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Chapter Nine


Illaria’s POV.

It’s strange, having two huge men in my small flat.

It feels cramped with the three of us, but I do my best to ignore them. I tried to make small talk, but they both seemed so tense, it was painful. Knowing Lucca, he has probably warned them away from me.

They swap shifts with two guards called Leonardo and Draco, who stay throughout the night. As embarrassing as it is to have guards, I sleep better with them there.

At breakfast, I offer Rocco and Val some food when they swap shifts again. I manage to actually get more than one word responses from them and a few insistences later, they’re both sat at my table.

I serve them eggs and bacon. They thank me and start devouring their food.

I watch them with amusement and eat my granola.

‘What time are we leaving for the restaurant?’ I ask.

Rocco looks up at me. ‘Probably about ten thirty, your shift starts at eleven.’

I get ready for my first shift. I wonder what kind of a discount I get on the food? I love Italian, I’ll eat pasta and pizza everyday.

I choose a simple black dress and some tights, not knowing what their uniform requirements are.

I meet the guards by the door when I’m ready and they drive us over to the restaurant. I’m relieved that it’s only a twenty-minute drive, that’s an easy commute.

The place is called ′Non Solo Pasta′ which makes me laugh when Valerius explains it means ‘Not only pasta’.

Despite being lunchtime on a weekday, the place is bustling with customers. Most tables are filled and chatter echoes around the café. It is your typical Italian restaurant, with straw-backed chairs and wine-bottle-candles.

Rocco catches the attention of a woman I presume to be Martina, Lucca’s sister. She strides over to us, a sway in her hips.

Despite being only 5"2, the woman is obviously a force to be reckoned with. She has glossy black hair in tight curls, that goes down to her elbows. She has dark brown, almost black eyes that are almond-shaped. Her lips are naturally pouty and her skin a glorious brown.

She’s absolutely stunning.

She grins at me and holds out her hand. ‘You must be Illaria! Lucca has told me all about you,’ she gushes, her accent thick and adding to her attractiveness.

‘It’s lovely to meet you, Martina,’ I reply and she giggles.

‘Call me Marty, please! Right, let’s get you an apron and we’ll start training!’

Rocco and Valerius seat themselves by the window and they are my first customers. I take their order for practice and then Marty shows me around.

I work for five hours, with a short break for lunch. My head reels with the information overload, but I know I’m going to enjoy working here. All of the staff are friendly and Marty is completely mad.

At the end of my shift, Marty gives me her number and tells me to call her if I need anything, even if it’s to bitch about her brother.

Rocco drives us over to Lucca’s mansion. I feel nervous when we arrive, I’m excited to see him.

Rocco and Valerius walk in front of me and I’m grateful, I would get so lost in this mansion by myself.

As they’re leading me to Lucca’s office, one of the other men, Marcello I believe, approaches Rocco.

‘Hey man, just wanted to give you a heads up that Titio was here earlier, asking about Marco,’ Marcello says quietly to Rocco, but I listen intently to hear it.

Rocco’s jaw tenses and I get the feeling that he knows where Marco is.

‘Fine. Thanks. I’ll deal with him later,’ Rocco replies.

We continue walking down the corridor, but I make a mental note to ask Lucca about Marco later. I should have known he wouldn’t have just let him get away with hurting me.

Rocco knocks on the door and we enter at the sound of Lucca’s reply. My heart flutters instinctively when I see him sitting behind his desk.

His shirt is rolled up, exposing his inked forearms. He looks up and grins when he sees me. He stands up and rounds the desk.

‘Thank you for keeping her safe gentleman, you’re free for the rest of the day,’ Lucca says and nods gratefully at Rocco and Valerius.

They nod in response and exit, leaving us alone.

Lucca approaches me and runs his finger down my cheek.

Vorrei tanto baciarti,′ he says softly with his heavy accent.

I have no idea what he says, but I’m swooning.

He leans in closer and whispers in English this time, ‘I would like to kiss you.’

I nod slowly and he catches my lips with his. His fingers curl into my hair, tugging gently until I moan and open up to him. He kisses me like he hasn’t seen me for weeks, not hours.

He pulls away, only to rest his forehead against mine. ′Hai delle labbra così deliziose,′ he whispers, ‘your lips are delicious.’

My cheeks warm up at the compliment, but I’m too busy swooning to care.

‘Are you hungry amore mio?’ He asks and I shake my head.

It’s not even five yet, too early for dinner.

‘I just have to finish this last email, then I’m all yours,’ Lucca says, he takes my hand, ‘Come, sit with me.’

By ‘sit with me’, he means ‘on me’. Lucca sits down and pulls me onto his lap. I lean into him and close my eyes, dozing as he taps away on his computer.

He types with one arm around me. Every so often, he kisses my forehead, or my nose, or my lips, and then returns to work.

Eventually, he’s done and I blink my eyes to clear the blurriness.

‘Come Ria,’ he says and we stand up. ‘As much as I love you in that dress, it’s making it very hard to concentrate around you, let’s get you into something more comfortable.’

I smirk at his suggestion. I didn’t realise a mid-thigh, tight black dress could cause such disruption to a Mafia Don’s concentration.

He leads me up to his room, I haven’t seen his quarters here before. His bedroom is decorated almost identically to his one in the flat we went to.

I sprawl out on his bed whilst he rummages about in his walk-in wardrobe. He returns holding a t-shirt and a pair of joggers.

‘You can wear these if you want,’ he offers and hands me the clothes.

I thank him and take them into the bathroom. Lucca tries to protest, but I lock the door before he can enter.

He bangs on the other side.

‘That’s not fair! I’ve been working all day, I’ve earned a peek!’ He whines, making me chuckle.

He’s still pouting when I step out of the bathroom. I set my clothes down on his bed and he looks me up and down. The pout falls from his face and I can see he has his sex eyes.

He grabs me and kisses me firmly. ’I love you in my clothes, dolcezza,′ he murmurs, ‘it makes me feel so proud that you’re mine.’

My stomach flips at his words, in a good way.

Non vedo l’ora di metterti a letto,′ he whispers huskily, ‘I can’t wait to get you into bed.’

I gasp at his confession and bury my face in his neck, I don’t want him to see how red that comment has made me.

He chuckles and wraps his arms around me.

‘Stay here tonight, please? I need you in my bed again, I sleep better when you are next to me.’

I don’t bother trying to fight him, I don’t really want to. I nod into his neck and he kisses the top of my head.

’Thank you, amore mio.′

We move to his living room and watch some TV together. I say that, but we don’t really get to watch anything. We talk about our days and I tell him all about my shift at the restaurant. His eyes are warm at the mention of his sister, I can see how much she means to him.

The rest of the time is spent kissing, I couldn’t even tell you what was on the TV behind me. Lucca is a lot more interesting than Netflix.

Lucca insists on cooking dinner for me, I know it’s to lure me into staying over more often.

We eat together in the kitchen and I realise I’m going to have to start exercising, because all this Italian food is going to catch up to me soon.

I can barely move after we’ve eaten, fully sated and happy. Lucca cuddles me on his sofa, pulling me against him.

Adoro il tuo sorriso,′ he murmurs, his lips brushing my forehead, ‘I love your smile,’ he translates the sweet words to me.

‘I think I’m going to have to learn Italian,’ I tell him with a yawn and he chuckles.

’I’ll teach you, gattina,′ he offers and takes me by surprise by standing up and lifting me into his arms.

He carries me to his bedroom and sets me on his bed.

‘But first, let me show you how an Italian man pleasures his woman.’


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