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Alpha Cassius

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Eden Desai, a she-wolf coming from a pack that dominates the East. She lives in a world where supernaturals are the only things to exist. The land of her world is divided into four sides with each Alpha to rule over it. She had grown up cherished and loved, at the top of the hierarchy. But one thunderous night changes everything and when secrets start to unravel themselves from the cloak that hid them for decades, Eden must choose what she will fight for. Eden chooses family. She helps her brother seek alliance and trust within the other cold rulers she had only ever heard stories about. Alpha of the North Pack, Cassius Rune, a man who became as cold as the ice he rules over might just be their ticket to victory. But the icy Alpha just so happens to be the man who haunted Eden's nightmares in the form of her true soulmate. Their bond is fierce, lustful and scorching hot. Both lost too much to let each other go, so when her scent mixes with his and their touches print fire into their skin, it might be too hard to let go and leave when all becomes good again. If it all becomes good again. For the people of their world are just as merciless as the supernatural world itself.

Romance / Fantasy
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Welcome to my book, and thank you for deciding to check it out!

If you decide to continue reading (I’m crossing my fingers you do) then it’s my duty to WARN you! Even though I am incredibly proud of myself for writing this and taking the risk, there are a few things you should all know.

This novel/story is not perfect in any way. It’s my first time EVER to fully write a book on my own so expect flaws. Although, not major. I hope.

Personal disclaimer:

1) English is not my first language but without digging myself my own grave this early on I want to say that I’m proud of how much I know, given that I never speak English unless in school.

2) Be nice because only constructive criticism is allowed. This book is a rough draft, it has not been professionally edited although I did skim over it. If you spot a grammatical error or a paragraph/sentence/word etc. that doesn’t make sense, let me know. But be nice!

3) The plot of this book is slow paced. If that bothers you, please kindly stop right here. I am fully aware of how this plot is paced because I made it that way. This doesn’t necessarily concern the romance part of the book, more like the actual actual plot.

4) Because this is my first book and because the plot is slow paced, you might come across a few plot holes, although I’m not quite sure if they are extreme. Proceed with caution.

5) Eden might seem perfect or too unrealistic (especially in the beginning) and that’s mostly because in the beginning she was my eyes and ears. I like to call her my own little agent that allows me access to their world and the actual plot. In order to get things moving she needed to move to match the pace. Some of her decisions and lack of emotions might seriously leave a bitter taste in your mouth but it was necessary. Otherwise, you all would’ve just been left dazed and confused. :/

Nevertheless, some characters are meant to get on your tits and there is nothing I can do about it. Don’t attack the writer, attack the characters!

As far as her brother goes (I’ll try to not spoil anything), throughout the whole book you can probably see my struggle in choosing his personality. I see him as a stone cold male lead (mainly) but he has a few character breaks and eventually I just kind of decided that was going to be him.

Maybe a writers’ improvement will happen the further you venture into the book. ;)

Onto my own portion!

Making your own world was more difficult than I thought. Way to many things to keep track of and way to many things to fix if they don’t make sense. Pack history, other supernatural creatures, rules and laws, groups etc. was all incredibly hard to add so it makes sense but it was worth it... I think. It gave me many doors to open and characters to explore through new books! This is only the first book in this world and in order for the rest of them to make sense, this one has to at least summarize a few supernaturals.

I would be more than delighted to explore vampires, faeries and witches as we go on in the books. Not every supernatural creature was able to appear in here but I managed to include snippets.

This book focuses more on family than on romance (do not fear, hotness is still included) if I’m being completely honest with you guys. This is not your cliché falling in love with and Alpha and being the victim his enemies because of his history. In this book the heroine brings her own baggage and people come for her because of her family... She’s in a way putting Cassius in danger. Role reverse!

Next order of business is the pack hierarchy! Definitely, not your usual styled Pack since there’s only 4 of them in total (South, East, West and North). This book focuses on two Alphas but the LI is only 1.

The Pack Hierarchy is different because the setting the Packs have share similarities with various different kingdoms. Calling the werewolf at the top King instead of Alpha didn’t sound right.

Here is an idea of how the Packs work!

The Alpha is the only leader, he has no right hand (aka Beta best friend). This book doesn’t venture into the rankings as much but I have an idea for my next one. Think of the Beta/Gamma/Delta families as nobles and the royal Alpha and his family as... well royalty.

I wish you a happy journey through this book! I’ll be there to meet you at the end of every chapter!

If you decide to vote, comment or follow me I will be forever grateful!


Barbara Dawn


Started: October 5th 2020

Finished: -

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