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Chapter Four


Illaria’s POV.

I lay on Lucca’s bed, feeling both nervous and excited.

His rough hands land on my thighs and spread them, baring my pussy to him. He groans and runs his finger up and down my slit. When he pulls it back, it’s glistening with my juices.

He sucks his finger whilst looking at me, making my cheeks heat up further.

’You taste delicious, tesoro.′ As he speaks Italian again, I squirm on the bed.

He kneels between my legs and kisses up my thighs. Slowly, he gets closer to where I want his mouth. He drives me crazy with need, always getting close to it, but then drawing away and kissing around it.

He kisses along my stomach and my inner thighs. He gently sucks on my lower lips, but avoids my clit.

‘Lucca, please,’ I plead breathlessly and I feel the exhale of his laugh on my pussy.

’What do you want, dolcezza?′ He asks gruffly.

‘I want your mouth,’ I gasp and try to find the confidence to finish the sentence, ’on my clit, please.′

His hands squeeze my thighs in response.

‘Good girl.’

Those two words, deemed patronising by some, send desire bolting through me.

I love them.

His mouth closes around my clit, sucking on it gently. I inhale and uncurl my fingers, finally getting what I want.

His tongue does wicked things to me. He plunges it inside me, only to pull it out and circle my clit with it. He has me moaning and squirming underneath him in seconds. He adds two fingers to my pussy, filling me up.

I cry out as I come apart. I clench around his fingers and my clit throbs under his tongue. The pleasure is overwhelming. My eyes close and my toes curl.

I feel breathless with the unadulterated pleasure that rolls in waves through my body, radiating out from my clit.

He finally pulls away, leaving me a heaving mess on his bed. He chuckles and lazily runs his finger up and down my slit.

’Oh amore mio, we are far from done,′ he drawls.

I look down at him shock, just as his mouth returns to my pussy.

He flicks his tongue back and forth over my clit. He circles it with figure eights. Everything he does drives me crazy, making me see stars. His fingers pump into me, coaxing orgasm after orgasm until I fear my bones have turned to jelly.

I can barely move, I feel comatose from pleasure.

Lucca finally sits up from between my legs. He wipes my juices from his mouth with the back of his hand and crawls up to me.

Dolcezza, there is nothing sexier than hearing you moan my name as you release into my mouth,′ he whispers dirtily.

I can’t find it in me to be embarrassed. I want to return to the favour to him. I trust him when he says he is clean.

I kiss his lips, they taste like me. He seems to want me to taste myself some more, because he pushes his tongue into my mouth. Our tongues collide and caress each other. His muscular body rubs against mine.

When he is sufficiently distracted, I take the opportunity to roll us over, so that I am on top. I break the kiss and he looks confused for a moment. His eyes widen when I lean down and wrap my mouth around his huge cock.

He gasps and his dick twitches in my mouth.

Cara, you don’t have to do that, I don’t expect you-′ He cuts off when I open my throat and take him as deep as possible.

I take him all the way to the hilt, it makes my eyes water. His hands instantly tangle into my hair and he groans loudly. I love a man that’s vocal.

I wrap my hand around the base. Even though my fingers don’t touch, I begin stroking him. My mouth covers the rest of his dick. I suck and lick his cock, savouring his sweet taste.

He lets out the sexiest grunts as I pleasure him. His hips jerk upwards, pushing his cock deep into my mouth.

I can tell when he gets close. His balls draw up close to his body and his cock pulses in my mouth. He pulls my mouth from his dick with a pop.

‘Stop,’ he growls out, ‘I don’t want to come yet.’

He sits up and pulls me onto his lap. I straddle his waist and together, we line up my pussy over his dick.

He guides me, slowly sinking me down on it. I take him gradually. He’s bigger than I’ve had and it’s uncomfortable at first.

A whimper escapes my lips as I sink to the hilt. He wraps his arms around me and strokes my hair.

’It’s okay amore, just breathe,′ he coos, soothing me.

I inhale deeply, trying to adjust to his size.

‘You’re very big,’ I whisper, ‘I’ve never been with a guy uh...this big before.’

Not only is it true, I also know guys love hearing stuff like this and I want to compliment him the way he did me and my body.

He groans and rests our foreheads together. ’You know how to make a man happy, amore,′ he replies, ‘you’re so tight, I’m struggling not to move.’

I clench my pussy to test if it hurts anymore and Lucca grunts in response.

‘I’m alright now, you can move,’ I tell him.

I lift up, off his dick, and slide back down it. We both gasp at the sensation. His hands grip my hips, helping me lift and lower onto his dick. His hips jerk upwards, thrusting up into me when I slide down.

In this position, he is deep inside of me. I like it, it allows us to kiss. It also means we can look into each other’s eyes, which scares me. Seeing the intensity and the affection in Lucca’s eyes scares me. I shouldn’t have feelings for him so quickly.

At the back of my mind, I make the decision to not see him again after this. This man could seriously break my heart and I don’t need that again. I know I could fall for him easily, way too easily.

He is dangerous for my heart, this is a one-time-only thing. I can’t imagine he’ll have too much of a problem with that, isn’t that the way most guys like it?

He circles my clit with his thumb, distracting me from my pessimistic thoughts. He stays on exactly the right spot and builds my orgasm quickly.

My pussy spasms around his cock as my climax hits. He thrusts his hips upwards, fucking me through it as pleasure consumes me. I grip his shoulders and clench my thighs, riding out the pleasure.

The moment I come down, Lucca wraps his arms around my waist and lifts me up. He turns me around and guides me into all fours on the bed.

I wiggle my butt, eager for him to fill me again. I love doggy.

He plunges inside me, knocking the breath from my lungs. His hands grab my waist, holding me steady as he begins pounding into me like a man possessed.

I hold myself up and clench my pussy, trying to make it more pleasurable for him. My tits swing with each thrust and his balls slap against my pussy.

He grabs my hair and pulls on it, making me arch my back to relieve the pressure. Moan after moan falls from my lips, my whole body is humming with ecstasy.

His grunts become louder and I know he is close. I push back against him, wanting nothing more than for him to have his release.

‘Fuck, I’m going to-’ I clench harder around his cock. ‘Fuck!’ Lucca roars and empties himself inside me.

His thrusts slow as he releases himself, his dick pulsing in my pussy.

He collapses on top of me and my arms give out underneath me. We both laugh as we fall onto the mattress.

We lie there for a few moments, and then Lucca gets up. He scoops me up, into his arms. He carries me into his en suite and gently places me on the closed toilet seat.

I’m surprised when he runs the tap to warm and wets a flannel. My cheeks flush red when he won’t let me clean myself and insists on doing it for me.

Once we’re cleaned up, he pulls me into bed.

’In case it wasn’t obvious, dolcezza, you’re staying here tonight,′ he says and kisses my forehead.

I cuddle up to him under the covers.

I guess a few hours sleep can’t hurt, right?


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