi about 8?’ Micah says and I hurry upstairs.

Me and four lads, what can go wrong?

I do my make-up whilst my hair dries down my back, I choose a revealing outfit because I’m going out with the boys, I feel more comfortable because any unwanted attention is less likely to happen when I’m surrounded by guys.

I slip on the see-through black mesh dress, underneath it is a black bodysuit. It shows off a nice bit of cleavage, my legs and my butt.

I finish drying my hair with a hairdryer and then straighten it. When it’s pin straight down my back, I spritz my perfume and check my eyelashes. I grab my clutch and look at the time, only taken me just over an hour, that’s not that bad.

I slide into my heels and carefully come downstairs, I enter the kitchen and all of their eyes land on me. My cheeks warm under their gazes, luckily my foundation hides the colour.

‘Damn,’ Chad comments and Tamas whistles at me.

But my eyes are on Sinn. His hand is paused mid air, lifting the bottle to his lips. His chestnut eyes are focussed on me, his face is too enigmatic for me to determine what he is thinking.

‘I don’t like that outfit,’ Micah comments disapprovingly and Chad laughs.

‘Too bad mate, cause I do.’ Chad winks at me and I grimace.

Micah slaps the back of his head and he protests loudly.

‘We’re just waiting for Kyle,’ Tamas tells me and I nod.

I pour myself a glass of rosé from the bottle in the fridge. I stand a little bit away from Sinn and lean against the kitchen counter.

The boys continue their conversation and I get out my phone, but I can feel Sinn’s gaze on me. It’s magnetic.

The doorbell rings and Micah lets Kyle in. Like Jett, I’ve known him since we were kids.

He grins when he sees me. He’s cute, I had a crush on him years ago when I was a teenager, but not anymore. He looks like a typical surfer boy, with a deep tan, ocean blue eyes and unruly blonde curly hair.

I tense up as he approaches me, wondering if he’ll do what he always does when he sees me.

‘Hey Lilah, what’s it been? Almost three months?’ He smiles.

‘Yeah, it’s been a while,’ I return his smile and then he does it.

He leans in and presses a quick kiss to my lips before pulling me into a hug. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Sinn visibly tense up.

He always does it, he’s done it for as long as I can remember. I think he first started doing it to piss Micah off.

‘Fuck you, Kyle,’ Micah calls from behind us.

‘Good to see you girl, you’re looking incredible,’ he compliments me and then goes over to chat to the boys.

I join the conversation and we drink for another hour. I only have two drinks, knowing my limits. For Micah and Kyle however, it’s a different story. I don’t realise it at first because I’m chatting with Tamas, but Micah is mortal.

When I finally talk to him, he’s slurring his words and stumbling about.

‘Guys, I don’t think I’m gonna make it out,’ Micah apologises, his eyelids half closed.

‘I’ll make sure he gets to his room.’ Chad laughs and puts Micah’s arm around his shoulders and helps him upstairs.

I know Micah well enough to know he will be fine, he doesn’t know his limits well and this isn’t the first time he hasn’t made it out. He might even recover and meet us in a few hours.

Kyle is rather drunk too, which makes me a bit hesitant because he usually gets tactile when he’s drunk. Usually to try and piss Micah off because they enjoy winding each other up.

‘So, Lilah, am I going to get a dance tonight?’ Kyle purrs and slaps my butt playfully.

I flinch and glare at him.

‘Don’t touch my ass without permission, Kyle,’ I scold him, only half joking.

‘And no, you will not,’ I reply and push him away.

He puts his hands up in surrender and returns to the conversation with Tamas. I jump as I feel Sinn’s arm slide around my waist, he pulls me back against his chest.

It’s funny that, with Sinn, I’d never push him away.

‘Are you okay?’ He asks and I look up at him. I can feel the heat of his body emanating through his t-shirt.

‘Yeah, Kyle can just get a bit touchy when he’s been drinking,’ I reply and Sinn’s eyes narrow in irritation.

‘Yeah, I saw. He kissed you, too,’ he almost growls and I hold back a smile.

‘He’s always done that, since we were teenagers, he likes to wind Micah up.’

‘Well, I think it worked,’ Sinn replies.

I get the feeling it worked on him, too.

I relax into his touch, relieved that Micah is upstairs so I don’t have to worry about him seeing us like this.

As much as I fancy him, I also appreciate having Sinn as a friend. He cheers me up, makes me laugh, he’s always there for me and he comforts me. I’m glad he’s coming out with us tonight, I feel safer because he is.

‘Right, taxi’s here, let’s go!’ Chad calls, having come down from escorting Micah to his room.

We all clamber in, I end up wedged in the back between Sinn and Chad.

My bare thigh is pressed against Sinn’s jean-clad one, I can feel the heat radiating through them and desire swirls through me.

Damn it, get a hold of yourself girl.

Thankfully, we reach the bar quickly and we all get out. My heart flutters when Sinn offers his hand to help me out, what a gentleman.

We get our drinks inside and find a table, taking our seats on the barstools. The music is loud but not so much that we can’t talk.

Chad informs us he’s been texting Jett, and soon Jett and his friend Tommy come over to join us. Now it’s me and five lads, but that’s okay.

I stand with Sinn and we talk some more about his tattoo business. To my great pleasure, he points out different ones on his arms and hands, telling me the meanings behind them.

I go up to the bar to get another drink, I’m waiting to be served when a random comes over and stands near me.

‘Damn, you’re so hot,’ he comments and I force a smile.

‘Thanks,’ I mutter and pointedly turn back to the cocktail menu.

‘Let me buy you a drink.’

‘Thank you, but I’m alright.’

‘Come on, just one?’ He offers and I shake my head.

‘No, thanks.’

‘I’m getting you one,’ he decides and tries to wave down the bartender.

‘She said no,’ Sinn’s voice fills my ears and I smile, feeling his chest against my back.

‘What are you? Her boyfriend?’ The random sneers and my smile widens at Sinn’s reply.

‘Yes, fuck off,’ he swears.

‘Alright, man. Dunno what she expects, dressing like a whore,’ the random insults me and I laugh.

I grab Sinn’s arm before he can go after him.

‘Respect,’ I reply to the random and he walks away in a huff.

That’s what I expect; respect.

Doesn’t matter how I dress, how much skin I show or cover up; respect, always.

I could be in a burkha and a niqāb or in a bikini, and I’d still expect the same respect.

‘What an asshole,’ Sinn mutters angrily and takes his place in front of me.

Once we’ve bought our drinks, we return to the table. I get out my phone and text Kira, asking how her date is going.

‘Oi, Sinn, that bird you were banging is here,’ Tommy says and a sour taste forms in my mouth.

I grimace and reach for my drink.

I refuse to look up and see her, so I keep my eyes focussed on my phone, whilst I wait for Sinn’s reply.

‘Her name is Jess,’ he answers, his voice non-committal.

‘You gonna go talk to her or what?’ Tommy continues and I want him to shut up.

‘Nope, not interested,’ he replies.

I look up, feeling his gaze on me. I can’t decipher what he’s thinking.

Why is he looking at me whilst talking about her?


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