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Chapter Five


Illaria’s POV.

I wake up after a couple of hours. The clock on the bedside table reads just past 4AM.

Instead of falling back to sleep straight away, I replay mine and Lucca’s sex earlier in my head. He was incredible, a sex God.

I have never been with a man who knew what he was doing so well. At times, it seemed he knew my body better than I did.

I roll over to admire him. I can make out his shape in the dark. He’s lying on his back, the covers pushed down to his waist, revealing that delicious chest of his.

I run my fingers down it, feeling the bumps of the scars under my fingertips.

I yelp when he catches my wrist with his hand.

’What are you doing, dolcezza?′ He asks groggily.


‘Just...admiring,’ I admit quietly and he chuckles.

‘You can admire all you want amore, as long as I can admire you, too,’ he says and rolls onto his side.

His lips find mine. I kiss him hesitantly, conscious of my breath. Lucca isn’t fazed and tries to push his tongue into my mouth.

‘Lucca, no,’ I whine and pull away from him.

He grabs my waist and slides me on top of him. His hands drop to my butt and squeeze. I can feel he is hard again, pressing against my stomach.

Unable to help myself, I sit up on his lap and guide his cock to my pussy.

’Really, amore? Again?′ He asks teasingly.

‘Yes, again,’ I lean down and whisper into his ear.

He groans when I slide down his cock, taking all of him. His hands squeeze my waist.

’Fuck amore mio, you were made for me,′ he rasps.

His words make me tense up for a moment. They’re sweet and far too intimate for a one night stand. I push past my fear and start riding him.

I rock my hips, sliding up and down his cock. He moans into my neck, spurring me on faster

He drops his hands to my ass, digging his fingers into the flesh of my butt cheeks. I lean up and place my hands on his chest to support myself.

Together, we find a pace that has us both gasping. My orgasm starts to build and pleasure takes over. I can’t concentrate, I barely remember to breathe as I ride him. All I can focus on is him, the pleasure we’re giving each other.

Lucca grunts and his grip tightens, I know he is close to coming.

’Come for me, dolcezza,′ he demands and my body is helpless to resist him. It obeys his command and I come apart.

My eyes close and my lips part, quiet moans escaping. The pleasure is too much. I fall forward onto his chest and he takes over, thrusting up and into me.

He chases his own release. I clench around him to help and run my fingers through his hair. He climaxes and moans my name.

We lie in each other’s arms, listening to our heartbeats slow down.

‘I’ve never cuddled before in my life,’ he confesses in the darkness, ‘but I quite like it.’

I’m silent for a moment before replying. ‘Me, too.’

That’s what scares me.


When I wake again, it is 6AM. Lucca is still sleeping soundly next to me.

It hurts me to leave him, but I don’t have a choice. I’m already feeling things for this man, things I shouldn’t feel this soon.

He’s an important man in the mafia, he can have any woman he wants, he’ll be fine without me.

I creep out of the bed and quietly put my clothes on. I tiptoe into the hallway to get my clutch and my heels.

I step out of the hallway and find two new bodyguards waiting outside the door.


I put on a fake smile. ‘Morning! Don’t mind me, just gonna be on my way.’

The guards frown and glance at each other.

‘Is Mr Vilenzo alright?’ One of them asks.

‘He’s still in bed, I didn’t want to wake him,’ I say hurriedly and I press the button for the lift, ‘bye!’

I go home and manage to get a few more hours sleep before I go to the gym to teach a self-defence class.

Nothing can stop me from thinking about Lucca. The man has gotten under my skin.


Lucca’s POV.

‘Where is she?’ I shout to the empty apartment.

A second later, Leonardo and Draco run into my living room. They find me with my hands on my hips, my expression livid.

I turn to them angrily.

‘Where is Illaria?’ I demand and they both look guilty.

‘Uh, she left about an hour ago, Boss,’ Leo confesses and I make a noise of frustration.

Why would she leave?

Did she not enjoy last night?

No, there’s no way, she definitely enjoyed it.

She felt the connection too, I know it.

Maybe she had something important to get home to? But why not leave me a message, her number, anything.

‘Her name is Illaria, I don’t know her surname. She works as a bartender in the city, she’s nineteen. Find her.’

They scurry away to follow my orders.

Soon, you’ll be back in my arms little dolcezza.


Illaria’s POV.

‘I can’t believe this is our last night together before you go to uni, what am I going to do without you?’ I whine to Georgina.

She pouts at me and slides my cocktail closer to my hand.

‘You’ll be alright baby, we’ll talk all the time, I promise!’

We clink our drinks together and sip.

The bar is our favourite, we’ve been coming here for years. We laugh and drink and reminisce on our best memories together.

We stay until early in the morning. Having paced ourselves, we’ve had a good night but I’m still relatively sober. I need to help her move tomorrow and we don’t want to be hungover to do that.

Georgina heads outside to get a cab whilst I quickly pop to the toilet.

When I step outside, the cold surrounds me. I turn at the sound of raised voices.

My eyes land on the Italian dickhead, stood in front of my best friend on the pavement.

I narrow my eyes and walk over to them.

‘How dare you even try and talk to me! I told you to never come near me again!’ Georgina spits at Marco.


The boy who screwed her over two months ago. He told her he wanted a relationship, perused her for weeks before they finally slept together. Then he ghosted her, telling her that he’d got what he wanted and she was useless to him now.

Georgina had been so hurt. She felt used and played.

Marco is scum.

‘Don’t act like you’re not happy to see me you little slut, we all know you’ll spread your legs for me again in a heartbeat,’ Marco replies arrogantly.

He’s drunk, which makes him twice the asshole he usually is.

Georgina’s fists clench in anger and I shove him from behind.

‘I suggest you fuck off before I make you, you disgusting wanker,’ I shout at him.

I held her whilst she cried. I reassured her that not all guys are like him.

My fingers twitch at my sides, I want so badly to punch this idiot.

Marco looks momentarily startled that I shoved him, but then his expression turns into a smirk.

‘Or what, bitch?’

I smirk back at him. ‘Or I’ll kick your ass.’

He sneers at me. ‘Oh, really? What’s a little thing like you going to do to me?’

My fingers curl into fists, I want to fight this asshole. I can’t resist. I want to avenge my friend.

‘Aria, it’s fine, he’s not worth it, really,’ Georgie begs but I ignore her.

‘Yeah little girl, listen to your friend, you don’t want to get hurt.’

Marco’s taunts only seal his fate.

Oh that’s it, I’m gonna take him down.

We move down a deserted alley, away from the drunken crowds. Two of Marco’s friends come as well. I hand Georgie my jacket and my shoulder bag.

Georgina and the two guys stand against the wall as Marco and I circle each other.

He’s drunk, I’m sober. This should be relatively easy.

‘No playing dirty Marco,’ I warn him, ‘no knives.’

I know, from what Georgie has told me, that is in the mafia. This man is dangerous, but alone in a fight like this, I can take him.

He has no idea who he is dealing with.

Four years before I was born, my parents lived in a rough area of London. They were walking home one evening, when a group of men cornered them. They assaulted my mother, beat my father and robbed them of their valuables.

The event traumatised both of my parents. They raised me and my three brothers to be able to fight and defend ourselves. Whilst our friends joined after-school sports teams, we studied karate and judo.

As we got older, we all continued all love of self-defence training. I trained in krav maga, aikido and boxing. I still do krav maga each week and I teach a lot of the techniques in my self-defence classes.

In other words, Marco is screwed.


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