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Chapter Fourteen


Illaria’s POV.

I pace back and forth by the double doors to the OR.

They won’t let me in. They won’t let me be with him.

How did this happen?

We had won. Lucca saved me. We were going to go home.

Now, I’m stuck in the hospital in a complete state.

‘Illaria?’ Rocco’s voice drags me from my thoughts. I stop pacing and look at him. He’s holding a cup of coffee.

‘Here, drink this. Val is getting a change of clothes for you and the Boss’ family are on their way.′

I gratefully take the drink, spilling some of it because my hands are shaking so much.

‘Good. That’s good. Thanks, Rocco.’

‘He’s going to be okay, he’s been through worse than this.’

I know Rocco is trying to reassure me, but I won’t calm down until I hear it from a genuine doctor.

I return to my pacing and Rocco returns to his seat. Draco, Marcello and Leonardo are sat in the seats next to Rocco.

Had the situation been different, I probably would have laughed at the sight of the four huge men dwarfing the tiny, waiting room chairs.

Twenty minutes later, Val returns with a bag for me and Lucca’s sister, Martina.

‘He’s in surgery, has been for two hours, we’re waiting,’ I tell her when she rushes over to me.

‘Okay,’ she mutters, tears pouring down her cheeks, ‘my parents and Fidello are on a plane now, they should be here in a couple hours.’

Martina hugs me tightly and then looks me up and down.

‘Why don’t you go and get cleaned up? I’ll wait here,’ she suggests.

I’m reluctant to leave my spot, but she insists. When I see my reflection in the bathroom mirror, I see why she insisted.

My black dress from my shift this morning is filthy. It’s covered in dust and blood. My tights are torn and decorated with ladders.

My face is swollen and pink from crying, but also covered in dust from the floor of the van. Don’t even get my started on my hair, which is filled with dust and pieces of debris.

I’m a mess.

I look as bad on the outside as I feel on the inside.

I open the bag Val got me and try to make myself more presentable for when Lucca wakes up. Ten minutes later, I leave the bathroom feeling a bit better.

Valerius got me one of Lucca’s hoodies and some joggers. The smell of his cologne surrounding me calms me down, Val knew what he was doing.

I’ve washed my face and brushed my hair. I still look like shit, but at least I’m clean.

Martina and I hold each other whilst we wait. It seems like hours, but the nurse finally comes out of those dreaded doors.

She informs us that they stopped the bleeding and got the bullet out. He’s in recovery now and probably won’t wake up tonight.

We aren’t allowed to see him, visiting hours are over, but Rocco takes care of that. With a bit of intimidation and some bribery money, we’re allowed to stay in Lucca’s room.

It’s times like these that I’m glad my boyfriend runs the mafia.


Lucca’s POV.

I check the time for the third time in five minutes.

Why isn’t she home yet?

Rocco knocks on my office door and enters.

‘Boss, Draco’s a little late bringing Illaria home and he’s not answering his phone. Mind if I go to the restaurant and make sure everything’s alright?’

I nod. ‘Go. Call me when you get there.’

I turn back to my work, but it’s hopeless now. Now that I know something might be up, I’m worried about my girl.

Rocco leaves to check on things and I have a quick meeting with one of my capogrimes. He handles a group of men downtown.

I can barely concentrate and it’s over quickly because he can see I’m distracted. I decide to go to the restaurant myself, I’ll feel better when I see her.

Just as I’m grabbing my car keys, my phone rings.

‘Rocco,’ I answer.

‘Boss! Draco’s passed out in the car, Martina said she saw Illaria get into the car but she’s not here.’

Figlio di Troia!′ (Son of a bitch)

My men come back to the house, we try to come up with a plan. No less than an hour later, we get a message from the Russians, asking to meet.

I should have known it was them.

Fucking scum. (A/N I love Russians really, totally Lucca’s issue, not mine lol)

We meet at the agreed place. We’re all packing guns. Shit’s gonna hit the fan, it’s obvious.

They want blood, as do I.

It doesn’t take long for things to go south. Everyone starts shooting.

Fanculo! Muori, pezzo di merda!′ (die, you piece of shit)

I can barely think with all the profanities being shouted in both languages as we attack each other.

My eyes land on Igor, one of the capos. He’s being ushered into a car and thinks he’s getting away.

Not a fucking chance.

Ti ammazzo,′ I mutter under my breath. (I’ll kill you)

I inhale deeply and hold it, to slow my heart rate. I aim my gun and shoot him in the temple. His body falls into the car.

After killing their idiot boss, I storm over to the white van that is shredded with bullets. If they’ve harmed my girl in any way, their deaths will be so much slower. They will be so painful they’ll beg me for death.

I swing open the doors and my heart fills with relief. She’s okay.

Terrified and lying on the floor of a van, but okay.

She’s screaming, not knowing that it is me. My heart breaks at her fear.

I’ve dragged her into this life. She didn’t want this.

But I’m too selfish a man to let her go.

I try to grab her feet but she keeps kicking at me, it’s low-key pissing me off.

Dolcezza, it’s me, you’re safe,′ I tell her softly.

She stops fighting me and looks at me, blinking a couple of times as if to check I am real.

I take her ankles and slowly pull her down, to the doors of the van. As soon as I can reach her, I pull her small body against mine. I tuck her into me, where she belongs, in my arms.

I need to get her out of here.

I get her out of her restraints, rubbing gently at her pink wrists.

’Are you alright, amore mio?′

My eyes land on her bruised face.

Who fucking touched her?

‘I’m going to make them pay,’ I promise her as I help her stand up.

‘I’m alright, thank you,’ she mumbles and lean against me for support.

I love it when she does that.

Rocco approaches us.

‘What do you want me to do with them, Boss?’ He questions me, gesturing over his shoulder with his thumb.

‘I’ll deal with them in a minute, let me get my girl in the car first,’ I tell him.

I don’t want my girl witnessing what I’m about to do. I take Illaria over to the range.

‘Boss!’ Rocco shouts, making me jump.

We both turn in his direction as he sprints towards us.

The pain doesn’t process at first. All I know is that my body is thrown backwards and I sink to the floor.

Nothing makes sense, I can’t understand what is happening.

The blood gushing from my stomach is a big clue. On instinct, I try to stem the bleeding with my hands.

‘Lucca? Lucca?’ I can hear the heartbroken voice of my angel, but no words are coming out of my mouth.

‘No!’ Illaria tries to help me stop the bleeding, but I can see that it’s hopeless.

This is it. I’ve done some unspeakable things in my short life, and karma is coming back to bite me in the ass. I’m only grateful that they gave me an angel for a few short weeks before I go.

I find the strength to say what I’ve been meaning to tell her for the last two weeks, now.

Mi sono innamorata di te,′ I tell her softly. (I fell in love with you)

‘No! Don’t leave me! Don’t you dare, Lucca!’

I hear her voice, but I can’t see her anymore.

Everything’s fading and I can’t fight it.

I want to, for her, but I can’t.


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