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Chapter Twelve


Illaria’s POV.

I lose my balance, dropping the keys and the bottle of wine. It falls to the floor with a smash, liquid splattering everywhere.

I try to scream, but the tight grip on my neck is restricting my airway. I reach behind my head and find their face, I blindly fumble until I find their eyes and I push my fingers into them. The person loosens their grip and I struggle free of their hold.

I spin around to face my attacker, recognising him instantly.

Fabio lunges at me and I dodge out of the way. I panic and grab the keys from the floor, holding them in a defensive grip. When he lunges for me again, I swipe the keys at his face. He cries out and brings his hand up to his cut cheek.

‘Bitch!’ He curses me.

His eyes catch movement to the left and he bolts. I follow the direction of his gaze and see Valerius sprinting towards me.

Fabio gets into a beat up Corsa, no doubt stolen, and floors it out of the supermarket car park.

‘Are you okay?’ Val asks worriedly when he reaches me.

‘I’m fine,’ I reply and he instantly puts his gun away and pulls out his phone instead.

‘Boss? We’ve had an incident. Fabio just attacked Illaria. She’s okay, no physical harm,’ Val curtly fills in Lucca.

My heart is beating frantically with adrenaline and I struggle to get my breathing even. My eyes land on the shattered wine bottle and I grimace, the events of the last few minutes flashing in my head.

Tears prick my eyes as the adrenaline starts to fade and shock and fear sinks in. Fighting Marco and his friends intentionally is one thing, but fighting off a surprise attack like that was terrifying.

When they last grabbed me, they chloroform’d me and I was out of it. This was so real and sudden, I’m shaken. It wasn’t like my self-defence classes, it was real life. I saw the look in Fabio’s eyes, he wanted to kill me.

Val’s hand on my shoulder makes me jump. His face is full of guilt.

‘I’m so sorry, Illaria. I really didn’t think you were in danger here. Lucca wants me to take you home,’ he says softly.

I shake my head. ‘Don’t worry Val, I thought I was safe too,’ I mumble.

I hand Val the keys and numbly climb into the car. He drives us to Lucca’s in silence.

Lucca is waiting for me on the steps of his mansion when Val pulls up. I jump out of the car and run towards him. He opens his arms to me and catches me when I throw myself at him.

He buries his face in my neck and holds me tightly.

’I was so worried, amore mio,′ he says into my neck.

He puts me down and wipes the silly tears from my face. I’m angry at them for falling without my permission.

Lucca puts his arm around my shoulders and ushers me into his house.

‘I want you to stay here, where I can keep you safe, until we deal with Fabio, okay?’ He says firmly.

I don’t have it in me to argue and truthfully, I always feel safe when I’m with him.

Lucca encourages me to go upstairs and change into a pair of his joggers, apparently I got some of the wine on my legs when the bottle smashed on the ground.

I come downstairs a few minutes later and approach his office. I hear the heated voices of Rocco and Lucca inside.

I know eavesdropping is a bad habit and I shouldn’t do it, but when you know the conversation is about you, it doesn’t matter, right?

I tiptoe near the door, which is slightly ajar, and listen.

‘He needs to be fucking dealt with!’ Lucca snaps, ‘the nerve of him to attack her in broad fucking daylight, in a busy car park, he’s obviously desperate.’

‘I know Boss, I have my guys on it now, we’ll find him,’ Rocco replies dutifully.

‘I can’t believe I wasn’t there, I should have been with her. From now on, I’ll pick her up and drop her off at work when I can. That’ll be all. Thank you, Rocco,’ he says and dismisses his right-hand man.

I leap back a few steps and then walk loudly, alerting them both of my imminent arrival. Lucca has plastered a forced smile on his face when I enter.

Rocco nods at me in greeting and departs, leaving us alone.

I search Lucca’s face, instinctively knowing that something else is wrong. I don’t know what it is between us, how we know each other so well, so fast, but I can tell something is up. It’s not me being’s something else.

Why was Fabio alone today? Marco hates me much more than Fabio does.

Where was Marco?

Lucca shifts under my scrutinising gaze, no doubt feeling nervous. I take a step closer to him and search his dark eyes.

He looks guilty. But why?

It’s like a light bulb flicks on in my head.

I narrow my eyes and ask a question that I don’t really want an answer to.

‘Where is Marco?’

Lucca’s jaw tenses and his hands fist at his sides. ‘Pardon?’

I glare at him. He heard me. He’s trying to buy time.

I cross my arms over my chest. ‘Where is Marco? What did you do to him?’

Lucca swallows visibly and runs a hand through his black locks.

Dolcezza,′ he murmurs the nickname in his thick accent, knowing exactly what it does to me.

I try to stand my ground, but he breaks my walls down when he says that one word in that voice...

He rounds the desk and steps towards me. His eyes are pleading and his posture tense.

‘He wasn’t going to stop, he was going to hurt you...’

‘What did you do to him, Lucca?’ I ask firmly.

Cazzo.′ Lucca’s full lips press into a thin line and he exhales loudly. ‘I made sure he wouldn’t hurt you.’

I resist rolling my eyes. ‘Did you kill him?’ I question nervously.

Funnily enough, this isn’t a question I thought I’d have to ask the man I’m dating.

He nods slowly. ‘Yes, I did.’

I exhale shakily, not realising I’d been holding my breath, waiting for him to answer. I don’t know why I’m surprised, I knew that he had from the start. It’s Lucca, his world is different to mine.

He reaches out to me and pulls my stiff body in his arms. He nuzzles his face into my neck and inhales deeply.

’I’d do anything for you, gattina,′ he murmurs, ′anything to keep you safe.′

I can’t help myself. I relax in his arms and breathe in his comforting smell. It’s so familiar to me now. Breathing it in both comforts me and arouses me.

’Move in with me now cara, please? I won’t sleep knowing that you’re not next to me, I need you safe and with me,′ he implores me.

I hesitate for a moment, but suddenly I’m reminded of the fear I felt when Fabio attacked me.

‘Okay,’ I concede and he squeezes me tightly.

’Thank you, dolcezza,′ he breathes, his voice gracious.

I don’t want to leave Lucca straight away, so I wander around his office as he works. He promises there’s only a few more emails he has to reply to, then he’s done for the day.

At first, I’m intrigued by the different books and items in his office. But I make the mistake of looking over at my man.

He’s sat at the desk, resting his elbows on the cherry wood. There’s a look of deep concentration on his face and he’s absentmindedly running his thumb over the stubble on his cheek.

He looks sexy as hell.

This beautiful, dangerous man cares so much for me. He is constantly looking out for me, trying to keep me safe.

I want to do something for him.

Without thinking too much about it, I cross the room. Lucca doesn’t look up from his computer screen when I approach him, but he moves his hands so I can sit down on his lap.

I don’t. Instead, I push his chair back slightly, rolling it on its wheels. Lucca frowns in confusion. Realisation dawns on his face when I kneel in between his legs.

He always gives me such good oral, I think it’s time to return the favour. His hands go to stop me when I reach for his zipper.

Gattina, what are you doing?′ He asks me softly. I can see the lust in his eyes, he’s excited.

I ignore his question and unbutton his jeans. After some difficulty on my part, he lifts up slightly and helps me pull his jeans and boxers down to his ankles.

He’s already hard at the prospect of what I’m going to do. His cock springs free and points out proudly. Shiny drops of pre-cum ooze from the tip and I lean forwards to eagerly lap them up.

Lucca groans when I wrap my lips around the head of his cock. His hand instinctively digs into my hair, gripping me tightly and reminding me who is really in control here.

I balance my breathing, hollow my mouth and take him as deep as I can. His cock slides easily down my throat and I focus on repressing my gag reflex.

At this angle, I can take him all the way. I take him deep, until my lips nudge his pelvis. Lucca grunts and wraps his free hand around my throat. The hand in my hair guides my head up and down, whilst his other hand feels his cock moving in my throat.

Cazza, that’s hot,′ Lucca groans. His voice is strained and tense with desire.

I suck harder and bob my head faster, trying to bring him as much pleasure as possible.

A knock on the door makes us jump, but I carry on sucking him, knowing Lucca won’t let anyone in whilst I’m doing this.

Fuori dai coglioni!′ Lucca shouts, ‘I’m busy!’ (fuck off)

Che stai facendo? Scopi, un bocchino o lecchi un po’ de figa?′ I recognise Rocco’s voice through the door. (What are you doing? Sex, blowjob or licking her pussy)

Non sono cazzi tuoi! Fottiti o vattene affanculo!′ (none of your fucking business, go fuck yourself or have a wank)

I have no idea what Lucca says, but I can tell from his tone that he’s swearing, he sounds angry.

Rocco thankfully leaves us alone. I return to my task with more enthusiasm and Lucca’s grip tightens on my neck and hair.

His hips start jerking up to meet my lips. He thrusts his cock into my mouth until he’s grunting with pleasure.

Dolcezza, I’m going to come,′ he warns me.

I suck harder and he groans.

‘Fuck!’ He curses loudly and seconds later, empties himself in my mouth.

I swallow each spurt of cum as it hits the back of my throat. I lick his cock clean and kiss the head before standing up. I wipe my mouth and smile triumphantly at Lucca.

He grabs me and pulls me onto his lap, his semi-hard dick pokes my hip.

‘You’re fucking incredible,’ he says and kisses my forehead.


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