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Illaria’s POV.

‘Really, Lucca?’

My boyfriend glances at me over his shoulder and feigns innocence.

He’s stood in the kitchen, wearing nothing but his boxers. He slowly turns around, giving me the most delicious view of his muscular, tanned, inked, half-naked body.

He reaches his arms above his head and stretches, flexing his muscles and causing chaos inside my body.

‘What? I was too hot,’ he replies casually, shrugging for effect.

I narrow my eyes at him.

In the last six weeks, he has done everything he can to try and make me sleep with him. It started out with the inappropriate touching. Whilst reaching for things, he would ‘accidentally’ graze my breasts, or my thighs, or my butt, or even pussy.

When that didn’t work, he upped the ante. He would kiss me until my toes curled, say the dirtiest, sexiest things until I thought I might actually combust.

As his wound healed and he could move around more, he took to wearing less clothes. For simple things like cooking or doing laundry, I would find him in tight grey joggers and nothing else.

He would come to bed bollock naked and hard, taunting me with his huge cock.

The final straw was last week, when he hid my vibrator. Now, I’m on the same level of frustration as him.

At first, I was abstaining because I was on doctor’s orders not to exert him by having sex. His wound is in his stomach, and any kind of thrusting would likely open it or prolong the healing.

After a few weeks though, it became a sort of challenge.

How long can I resist him for?

Despite being frustrated, Lucca seems to have risen to the challenge. The competitive side of him is enjoying this.

Needless to say, it has been a long, dry six weeks.

As of yesterday, Lucca got a check up and he is now fully healed. Although he’ll have to steadily work his way back into exercise, his wound is now nothing but a pink scar.

The bullet wound scar is a rugged, angry pink circle, just above his navel.

He remembers that day as the day he almost lost me. I remember it, much more clearly, as the day I almost lost him.

Either way, neither of us have fond memories of that day. I’d never felt fear like it.

I roll my eyes and go over to the cupboard. I get out two mugs for us.

Cosa vorresti?′ I ask over my shoulder. (What would you like?)

I feel Lucca come up behind me. His naked chest presses against my back, there’s only my thin, sleeping vest between us.

Una pecorina,′ he mutters and begins kissing along my bare shoulder. (doggy)

I scoff and shrug him off.

Da bere, sciocco.′ (To drink, fool)

These past few weeks whilst Lucca had been bed-bound, he’s been teaching me Italian. I have an affinity for languages and I’m picking it up quickly, much to Lucca’s delight.

‘I want something else,’ he whispers huskily.

From behind, he slides his hands up my body to cup my breasts. He squeezes them through my thin top and I can’t help but moan. His nimble fingers pinch my nipples, making me wriggle against him.

Lucca suddenly turns me in his arms, pinning me against the counter.

‘Please baby, I’ve never begged for sex before, but I need you, please. I’m all healed now, come on.’

Seeing such a strong, beautiful man beg for you is a serious ego boost.

How can I deny him?

I give him a knowing smile and put my arms around his neck.

‘Alright then, if I must.’

Lucca’s face lights up with excitement.


He asks so sweetly with such childish joy that I can’t help but laugh. ‘Yes, really.’

Lucca pulls my arms from around his neck, grabs my hand and practically drags me upstairs. I stumble after his long strides, eventually falling on the bed when he shoves me towards it.

I don’t even get a moment to catch my breath. He’s between my legs, pulling down my shorts and panties.

He surprises me. I thought he’d go straight to sex, or ask me to suck him off. Instead, he dives between my legs and licks my pussy like he’s a dying man and I’m the cure.

I guess that’s true, in a way.

He’s rougher than usual, but I don’t mind. I know this has been building for over a month now and I’m happy for him to use my body as he pleases. He respects and loves me, so it’s all good.

He pushes two fingers inside my pussy easily, seeing how wet I am. He pumps them in and out aggressively, making me come apart in under a minute. I love it when he’s like this, desperate to have me.

Now that I’ve come, there’s nothing stopping him for climbing on top of me. He grabs his hard cock and lines it up with my pussy.

‘Wait, do you not want me to suck you or anything?’ I ask, feeling bad that he’s given me oral for nothing in return.

Lucca shakes his head. ‘No baby, I just really need to fuck you right now.’

I grin and nod. I gasp when he finally sinks into me.

It’s a tight fit, it’s been so long since we last did this. My whole body thrums with pleasure as he begins moving in and out.

His thrusts become faster, harder and soon I’m crying out his name. I expect him to chase his own orgasm as I come down from mine, but he doesn’t.

Lucca slows his thrusts until he’s fully stopped. I frown at him in confusion.

‘Marry me,’ he says simply, looking deep into my eyes.

I stare up at him in shock.


Lucca chuckles and kisses the tip of my nose.

’Marry me, dolcezza.′

Gradually, my shock fades and happiness overwhelms me. I throw my arms around his neck and kiss him hard.



Prendiamo un caffè insieme?′ I call out to my husband from the kitchen. (Do you want some coffee?)

He comes up behind me and wraps his arms around my waist. My over-sized top is loose on me and he kisses my bare shoulder, sending a pleasurable shiver down my spine.

Tu sei perfetta, così fottutamente perfetta,′ he mumbles against my skin. (You are perfect, so fucking perfect)

I smile at his compliment and pour us both a cup of coffee. I turn around in his arms and peck his full lips.

‘Look at my baby, speaking Italian,’ he coos, stroking my cheek with his thumb.

I grin at him and kiss him again. His hands grasp my waist and he lifts me up, onto the counter. Our lips remain locked, moving over one another.

I run my hands down his chest, feeling the hard plains of his muscular form.

I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of him. I’m insatiable when it comes to Nario Lucca Vilenzo.

My fingers fumble to undo the buttons of his shirt. He’s gotten dressed for the day, but that doesn’t perturb me. I want him naked, now.

He smirks but makes no move to stop or assist me in taking his shirt off. Once the buttons are taken care off, I push the material off his shoulders. He helps me slide the sleeves off and the shirt drops to the floor.

Lucca’s ginormous body shudders under my touch, bringing my attention back to my Italian hunk.

I kiss along his collarbone, teasing him under he growls under his breath. His big hands grab my wrists, caging them and halting my movements.

He throws my hands down to my sides and practically attacks my top. He pulls it up, over my head and discards it on the tiles.

I’m completely naked, sitting on the counter between his thighs. I didn’t bother with underwear this morning, as my top was long and I only had food on my mind. Now that Lucca and I had eaten breakfast, I was intending on going upstairs to shower and get dressed for the day.

It seems plans have changed.

His hands settle on my thighs, spreading them wider for him to nestle between. He pulls me to the edge of the counter, so that my pussy is accessible to him.

I grab his face and whisper to him in Italian. ′Leccami la figa.′ (lick my pussy)

Most rude words I’ve learned, I’ve got from Rocco. That man has a dirty mouth.

Lucca’s eyes darken and he grins at me. ′Con piacere, amata moglie.′ (with pleasure, lovely/beloved wife)

Lucca drops to his knees and buries his face in my pussy, licking and sucking until I’m crying out his name. Within minutes, he’s had me coming apart multiple times. This man knows my body better than I do.

He abruptly stands up as I’m trying to catch my breath. With a couple quick movements, he frees his huge erection from his trousers. Another smooth manoeuvre and he enters me.

I grip his shoulders tightly. My eyes fall closed of their own accord as he begins thrusting in and out of me.

The feeling is beyond addictive. I can’t stop the moan that bubbles up my throat and out of my mouth.

Lucca groans and increases his pace. I know from his thrusts that this is going to be hard and fast, not long and sweet. I don’t mind, I’m in the mood for a dirty, quick fuck.

His fingers dig into my thighs, holding me in place as he ruts into me. I hook my ankles behind his back, pinning him to my body.

Our breathing is choppy and uneven, our hearts racing as we chase our orgasms together. It happens quickly for me. The build is fast and soon I’m hurtling over the precipice. I moan his name and clench down around him. Wave after wave of delicious pleasure rolls through me.

Lucca increases his pace, chasing his own pleasure. He still suddenly and grunts, releasing himself into me.

He rests his forehead on my shoulder and we catch our breath. His hands run up and down my thighs soothingly. I gently scrape my nails up and down his back, just the way he likes me to.

Ti amerò per sempre, dolcezza,′ he mumbles and I smile into his neck.

‘I will love you forever, too,’ I whisper back.


The End.

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