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Bonus Chapter


Illaria’s POV.

’Don’t you think that maybe, just maybe, you went a little overboard, dolcezza?′

I smile, keeping my eyes closed as I savour the feel of the Sun on my face.

‘Not really,’ I reply casually.

I’m lying on a lilo in the middle of our swimming pool. We’re at Lucca’s villa, which he bought for us as a wedding present a year ago. We had our wedding party here.

We’ve been making the effort to come out to Italy every couple of months. We’re both addicted to the food, the climate, the people and the language.

We have our own chefs that come in to cook for us. Lucca had a meeting this morning, so I was in charge of ordering lunch for us.

Admittedly, I might have ordered a teensy bit too much. The table is crammed full of food. The homemade tiramisu might have been excessive. But I’ve already had two portions of it.

I was meant to wait for Lucca before eating. I really tried to. But he meeting went overtime and I couldn’t wait, I tucked in and ate half of everything on the table. Now, I’m sleeping it off on my lilo.

‘I am going to go and tells the chefs to go home. With this much food, they don’t need to cook dinner, we will have enough,’ Lucca says.

I wave my hand at him, still not opening my eyes. ‘Whatever you say, darling.’

I don’t know how long I fall asleep for. I wake up when Lucca gets into the pool. His body makes the water move in ripples. The cold pool water laps against my warm skin, bringing me round.

I slowly open my eyes, adjusting to the sunlight. Lucca is swimming towards me. He has obviously dunked his head under, because his black locks are plastered to his forehead and drops are stuck to his long eyelashes.

He swims right up to my lilo. He pulls his hand out of the water and, as it’s dripping water, places it over my swollen stomach. I smile despite the goosebumps he’s causing to breakout on my skin.

‘How’s our little girl today?’ He asks lovingly, stroking my stomach.

‘She’s good. Stopped kicking after the second slice of tiramisu. Think she was satisfied, then.’

‘Ah, she’s a seconds kind of girl, like her mummy,’ he replies, grinning at me.

‘Yeah, I think she is.’

His eyes meet mine. As he looks at me, the affection swirling in his eyes changes to something else. Something I recognise instantly.

‘Really, Lucca? I’ve only just woken up from my nap.’

He pouts and moves to the upper end of my lilo, where my head is resting.

‘You’re usually at your horniest when you wake up,’ he comments.

He’s got a point there.

I look down at his scarred and inked chest. It’s still one of my favourite things about him. I guess I could have sex right now.

‘Okay, fine,’ I reply tiredly.

I push off the lilo and get into a sitting position. Lucca helps lift me off and into the water. I shiver as the cold water surrounds my baking skin. We swim to the side and climb out.

With the chefs gone, we have the house to ourselves. The bodyguards know to stay around the perimeter and give us space.

We like space.

Lucca takes my hand and holds me tightly when we go inside. He doesn’t want me walking on the slippery tiles whilst I am wet. Despite the fact that we patted ourselves down with tiles, my bikini is still soaked.

Eventually, Lucca gives up worrying about me and scoops me into his arms. I protest, but he ignores me.

‘You don’t have to carry both of us,’ I tell him as he reaches the top of the stairs with ease. ‘We’re heavy.’

’You really are not heavy, dolcezza,′ he responds lovingly. He lays me in the middle of our bed and kisses me. ′Tu sei perfetta.

He unties the bows on my bikini and throws the small triangles across the room. He makes quick work of my bottoms, too, leaving me naked on the mattress.

He grabs my ankles and pulls them apart, spreading my legs. Air hits my drenched pussy and I shiver at the feeling. My husband slides his hands up my legs, getting closer and closer to his goal.

When he reaches my inner thighs, he leans down and presses a kiss directly over my clit. My hips buck upwards in response. Lucca takes his time eating me out. He drags his tongue up and down my folds in languid strokes that have my back arching up off of the bed.

I close my eyes and fall back against the mattress, savouring the feel of his hot tongue. He kisses my inner thighs and sucks my labia into his mouth before biting it playfully. He nibbles his way up to my clit and flicks it back and forth with his tongue.

The tip of his tongue drives me wild. He doesn’t stop until my orgasm crashes through me. It steals my breath and makes my heart thud loudly in my ears. My body shakes as everything inside me that was clenched tight, relaxes in unison.

Lucca waits until I stop shaking and then he starts all over again. Without showing signs of growing tired or stopping, he continues rubbing my sensitive bundle of nerves with his tongue. My body comes again and again, convulsing for him and him only.

When I finally catch my breath, I retract my nails from where they have dug into the bedsheets. My fingers feel like they’re cramping from how tightly I was gripping them.

Lucca climbs up the bed and I know he wants to be inside me, but I want him in my mouth first. I get off the bed, surprising him. I kneel down on the carpet and his eyes widen. I place my hands on his thighs and usher him to the edge of the bed.

I grasp his hard cock through the material of his swim shorts. He hurriedly pulls them down and takes them off, leaving his cock all ready for me. I take him into my mouth without hesitation, uncaring of the faint chlorine taste. It goes quickly and is replaced with the addictive tang of his pre-cum.

I moan around his cock and take him deeper. Lucca gasps and buries his fingers in my hair. He tugs on the strands and pushes me deeper onto his cock, how he knows I like it. I like him taking control and choking me with his cock.

My nose and eyes run, but I keep going, taking as much of him as I can. He thrusts upwards, meeting me every time I slide my lips down his shaft. I feel him pulsing in my mouth, letting me know that he is approaching his orgasm.

He pulls me off last minute, not letting himself finish in my mouth.

‘No,’ he says firmly when I look up at him.

He grabs my upper arms and pulls me up. He guides me to lie next to him on the bed. He spoons me from behind, so that his front is to my back. I know what he wants, so I lift my leg before he can grab it.

Lying on my right side, with my left thigh raised, he lines his cock up with my dripping pussy. He pushes his way inside me, adjusting the angle until he’s fully seated in my pussy. The feeling of him filling me from behind is indescribable.

Once he has the position down, he starts thrusting in and out of me. Wet, slapping noises fill the bedroom, along with our heavy breathing and Lucca’s grunts. He gets harder and faster, chasing his orgasm.

Lucca reaches around to my front and fumbles for my clit. When he finds the sensitive bud, he rubs it in small circles. Still sensitive from him eating me out, it takes a mere minute for me to be nearing my peak again.

‘Lucca,’ I moan his name. ‘I’m close.’

He kisses my shoulder and picks up the pace. He fucks me faster and rubs my clit with greater pressure.

’Me, too, dolcezza,′ he groans. ‘Come with me.’

We orgasm together. Pleasure flows through my body, making my pussy clamp down around his cock. He pulses inside me, releasing thick ropes of semen. He moans my name and I all but scream his.

When we are completely spent, we go limp on the bed, holding onto one another.

‘I wonder what the baby thinks when we have sex,’ Lucca muses out loud. ‘Do you think she’s like what the fuck is going on out there?’

I frown and turn around to look at him. He slips out of me, taking a trail of semen with him.

‘I’d rather not think about our unborn daughter right after sex, if you don’t mind, Lucca,’ I reply.

He chuckles. ‘I was just wondering.’

‘Well, don’t. It’s weird enough that she has to be present for it. I wish I could just remove my belly whilst we have sex.’

‘We could abstain.’

‘Yeah, cause that worked so well the first time.’

‘Good point.’

He rolls over and strokes my stomach. ‘10 weeks and we can meet our little princess.’


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