Sinnful Temptations

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Chapter Nine


Lilah’s POV.

We have some more drinks and then walk over to the club. The flashing lights and loud music seem to make the alcohol hit me faster, and I feel myself getting tipsy.

I’m looking longingly at the dance-floor, whilst everyone talks and Sinn steps closer to me.

‘Want to dance?’ He asks quietly in my ear, his voice husky and full of promise.

I nod and he takes my hand, leading me over to the throbbing crowd. The music is almost deafening and strobe lighting flashes around the room. I jump when I feel Sinn’s large hands land on my waist, pulling me close to his body.

For such a big, muscular guy that’s covered in piercings and tattoos, he can really dance. He’s perfectly in time with the beat and makes me feel like I have two left feet. I resort to my only move, I turn around and grind on him.

I sway my hips and roll them, twerking gently against him whilst his hands grip me tighter. The feel of his zipper against my ass does things to me, how I wish we were doing this without the clothes in my room. And maybe without the hundreds of people surrounding us, but then again, he’s so attractive they probably wouldn’t stop me.

I put my arms above my head and he runs his hands down my body as I grind against him. I turn back around in his arms, my breath catches in my throat when I see how dark and lustful his eyes are.

He pulls me closer and leans down slightly, I look up at him and swallow hard. There’s only a few inches between our lips, I could so easily close the distance and kiss him. I can see that’s what he’s waiting for, he won’t make the first move.

I quickly pull away and flash him a smile.

I can’t do this, he’s my brother’s best friend and Micah would be furious. He’s probably just wanting this cause he’s drunk and horny, tomorrow he’d regret it.

‘Come on,’ I call and take his hand, leading him back over to the group.

‘Have fun?’ Kyle raises an eyebrow and grins at us. I roll my eyes at him and finish my drink.

We decide to move up a floor, where the music is quieter and we can talk more.

We get more drinks and stand around a table, I talk to Tamas with Sinn on my right talking to Chad and Kyle.

Tamas is telling me about his job when I literally feel Sinn tense up next to me.

‘Hey, Sinn.’ A girl’s voice fills my ears and I instantly drown out Tamas’ voice and focus on her.

‘Jess,’ I hear him bite out the name and I freeze, recognising the name from earlier. She’s the girl he’s been banging.

‘Haven’t seen you in a while,’ her breathy voice spikes jealousy through me and I reach for my drink.

‘I know.’

I frown when I hear his reply, his voice is cold. I’ve never heard him sound like this.

‘You haven’t been answering my texts.’ Her sweet voice is quieter now, she’s offended I imagine.

‘I told you it was over Jess, I’m not interested,’ he says bluntly and I wince for her.

Why is he being mean?

‘I don’t understand, I thought we were having a good time...’ She trails off.

I force myself to listen to what Tamas is saying, politely nod and say ‘Oh, really?’

‘It’s over, leave me alone from now on.’ Sinn’s voice reaches my ears again.

Although I’m jealous of this girl, I don’t like the way he’s talking to her.

I don’t hear her response but I see her walk away, she’s lovely. She has tattoos all over her arms and blonde hair that falls down her back, she’s slim and curvy at the same time.

I wait for Tamas to finish and then I turn to Sinn, who has a face like thunder as he drinks his beer.

‘That was a dick move, Sinn,’ I tell him and his eyes narrow on me.

‘You don’t know what you’re talking about,’ he replies and I flinch at his voice. His eyes soften when he realises how he’s spoken to me.

‘I might not know what happened, but I know that that is no way to treat someone you once cared about.’ I cross my arms over my chest and he sighs, running his hand through his hair.

‘We were only seeing each other for a month, it was nothing serious and she knew it, but she got annoyed when I called things off,’ he explains and I give him a ‘duh’ look.

‘Obviously! She probably thought it was going somewhere and you just took the rug out from under her feet. She has every right to be hurt,’ I defend her.

I might not know her, but girls have to have each other’s backs.

‘I didn’t want anything more! That’s not my fault,’ he retorts, looking exasperated with this conversation.

‘No, it’s not, but it is your fault if you didn’t end things the right way,’ I tell him and I realise the boys have moved round to the other side of the table and are having their own conversation.

‘I told her we needed to stop seeing each other, what other way was there to do it?’ He asks, putting his hands up vexedly.

’With tact and gently, you didn’t need to be harsh about it.′ I sigh and realise that it’s really none of my business.

‘Look, it’s your life, but don’t be surprised if you get a hoard of angry girls coming after you if you treat them like that.’

Sinn sighs too and leans towards me.

‘Do you want me to apologise to her?’ He asks and I narrow my eyes.

‘You shouldn’t have to ask me, you should know that it’s the right thing to do, you should know that is not how you treat people,’ I say and walk away from him.

I go over to the bar to get another drink.

I have only ever seen the sweet, lovely side of Sinn. It sucks seeing his cold, detached side. I’ve been blown off and ghosted by guys before, it sucks. I don’t like the fact he’s done it to the girl. I know I’ve probably crossed a line, but I’d want another girl to do it if I were in Jess’s position.

I glance around and my eyes land on Jess, who is waiting by the bar just along from me, a glum look on her face.

‘Hey, Jess, right?’ I step over to her and she looks up in surprise.

I see the recognition in her eyes, she obviously saw me at the table.

‘Yeah, you are?’

‘I’m Lilah, Sinn lives with my brother and I,’ I tell her and smile.

‘He’s a dick,’ she mutters and looks down at her hands.

‘I’ve never seen him act like that, I just spoke to him about it. Guys can be so blind sometimes.’ I roll my eyes and she laughs humourlessly.

‘Yeah. I knew we were never exclusive or anything serious, but I thought we were having a good time, then a week ago he just ghosts me and then calls things off,’ she shakes her head.

I swallow hard.

Just over a week ago he moved into our house.

‘I have no idea why, but I know that you deserve better than that,’ I tell her.

I catch a movement in my peripherals and I see Sinn coming towards us with a guilty look on his face.

‘See you later, Jess,’ I tell her and quickly move to another side of the bar so they can speak in private.

By the time I’ve been served and gotten my drink, they’ve finished talking and Sinn is back with the boys. I put my drink down on the table and Sinn leans close to me, close enough that his delicious cologne surrounds me.

‘Can I talk to you outside?’ He asks and I nod, he takes my hand in his large one, making my heart flutter. He leads me up to the balcony; a large smoking area lined with fairy lights.

We move away from the clouds of smoke and find our own corner by the railings, he looks so handsome. The fairy lights catch his piercings, the bar in his eyebrow glints at me.

‘I apologised to Jess,’ he states and runs his hand nervously through his dark hair. ‘I wanted to apologise to you too though, I got defensive, I knew I had acted badly and I didn’t want to admit it,’ he explains and I’m genuinely surprised he’s saying this.

I’ve never known guys who admit to their mistakes and apologise for them! Trying to get an apology out of Micah is like trying to get blood out of a stone.

‘It’s okay, it was really none of my business,’ I reply but he grimaces.

‘I don’t want you thinking I’m a bad guy, Lils. I promise you I’m not, I handled the situation with Jess badly, it’s not something I’ve done before and I had my reasons for breaking it off with her, I just didn’t go about it the right way.’

‘You don’t have to explain yourself to me, Sinn,’ I reassure him, ‘I’m sorry for butting in, it wasn’t my place to say anything.’

He pins me with his eyes, they’re so intense it takes my breath away.

‘I want to explain myself, you know the real me and I don’t treat women that way. I thought in the long run, it would be better to cut all ties with Jess quickly, but I should have been more tactful about it,’ he says and I smile.

I step towards him and wrap my arms around his waist in a hug. He’s surprised at first but then hugs me back, resting his chin on the top of my head.

‘Do you forgive me?’ He asks quietly, and I can tell my forgiveness means a lot to him.

‘Of course, there’s nothing to forgive,’ I say. ‘Did Jess forgive you?’

‘Yeah. When I explained the reason and apologised, she understood and said we’re cool,’ he replies and I’m really curious as to what this reason is, but I figure he’s not going to tell me.

‘Come on, let’s get pissed,’ I suggest.

Two hours later, it’s gone midnight and we are all hammered.

We’ve all stumbled about on the dance-floor, I’ve been wing-woman for Chad and Tamas, and Jett and Sinn have to carry me out and into the taxi.

I lie down on Sinn’s lap in the taxi home, the boys each get dropped off and then finally, it’s our house.

Sinn throws me over his shoulder, giving me a lovely view of his backside, which I slap and giggle. He unlocks the door, shushes me and carries me upstairs.

He places me on the bed and slides off my heels.

‘Can you pass the make-up wipes please?’ I ask him and gesture to the packet on the side.

He hands them over and goes to get ready for bed and clean his teeth. I’m drunk, but still able to think somewhat clearly. I take my make-up off and clean my teeth.

I have to wipe my mouth with a towel afterwards because I’ve gotten toothpaste all around my mouth with my clumsy movements.

Sinn knocks on my door and steps inside, wearing nothing but a pair of grey joggers.

He looks sinful.

‘Just wanted to make sure you got to bed safely, remember to sleep on your side,’ he says worriedly and I grin at him.

‘I’ll be fine,’ I giggle, I reach for the bottom of my dress.

Before he can react, I pull it up and over my shoulders, but it gets stuck around my head.

‘Sinn, some help please.’ I laugh and try to loosen it but I’m stumbling all over the place. I probably look like a headless chicken.

I hear him curse under his breath and he steps towards me.

‘You’re going to be the death of me, Lils,’ he says quietly and tugs the dress from my head.

I look up at him, our eyes meeting in the moon-lit room. He keeps his eyes on mine, not letting them stray lower to my underwear-clad body.

I don’t feel embarrassed standing in front of him in nothing but a bra and thong, but that’s the alcohol.

’Kira calls you Sinfully delicious....I get why,′ I mumble, he tenses under my touch when I run my finger down his chest.

‘You should get some sleep.’ Sinn wraps his hand around my wrist and pulls my hand away from him.

I slide under the covers and a naughty thought pops into my head, the words fall out before I can stop them.

‘Sinn?’ I call and he turns around by the door.

‘Please could you stay in my bed tonight? I don’t want to be alone,’ I say in a small voice and I see his knuckles turn white from the force he grips the door with.

‘I don’t think that’s a good idea, Lilah.’ His voice is deep and husky and makes me clench my thighs together under the duvet.

‘Please?’ I give him my best puppy dog eyes.

He hesitates another moment, curses under his breath and then marches over to the bed. He slides under the covers and turns away from me.

I shuffle over and wrap my arm around him, he tenses under my touch and I snuggle in to spoon him.

‘Night Sinn,’ I whisper.

‘Night, Lils,’ he replies and with that, I fall asleep.


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