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Chapter Ten


Illaria’s POV.

I sit in the centre of the bed, my eyes locked with Lucca’s.

His dark eyes are burning with intense lust as he undoes the buttons on his shirt. The eye contact whilst he undresses is too much, I can’t help but squirm under his gaze.

When his hands move to his trousers, I break the eye contact. I slide off my joggers, leaving me in only Lucca’s t-shirt and my panties. I discarded my bra long ago.

Lucca kicks his trousers off, leaving him in only his black boxers. I’m left breathless at the sight of him. Deliciously dark, tanned skin. Covered in scars and tattoos, like the ultimate bad boy. His muscles are thick and carved into his body.

He’s my favourite fantasy, and he’s real.

Lucca prowls to the bed with a look of determination on his face that kinda scares me. I back up on the bed, trying to keep some distance between us.

He’s having none of that.

He grabs my ankles and pulls me back down the bed, to the edge. His hands make quick work of removing my thong, and suddenly I’m exposed to him.

I try to close my legs, but his hands keep them spread. The disapproving look he gives me makes me stop fighting him.

Lucca buries his head between my legs and licks my pussy, making me gasp. I fall back against the covers and succumb to his wicked mouth.

Lucca Vilenzo is amazing at many things, one of them is oral. He sucks, licks and flicks my clit with an accuracy that has me quivering underneath him.

He carries me through orgasm after orgasm, sending my heart haywire and my toes curling. I’m a gasping, sticky mess when he finally relents.

When I think it’s over and I can barely move, the tearing of fabric has my eyes flashing open.

Lucca has ripped his own t-shirt to strip me naked. I go to cover myself, but his strong hands grab my wrists and pin them to the mattress above my head.

It is only when I feel the head of his cock probing at my pussy, that I realise he has removed his boxers. With a smooth thrust forwards, he enters me completely.

We both moan at the same time, loving the feeling of being joined together. I arch my pelvis up to meet his thrusts and curl my legs up to my chest.

Keeping my hands pinned with one of his, Lucca moves his other hand to my neck. He wraps his fingers around my throat. Not tight enough to cut off circulation, but enough to make me as wet as the ocean. I practically cream around him at the feeling of him choking me.

How does this man know exactly what I want, when I want it?

With his hands stopping me from moving, Lucca pounds into me. His aggressive thrusts shake the bed, the floor, the whole room apparently.

I’m powerless beneath him, and my horny ass loves it.

I clench down on his cock as orgasm number six crashes through me. Tears roll down my cheeks as I cry out Lucca’s name. My undoing is too much for my man, and he comes with me, growling my name through gritted teeth.


Two weeks pass in the blink of an eye.

I settle into my new job and become firm friends with Marty. We go for cocktails after work on Friday nights and coffee before our shifts on Saturday mornings.

Lucca and I get closer and closer. He gives me my space when I ask for it, letting me stay at my flat without argument as long as I have Rocco or Val with me.

With the risk of attack seeming low at the moment, I’ve been allowed to reduce my protection to one bodyguard. To be honest, Lucca, Rocco and Val are so big that I feel safe with even just one of them near me.

Lucca stays over at my flat a couple of nights, giving us a break from the testosterone-filled lodgers in his mansion. His men all live in the mansion with him, Lucca explains to me that their mafia is more like a brotherhood.

I asked if they had any female members, but he said they only had a couple. They used to have more, but children have gotten in the way of their roles. He says he’s lost men to it too, and I can understand why.

Children change your perspective of things, suddenly there’s someone who relies on you and you don’t really want to have a job where you could die on it and leave the child alone.

As such, his mob is rather male-dominated at the moment. I don’t mind it that much, as all of the men are respectful towards me and treat me as an equal.

That’s all I ask for.

Lucca takes me out on dates when he’s not cooking for me. I try to cook for him a couple times, but my food is so horrendously basic next to his exotic meals that I give up on the third attempt. I guess I’ll stick to making breakfast.

People start to recognise us as a couple in the city, the ice cream parlour we regularly visit even gave us a special couple’s loyalty card.

Lucca makes it official, asking me to be his girlfriend. I said yes of course, but he explained to me that he’d thought of me as his girl since our first night together.

I still don’t understand how we can feel so much for each other, so quickly, but I’m not opening that can of worms, I’m happy. Lucca is a man that knows what he wants, and I’m so grateful that it’s me he wants.

I look at him and I look at me. We’re very different people, not just in our jobs, but our looks, our status, our personalities. I know I’m punching with him, he’s out of my league for sure. His paycheck (if he actually had one), would have two more digits than mine each month, no doubt.

I’m nervous as hell come Saturday. Lucca has invited his parents, ex-Mafia Dons, for a family dinner. They live in Italy and are back for a couple of days to see who their son is dating. Apparently it’s a big deal for Lucca to date someone permanently.

I’m terrified of meeting his parents. I mean, in-laws are scary enough to meet for the first time, but ex-Mafia is a whole new level of anxiety. This couple used to kill people for God’s sake.

Thank God that Martina is going to be there too, and Fidello, who is their brother. I’ve yet to meet him, but Marty tells me that he’s a lot more laidback than Lucca. He’s an impulsive gambler, who wins most of the time. There’s a reason that he did not join the family business.

Martina comes to Lucca’s mansion in the afternoon to get ready with me. She makes us both cocktails, which help to calm my nerves. I stop after two, not wanting to be pissed when I meet my boyfriend’s parents.

I choose a floor-length black dress for the occasion, as Lucca told me it is usually a black-tie event when the family meets together.

Martina looks incredible in an emerald green dress. We do each other’s make-up, somehow it looks better when someone else does it for you.

Right on seven o’clock, we make our way downstairs and I hear their parents arriving. Strangely, they’re not staying at Lucca’s mansion. He explained that they have a hotel they always like to stay at when they visit, and they like to be near the city centre.

Martina and I descend the stairs and all gazes swing towards us.

La mia dolce metà,′ Lucca says, holding out his hand to me, ‘Illaria.’

‘It means my better half,’ Marty whispers to me as we approach everyone.

My cheeks flush and my heart flutters.

My better half.

What a sweetheart.

Their parents are both typical Italians, with slightly darker tans than Martina and Lucca. His mother has her black hair up in some sort of chic hairdo, and their father is definitely where Lucca got his handsome looks from.

They kind of remind me of Gomez and Morticia.

Stood next to them is a man I assume to be Fidello. He looks much the same as Lucca, only with a younger face and a more boyish air about him.

I’m immediately embraced by Lucca’s mother, then his father, and finally his brother. It’s a whirlwind experience and my head is still spinning when we finally sit at the table.

His parents introduce themselves as Giovanni and Carmen. They’re lovely and I’m instantly a lot less nervous than I was before. However, you can tell that they’re from Lucca’s world.

They have the same dangerous aura about them. Their eyes scan a room when they enter it, instinctively searching out threats before relaxing. It’s an odd way to be, and I silently wonder if, by staying in Lucca’s life, that is how I will become.

I don’t know how I feel about it.


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