With Love, From Jo

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Book 3 of the Jo Hassett Series

Romance / Mystery
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I’m married!! Happier than a girl has a right to be, but I wouldn’t be me if everything was smooth sailing. Of course not. That’s why instead of heading to Maldives with my perfect husband for the perfect honeymoon, we are headed to Mexico, and we aren’t talking sunny beaches. Two children are missing. On top of that, we had to grab whatever seats we could get on the red eye and as you would know it, I got stuck next to a woman who never shut up. My dear, sweet, hot, and completely clueless hubby got stuck next to a could be super model. The little twit made pass after pass at my man, and it wasn’t until the witch put her hand on his leg that he realized she was ready to have his babies. I was a good girl until bitch didn’t care about the wedding band, he showed her.

I got detained for six hours at the airport. The only reason it wasn’t longer was thanks to Jorge’s smooth talking. Fighting on an airplane is frowned upon. Oh, really? Some ho messing with a married man should be frown upon. Not that I can’t understand someone losing her head over Jorge. Perfection upon perfection wrapped up in perfection, and now he was hers, so woman better practice some restraint. Thanks to his smug looked that promises an interesting night, I have zero restraint left myself, so I am hoping to find these kids as quick as possible.

By the time I showed up where I was needed, there was already someone there with the situation well in hand. The children were in safe hands, but after I got there, I realized the children weren’t the reason why I was there. I was there for the woman. She was the one in true danger and I wasn’t the best one to help her. Not with my high-profile life. She needs somewhere safe where she can hide, and I know just where to send her.

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