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Chapter fifteen


Lucca’s POV.

My hearing returns to me before my sight does.

I feel like I’ve been sleeping for days. My mind is groggy and my body sluggish. I can’t get my eyes to open, so I listen to the sounds around me.

From the clinical smell and the rhythmic beeping of a machine, I know I’m in hospital. From the thud of my heartbeat and the fact I am actually conscious, I know I’m alive.

I made it.

That means I get to tell my girl how much I love her.

If only I could get my fucking eyes to open.

‘The nurse said it would be any time now. That was an hour ago, why hasn’t he woken up yet?’

My heart lifts at the sound of my girl. Illaria is near me, she’s waiting for me to wake up.

I’m trying, baby.

‘Don’t worry, it’ll be soon. His body has been through so much, it’s not going to a be an instant recovery.’

I recognise the voice of Marty, my sister. That means the whole family is here. I love them, but the only person I want to see right now is my future wife.

I force myself to focus and I manage to twitch my fingers. I hear Ria cry out in surprise.

‘Lucca? Lucca baby, can you hear me? I’m here.’

Her voice is like an angel’s. So soothing.

I feel her soft hand slip into mine, I manage to squeeze it. A few moments later, I feel her tears landing on my hand and she sniffs loudly.

Don’t cry baby, I’m alright.

I can’t speak the words, so I squeeze her hand again, trying to reassure her.

Try as I might, my eyes just aren’t responding. I take a deep breath and raise my hand. Ria lets go of it in surprise and I manage to raise it to my face.

I rub my eyes with my fingers, trying to jolt some life back into them. Oddly, it works.

When I try again, my heavy eyelids open.

It takes a few seconds for everything to focus. My eyes land on my beautiful angel.

She looks exhausted and worried, but she’s still so fucking perfect.

‘Hey,’ I greet her, my voice rough and raspy from disuse.

Ria lets out another cry and leans over to kiss my forehead. It gives me a lovely view of her cleavage in the vest she’s wearing. I press my face into her breasts and kiss them.

She yelps and jumps back. She slaps my arm playfully and wipes the tears from her eyes.

‘Even on death’s door, you’re a perv,’ she scolds me, her voice teasing.

I smirk at her and look over to my parents. Martina, Fidello and Mum are sat to my right. Dad comes in, carrying a tray full of coffees.

‘You’re awake,’ he says and gives me a nod. To him, that’s the equivalent of a hug.

The next hour or so is spent with my family and the nurses fussing over me. I’m prodded, poked and questioned more times than I can count.

I hate being fussed over by anyone but Ria. I just want to be alone with her and after a couple of hours, I finally get my wish.

I convinced my parents I was fine and insisted they return to Italy. Fidello slapped me on the shoulder and wished me well.

Martina finally left after I threatened to have Rocco manhandle her out of the hospital and take her home.

Finally, I’m alone with my girl.

I look over at her, sat in a chair by my bed. I can’t help but smile, she’s put my hoodie on. Apparently Valerius got it for her and she’s barely taken it off. She said the smell of me was comforting her. That shit makes me feel fuzzy inside.

She takes my hand and kisses it, before holding it in both of hers.

‘Don’t ever scare me like that again,’ she says softly, ‘I thought I’d lost you and I-I couldn’t bear it.’

I shuffle sideways in the bed, wincing as the movement tugs on the stitches on my abdomen. I manage to make a small space next to me.

‘You’re not going to lose me. Get on the bed,’ I tell her.

She shakes her head and gives me a disapproving look.

‘No way, I don’t want to hurt you!’

I narrow my eyes and give her my best stern glare.

‘Get on the bed, Ria. I want to cuddle you.’

After some more hesitation, she looks at my angry expression and makes the right decision. Gingerly, she climbs onto the bed. I put my arms around her shoulders and pull her against me.

‘That’s better,’ I comment.

I lean back against the bed and close my eyes.

‘You’re sleeping here,’ I tell her. ‘Not in one of those shit chairs.’

‘No Lucca, I don’t want to catch your wound or-’

I cut her off by gently holding her neck. I know what it does to her when I do that. It both silences her and turns her on at the same time.

‘You’re staying in bed with me. Got it?’ I ask quietly.

There is no room for argument in my voice. I want the best for my girl.

Ria sighs with exasperation, but nods her head. I release her throat and run my finger over her pouty lips.

‘Just you wait till I’m healed, we’re gonna fuck for hours,’ I tell her and she gasps in mortification.

’Oh my God! Lucca! You only woke up three hours ago, chill,′ she says, but she can’t help but laugh.

I’m happy, seeing her laughing again.

That’s all I want, for her to be happy.

We cuddle for a while. Yeah, me, a Mafia Don, cuddling.

No one in the world gets to see this side of me, but her. Even my family don’t know how soft she makes me. I don’t give a fuck though, this angel is worth it.

‘Never leave me again,’ Ria mumbles and I can hear the sleepiness in her voice.

I kiss her forehead. ‘Never.’





I look up from my desk and give my cuore a sheepish look.

She’s stood in my office doorway, hands on her hips, eyes blazing.

‘I told you to stay in bed! No work whilst you rest!’ She snaps.

I roll my eyes and roll the chair back, giving her enough room to stand between my legs. I gesture for her to come over to me.

Illaria glares and crosses her arms over her chest.

‘You have only been out of that hospital eight days. You’ve been ordered two weeks bed rest, you know the rules, only four hours out of bed a day.’

I want to roll my eyes at her, but I know that sass won’t win this fight.

I know what will win it, though.

I open my legs wide and her eyes drop to my thighs. She loves my thighs, she’s always saying how she loves how thick they are and how much they’re covered in ink.

I give her my sex eyes. The dark look that makes me look both horny and angry at the same time.

My eyes are on her neck as she swallows. She shifts her weight to the other foot.

It’s working.

‘I know what you’re doing,’ she comments. ‘It’s not going to work.’

‘Isn’t it?’ I ask cockily.

Time for the pièce de résistance. I look her up and down and slowly rub my thumb over my bottom lip.

I know. Cringe, right? Makes me sound like an arrogant ass.

Well, it works.

‘Fuck you, Lucca,’ she says angrily. But even as she says it, she’s storming towards me.

I open my arms to her and she steps between my legs. She bends down, grabs my face and presses her lips to mine.

I kiss her like she deserves to be kissed and pull her down against me. Reluctantly, she climbs onto my lap, her lips never leaving mine.

I might drive her mad, but I know exactly how to make it up to her each time.

She pulls back and rests her forehead against mine.

‘Damn you,’ she whispers, ‘you know just what to do to make me want you.’

I smirk and peck her lips again. ’Right back at you, dolcezza.′

‘Come on, we need to get you back to bed.’

She climbs off my lap and holds out her hand to me. I take it gratefully, wincing as I stand up from the chair.

‘Well, if you insist...’ I wiggle my eyebrows at her.

She scoffs and rolls her eyes.

‘Not a chance. Bed rest does not mean sex.’

I scowl and follow the bossy beauty back up to my room. She practically tucks me in under the duvet. I’m wounded, not an invalid.

‘So, have you thought any more about what I said?’ I ask her.

Illaria hesitates before nodding. ‘Yes, I have.’

‘And?’ I prompt, looking hopefully at her.

She sighs and nods again. ‘Fine, I’ll move in with you.’

I grin at her. ‘You needn’t sound so happy about it.’

‘It’s just so soon Lucca, that’s all.’

I take her hand and pull her down, to lie next to me on the bed.

’I know, but it’s the only way I can really keep you safe. Please, amore mio.′

‘Alright, alright. I’ll move in next week, deal?’


I kiss her, running my tongue along her bottom lip in a request for her to open up. She immediately breaks our kiss and shakes her head.

‘No sir, no sexy time for you. You have six weeks before you’re fully healed.’

I groan and fall back against the pillow.

‘Six weeks? Come on! I’m not abstaining for six weeks! It’ll drop off!’

Illaria only laughs at my protests, finding my sexual frustration hilarious.

Well, I guess my only option is to make myself as sexually alluring as possible. I’ll have to make myself irresistible.


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