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Chapter Eleven


Illaria’s POV.

During the meal, Lucca’s parents take it upon themselves to learn every single detail about my life. Lucca has to ask them to stop at one point, as I haven’t had a chance to touch my dinner because I’ve been answering their questions.

I don’t mind it, I’d rather they be friendly and interested in me, than cold and disapproving. They seem delighted that Lucca finally has a girlfriend.

There’s mention of his past female company and I take a large gulp of wine at that part. Lucca squeezes my hand under the table and shoots me an apologetic smile, hurrying to change the subject.

After we’ve eaten, we move to the enormous living room in the mansion. It has one of those floor-to-ceiling fire places and an L-shaped sofa that could seat the entire mob.

Posso offrirti qualcosa da bere?′ Lucca asks his mother.

I squeeze my thighs together and try to calm my raging hormones down. He doesn’t understand what it does to me when he speaks Italian with that sexy accent of his.

His mother replies something and a moment later, he returns with a drink. I assume he asked her about a drink.

I really need to learn Italian.

‘How are you coping with my family?’ Fidello asks, pulling me from my thoughts.

I smile at him. ‘They’re lovely, Marty is wonderful and your parents are so welcoming.’

Fidello grins. ‘And Lucca?’

My cheeks warm and my eyes reflexively seek him out in the room. He’s stood with his parents and Marty, laughing at something one of them has said.

He looks unbearably handsome.

I just want to get him upstairs and naked...

I quickly turn my attention back to his brother. ‘ probably the most incredible guy I’ve ever met,’ I reply honestly.

Fidello smirks at me and taps his glass against mine. ‘I’ll drink to that,’ he says and takes a swig. ‘As long as he’s not being too controlling, Lucca has a thing about being in control of everyone and everything,’ Fidello warns, but I can tell it’s lighthearted.

‘Oh he tries, but he also knows to give me my space. He’s very respectful of my wishes.’

Fidello nods in approval.

‘Good.’ He glances at Lucca over his shoulder. ‘I’ve never seen my brother this happy, Illaria. Words cannot express how thankful I am that you are in his life.’

My cheeks flame at his unexpected gratitude.

What is a girl to say to that, other than thank you?

‘Wow, I uh, that’s really sweet of you Fidello,’ I stutter embarrassingly, ‘thank you.’

Lucca looks over at me and our eyes meet. His face softens and a moment later, he’s by my side. He places his hand on my lower back and I subtly move up against him.

Fidello gives us a knowing look and excuses himself, leaving us together.

He lowers his face in my neck and places a kiss on my sweet spot. I try to resist the urge to shiver at the pleasurable sensation that jolts through me.

’Are you having a good evening, dolcezza?′ He murmurs huskily.

His eyes are dark and swirling with desire as they heatedly roam my face.

’Yes, amore, I am,′ I reply teasingly and he lets out a quiet groan.

‘We need to get you learning to speak Italian my love,’ he whispers in my ear, his hot breath fanning my face, ‘and we need to get you into my bed.’

I giggle and nod at him. ‘Yes, we definitely do.’

‘Lucca, darling?’ His mother interrupts our conversation and we both turn to her. ‘Do you think you could spare us a few moments to tell the story of that holiday in Greece? You can fawn over Illaria all you want when we leave,’ she says with a smug grin.

Lucca scowls and ushers me over to his family. He regales them with a story of some holiday in Greece a few years ago, and his family leave an hour or so later.

As much as I loved the evening, I’m relieved when they go. I’m tired and horny and all I want to do is have sex with my boyfriend.

Is that too much to ask?


Lucca and I practically launch at each other when the guests finally leave.

We climb the stairs in a rush and burst into his bedroom. We attack each other’s clothing, fumbling with zips and buttons to get each other naked.

The second we finish getting our clothes off, Lucca grabs my waist and lifts me into the air. My eyes widen with surprise and I grip onto his shoulders instinctively.

He places me onto the centre of the bed, pushes my knees up to my chest and dives down between my legs.

I gasp as his tongue makes contact with my clit. My back arches and he pushes my knees harder, keeping me pressed to the mattress.

Pinned down by my own legs, I can’t move. My body shakes as he draws an orgasm from it. I cry out loudly, overwhelmed by feelings of intense pleasure.

Lucca looks up at me from between my legs. His tongue is still circling my clit as his dark eyes watch my reaction. I can’t maintain eye contact, it’s too intense and it’s a struggle to raise my head up.

Lucca’s eyes close and he returns his focus to my pussy. He slides one of his rough hands down my thigh and I gasp when two thick fingers enter me.

He hooks them inside me and begins rubbing my g-spot. I’m coming apart in seconds.

I’m only just coming down from my high, when Lucca enters me. The veins in his arms are prominent as he holds himself up over me.

His hips roll and he thrusts in and out of me. The feel of his cock against my sensitised walls is incredible. I clench around him and arch my back, trying to get him deeper.

Understanding what I want, Lucca pulls out and flips me over. The room spins as my brain struggles to catch up with what just happened.

He lifts my hips and enters me before I’ve even taken a breath.

His hands settle above my hip bones and with his firm grip, he begins pounding into me. My body shakes with the force of his thrusts, but the repeated action of his dick bumping my cervix has my eyes rolling into the back of my head.

The pleasure is indescribable.

Lucca increases his pace, pushing me closer to my orgasm. His breathing hitches and his grip tightens, telling me that he is close.

I clench around him as pleasure takes over. My whole body tenses and then relaxes. I moan loudly and savour the sweet pleasure that fills me.

Lucca grunts in response and his thrusts become sloppy. He shouts my name and empties himself inside me.

Both of us collapse onto the bed, our breathing heavy and our hearts beating fast. Our bodies are sticky with sweat, but we hold onto one another.

At some point, we have to let go and clean ourselves up. However, we get straight back into bed after, cuddling up to one another.

We lay in each other’s arms, until our breathing is in synchronisation. Lucca makes a content noise at the back of his throat and nuzzles his face into my neck, making me giggle.

Mi piaci molto, dolcezza,′ he murmurs sleepily.

‘What does that mean?’ I whisper back.

‘I really like you,’ he mumbles.

I don’t reply straight away, stunned into silence. The confession is surprising to me, although I guess it is obvious from his actions.

‘I really like you too, Lucca,’ I shyly respond.

He kisses my neck and squeezes me tightly. I fall asleep to his gentle breaths against my skin.


I have a shift at Non Solo Pasta the next day. Lucca is reluctant for me to leave, but he admits that it’s his own fault, as he wanted me to work there.

Valerius picks me up after my shift and takes me back to my flat. I’m not seeing Lucca tonight, he has some illegal activity pencilled in and I want nothing to do with it.

Ignorance is bliss. Or rather, plausible deniability. I’m not getting involved.

I curse as I open my fridge and see there’s no wine. I need some white for my sauce to go with the dinner I’ve planned.

‘Val?’ I call out over my shoulder.

He appears in the doorway a second later.


‘Can we go to the corner shop? I need some white wine.’

He nods and pulls his car keys from his pocket.

‘Sure, I need to get milk for tomorrow as well.’

I find it funny that this grown, macho man lives with a load of other men in the mansion like some fraternity.

Val drives us to the nearest supermarket. I resist a laugh when we enter, we look like a rather strange couple. I’ve changed into my sweats and a t-shirt and thrown my hair up in a bun. I look a bit of a mess, I’ll be honest.

Val is a six foot two, Italian hunk, wearing a very expensive suit. We’re a funny combo, the two of us.

‘Meet you at the checkouts?’ I say to him and he nods.

I head for the wine section and find a cheap but tasty white for my salmon spaghetti. I go to the self-checkout and pay for it.

I wait by the doors, but a group of students fill the self-serve. Val is fourth in the queue, waiting to pay for his milk. He reaches over the barrier and hands me the car keys.

‘Wait in the car for me,’ he says.

I take the keys and walk out to the car. I press the unlock button as I approach, making the lights flash in response.

My hand is on the door handle, opening the door, when someone comes up from behind me. I see the blur of their reflection in the window just above my shoulder.

As I open my mouth to scream, they get me in a headlock.

Panic spikes through me and I struggle to breathe.

Who is doing this?


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